Top 20 Greatest TV Shows of All Time!



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    These are the best TV series of all time. We’ve done several top 10’s featuring the best that TV has to offer. In this video, instead of just dealing with the most recent TV programs, I will countdown the series we think are the Top 20 greatest TV shows of all time that you can watch right now on Netflix, HBO, Showtime and many others. As we all know, most shows have their peaks and valleys. These will be the television series we enjoyed the best at their peak. With 20 to get through, I’ll move through each one quickly.

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    1. TechGumbo

      Only modern era TV shows were considered for this top 20. It's unfair to compare modern shows with classic TV series. Here are some other great shows that are worth watching: M*A*S*H, Sons of Anarchy, Band of Brothers, True Detective, Prison Break, OZ, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Mad Men, The Original Twilight Zone, House of Cards, Star Trek, 24, Miami Vice, The Walking Dead, The Shield, Cheers, All in the Family, Boardwalk Empire, Big Bang Theory, and Better Call Saul, The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy.

      1. Ruben Boavida

        hey, late comment but where's Fresh prince of bel-air?

      2. Oliver St. Clair

        TechGumbo ...Orange is the New Black?

      3. Dtac True

      4. Lane Crescent

        Have you guys not seen Vikings?? Some of the best acting of ALL TIME in that show.

      5. Avijit Gupta

        The Mentalist is pretty underrated.

    2. ON THE WAY


    3. anoop mp

      Money heist The 100 Prison breaker Riverdale 13 reason why

    4. Shashwat Sharma

      Money heist????????

    5. Codaxx

      Le casa de Papel? Anyone else agree?

    6. Ola Rutowicz

      No Mr. Robot? No House M.D.? Can’t be true.

    7. soly naaman

      don't disrespect friends like this

    8. Rajat Chandra

      Haven't you watched Mad Men!

    9. Wut Wat

      Sons of Anarchy is missing!!

    10. Maria

      and what of Homeland :(

    11. aman jot

      Game of thrones



    13. Theo Greene

      *breathes in Glee

    14. fatima ss

      and what about this is us???

    15. Ian Edmonds

      Muppet show better be on this. Luv and Peace

    16. meecad ahmed

      My favorite series 1:The 100 and unfortunately I left when Lincoln die 2:the Agent of shield 3:the walking Dead and I left when Glenn die 4: Teen Wolf 5: Legacies 6: prison break Now I am watching 1:Station 19 2:Manifest 3: the king for the letter

      1. Monis Sk

        Tell me something about these?

    17. A Kishore

      Money heist 👹,mr.white

    18. Disha Gupta

      Friends should have been way higher

    19. Oliver St. Clair

      Looking for a few more options? I can give you some... *Orange is the New Black:* Definitely deserved a spot on this list, if I’m honest. I mean c’mon... Friends?! *The 100:* Love this show, even with some repeating scenarios. *Emergence:* New. Stars Allison Tolman from Fargo. *Humans:* Have only watched a few episodes, but it looks pretty damn good so far. Will update if it goes to shit. *Hanna:* The show (on Prime Video), not the movie. *Bitten:* Gets a little weird, but if you like werewolves, you might like this. *Stranger Things:* If you haven’t heard of it already, welcome to the world, Boomer

    20. Murali R

      U got right series in the wrong order ... in my personal opinion

    21. Andrej Savov

      Dexter is underrated

    22. Mollie Hamm

      Idk man The Sopranos should have been in the top 3 at *least*

    23. RESH MI

      Idk why prison break is not there?

    24. Chris 9805

      so we just gonna ignore supernatural?

      1. Ok so basically im monky

        No one is mentioning it ;(

    25. dan habu

      hmmmmph Law and Order should be there

    26. Hype_Beast_Slayer

      Who here cuz of quarantine time

    27. ishsldjskslfbj rikuuu

      My fav tv Shows: 1. The walking dead 2. Lost 3. Braking bad

      1. Hype_Beast_Slayer

        The walking dead really? Characters die in the dumbest ways and it gets boring after a while

    28. Phantom1999

      Where TF is 24.. it's great.. and GOT should be higher on the list..

    29. tim icalina

      Breaking Bad is the best of all time

    30. Letho Of Gulet

      This is the best list ever alltough I would scrap Westworld for Vikings.

    31. Lyle Wags

      Somewhere in Top 20 should be Modern Family

    32. Alex Matei

      Game Of Thrones (season 1-6) should be on #1 Change my mind

      1. Vergil

        Nah it shouldn't be, breaking Bad all day long

    33. Katerina stydia

      Dexter deserves a way better position but this shitty season 8 ruined the whole thing.

    34. Satnam Singh


    35. Pommes ?

      Where is Top Gear(2002-2016)?Its better than every series in this list.

