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    In this sweeping fantasy series, a teenage knight-in-training (Amir Wilson) receives a secret letter on which the fate of the kingdom depends. He embarks on an epic quest to deliver it to the king and stop the world from being plunged into darkness. The Letter for the King premieres March 20, only on Netflix.
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    The Letter for the King | Official Trailer | Netflix

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    1. Denis Sokhom

      This was such a good show. Y’all needa watch before hating on it

    2. Ed Swierbinski

      this looks cool!

    3. stefan cassell

      This show was a disappointment

    4. Magnus Julius

      I was pissed when they gave negro powers, but I'm glad it's was the white girl all along 👌🏻

      1. Ice Rose

        Please tell me this is a joke...

    5. J Patrikzzon

      Very bad :)

    6. stay cool

      SEASON 2

    7. Lisette Swinnen

      In Medieval times did they have long weekends? (first episode when Tiuri meets the black night)

    8. Mr.elkhattabi

      Why didn’t they sent a raven instead

    9. Lisette Swinnen

      I read that book in German. Stumbled on the film on Netflix. Went on Google to look at the cast and discover that the original book is Dutch. I am Belgian...

    10. Raiba Khan

      I hate this show they said he got the powers.

    11. Truth Seeker

      GUYS IT'S A GREAT SHOW! 8/10! :)

    12. Amelia Abernathy

      Tf with the horrible "twist" ?! I was already hooked up until that twist pops up. Now I can't watch the final episode

    13. aguyfromnothere

      This is the most cliche thing I have ever watched. Every plot point, every character, every word of dialogue. We watched one episode and couldn’t take any more.

    14. xNisheee

      Garbage, i binge watch it getting hooked then at the final episode the side character has the powers? Elvian shaman my ass. Final fight its like my room light vs the darkness in my room shitty finale

    15. El Chancho

      Just finished watching it and I’m confused why the MC is the MC he’s literally useless the MC should have been the female Never read the books but from the comments it’s like a completely different story I give it a 1 out 5 stars pretty meh acting

    16. سجودي خزعل

      اكو عرب بطيارة

    17. Laura J

      The actors really do this show justice but I'm disappointed by how the writes dealt with the finale... But overall this was really amazing

    18. Kevin Story

      the plot progression drove me crazy . could not watch it

    19. Iv1309

      I just watched the first minute of the first episode and the first impression I get is that they tried to make it tooooo much a rip off of Lord of the Rings instead of a retelling of the book written by Tonke Dragt, I had hoped for a bit more originality, but the opening scene is literally LotR copy paste. 😭 And although I absolutely loved LotR, I prefer when other movies or series don't try to open exactly with the same way of female mysterious elven like voice talking and an opening scene of medieval war, and a villain hungry for power and dominion. That's the opening of LotR. It's been done before. And more than once by now. I don't like this. It's a beautiful story, no need to make it a LotR rip off. They have directly lost my interest in just one minute because I know what I can expect by now. No originality whatsoever and more like LotR than The Letter for the King (book version).

    20. Hanibaltherogue

      I was really excited for this. Today I finished it and though it started promising it was beyond bad! Unfortunately the Netflix originals are getting really worst and worst. It was ok up to the last 2 episodes and than it was over and I only felt (what the heck) it felt like GoT ending, just even cheaper. Sad, I had high Hope's....

    21. Chris Aguilar

      still waiting for the last kingdom

      1. Ice Rose

        I think a new season is coming out next month

    22. MeAwsoME

      This is NOT based on the book. The book is WAY better

    23. Ilja

      I can hear that the budget wasn't high enough to make it a good series.

    24. Michael Kwansah

      This is the best movie ever

    25. Lusitania PT

      no thanks

    26. Sjoerd

      Hmm very diverse.

    27. Jawad Ahmad

      I'm not gonna waste my time watching some high school kids serie

      1. Jawad Ahmad

        @Flash Forward right

      2. Flash Forward

        It's a show made for kids and their parents.

    28. Blazing Ocean

      Unrealistic rubish.

    29. ColdWalker

      The Horse, Ardanwen is the most complex and useful character in the whole show, ngl.


