Top 5 Formula 2 Overtakes | 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix



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    For one last time in 2019, it's all the best lunges, sends and battles from the FIA Formula 2 Championship!
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    1. RubertusRammler

      Why have f2 cars THIS HUGE FLAMES IN THE BACK??? And why have the f1 NO FLAMES??

    2. SUNARDI kalau tanpa ijin kenapa gak ditembak Aja

      Mana pembalap Indonesia gak ada gaungnya , pada kemana ?

    3. Priyansh Vyas

      Okay. Should've broadcasted this on tv instead of that boring F1 sunday race.

    4. crxdelsolsir

      Why does F2 spit flames and F1 does not? Looks oddly similar to why a real race car does not snap and crackle as much as an AMG, Abarth, Audi RS series etc. More directly, the AMG snap crackle is induced and a fake.

    5. Kamrunnahar Khan

      Why does f2 cars spit fire ?

    6. 工藤新

      the night race makes backfire beautiful!

    7. Leon BLGN

      1.5 speed = F1

    8. Stelios T

    9. 9373JKT Pass


    10. FeRiTY

      It's weird to hear the name "Schumacher" again. I hope he will make it into the F1 until 2021. (It's obvious that he is no Verstappen/Leclerc, so if he can't improve his style of driving it's going to be hard for him (at least I think so)). #NoHate

      1. FeRiTY

        @Oxnard I said that he has to improve his driving style, right?^^

      2. Oxnard

        So you just want to hear the name Schumacher in F1 just for the sake of the name? He's just too slow, let's not encourage the hyping.

    11. Derrickmanful


    12. Skillz

      1:06 Me in front of my class when I've got a presentation

      1. THe ORange

        That had me laughing😂

    13. Lucas Oliveira

      Good! NOW F1

    14. Matthieu Saunders

      Can someone explain why two Carlin’s have different colors

      1. The Legend 30

        Honda wanted red on Matsushita's car to represent them

      2. Ricky Red

        The two Uni-virtuosi have different colours too

    15. Skeleratis Official Channel

      When an F1 driver has a swear word in his name. No disrespect to anyone

    16. Thiago ST


    17. Phoenix

      It's clear you always put Schumacher only for his name, but this time is so obvious haha he just overtook under drs in a straight line

    18. Heavenly

      i cant stand listening to valsecchi

      1. giscen 5

        I love him, but just because I'm italian

    19. Дневник доктора Марко

      Zhou VS Aitken - RENAULT BATTLE

    20. Jakub Deingruber

      Top 5 overtakes in corner number 11... Yes Abu Dhabi is exciting

    21. Chubski

      Yas at day is oddly nice

    22. HorIson RepLayZ

      F2: top 5 overtakes in Abu Dhabi gp! F1: 5 overtakes in Abu Dhabi gp!

      1. suhane setne

        Bottas: ....

      2. CanadaKing Racing

        HorIson RepLayZ so true 😂

    23. Ash GAMING


    24. Lee cardio

      we need those flames on F1 as well man 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    25. lino costa

      Forza mick🔴🔴

      1. Pats kats

        @M L You'll see...

      2. M L

        @Pats kats Funny to hear this from a guy who hypes Mick Schumacher

      3. Pats kats

        @M L Don't get get so hyped about Schwartzman.He is a good driver but as Mick he still needs time to learn and become better.But it will be interesting to see 2 GP3 champions in the same team

      4. M L

        @Pats kats Mark my words " Next year he'll be owned by Schwartzman". His teammate for next season.

      5. Pats kats

        @M L Man I think that you should pay a little more attention.Mick drives in F2 because he is a GP3 champion.But remember in the first races that Schumacher got very few points and from the second part of the season he is almost in every single race on points.He is getting better but he just needs time.At least one more year at F2.He may not be.even his father's talent but he is good and talented

    26. Boreas_ RT

      F1 needs to backfire as well

    27. everything_is_depressing_123

      Milking the F2 because nothing happened in the F1 🤦‍♂️

      1. Juhani Tanskanen

        No, it's about promoting the F2 series. Abu dabhi was still exciting in midfields (Renault, mclaren and perez fights).

    28. VenomCold

      how i miss ultrasoft tyre color

      1. Racing Games Fails & Wins

        Yeah but in F2 its called Super Soft

    29. Craig Ledden

      F1 cars need to spit flames too

      1. BlastForward

        @Craig Ledden no

      2. Justice Clark

        Craig Ledden LoL they use to much fuel, that’s not gonna happen

      3. Craig Ledden

        @Justice Clark thats the idea. ditch the hybrids and return to a minimum of 3000cc v10 and then spit 6 foot flames . not a joke.

      4. Craig Ledden

        @BlastForward yes

      5. Craig Ledden

        @jds54 Mentally?, 7

    30. ventisette.

      They’re all the same every fucking race with DRS and the stupid high-deg tyres but sure “it’s better racing than F1 duhh”

    31. mia haskurti

      For 1 Last Time!... ITS LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO!

    32. Глеб Синявский

      Ok, guys, give me already F1 Rewind 2019, can’t wait any more!

    33. NSX Montana

      again schumacher only in the compilation because of his name

      1. everything_is_depressing_123


      2. Jo Millen

        @Bandit Himself So? It still wasn't a great overtake.

      3. Bandit Himself

        NSX Montana the love was a bit bland though.

      4. Bandit Himself

        NSX Montana if you listened it was because Schumacher was the only one doing well on the soft compound so he was impressive.