    36. Lane Crescent

      Have you guys not seen Vikings? Clearly not, otherwise it would be on your list. And the original ENGLISH version of the Office is WAAAAY better than the American version.

    37. Muniba Fatima

      Where is outlander?

    38. Yeye Juanillo


    39. Sudipta Gupta

      Friends is number 18…? Like Seriously?

    40. NullEx

      If True Detective S2 and S3 became what S1 was. It would have been top 5 on this list

    41. Nirmal Palanichamy

      why isn't stranger things on the list... am i being dumb here?

    42. 3 Knot

      any peaky blinders fans???

    43. Man O'Neal

      I'm all about subjectivity and all that jazz, but when it comes to this, as far as I'm concerned, there is no debate. If Breaking Bad isn't your number 1 I ain't even trying to hear you. If you don't like it it has nothing to do with your preferences. You're just wrong. That show was perfection. Every other show, EVERY OTHER SHOW, even great ones, just look lame in comparison.

    44. Gift Tembe

      The SOPRANOS on No.7? you are bloody joking Westworld better than than both The Wire & The Sopranos? What a joke

    45. Madassar Munawwar

      ahhh.... Breaking Bad a masterpiece... No drama can even come close to this......

    46. Anonym Hej

      True detective season 1!!!!!!!!!

    47. theycallmeellen

      any Vikings fan here?

    48. Gowtham Jose

      Just saw the whole list to check if BB’s at #1.

    49. Mir-Kal-A

      i searched up best shows just to make sure breaking bad was considered the best

    50. Oh No No

      Why prison break isn't number 1?

      1. Chadi Belhidane

        Easy, because it lacks consistency . First season was way better than the others

    51. Vettuvayalil Albin JOHNSON

      My favourite shows are f.r.i.e.n.d.s Big bang theory Breaking bad Game of thrones s01-s07 Narcos s01 & s02 Witcher Chernobyl Money heist Dexter Sons of anarchy House MD Black mirror Rick and morty The punisher Death note The walking dead

    52. Ayliz Aksoy

      It has to be like this...1) Breaking Bad 2) Game of Thrones 3) Prison Break

    53. Y T


    54. mama mia

      Where is Dr Who????

    55. mama mia

      Dr who is so underrated

    56. jose estrela

      No mention of sons of anarchy or prison break

    57. Landini Brødrene

      What what!!! Where is the Vampire Diaries??!!! Wtf is going on!!

    58. Suhail Farooq

      True Detective

    59. Abhilash S

      Person of interest?

    60. collectiv' lonelyness'

      Every years: so much more: horror, drugs, and revenge, fear... etc "celebrating" AND IN THE VERY SAME TIME: humiliation, mocking, false-documentarys, laughting at against: the lord, the church and .....why the priest is always the bad guy everytime ?!!! It's a very odd coïncidence.

    61. Bisesh Pandey

      where is DARK??

    62. Juraj Zeman


    63. Liam Scully

      Where the hell is Mad Men?

    64. Khalil Levarity

      The Night Of, Banshee and True Blood

    65. Miguel silva

      The Walking dead, Prison break, Money Hist, Vikings. So many series missing here

      1. Ahmed Mokhtar

        Money heist is the only good in your list

      2. Twan Olde Kalter

        @Man O'Neal Last 2 seasons were great though

      3. god of thunder Thor

        @Man O'Neal tell me some best series

      4. Man O'Neal

        Walking Dead? That show got old. Totally went downhill...and for some time now. Yet they're still going.

      5. theycallmeellen

        Vikings is awesome!

    66. Sahneequa Ramsche

      Lost is the best #1 best characters, (of all race) best storyline, best filming location Hawaii.

    67. I am the #2, yes, for real.

      Friends ?

    68. TheBenShow

      Brooklyn nine-nine?

    69. William Kotheimer

      Parks n Rec is a little bit better than the Office

    70. Mohan Krishna

      Where is spartcus and Vikings

    71. Mohan Krishna

      GOT be in higher place

    72. Beast Faris619

      How on earth Is friends not top 10 this video is so fake

    73. Rakib Shah

      Pickle Riiiiiiiickkk...!!

    74. Isaac Casasbuenas

      This list is really good I just disagree with Peaky Blinders being better than The Sopranos or The Wire

    75. David Brakefield

      I havent watched alot of these, I dont watch network or bbc shows.


      Where is vikings

    77. Just Dashing

      Well obviously you guys haven't watched 'THE MAHABHARAT' and 'THE RAMAYAN'. all these kid shows are nothing in front of Mahabharat and Ramayan.

    78. Suriya Suri

      Nothing is closer to GOT this is worst ranking GOT should be first

    79. for real

      What about the shield?

    80. Bhim Gautam

      I have only watched season one of breaking bad