      Who had watched it and is it scary for kids

    31. Alfarizky William

      I like it Movies:films Welcome to mya chanel Please welcome Alfarizky william Sub

    32. WolfmasterAlec

      I love how Foldo is in the middle of a fight and just talks relaxed to the opponent

    33. AG

      Full potential but the end sucks

    34. LocalkidLa

      So the entire show made it seem like Tiuri had powers.. but nope it was the girl that did everything at the end

    35. Gilbert Kirgotty

      ...''You WILL BECOME ... a knight' Who else thought she'd say 'A KING?'

    36. Trey Fontenet

      This show is horrendous. I hated the protagonists. So boring and incompetent. The acting is so cliche. I cringed when Tuiru walked in the bar and everyone goes quiet. Like I haven't seen that a million times before. And then they all brawl like omg 😒. It's like a meme in cinema. I think this show was made for horses btw. I realized very quickly that the filler chosen in this show is the horse chases. Jassipo brother was pointless introduction and I believe was an attempt to comedic relief. The biggest mistake if the show and with any show is the investment in to each character. The main motivation is for the kids to become Knights. Somewhere down the line the motivation to chase down Tuiru, change their mind and help them with the risk of being killed by the riders, or townspeople doesn't seem to add up. Mainly, because the show doesn't portray what knighthoot means to them other than the fact that they are good at it and want to gain a name for themselves. That is very shallow and realistically would not hold up being worth the risk. The show is surface level and is just trying to tell a story in a narrow perspective.

    37. Ana94

      Is this available everywhere? 🇵🇹

    38. Jorge

      I don’t usually care about rating movies not do even like watching series because I believe it’s a waste of time but I was enticed half way and even binged watched all the way through (was not planned) but was the ending a free commercial for lightbulbs? Also that stupid plot twist just cheapened the main character. I was ready to accept how cool it was the main still decided to save the world regardless of not having the powers but in the end it still cheapened the main character for me. He did so much under the guise he was incredible powerful but it was all a huge disappointment in the end. Also like another commenter mentioned. Weak men, strong women, gays etc. forgot this was the world we live in now. I will say movies of the past definitely can’t touch your production value but it is the values of the past that need to carry on into the future of these movies. Please hear us out🤙🏽

    39. Oisin Lally

      What a mockery of history. The Irish druid was a villain and the Scottish warrior Iona was made a villain. Still covering up your tracks! Pinch of salt n all that.. nothing new; nothing true! Minorities taken care of at least albeit patronising!

    40. paul taylor

      Bad choice of actors Netflix 🤦🏻‍♂️

    41. Jack Harig

      Where do i can find these sort of sounds ? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="20">0:20</a>

    42. Carson Smith

      This was a very good show until the big stupid twist ending on episode 5. What was the point of showing him in the beginning if your just going send it off to the girl. Good job Netflix ruined the show

    43. jorge torres

      In truth this series does remind me of GoT season 8 in that the writers couldn't write anything good for themselves and tried to rely solely in the source material and when they didn't it showed their inability to come up with anything good.

    44. jorge torres

      Worst adaptation I have ever seen literally only takes the concept and the names of the original and changes everything else.


      Прикольно, надо будет посмотреть. Когда он выйдет ?

    46. Jeon Jungkookie


    47. Mohamed Yaagouni


    48. MacPlayz

      this series was so good, well done

    49. Hong Kong Phooey

      Diversity is strong in this one.

    50. Renee George

      It looks like Game of Thrones for Nick kids :P Like why watch this when we have Witcher?

    51. Charlotte Martin


    52. bubba g

      ending was very disappointing

    53. CRUZEOO

      what? an asian and black boy in europe medival era? wtf?

      1. Ice Rose

        A surf was a peasant worker. They would work under only one noble family and were regularly beaten. It was technically slavery. They were paid but basically nothing

      2. Ice Rose

        @CRUZEOO I mean there was a white slave trade in Europe at the time... the poor surfs were white. This was because only the wealthy African and asian families moved into Europe (if they wanted it). And in the show, all of the knights were from diffrent areas of Europe. Your acting like everything in European history only has white people when we know that's not the case.

