Watch Mary Hart and John Tesh's Emotional Entertainment Tonight Reunion! (Exclusive)

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    After co-hosting Entertainment Tonight for 10 years, Mary Hart and John Tesh are back together, reuniting on the ET stage.
    Exclusives from #ETonline :


    1. Jack Daniels-Son

      Such an uplifting man who has brought so much inspiration to so many people over the radio, God knew how he would navigate that path along with his wife Connie by his side. Wow, it was so challenging to watch Mary get emotional. She is so stoic. I couldn't watch this whole interview because I can't believe he went through that. Im so glad he came out so much better on this side.

    2. Jack Daniels-Son

      If only we could have the 1980s back. Now its all about reality shows. None of them have on screen chemistry anymore. Its just so cosmetic now.

    3. fledwest

      Blessings to him and his family.

    4. Barbara A. Sakowitz

      "For The wages of SIN is DEATH But The Gift Of GOD Is Eternal Life In CHRIST JESUS our LORD our SAVIOUR!" Amen And Amen! Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a>

    5. Robert Polityka

      They hardly aged

    6. Ivo G

      Well this made me feel old. my mom used to watch them every night.

    7. Mrs. M.

      Jesus Christ is the only one that can heal anything and save a soul. He died for us to give us salvation and eternal life if we believe in him, repent from our sins and live according to His word. Jesus is the answer for this world today. Accept his gift of salvation today because tomorrow is not promised for no one. Jesus offers forgiveness and eternal life. He loves us all!

    8. Tots Mini

      Ohhh those good 'ol days - when hosts had a beautiful connection and their energy was synchronized!! ~ Love to both of these people!

    9. Sharon Isaac

      God bless you John and Connie , So happy praise The good lord, you are here. Love you, the family, Mary, xoxo💎❤

    10. Chris Hanson

      I quit watching ET after Mary Hart left. Her replacements are phony baloney fakes who try too hard to be likable.

    11. newsreader4321

      classy hosts and classy show

    12. Bryan McNulty

      I am one of the older people in this world who was lucky enough to watch the very first episode of "Entertainment Tonight" when it premiered in the fall of 1981 and I have been watching it non-stop for the last 38 and a half years. Some weeks ago I was also lucky to watch the 10,000TH show as well. In my opinion both Mary and John were and still are the best anchor team in the history of the almost the 39 year history of this show. To John, I am so sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis and I happy to hear that you are in remission. I also watched your concert specials and I love your music. God Speed to you that you remain cancer free and I will say my prayers for both you and your family. To Mary, I miss you as the co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight and it was a great loss to the show when you retired. It was so nice to see both John and you together again. God Bless you both.

    13. Phil Koch

      With Christ we can do ANYTHING..

    14. odiousj

      I just got “Relentless” from Amazon. Seems like a rough journey.

    15. Adam W

      These two are from an era when there was real entertainment reporting not just idiot reality tv gossip! They would dedicate whole shows to behind the scenes stuff on movies. Today ET like Extra is almost unwatchable. Woke, stupid PC Hollywood virtue signaling garbage. Plus there's no more sexy women. Its all these boy girls and lesbian looking waifs. What happend to pretty people?

    16. Robin Lanier Tomlinson

      God Bless John. ❤

    17. Dana Arentzen

      Mary Hart and her million dollar legs💕

    18. Shawn Miles

      When the show had class!

    19. scambune

      miss them so much!

    20. warichards1

      Wow! God Bless 🙏🏿🎚John Tesh!! Had no clue this man went through all that - his wife Connie is a wonderfully strong, loyal woman. I grew up watching John Tesh on the local NYC News- and then he goes to ET with Mary Hart. To this day- they remain among two handfuls of the best and most professional nationally syndicated news/entertainment show hosts ever in the industry!! These folks who are doing it now seem like amateurs.🤔

    21. Neil Tipton

      I loved looking at her legs.

    22. Elias Ashoal

      mary was sodomizable back in the day.

    23. Ma Craig

      What happened to Steve Edwards??

    24. coffee ph

      Would love to slip her heels than massage her pantyhose soles and pantyhose toes.

    25. Leafs Forever

      Kevin Frazier is so phoney .... even the phoney guests he interviews wanna slug him .

    26. dadadruma Marcopoulos

      Why cant any entertainment correspondent of today learn from these two pioneers???? So glad John is still with us!

    27. Alicia

      I miss those days.

    28. le th

      How delusional can one be to "start talking to cancer about God"? Seriously? What about the medical professionals and the scientific research that KILLED those cells and allowed your own immune system to start over? If you think god "cured" you, you also have to believe that god gave you cancer in the first place or, at the very least, allowed cancer to grow inside you, and a very rare form of cancer at that.

    29. Grey Room

      God bless John Tesh.... I had no idea about his battle with cancer...

    30. Nancy Brown

      John, i thank the Lord for your healing. I am so happy you are doing great. This video touched my heart today. God bless you and your family

    31. Aaron Duhart

      I remember seeing these two at my grandmas house growing up

    32. Aaron Duhart

      John Tesh is the Goat 🐐

    33. swissbeats2k

      John Tesh is the guy who created the NBA on NBC theme song. Right?

