Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

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    Warriors: We are warriors. Season 2020 has begun.
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    Original song by: Imagine Dragons
    Featured artists: 2WEI and Edda Hayes
    Produced by: 2WEI
    Vocals performed by: Edda Hayes
    Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
    As a child you would wait
    And watch from far away
    But you always knew that you'd be the one
    That work while they all play
    In youth you'd lay
    Awake at night and scheme
    Of all the things that you would change
    But it was just a dream!
    Here we are, don't turn away now,
    We are the warriors that built this town
    Here we are, don't turn away now
    We are the warriors that built this town
    From dust.
    Here we are, don't turn away now,
    We are the warriors that built this town
    We are the warriors that built this town
    From dust.
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    1. kul sen

      EVA ELFIE IS LUX ? wow

    2. Trainer Aj24

      I watched this way to much

    3. 권영서

      우리 정글은 뭐하냐

    4. 06김은열

      음 레게노

    5. anton cekov

      yaaaaaaaassssss FOR DEMACIAAAAAAAA

    6. Дмитрий Черепашка

      До мурашек

    7. Kyle angelo ayaton

      Now imagine Kari Sigurdsson do da a song cover for this

    8. Ensar Köse


    9. Tugrul Sahin


    10. ganon4u


    11. Amelia Merida Khan

      Porque lux y sylas pueden usar magia si se supone que en demacia se inhibe la magia?

    12. Trang Chu

      we are champion

    13. Ali Hassan

      Galio: Of course Superhero landing

    14. Ömer Varlı

      kaisa is so good

    15. Fuwa Fuwa

      wtf why isn't Yasuo in this? :(

    16. Ritual IsReal

      I would appreciate it if they made a series or short animations

    17. TD Radio

      Team Việt Nam

    18. stonks

      2:14 Edit:pause the vid

    19. Emerald Typhoon

      I couldn't help but cheer for Sylas in this video.

    20. Unubia


    21. HERS o3o

      저기요 한글 자막좀 만들어주세요. ㅡㅡ

    22. DE Games

      JD orka

    23. Nicholas Antonucci

      Grande Riot... Bel gioco di merda

    24. Entrex

      riot cinematics are so good

    25. Niklas Stein

      an sich macht das game bock bin halt nur scheise und die leute die dann rumflamen gehen mir derbe auf den sack deswegen spiel ichs selten

    26. Sants

      urgot died with 2 autos

    27. ekas L

      니들이 그렇게 원하던 한국댓글 여깄다

    28. Irva Sudrajat

      Who's the girl? The last girl?? Somebody tell me!! Please

    29. Sammed Kawade

      When LoL Wild Rift I'd coming?

    30. wesly medeiros

      cade o taric ? ele tbm e de demacia

    31. LoVe Rem

      I accidentally loved you, Kai'sa ♥♥♥

    32. iSileentzZ

      Tira últi garen cagon

    33. Teacher Che

      *if you still watch this and its 2020 like it🤗🤗*

    34. SkillShot Gaming

      3:01 you when you homie needs you.

    35. Muhammed Ensar Aydın


    36. LUL OMEGA

      3:01 When someone messes with your class and the quiet kid has had enough xd

    37. Kiko Rocha

      cara cm e lindo essa porra gálio 100%

    38. Frost !

      Ezreal : Ult for 1 malzhar mob

    39. federico filipiak

      Why im crying? lmao

    40. Rrraaasssmmmuuusss

      the game and the cinematic are two different things...

    41. Alvian Dewari

      when League Of Legend have the own film?

    42. Александр З

      solid pathos, uninteresting

    43. randomyoutubechannel

      Ebig :')

    44. Mehmet Can Kılıç

      Wow good video gooooog 😍

    45. crosby 30

      eva elfie?

    46. Warwick - Chó con sổng chuồng

      Lux is cute ❤❤❤

    47. 샤코박스

      댓글보고 리그오브레전드 한국꺼 아닌줄 알았네 왤케 외국인들이 많아;;


      عربي مر من هنا

    49. thierry yves

      Lux of my team pressing R to the wrong direction : 2:36

    50. Mikhail

      Sylas and not neeko?

    51. Edwin Diansyah

      maybe someday u guys should consider about making the movie universe of League. Starting with Freljord or Demacian that would freaking awesome considering all of the cinematics and music videos u guys made hey why not right

    52. Erick Valente

      Warriors is the best music ever made for League of Legends

    53. Ana Lívia


    54. technosbrother

      Kai'sa is soo hot like if u agree

    55. xRosii


    56. 章ウ一

      Is it just me or does this video's hidden vibe feel like all those cringy feminist movies? I wish I could get a refund on those movie tickets :( Good cinematic quality nonetheless better than anything they've done so far in terms of visual fidelity. I love the violin instrument in the sound track mixed with the heavy metal drumming, epic. My only complaint is Garen's face looks a bit small compared to the rest of his body. Need to have a more flared jaw, wider face like John Cena or Danny Green.

      1. KanzuPan

        What no? Vi and Cait are basically underground cops that grew up with eachother on the streets.

    57. CELİL

      muhteşem diye biliyorum sadece

    58. Mark Rainier Ybiernas

      Anything for the tear of the goddess

    59. Monica Animates

      I always come back here to watch it and I'm not even a league player.

    60. Akalius

      fan. Netflix do something.