      3. CRUZEOO

        @Ice Rose i guess in some sense, but all together in one area of continent with no racism involved? dang, it feels like disney to me, a teen flick. also it gives the same vibe like 'american ninja' (a full white guy pretend to be a master ninja), was hoping it to be abit real, gritty and realism grounded even tho has fantasy elements. imagine a black shaolin master in ancient past , or a native american general in chinese emperor war era. or a chinese king edward in england medival era. its funny doug. and while they make all sorts of diversity, throw in a white slave trade while they at it, maybe throw in a Trex and a japanese salarymen, why not right? because its a fantasy

      4. Ice Rose

        Thats actually historically correct, or rather can be. Medieval Europe, also known as the dark ages for Europe, didn't have much power. It this time in history lots of power were in the hands of the Asian and Africans, specifically West Africans and Mongolians. Lots of trade done on the silk road (property of the Mongolians at the time) gave way to a lot of noble Asian families to gain power. And the gold trade between European counties and West Africans explains the noble family. I mean this is fantasy so, do what you will.

    54. Manuel Friend

      Honestly this could have been good if they had cast different actors for the kids with people that can actually act and fit the role better. Although I have the feeling the script has murdered it from the beginning. Also, will they cut the PC bs already. Do they have multiple black characters in the group? nope. Multiple asian characters in the group? nope. Just one so they can get their pc points. Does it even make sense or further the plot? If this is how the characters are in the book then one can hardly blame Netflix for having terrible material to work with.

      1. Ice Rose

        @SLR Vids Sweetheart. "Historically and culturally incorrect"..............I'm going to tell you something that might shock you... it's not historically or culturally incorrect. Wow, I know. Before I explain why lets just remember that all of the characters, at least the ones becoming knights, are from Noble families (rich families high in society). This is medieval times meaning they are using the feudalism government system and in that system all knights come from noble families. Got that? Good. In the feudalism system the highest power was the church, and in most European counties the "church' stood for Catholicism. Yes homosexuality was a sin and was seen as evil back then. Yes many were prosecuted for being gay. But when you look at them, most of the people being prosecuted were peasants or those low in society. This was because peasants didn't have the education or the means to go against the churches ideas, as noble and royal families did. Knights, coming from noble families, could go against the church more because they had status and money in society. More or less they would keep their sexuality hidden (marry women and wouldn't flaunt it) but overall, there were gay people back then. I know shocking. It's almost like their born gay. There are many examples throughout history pointing to this. My favorite? Philippe I. At first this name might not jump out at you, it doesn't look special, but I will tell you. He is known to be one of the best war generals of his time, 1600s. He is the brother to the most powerful Absolute Monarch in history, Luis XIV. He famously crossed dressed and had a male lover living with him in the palace of Versailles (famous land mark, look it up). He is only one example of many homosexual people throughout history Next time do not comment something so insensitive and just plain wrong. Especially when you can be proven wrong so easily.

      2. Ice Rose

        Thats actually historically correct, or rather can be. Medieval Europe, also known as the dark ages for Europe, didn't have much power. It this time in history lots of power were in the hands of the Asian and Africans, specifically West Africans and Mongolians. Lots of trade done on the silk road (property of the Mongolians at the time) gave way to a lot of noble Asian families to gain power. And the gold trade between European counties and West Africans explains the noble family. When you said "does it even further the plot" that's where I lost you. As I have just proven, in medieval Europe there were Africans and Mongolians, so why do we need a Caucasian actor to "further the plot". To me as long as its historically accurate, I don't care what the actors look like. You made it sound like the only reason a minority actor should be casted is if they further the plot, making it sound like you hold them to a must higher, almost impossible, standard that you don't hold Caucasians to. This is highly insensitive and a backwards view of society.

      3. SLR Vids

        What's more amusing they always squeeze in a gay or lesbian characters now even if they have nothing to add to the plot and would even be historically and culturally incorrect 🤦‍♂️

    55. Malik Haroon

      Interesting movie with good Cinematography ,Sound design and Originality

    56. Nunchux

      Not gonna lie it was my favourite series so far

    57. Imran Mansuri

      backgroud score was much similar to Bahubali...The Begining

    58. Tia Quitevis


    59. Daniel Mortari

      Netflix employee: I found another story to do a series on and butcher. Netflix: Great find. Now all we need to do is add a feminist roll, someone to attract the LGBT audience, and a whole bunch of useless characters. Me: This looks like something great I can show to my little nephew and nieces....... Whoa!!!... Nevermind! 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. WaZ x ViCiOuS

        thank you i really hate this serie ive seen the original movie when i was a kid and i loved it still do but with the series idk what to think its very disrespectfull to the dutch culture

    60. LITHIUM

      I didn’t like it

    61. Archemedes Brian Montefalcon

      Thanks to THE LORD OF THE RINGS and GAME OF THRONES, medieval fantasy rules!

