You Will Hate Simon Cowell After Watching This Video..

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    You Will Hate Simon Cowell After Watching This Video.. For more simon cowell content, americas got talent content, britains got talent, or x factor content be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video: "You Will Hate Simon Cowell After Watching This Video.."
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    1. Mr. dogfish

      I already hate Simon cowell

    2. gacha & life

      I dunno what to think

    3. ROBLOX Gamers


    4. Brandon Lacosta

      Mason kinda deserve that

    5. Tamara Ali

      Simon was already a cruel motherfucker from the start...

    6. medo medo

      Them in front of people

    7. medo medo

      I already didn’t like him at first and how he makes fun of people it will hurt there feelings more then anything and imbarassed

    8. Mochi_ Studioz

      I’m still tryna find his voice in Shrek. ;-;

    9. Lucas e Zack Jones

      What about the singing souls?

    10. A jack of all trades 123

      I hate him for another reason

    11. Anti-Justin Y.

      I get it when people say he is honest and thats it but there are ways to be honest simons way is really rude for example if someone is singing and he doesn't like it he will say your voice is terrible and say alot of harsh words But instead he can say you don't have the best voice or your potential isn't with singing something like that honesty is a nice thing but u have to know how

    12. Davina Renne

      I have u b word

    13. K13R4N !

      Why should I hate him because he buzzed 2 kids. It's a talent show, being a child doesn't mean your any better

    14. Chelsea Amin

      I hate him already

    15. Maria Hernandez

      Simon is a jerk and needs to respect people

    16. Ariana Grande


      1. Plushie

        Shut up! He's being honest with his opinion, i know he's being really rude at times but he is being a proper judge. You can look at simon's good times

    17. Kevin G

      what? simon cowell should judge the talent of the contestants not by their look. He's not perfect too 😡 nobody's is pefect

    18. Jacob Varner

      So what he's telling the truth

    19. Flower kitty the cat

      Honest can be judged and mean too so that's why I don't honest all the times

    20. Hannah Griffin

      he hates black people with white people together. He is racist

      1. Green Night

        Racist? Get your facts straight

    21. California Twins

      He is my favorite judge tho

    22. MoistyMeatball 24

      Sorry mate but welcome to the world, now get used to it because this is where you live, Simon has his own opinion and that’s it, and I respect his opinion to!

    23. Luke Smith

      Nah I love cowel he is hilarious

    24. DJ Misunderstood

      It's just His Opinion and He's telling the Truth so Your judging His Opinion..

    25. Ocean Robinson

      Hes not mean or rude he just doesnt give false hope,he does it so other people cant Like for team simon

    26. Barbod Ramezanpoor

      Ashton was acting like a brat, just watch the clip

      1. NeatPikachu

        He came in so many seasons as a troll

    27. Barbod Ramezanpoor

      This is got talent, why should some 5 yr olds advance when there are people doing amazing stuff but not advancing? It should be the same treatment, ur telling me the way to win got talent is to be 5 and run around stage looking cute? I don’t think so

    28. Precious Muke

      I feel happy

    29. Erdi Cubaj

      I hate him

    30. Smol Pringle

      Paula goodspeed was Paula Abdul’s stalker and only went there because Paula Abdul was there so...

    31. Jayson Alolod

      I don't like simon cowell

    32. ryan ting wei hong

      i love him more now 🤣

    33. Kevin Flynn

      You should not judge people for there look, look at if there nice or not

    34. Kevin Flynn

      Ok I don’t hate you Simon but your really a good judge but your really mean

    35. TubyTube

      Why is Simon making fun of people they are all amazing

    36. Kathy Welch


    37. cookie man is cool

      "Did he not see all the dancers backflips?" Proceeds to show somersault

    38. Ashwalker67

      Jesus simon what the he$%

    39. Parasitic Hunger

      Watched this, I still like Simon

    40. Tammi Daum

      That’s so sad what happens to Pamela

    41. Uprivernote with h

      Wow its true fans do like Simon coward I don't be like o u so rude do u think u should juge someone of their looks no its their talent so Simon should never been in american idol and btritains got talent and other shows

      1. Uprivernote with h

        And ah don't get started he made a girl subside

    42. Nean Cortez

      Im not on he's team but tbh if he said that "terrible talents" were "good" then what was the point of the show?

