The Invisible Man | Review

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    Dan Murrell reviews Blumhouse and Leigh Whannell's newest horror thriller 'The Invisible Man' - it’s Fandom Entertainment’s Movie Reviews!
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    The Invisible Man | Review
    Review by Dan Murrell (@MurrellDan)
    Tech Director: Jonathon Moulton


    1. Dashing Dreww

      Really great film

    2. Pete Peterson

      Reminds me of sleeping with the enemy especially the first hour

    3. nick williams

      Reminded me a bit of a film with Julia Roberts called sleeping with the enemy. Location by the sea etc

    4. hfanti

      Contains bit of SPOILER if you care: A counterpoint: this is one of the stinkiest piles of shit I've ever watched. It doesn't make any sense at any point. Why does he have sudden super strength when he's invisible? I mean, even on the corridor scene where he fights the cop, he's super strong even though we know what's revealed right after (reveal which makes zero sense too). But the thing that makes the least sense is that a multimillionaire scientist would forge his suicide and then have the PATIENCE to stand around for a whole night just to fuck with the stove knobs and nothing else for that night.

    5. Shannon Jackson

      I saw this movie in the weekend and thought it was so well done. The opening sequence had me on edge from the get go and Elizabeth Moss just pulls off Fear/Anger/Strength so well. Really glad you gave it a trigger warning coz I can definitely see survivors having a strong reaction to parts of this movie

    6. Josh Liam

      Brilliant film. Absolutely recommend it.

    7. Jason Lam

      ***SPOILERS BELOW**** Just gout out of watching it. I have a couple of questions. When she escaped in the beginning, whose house was she staying at? Her friend’s house? Her friend’s daughter’s house? Her house? Later, when she was in the attic and found Adrian’s cell phone with photos of her in bed, why didn’t she grab it? That’s great evidence of someone watching her! But she just left it. Later when she went back to his house, and she was hiding in the closet and Adrian came in and you can see his footprints on the carpet, why didn’t she take video of that? And of course, towards the end, when she opened the suit’s mask, and saw that it was TOM, and later Adrian found locked up.....the movie never explained that! How was Adrian able to control his brother.’? U just have to by her word. Not a perfect movie. But it was entertaining. And Elizabeth gave one hell of a performance.

    8. Zach

      I think the movie was very predictable, long, and boring; I don’t understand why every critic is praising this movie

      1. Suflysflash Reviews

        It was a very fine movie and I saw everything coming a mile away and it got an audible laugh from me in the theater

    9. Directors Choice

      I thought this was going to be the cheapest movie make ever. Showing just empty rooms and paying a Voice actor to talk about every scene. "He is walking to the he is walking to the fridge. .."

    10. The Greek Geek: Movie Reviews

      Elizabeth Moss was incredible in this movie. I think this is the first movie that I have seen with her (that I can recall) and will definitely look for more of her movies. The first two acts were especially incredible. I liked all the little things this movie did when showing the invisible man's presence like the camera pan or seeing his breath. It was all a really big trip.

    11. shane dana

      Seriously!?! Guy invents revolutionary tech to make himself invisible and the first thing he thinks to do with it is stalk his ex. Lame.

      1. Pete Smith

        Name one movie that ever really followed logic. I agree it's weird that he had this ground-breaking piece of equipment and he used it on his ex instead of becoming the wealthiest person on the planet. Maybe they were prototypes and he figured this was the opportunity to test them out?

    12. Federico Hernandez

      I just wish they kept the dark universe logo

    13. Crazy D

      This film is Terrible!

    14. Seth Sammons

      Just left the theatre, so freaking good! Dan's review is spot on; if you enjoy the genre, you have to go see this film.

    15. M 5150

      This movie is so damn good! See it!

    16. Jesus Torres

      Spectacular movie. People were literally applauding at the end if it. Go see it!!!

    17. Calvin James

      I thought the first half was a great slow-burn thriller, and then it got dumber and dumber until it finished.

      1. Calvin James

        @Ash 777 Thank god, it's not just my friend and I that thought so! We kept seeing the RT scores and thought we were going mad!

      2. Ash 777

        Calvin James Preach!

    18. David Wang

      Invisible Man: Jotaro: It’s an enemy stand

    19. Dan Labowskie

      Damn Dan. I love your reviews.

    20. jmarie6022

      I thought it was good..lots of surprises...

