What is this AMAZING Tech Product?

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    This Tech Product will change the world!
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    1. h3h3Productions

      Thumbs up if you want ARING PRO to restart their gofundme campaign D: Interview with Casey Neistat ►goo.gl/p1jiUf

      1. fn0rd99

        Well it does look like CGI crap from unit 8200.

      2. John Rusnock


      3. Julian Da Silva

        I fucking love these kinds of videos you used to make. You need to make more. This made my day.✌✌😄

      4. I'm Poppy

        h3h3Productions =vvvggg*drydet is the world around us who is in the world around the new world we will be a person who has never met a man who has lived in the new culture and culture of culture in culture is in a culture of peace and the world of culture culture and culture is a culture of the culture and culture culture and as much as it is in culture culture and the culture culture is in the person and that is in a good role and the role in the world

      5. watshisname

        h3h3Productions the voiceover was from Chinese prople

    2. Tyrawrian

      Are we not gonna talk about Alexa being horny around a married man?

    3. Doom Slayer

      Why does the aring look like tsorigs knight slayer ring

    4. James Blue King - Music

      Alexa is a savage

    5. Shan Hu

      Lol, as a Taiwanese, I'm glad this product didn't work out. I don't want my country to be known for stupid tech.

    6. YellowCactusTv z

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> That's my name!

    7. Will Davis

      She should wear it on her ring finger if she likes it so much is what he should tell that bitch

    8. ZolFox


    9. Frog Plop

      That lady looks like an Asian woman who got surgery and contacts to look white. Happens more times than you would think and is frowned upon in Asian countries


      ethan you added satin nickel finish doorbell to my cart, how could you

    11. tobias spartanu 89

      jesus christ h3 was soo good back in the day!

    12. ScreenBoyYa

      Wait I'm lil late to this video but have you noticed that the alexa in plugged into the wall and not the outlet lol?

    13. Jeseph Willis

      Put that alexa bitch in its place and throw it in the microwave for 12 seconds and in the tub for 10 seconds. Then ask it again.

    14. Fuzzy Dunlop

      It's like one of those three finger rings that rappers in the 80s wore, you know with their name on it? Except even more tasteless.

    15. capríus.

      "Ey beibeey."

    16. The Parrot

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="230">3:50</a> His lips just barely move

    17. Dominic McPhillips

      The yodeling pickle was mentioned.

    18. Arthur Morgan


    19. Me Likes to Games

      But how would the guy not notice that brick on her finger? Also I'm convinced this is actually a coke ad.

    20. Old Account

      Phoning it in

    21. yoshi dimons

      i know this videos is 3 years old now but i just wanted to add that i hate this woman's' voice...its so fucking creepy

    22. Max6492ful

      That guy plays overwatch like 4 real?

    23. Josh Ayala

      I hate that woman's voice oh my God

    24. Clouded_Rainii

      She sounds like poppy

    25. Coolguy42

      The one ring to rule them all

    26. April Hernandez

      Alexa: “Okay I ordered horse cock. It’s in your shopping list” Ethan: *eternal pain*

    27. EmんEm

      Can we just talk about the exposure on this video?

    28. George Cawton

      The commercial is for Koreans, it doesn’t matter if people speak proper English the only thing that matters is that people in commercial are European. Koreans have strange infatuation with Europe lol

      1. wRoNG!

        Isn't it in Taiwan?

    29. Wolf Pie

      Hi people who are sorting by newest comments first

    30. Kristaps Jankovskis

      This is old, but GOLD. :D Laughing each time. :D

    31. Jakki Gaming

      I feel uncomfortable

    32. Adrian Mei

      Ok the male voice actor has a South African accent, but the woman may be from Central Europe, aka not a native speaker of English. That's why it's so strange.

    33. Thomas Saas

      He plays overwatch!!!!