    43. Zainab Olyawi

      i still like him

    44. Laila Yonan

      How dare you Simon cawell

    45. Robot Tech

      I naturally hate him

    46. HTK

      Simon is beeeeest

    47. TRuE GQ

      He made a women kill her self because of what he said if u hate simon then👎🏽

    48. Insiya Ali

      Actually the person who made this video seem mean not Simon Cowell

    49. Alex_werwolf gacha

      Um i love Simon to much to hate him so 😬

    50. Coronavirus Is My dad

      Photoshop exists

    51. Tyra Paulsin

      If you cant sing dont , dont sing on Any show Its your own fault

    52. catmas ter

      some people come to tuch there drea that is RUDE SIMON

    53. catmas ter

      ok wht i think he is rude becuse he is famus and people like hi i think his adutute is rude . that is rude of simon people should not be treaded like that .

    54. Rheyanne Elesterio

      My God WHY DOES HE NEED TO BE RUDE AT OTHERS?? I think that's true.... I'm sorry Simon if I say this.. Next time you should not be rude....

    55. Caitlyn Daly


    56. Lalramliani Mami55

      Tell Simon that he won't be rude anymore

    57. Lalramliani Mami55

      Is Simon a christian

    58. Moejoe

      That’s Simon’s job but judging someone on their looks that just makes me mad. The rest that’s just being a judge. But being really rude gets me mad. And I am a fan of Simon but now I am really not a fan anymore

    59. Moejoe

      That makes me so mad at Simon

    60. Moejoe

      Simon is a lot more rude than I thought. Every Britain’s got talent and American Idle I didn’t see him that rude I just saw him honest. That’s really unnecessary judging someone on how they look and being the cause of someone killing them selves. 😡

    61. Judah O'Hearn

      He is Simon he can do this sure he’s rude but it is simon

    62. Jeremiah Cline

      Fire Simon

    63. Antonio Pedraza

      Who is more mean Amanda or simon

    64. lora kalf

      Im Going on America's got talent

    65. incredible losers

      Simon cowerd

    66. Alaa Mohamed

      I don’t hate him it’s just I don’t like when he does rude things

    67. Mohammad Khan

      This is his job he has to do this

      1. It’s Kate 2008


      2. It’s Kate 2008

        Also true

    68. Kim Ji soo

      Okay maybe simom is rude but sometimes theres a reason beside it And His being like that cause sometimes the contestants have attitudes too And Second his just saying the truth

      1. It’s Kate 2008

        I agree


      I hate simon


        He also made a girl commit suicide

    70. Kendall Rooplal

      I used to be a big fan of Simon but now I hate this actions and making fun of people who have a heart ❤️

    71. Thunder Thigh Godzilla

      Simon is still my favorite

    72. Hannah Maker

      The girl who had braces I think the third or fourth or fifth

      1. Hannah Maker

        What the heck Simon

    73. brent 2019

      He doesnt have any talent all he got is his rudeless eye and mouth

    74. ·IoneIyflower·

      Nah he still amazing

    75. Missepelled robotheorise

      Also yes, i do think simon was very rude to that girl that commited suicide but sometimes its how you take the insult that changes your life, if you ignore it maybe it could be better

    76. Wilson C-B

      I’ve always thought Simon was a jerk

    77. JEY Torres

      A Simon look like Einstein on crack

    78. Mason Gjolaj

      Just show the clip

    79. Becca Abercrombie

      Corona anyone

    80. Kross Alexander

      I wish he was dead he deserves it