    21. David Datura

      The musical score didn’t half remind me of Blade Runner 2049...and now I know why! Same composer...

    22. Lafalot54

      I just watched this movie last night, and while I liked it and the suspense was good, it did have a lot of plot holes and the ending was kinda predictable

      1. Suflysflash Reviews

        That’s the same thing I took from it the plot holes were killing me but Elisabeth moss was really really good

    23. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Loved it! NOBODY WATCH THE TRAILER (as always)


      Great review dan!!! Can’t wait to see it!!!

    25. Eddy Garcia

      Big praises from Dan; I'm so happy and relieved that Blumhouse can do a concept, like Invisible Man's, some justice. Definitely going to try seeing this one in theaters.

    26. swavezmartin

      Cant wait to see this movie

    27. Omar Alor

      "The Invisible Man hits theaters this Friday, but will it have a visible audience turnout? Find out!"

    28. Corrine D

      You sold me Dan! I'm going this weekend!

    29. Elle Harnois

      I really want to see this movie but there’s one thing I’m afraid the movie will show: in the trailer, it’s mentioned that the boyfriend kills himself by cutting himself. As someone who has dealt with such issues in the past, I really don’t want to see that. Is there a scene of that type of self-harm in this movie??

      1. Jess F

        Elle Harnois spoiler warning for anyone who doesn’t want to know ANYTHING: there is one scene where self harm is depicted (it is fairly quick, I was able to predict and covered my face and not see it) and a photo of someone who had committed self harm. If you want a little more detail on when in particular to expect it I can tell you. :)

    30. Will Elli

      Dan....What a great review....I have been waiting for this one and I’m so happy to find out that it’s good.

    31. Nick Raphael

      Was that a single cut? Damn! That unwatchable Jerremy Jahns should take note. He has a cut between every other word.

    32. palaniuki aka Deviant_porg

      That movie for 7 million dollars makes what Harley Quinn failed with 87 millions, a fantastic abuse and emancipation story

    33. latinbeandip

      looks and sounds good but since this is more of a date gonna have to wait til it comes out on Blue ray.

    34. deathsyth8888

      I did not see this review coming.

    35. 40k Vlog

      This is Gaslighting the movie.

    36. Alina

      I think my biggest problem with this movie is the jump scares. There are a tad too many, especially in the first half.

    37. Nick C

      I was really expecting this to bomb, but 90% on RT proves me wrong I guess

    38. nistel SE

      the movie is bad, man. another turd for 2020... movies just getting worse ..and much worse.

    39. Karen Stepko

      Thanks for the review, Dan! This is the type of movie that I might typically overlook or deliberately skip, but now that I know how good it is, I will definitely check it out.

    40. Art vandaley

      Leigh Whannel did the same tilting camera effect from Upgrade.

    41. Bishop Brown

      Dan may like having a co-reviewer, but I prefer him being solo. He has a good natural delivery as well (he doesn't bloviate, nor repeat the same sentence). One of a select few I will listen to.

    42. Thermal Ions

      I'd forgotten it was Elizabeth Moss in The West Wing, and it's only been a few since years I rewatched it.

    43. Nick

      Great to hear and looking forward to it!

    44. Lone Wanderer

      Honestly, I wouldve been more interested in this movie if the trailer didnt basically show the whole movie. I wish they only showed enough to suggest an invisible man but not leave out the idea she might be crazy too.

      1. Rob Fitz

        Lone Wanderer I was worried about that too, but there's definitely more to it than you would think based on the trailers.

    45. T Electronix

      There was, 100000%, at least one version of the script where it was not clear whether it was a ghost or in her imagination or a genuinely invisible person.......but the studio went with spelling it out for the audience instead.

      1. Eyem Dunn

        T Electronix yes, I know about drafts for scripts. but you don’t know if the earlier draft made it unclear if there was an actual invisible person or just imagination.

      2. T Electronix

        @Eyem Dunn I'll say it again: there was 100000% an earlier version of the script. Film titles, like scripts, change over time.

      3. Eyem Dunn

        T Electronix the title of the movie spelled it out. it was always going to have an actual invisible person from day one.

    46. Gimbo Vortek

      Reminds me of an old film called The Entity

    47. David Carroll

      This review should totally have been the audio over a picture of the mike and empty chair.

      1. David Carroll

        @T Electronix I did not, and I assume it's now gone, but if they did that I approve.