    62. Luiayz

      Horrible ending I don’t recommend it, it reminded me of Star Wars the sequels lol straight trash 🗑🥱


      🔥🔥 I absolutely love this movie. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> ❤🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥💃

    64. D

      The twist was so lame. In their effort to be woke they killed the development of two of the main characters. Don’t get me wrong, the idea for the twist was great but the authors were super lazy in writing it and nothing was earned. In the end the most powerful character in all the land gets is side-lined and comes in for a truly unearned redemption and deus ex machina. Oh and the final battle was awful. Bad guy dies of a minor discomfort. Started off well but felt rushed in the end. Could have done with a few more episodes to do things properly. Also, if you’ve read the books, this is not that story. Yes many of the names are similar but it is not your story.

    65. عبدالله TheMuslim

      The lord of the ring is the best

    66. Absolute Everything

      Why all the new movies have to promote it is normal to be gay among youngsters? I don't mind gay people but putting in almost new movies is sick. If you born different fine but don't promote it like a normal thing. Why straight people need to watch this disgusting things?

      1. Ice Rose

        I mean if your born that way... dosen't that make it normal? Like you just admitted that 'straight' isn't the only life style to live. So promoting alternative lifestyles shouldn't be a bad thing? normalizing different parts of society is the only way we can reach equality.

    67. selly s

      Just watch it. Believe me your gonna love it.

    68. palote07

      Oh Man The bad guy is White.

    69. Moh Ishaq

      This reminds me of “How to train your dragon ?” So much 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Coraline

      Love the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>, Stronger by The Phantoms ft. Black Violin ❤️


      GOT:We have the worst ending in movie history TLFTK: *Hold my beer* By the way I was really disappointed and annoyed by the finale..Just imagine so much build up to the climax just to f**k it up with weird fights and C.G.I and perhaps "shock value"


        P.S ...Netflix really need to work on their endings,this isn't the first movie the ending was messed up

    72. Soso Sanchez

      Binge-watching . In my Top 6 Netflix Series..

    73. MrsMimiful

      Do someone know the names of the background music ?The background music is absolutely amazing!!!

    74. OuTKaSt ReBeL

      This sucks! I wasted my life watching this.

    75. Kevin Vanhove

      Seems to have drawn A LOT of inspiration from Lord of the Rings, I cringed a little bit when I heard "And so it begins.." in this series but other than that it seems worth the watch!

    76. Registreur

      Is there a reason why the main guy has got to be black? Is this show just all about political correctness or is this actually in the original story? I mean, it looks ridiculous. Fake as hell when you're trying to be political correct as much as this.

      1. Ice Rose

        Thats actually historically correct, or rather can be. Medieval Europe, also known as the dark ages for Europe, didn't have much power. It this time in history lots of power were in the hands of the Asian and Africans, specifically West Africans and Mongolians. Lots of trade done on the silk road (property of the Mongolians at the time) gave way to a lot of noble Asian families to gain power. And the gold trade between European counties and West Africans explains the noble family.

      2. Camille Lemmens

        He's black?

    77. Tyestor

      more woke trash from netflix

    78. Awsomeson16 Cyrus

      I think I’ll just watch Lord Of The Rings again

    79. Роман Ковалев

      Это типо пародия на игру престолов?

    80. Sound Quake

      SPOILERS I didn’t see the twist of Tiuri not having the actual powers, and it was actually Valinia. I also didn’t see the twist of Iona being a traitor. When she pulled the “sorry” stunt, I actually believed it’d be sincere. BUT then she becomes a full on villain (or just a person out for themselves).

      1. Sound Quake

        Konstantinos Kotivas Plus I never read the books. I’m sure they’re a lot better though. The books are always better (in most cases).

      2. Konstantinos Kotivas

        because it didnt happen this way in book tiuri got powers but here we have forced diversity ofr the sake of it