We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **MIND BLOWING** (Part 3)

FaZe Rug

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    Another life hack video! We tested to see if these tiktok life hacks are real or fake.. The results were so cool!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      150K LIKES FOR PART 4!! LET’S GO

      1. Syn BBlueGreninja

        Subscribe To me For no reason ❶ bs

      2. Diego Escalante

        The controller life hack was my idea

      3. a08soccer 03

        You needed viniger and it will actually bounce

      4. Ismail Malik

        154k likes, whens part 4????

      5. Owen Wallace

        FaZe Rug where the heck is part 4

    2. Jørleney Aguirre


    3. andrew THE TERD bowling

      i love you and your videos

    4. Justin Cervantes

      Cool I play call of duty tk

    5. Eric Kazantsev

      The guy did it with a plastic bumper not a metal Cortez Panal that’s why it didn’t work

    6. Aiden Johnson


    7. Ye me Stupidz

      :rug you can really sh t on kids right now :me knowing 3 quarters are kids watching Also don’t say I’m not a kid bc think about it

    8. kaleb licon


    9. jadb25

      you did the rubix cube wrong

    10. Dumb and dumb show


    11. Papa Smurf

      life hack number 8 works with vinegar if anyone wants to try it

    12. Trash Boi

      The egg one actually does work but you have to use real coke

      1. Cool Girl love ROBLOX

        Trash Boi what do you mean real Coke tf

    13. jadb25

      y wouldn’t the popcorn work all the microwave does is give heat so it’s gonna work

    14. Mohamed Hassan


    15. David Newman


    16. Agnes LECEA


    17. Turtle Bukaty


    18. Joseph Lucero1

      Who f drinks orange juice in a bowl

    19. Mazen Otallah


    20. Wafaa Jamal


    21. Ace Gaming


    22. AwesomeGirlsRule

      For the orange juice for no pulp me be like “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE HAVE NICE THINGS AND DONT APPRECIATE IT.”

    23. Holmes Jame


    24. Rako207 bro Mahmoud


    25. dueeh nyyu

      I've literally been playing with a Rubik's Cube the entire video

    26. Nick Bakay

      The popcorn Kernel into popcorn is click bait

    27. Illuminate Venom


      1. dueeh nyyu

        I don't think you were sopost to drop it so high

    28. miguel delgado


    29. OG mahula

      Hi faze rug

    30. mista_J

      I want 100 dollars

    31. Nozu

      your the best

    32. Elsa And olaf

      Give me money

    33. Shane Ryder

      Bruh that’s not a hack to connect ur controller to ur phone lol

    34. Tresa Edd

      Not today

    35. Tresa Edd


    36. Tiffandaiden07

      I fucking lost it when he went to run 🤣😂🤣 Sorry Rug, I love you but that was hilarious....

    37. Jaceelyynn Janelle


    38. Richard Rene Murillo

      The ribiks cube didn't work because every six move it' comes back to the same thing

    39. default bro


    40. Alicia Hernandez

      Can I hav 100 dollars please

    41. Savage Club

      Thank you man didn’t even know that and have had a ps4 for 2 years

    42. kevin graham

      I don't think you were sopost to drop it so high

    43. Landon Delorme Bujold

      I need money

    44. Mr.Life_Kid

      The guy in the rubik's cube life hack had it set up Look at how on every side 4 things are already put where they need to be

    45. Gavin Wilson


    46. Daijon Manorjones


    47. Jason Foy

      The Rubik’s cube is a false there’s a few moves

    48. Jack Filmer

      i liked your vid

    49. BlackoutStudios

      I’m the thumbnail you look like a mannequin

    50. Roy Odell

      Hi me 🌹

    51. maria baez

      I love you'r videos

    52. Alex Kropp


    53. Blake Star

      Fucking tool.

    54. HERMEKULAS77

      11:04 instance karma

    55. Merima Šahbegović

      :( I hoped that life hack #8 works ...

    56. Zyonna Cray

      100 dollar

    57. Sarah Hengsteler

      If you really want to get that dent out of the car you have the right idea make sure the plungers are clean and dry and the car is clean and dry and try again. The plunger is similar to suction cup dent pullers. Lol, fyi car bodies are not all made from the same material.

    58. Allen Butler


    59. Tatum Sledge


    60. Iviany Morales

      Love your so much