      2. T Electronix

        What, you mean you didn't see the other review?

    48. Shannon Bayley

      Dan Murrel the type of guy I can see saying "Ayyyye I'm walkin heeeeere"

    49. Joe O'Keeffe

      Dan's passion for film making is inspiring :)

    50. Sara Wärlestedt

      You need to stop for breath. I really like your stuff! but when its a monolog and not a conversation, it need pauses! There is no time to think.

    51. Mischa07

      Missed opportunity to not do this review without showing Dan but instead showing an empty studio.

    52. Dr Multitask

      Leigh Whannell! Wanted to see this without even knowing he directed it - but now I wanna see it even more!!

    53. Lernernerner Dicarpricorn

      I honestly thought the trailers for this movie were pretty terrible but if Dan says it is good, I'm gonna go see it!

    54. Karthik Narasimhan

      Jason Blum obviously doesn't have the box office gross of Kevin Feige but he has consistently made one profitable horror movie after another.

    55. Azathoth Alot

      Ironic given Moss is in psychologically abusive cult

    56. The Geeky Gator

      but i mean... what bout that top 10 of 2019???

    57. Marie Opinion

      Story is similar to Hollow man obviously with a twist.

    58. PC Monkfish

      Great review! This film wasn't on my radar - not seen any trailers or any promotion. Booked now!

    59. Darth Millennial

      More Fatal Attraction than Hollow Man?? Not interested then.

    60. MarvelousMusic

      MAD MEN

    61. Holli + Huckleberry

      The trailer really turned me off but after hearing two overwhelming positive reviews I will have to watch

      1. Calvin James

        Beware, the second half gets pretty dumb... mostly due to plotholes and logic jumps. The first half is great though.

      2. cwillism

        I haven't been interested based on the trailer either.

    62. Luis Lozano

      Ayyyyy. Np Dan🤙

    63. Khaleel Mckoy

      Ophelia Call The Police

    64. HJL JR

      And my seat is already reserved while I'm watching this review.

    65. Oliver El

      I like to think that Roth is reviewing this with Dan; she's just invisible

      1. Directors Choice

        I see what you did there! Solid!

      2. Andy Mckay

        Bahhahahahaha most underrated comment on this video 😂

    66. Scott Napier

      I had absolutely no interest in this movie but after this review I absolutely must see it! Good Job Dan!

    67. Amanda M

      Are there many jump scares in this? I'm a big fan of thrillers, but a giant scaredy cat for jump scares...

      1. Art vandaley

        Yes It has jump scares.

    68. Narces Montes

      I am seeing this for sure

    69. Xavier Black-Wiley

      So glad to hear how great this flim is cant wait to see it

    70. Ricky Collins

      You've peaked my interest with that Fatal Attraction comparison

    71. Kenneth Stoddard

      If Blumhouse pick a better director for Fantasy Island.

    72. lawnjart16

      If anyone has seen it, can you let me know how it is with jump scares? I had this one crossed off my list because that was what I was expecting. Dan is making it sound more psychological.

      1. Phi Mau

        not extremely reliant. a few are there, but it thrives majorly from the tension and suspense if hes there or not

    73. marcwa74

      I had no idea Leigh Whanell was directing this! I loved what he did with Upgrade and how he utilized his budget creatively! Thanks Dan!

    74. Lucas Ribeiro

      WTF? So are you saying it is actually a well crafted movie? Talk about misleading trailer....

      1. Whizkidd2025

        Lucas Ribeiro - this is why I understand when people don’t watch movie trailers. If it’s not the perfect trailer, then They can either deter you from the start or build you up and disappoint.

    75. Adrian

      I just got a fcuking Arm n Hammer commercial with a "realistic" cat.. dressed in human clothes, flexing his bicep muscle... Can we PLEASE stop trying to make cats human?!? Fortnite, Universal, now commercials... Stoppppp 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Wruce Bayne

      wait, there's more to the trailer? 'cus that thing was like a Wikipedia synopsis

    77. Joseph Ippolito

      I would've cast a black actor for the role,it's more realistic.

    78. toddhollen

      Dan needs to review The Lodge. It's so good and deserves to get noticed by a larger audience. Maybe he can do an small movie roundup soon with it, Emma, The Assistant, and The Photograph or something.

    79. Pure Pip

      Fucking love Dan Murrell.

    80. Josh T

      Thank god that Dan likes it. I was really hoping that this would be good.