    34. tailowtoswellowvidios er

      Thank you captions man for extra amusement.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="544">9:04</a> Goodbye have a good day sorry just bored

    36. zayyoffthawall

      I just went on a eating spree to about 3 of your old videos

    37. aloha alia


    38. Carter Munford

      “i can’t order giant horse cock, so i added it to your shopping list”

    39. MaggotDiggo1

      If anybody doesn't know. If you lose your android phone and it's connected to your Google account, you can search "find my phone" in Google search the click call phone and it will call your phone for you, even if it's on silent.

    40. Jeff Aublum

      I would like to see your shopping list Ethan

    41. M g

      It’s pronounced ahring

    42. how are you today?

      My Alexa went off wtf only onece

    43. ShrubSkrub

      That’s an iPhone 6

    44. Archer

      That robot is a simp

    45. Sarah Jones

      You turned on my Alexa

    46. Caleb Pulis

      "Play furious 7" *Plays See You Again music video*

    47. Lord of the Beanz

      its like hes trying to talk with his jaw pushed forward

    48. lucasocarter

      Stop setting off my alexa

    49. b ray

      How can you call your own phone if you cant find your phone Ethan?

    50. Mister Radiak

      Ethan: no alexa stop. Alexa: actually you're getting this.

    51. gnichols4111971

      coronavirus quarantine content

    52. Kakashi Hatake

      F U R I O U S 7


      Great moves ,keep up the great work. love the part when she says it in the beginning . Very fun thank you

    54. Elianna Ramirez

      Too many cooks.

    55. _coma_


    56. Caleb Leche

      My Alexa went off twice during this video

    57. Sherief Shawky

      Alexa ripoff, but the chick is so freaking freaking hot. I would buy it if she comes with the ring.

    58. Eric Breden

      Seriously loved this intro hahaha

    59. Chance Enyeart

      Anyone watching this shit in 2020

    60. Evans Louis

      OMG ETHAN IS A GAMERRRRR!!!!!!????? like ME?

    61. Gb Main

      You got no skin on dva lol hardstuck bronze

    62. Joshua Charette

      I forgot how good these were

    63. Nic Chevalier

      Omg I was watching your video and my Alexa added a Ring Video Doorbell to my cart, now THAT’s the future

    64. JW

      Detroit become human actually made them human

    65. 33 /Al'Zuhr\

      Alexa : Did you want to order a horse cock ? :D AHAHAHA H3H3Productions ( NOT AMUSED FACE ) Lmao

    66. J Diddly

      Heeeellllo everybody and welcome back to another episode of Kickstarter crap

    67. awvrt rterr

      Those conversations with Alexa crack me up everytime. I love h3h3

    68. Eric kim

      Darn them white people with chinese accents... all the robots are gonna have their accents ew

    69. Old thug

      Can people not type anymore? Why the hell do you need a voice to text, it doesn’t even work half the time it just takes longer than typing.

    70. Lizzlemmon

      This video set off my Alexa

    71. Unpredictable_One_ UFC

      Fridge empty af😂

    72. Dani Jo

      This video just bought me a ring on my Alexa

    73. marcus talerico


    74. Caiden Dopke

      Fuck you, you made my Alexa add three different items to my shopping list

    75. Earth 420

      This is where "Why not, Whatever" was born...

    76. Andrew Brink

      "It's not a watch because watches don't have SIM cards" is a statement that did not age well at all.

      1. Let's Go for it

        And he says it's not a smart watch either !! Amazing. So is it a intelligent watch Willie !?!?

    77. Samsara Zarsara

      Funniest commercial ever lmao if you use white people why use a voiceover with a taiwanese/mandarin accent?

    78. Am_ Moo

      Why didnt they use mics while they were shooting thr commercial

    79. why do u ask for 2 names youtube

      I laughed at that robots jokes

    80. Kerry Roberts

      Ethan- They’re talking “weirdly” because they’re most likely Russian or some other Eastern European citizens. Lub u & hila. Kbyeee