      5. Ethanmeister

        100%. Basically just overtook de Vries, who had no pace all weekend, under power alone. Not noteworthy overtake without the names involved.

    34. CosareNL

      Make your own overtakes.....F1 Mobile Racing...Wherever…..Whenever….Official F1 game....If you love racing and F1 you will love this game as well...Play it on your Phone...Free to play….Race you laterrrr!!!!!

      1. CosareNL

        @Jyuppiter Promoting the game :)

      2. Jyuppiter between...every...few...words

    35. geonerd

      Fairly incoherent narration, guys. Not as bad as MotoGP, but....

    36. Doruk AKINCI

      Wait you are telling me there were overtakes in Abu Dhabi

    37. Louis T

      1:02 - "CAR!"

      1. Niko Rapak

        Wizzkidwas yes is better in english than in italian

      2. Constantinia Smith


      3. Wizzkidwas

        Davide is fantastic

      4. Niko Rapak

        I think he was saying “*ta*”

    38. TheSGStudios

      Matshushita stays in f2?

      1. Cool Crush Ice Killa

        Shita stays yeah

    39. Floppy Bird

      Schumacher needs to win in 2020 because if not.... it will be a huge shame

      1. W. e.S

        Hubert had a very very promising future. It is such a shame.

      2. Fosso

        @Jo Millen Yeah

      3. Jo Millen

        @Fosso Hubert would have taken it I think. 2 race wins and a potential one in Belgium's sprint before his accident.

      4. Fosso

        @Jo Millen Same he is the most promising rookie. Hubert could have taken it too probably.

      5. Fosso

        No way he wins

    40. Yousef Zia

      Man you guys are the best..... like plz if you want good luck for 10 years after five seconds you read this note quick do it in 5 seconds did you do it

      1. W. e.S



      It's high time F1 either built a better circuit or got the fuck out of Abu Dhabi

    42. AutoSherlock


    43. Azriel Almaden

      I thought this was an F1 channel

    44. Hypervized

      Where is the best overtake of Hubert?

      1. Skeleratis Official Channel

        @Fosso I meant clickbait

      2. Fosso

        @Skeleratis Official Channel How is it disrespectful to include the driving skills of a great driver? I think it is more like honoring him.

      3. Fosso

        @NSX Montana He probably had a few good overtakes he was super good

      4. NSX Montana

        wtf man?

    45. NikaA

      Damn those flames

      1. Darth Vader

        Jyuppiter damn those flames¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2. Jyuppiter

        @Darth Vader *them

      3. Darth Vader

        aaron names *those

      4. aaron names


    46. RojiPuma 69

      So many flames

    47. burak kocaadam

      Latıfı sholdnt take kubicas seat

      1. Skeleratis Official Channel

        Too late. He already is taking that seat

    48. Leon Rosenbaum

      Why cant hulkenberg Switch to F2 if he cant be in F1?

      1. Jonty Macmichael

        @Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt good point

      2. Skeleratis Official Channel

        @Jonty Macmichael that would mean Charles Leclerc wouldn't be allowed back in as he was f2 champion

      3. Jamie Morris

        @PowerFuel I know mate Ignore me

      4. Käpt'n Hansen President Jamaica Rumverschnitt

        @Jonty Macmichael I think Hülkenberg is a GP2/F2 champion.

      5. PowerFuel

        @Jamie Morris Grojean has been back to GP2 too before his comeback in 2012

    49. Mavic

      i didn't know that f2 have still purple tyres

      1. Sir Shurik

        @majorplay proof

      2. majorplay

        @Sir Shurik both right.

      3. DirtyBlastard

        And to make it even more confusing they aren't even called ultrasofts. They are called supersofts instead.

      4. Rohan Iyer

        Bald de Bliss Not in the UK

    50. Lorenzo Salvioni

      F2 confirms to be Really beatiful

      1. Alvaro39MG

        @Racing Games Fails & Wins lol

      2. Racing Games Fails & Wins

        @Alvaro39MG drs makes it better because it was boring the first 32 laps and then drs came back and it was good again

      3. Alvaro39MG

        I stopped watching it because I got bored of DRS overtakes, too many and too easy. It would be 1 of the best motorsport series without that

    51. Otnael Samuel

      I don't know why but I just don't like latifi

      1. Racing Games Fails & Wins

        @The Legend 30 i like stroll tho

      2. The Legend 30

        Seems as though no one likes Canadian drivers

      3. petri hautera

        @Jamie Morris i dont think anyone generally hates Williams xd. They have pretty much fans

      4. Racing Games Fails & Wins

        Probably because of his massive ears

      5. Jamie Morris

        Is it because he Is going to William's

    52. 佐藤 - Satō


      1. Anurag

        @Constantinia Smith That is even worse

      2. Constantinia Smith

        With dubai autodrome

      3. Kiki Juric


    53. Berry 1611

      whats good

    54. Olaf Leest


    55. Antón Chan Fernandez

      Primero First

    56. Cactus Gaming


    57. Ginger Bread

      Broom! Broom!

    58. Florent C moi


    59. Jai Singh


    60. クビアト魚雷


      1. Fosso

        @クビアト魚雷 Ah okay thank you

      2. クビアト魚雷

        Fosso This comment is the first comment of this video in Japanese.

      3. Fosso

        @佐藤 - Satō Can you translate it for us?

      4. Cool Crush Ice Killa

        Stupid chinese

      5. Zaida Velez

        @JuggWalker JAJAJAJAJAJA