THE NETHER! - How To Minecraft #5 (Season 6)



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    How To Minecraft Season 6. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to How To Minecraft S6! A brand new 1.14 SMP. This is going to be a private Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server made just for us to play on and enjoy the brand new Minecraft in it’s most simplistic form with custom plugins and more!
    SMP is a great way to create stories, plots, enemies, friends, and interactions.
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    1. LACEY

      My favourite sidecraft episode so far!

    2. AaronTheFatBoi

      "rumour has it there's A COW ON THE BACK OF YOUR BOAT". *Dead*

    3. SirMattyHew

      Vikk when hes about to drown: wow that was close When vikk’s chat says he stood on the turtle eggs: “gasps” oh no oh no oh no

    4. Bruce Ki

      Use a magma block if you wanna have a elevator going down ok

    5. Kakarroto

      Who else forgot about this series and is back Just me okay.

    6. Ashthepro21 S

      Vikk said “welcome to this episode of Sidecraft “ Lolol 😂

    7. princek YT

      14:44 Aww Man

    8. Mummified

      Every Episode: *sirens*

    9. Lock


    10. FreshCarrot

      1:05:19,good job Vik...

    11. Groot

      Vik: not using the wood it costs to much.. Also vik: doesnt chop down the massive tree

    12. Skybot22

      He said sidecraft thats how you can tell he loves his friends and enjoys playing wiv them

    13. Jordi boy

      Vik: yo pay me to use my enchant table and anvil. also vik: Yeh im just gonna take your cows

    14. Spicy Meatball

      1:17:59 (just so i can come back to the water)

    15. siggi Mumbai


    16. Henry Simmons

      Vik: I feel a lot better now Also vik: weLComE bAcK tO AnoThEr siDeCRaft viDeO

    17. Khadija Ali

      where's the 2013 vik subs at?

    18. Jack Moss

      How get upstairs

    19. Matsa 1904

      1:06:54 for the nether Thank me later

    20. Kakarroto

      Haha dat intro tho

    21. My Young g

      Tony’s moving like Michael Scofield😂🤣

    22. ItzMahdiYT

      Josh never came back

    23. Matthew B

      Vikk-you can use my enchant but what do I get? Other guy- oh ya my level 30 enchant just swing by use it anytime

    24. Betty Schwallocks

      39:20 I recognise that laugh but who is it

      1. Betty Schwallocks

        Nvm it’s vanoss

    25. 5k Subs with no video Challenge

      Vikk:I want to use more cool words Vikk goes to close window Vikk when he comes back:So yeah I need to get an air conditioning unit Me:wtf

    26. PIXOY CS

      Use a bucket with lava in the furnace

    27. Zenquillity ND

      That voice crack so funny to listen to on repeat 😅 1:21:25

    28. oVerzifyy

      I love watching sidecraft #5 ;)

    29. BHA Boi

      Give josh a turtle called crush comment if you know why

    30. PTrixXz

      vikk neglects that poor dog. my mans been sitting in the same spot for days

    31. Alfie Whittacker

      I don’t think he’s better if he mistakes sidecraft with h6m

    32. Brick house

      Darude sandstrom

    33. Charlie Carlstrom

      What is his texture pack

    34. Callum Bonetti

      Use the anvil with both iron swords

    35. Mason

      Tony leaving he found out he a dad

    36. Zoinks Scoob! 69420

      Nobody: Vikk & Talia: Love that

    37. shane amat

      Oh yeah the pixelmon with ali damm i can still remember the base

    38. Jose Gutierrez


    39. Rambo 987

      Only the ogs would know that when prison was mentioned vik nd rob were talking about there prison escape in s4 😂🤣 ps if u havnt watched that episode I highly recommend u do one of the funniest/best eps in htm history

    40. pretty unicorn732

      It wasn't a bug you can't combine 2 protections (it had projectile protection on it and he was putting protection on it)please like so he sees

    41. King A1

      At 8:29 he says hello like the turtles can hear him

    42. Jose Gutierrez


    43. TheAirsoftBandits

      Is custom enchants coming Vik?

    44. Melk


    45. Tayyab

      Pablo Bear😂😂😂

    46. sam768

      Magma make u go down underwater use that instead of sign

    47. Alek

      Which episode of sidecraft is this I forget lol

    48. DDT Gaming

      Side craft

    49. kevin sampson

      Dark oak, trap door ceiling. That might look dope...?

    50. matthew nason

      You should do more shellshock live vids

    51. Robert Perrie

      After every bad thing that happens Vikk: this is why we can’t have nice things

    52. Jayden Miles

      That is the worst turtle pen I’ve ever seen

    53. Lezach ThePoggers

      tony get stuck.. wait.. tony stark?


      the end is so funny when josh steals 😂😂

    55. Gaming Trio

      The turtel shaging meme in minecraft

    56. LukeSWAGWalker14

      Who remembers pixelmon

    57. Jose Gutierrez


    58. Snoopy Gaming

      Boi said sidecraft

    59. Gangsta Penguin

      You need to go high level enchants. Anvils will gradually get more expensive everytime you use the same equipment.

    60. ATIT PATEL

      “Welcome back to sidecraft episode 5. I’m feelin’ soo much better” Vick you sure about that