THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021)

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    First look teaser at the suit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

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    1. Michaela Cummings

      Uhh... was that it!?

    2. David the white ball

      Bruce's parents better be stabbed in front of him

    3. spitzmachine

      Would be cool if this Batman transforms into owl man. You know, something different.

    4. Qunairk22

      Thats star wars theme

    5. ДОКТОР

      Tan-tan-tan Tan-tan-tan Because I am Batman! Because I am Batman! Mysterious video! Because I am Batman!

    6. Dvvdvdhf FJfkkf

      0:45 OH MY FUCKINGG GODDD A new Daredevils movieeee

    7. PhaseSkater

      will hans do the music?

    8. Israel Rebolledo

      Los intervalos musicales son los mismos de Marcha Imperial, y la estetica del video sabe mucho tambien a la imagen de Darth Vadder

    9. leww1982

      Why this music sounds like Star Wars???

    10. M Pep

      Buttman :v

    11. Marcello Govone

      What happend to the cape? You finished the money?

    12. Jawad Sharif

      Rumour has it he wasnt wearing anything below😜

    13. Matteo Salas

      Malisimo, no se si es batman o daredevil, aparte que que atrocidad hicieron con el emblema de batman que eso parece cualquier cosa menos un murcielago. Dudo que pueda superar al batan de Cristhian Bale y Cristhoper Nolan.

    14. PATEK BAE


    15. Stijn de Koning

      first look at like the beginning of 2020 seriously xD youre killing me here

    16. drttyu liqm

      Pattinson as batman: “WHY U DO DIS TO US DC?!” Trailer with that jawline: “You have my attention.”

    17. didi panji maulana

      this is horrible

    18. Rocco Trojan

      oh shit cedric diggory's gonna watch his parents die now

    19. Murat Kazdal

      Film isint even out yet and most of you already crap on it wtf lol watch befor you shit on it

      1. drttyu liqm

        You fucking asshole.

    20. Lad13

      Pointdexter in Netflix’s Daredevil saying “ I am Daredevil “ is legit for this trailer lol

    21. Mikas Mackevičius

      I always wanted a Classic Batman movie

    22. 5am coatz

      Thomas Wayne grabs director '"You won't let us live, you won"t let us die""

    23. Blu Trinacria

      ♏Perfect ♒Yes

    24. Rust Cohle

      Music is kind of gay, but suit is not

    25. Thao Dynasty

      Batman’s going to be the new dark side villain in StarWars

    26. TheInvisibleBoy

      Thats pathetic

    27. Gigantus Cockileus

      Is it just me or the music genuinely sounds like imperial March

    28. ferchos film

      they want to mix keaton with bale but this batman will not beat the batman bale and afleck thats for kids

    29. Altaschweda

      Is the suit still rendering or is that the focus that has this strange effect on the shoulder Parts?

    30. Dreviuz O'Striker

      shit actor

    31. Maximus Lee

      Superman: "HEY guys, Batman has a new suit...again.

    32. ShowtimeKing10

      Batman beyond would have been perfect for him.

    33. Netimar Neto

      Anybody else hear the Imperial March?

    34. josue ramirez

      You fucking asshole.

    35. Vivek Limboo

      Cooommmmmmee oooonnnnnnnn !!!!!!!! Christian Bale was is and will be the best choice for Batman....Forever.....

    36. Eliel Legarreta

      i think DC is trying to provoke people's reaction to get a quick buck rather than make good movies

    37. Himanshu yadav

      So either it was dark or blurry, The title should be " THE BATMAN First look in 3 seconds"

    38. I Am Groot

      Not hating but this is daredevil

    39. reznov perzen petrenko

      Marvel: we can't be that dark😮. DC: Yes, no one is better doing stories darker than us😏. The way we write stori... Marvel: Wait Wait, I meant it's so dark. I can't see shit😑

    40. Prime Motion

      When I first heard of this I thought/hoped it was Batman Beyond.

    41. Prime Motion

      I wonder if there's a competition between actors to try and land Bruce Wayne's parents every time a new Batman movie comes around. Kinda like the crown jewel of the movie, A scene everyone knows, can be done with a scream or two grunts, and you still get paid a ton since its a Batman movie.

    42. TGWarriors F5

      10 bucks that this batman is gonna be worse than George Clooney

    43. Boris Lucena

      Look how they massacred my boy...

    44. ted brant

      Who else came here to watch this after watching HISHE super cafe episode?

    45. cjnf11

      Apparently it's not bat-man, it's headlessbat-man. Young Bruce falls into a well, a bat tries to attack him, but he bites its head off. He then makes it his symbol as the first victory and bats obey him out of fear now.

    46. Kevin Vindel- Castillo

      Who's here after watching HISHE? Superman: Is the Bat on your Chest made from the Gun that killed your parents? The Batman: Wha? No! How can you assume something that specific?

    47. crevanille

      He looks like crap don't like the new suit dude is scrawny as hell to play batman should bulk up for a role like this.

    48. im perfect

      Interviewer: How many reboots do you want? Director: Yes

    49. King Dawud

      how do i know this is official

    50. Max Looter

      New actor to blame, 😂😂😂

    51. RK INDIAN

      2021 will be the Batman........

    52. Aralas

      The Waynes: how many times do we have to die? Director: yes

    53. Potato Patato

      The music is good... but after everything I'm still *so* wary.

    54. Qauckerman

      The music sounds like Star Wars . It’s one beat off

    55. Warning: Useless

      Question, is this part of the DCEU?

    56. Yason You

      Oh sweet their making a new season of Daredevil!

    57. Samuel Henkle

      Daredevil, issat you??

    58. templar1138

      *Slow facepalm.* DC and Warner Bros, just stop trying.

    59. olebogeng modiselle

      I watched the hishe one first now I can't unhear batman of hishe singing

    60. Haydar Özkömürcü

      Is that Daredevil?