    34. Barbara Meek

      Used to watch these two nearly every evening When they left, I stopped watching. LOOOOOVE his radio work, ❤️

    35. Martin Loh

      ET was a great show, and it is awesome that JT had the love and support of his family...not everyone does. Sadly this show was so popular that it led the powers that be to migrate the format into the news industry, and give a big assist in the too successful but continuing dumbing-down of the country. Very sad, and it doesn't have to be that way. It just is.

    36. Alex Morquecho

      Hella loved you guys growing up!!

    37. Mr. Goodbar

      I want to do mary hart.

    38. Bobby Williams

      I still have a crush on John’s wife Connie.

      1. Adam W

        From the Greatest American Hero On you had to be in love huh?

    39. Jamaicafunk

      Man. Who doesn’t love Tesh? Talented Kat. This was moving.

    40. Leo Derosia


    41. L

      Takes me down memory lane...ET was so...entertaining back then.

    42. Mo River

      Back when the Word Entretainment head a Meeting. Miss tose days.

    43. Bumble Bee

      WOW!!! So good to see you two together Again!!! FAITH The Same Spirit Power that Jesus had Lives in You, Jesus Rose people from the dead...... GREATER Things Shall Ye do Saith the Lord!

    44. Love Yu2

      We ❤ John Tesh..! ET sucks now..Bring back the old formula..

    45. Choyce Wellington

      Great super PEOPLE and TALENTS!

    46. Jamil Goldsmith

      ET is continuously repeating the same frickin thing on realty stars and other nonsense

    47. Jamil Goldsmith

      I used to watch ET all the time. John Tesh & Mary Hart were my all time favorites

    48. sloburnnn

      I liked that duo.

    49. Robin Prestridge

      This was my nightly news in the 80's/90's!!!

    50. John Kurc

      The Sky Fairy didn't help. Thank the Doctors!

    51. Angie Magallanes

      Mary and John worked beautifully together, like a well oiled machine. Now it's all pushing for me myself and I status on ET!

    52. 777jones

      Being a media figure or “journalist” is no excuse for being a terrible person or a total fraud. Mary and John did a great job on ET, they were intelligent adults keeping it light, having a little fun. Rather than the adolescents who need to be slapped who rule the media now.

    53. Classic TV Classic Movies

      Oh my gosh I loved Mary Hart. Bring her back.

    54. Betty Luckey

      An Awesome surprise & pleasure to see Mary Hart & John Tesh back together again. Both are still Charismatic professionals.. Nothing like today's hosts.

    55. Angela Correnti

      I enjoy them both 😁😁😁

    56. K Madison

      Bread and circus.

    57. rjb555

      You're being poisoned by pesticides folks. Wake up. It isn't supposed to be this way.

    58. 64kdwg

      True professionals, true journalists so much better than the hacks today.

    59. William Moseley

      Strength and Faith

    60. Paula Zemeckis

      Wow I had no idea about John's fight. Always liked him, especially his musical talent.

    61. krs1

      So glad he found God’s Word to overcome 😊!!!

    62. fwacfred

      When ET was worth watching and no snowflake drama.

    63. RaisedontheRadio

      The Good Old Days

    64. Whatdocowsdrink

      What an interview. Grew up with these two ❤️❤️

    65. Ze Bunker

      She got ugly fast, Armenian?

    66. Mary Lawson

      Jesus does heals. So glad John is better and beaten this horrible disease. They both look great.

    67. Anthony Gonzalez

      John Tesh is a good musician. And had a super good band.

    68. oldnavyluver83

      They were the best hosts

    69. Jack Son

      I spent the better part of my youth watching them together on weeknights. I don't know why I stopped watching ET...

    70. andria Biebs

      I loved watching them

    71. M Detlef

      ALL that HAIR DYE gave him cancer.

    72. MrMelgibstein

      John Tesh has always been a bone head.

    73. Jesus Is SATAN

      Poor Kramer ! He fell again :(

    74. Regina Irby

      E.T, was my favorite show to watch in the throughout the 1980's and early 1990's when it was entertainment and not about whatever they push as entertaining these days. I'm old.

    75. Bogna Rossy

      When Mary & John were host ET I watched every day their program .👍Today I do not watch ET anymore 👎

      1. Regina Irby

        Neither do I.

    76. Trace 921

      God is Good I remember watching ET every night when I was young Not the same anymore Not even close

    77. Carl Rest

      This show was the best show on Et since John and Mary retired. ET sucks now. God bless both of you.

    78. Team HLK

      I miss those two. I'm sorry to hear what John went through, and I'm glad to hear that he's cancer free. I'm gonna say that it was probably more the chemo than it was a wizard in the sky.

    79. Jon Dowling

      Love John Tesh, her not so much. The grotesque and massively inappropriate way she acted in the 2018 WS against pitcher Kraig Kimbrel was absolutely disgusting!!

    80. Rick Foley

      I remember when the show first aired. There was nothing like it at that point and we always watched it.