The Bachelor: Roses & Rose: Peter Goes Down Under and Madison Gives Him an “Ultimatum”

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    Lauren Zima is back to recap Peter Weber‘s season of 'The Bachelor!’ We’re in Australia for fantasy suite week. But before the dates went down, Madison gives Peter an ultimatum (though she doesn’t call it that), saying she may leave the show if he sleeps with other women. Meanwhile, we’re given an homage to ‘Titanic’ and Victoria F gives an explanation on why she struggles with communication. Plus, a ‘Roses & Rose’ surprise! ‘The Bachelor' airs Mondays on ABC. As always, please drink responsibly.
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    1. Olivia L

      Best episode yet. Lauren and Chris=KING and QUEEN of bachelor nation! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Anastasia Samokhvalova

      So agree, you are so funny.. Love it.... Cheers

    3. Claire Marie

      Am I the only person that legit thought that Lauren and Chris were pretend bf and Gf. Why am I just now discovering that the relationship is legit

    4. Stefanie with an F

      he just wanted to sleep with victoria not actually pick her

    5. Sapna Patel

      Omg I had no idea Lauren was dating Chris Harrison. Stg I don’t live under a rock.

    6. Serena Bond

      When she says season 9 episode 24....

    7. Christine M.

      So..... WHERE IN THE WORLD DO I FIND CHRIS HARRISON ROSE????? I’ve looked everywhere........

    8. sarah kelly

      ♥️Don't ever let Madi go.

    9. Danielle Kearns

      When she was calling Chris Harrison her boyfriend I thought she was kidding. Today I found an article about the two as a couple and I am shook. Edit: I don’t mean to say that she couldn’t date him. She’s awesome I just thought she was making jokes as a host

    10. Pammers 55

      I really like Madison as well. I wouldn't be able to get past it either. Good for her for standing up for herself and what she believes in. After watching these episodes (and how Peter reacts to situations), he seems to me like he has some growing up to do.

    11. K. DMomma

      Someone really doesn’t like Madison... Zima *cough

    12. Hili P

      Where r u love I'm soooo anxious to hear your review about the women tell all

    13. Mafe

      Lauren, I love you but I completely disagree with you on Madison. Not all Bachelors have sex with the three finalists, but OF COURSE Peter had to do it because he's the Bachelor AND HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS. WROOOONG As Nick Viall said on his podcast (or an interview) at this point the relationship is of two, just because he is the bachelor doesn't mean that he doesn't give back to the girls. And Madi has all the right to tell Peter about her expectations for him because he can proposed to her in a week and she doesn't deserve someone who basically sleep with two other girls a week before. How is he confused about who he's chosing before FS and then a week after he can be completely sure that she's the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with? Also, she didn't give him an ultimatum. He had the right to sleep with whoever he wanted BUT if he knew she was the one then he shouldn't have done that because she don't accept his proposal. Another thing, we know that you love Hannah Ann because of your twitter and your comments on her Instagram, but please be more realistic about her. THERE'S NO WAY she's okey with him sleeping with other women. She just said that because she wanted to be the cool one, free-spirit girl and just says the right things so Peter chose her. She has been like that all freaking season. And now she and Victoria are talking about Madi like she's crazy? Right. They were scared because they both knew that Peter prefered Madi over them and he could pulled a Colton in a minute and just leave them. After this episode I'm pretty sure that Peter will end up in single. He loves Madi but she will leave him in a few months because their different life styles and because he can't keep it in his pants

    14. Bara Robber Baron

      Take religion out of it, if a guy says he loves you and you know the idea is for there to be a proposal in like a week, how would you feel about that person dicking down one or even two other people right before then? How do you not feel slimy AF if your feelings are that strong, that's borderline cheating, even if you're on the Bachelor.

    15. Mafe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> Did I just hear season 9 episode 24? 😂

    16. Bara Robber Baron

      Being held hostage with a gun to your head and the heads of your loved ones isn't boring either. Doesn't mean I should want it though, right? Peter, jesus.

    17. Andrew Martin

      Lauren Zima - world's most annoying voice!

    18. Kailei M

      I thought she was VERY unclear with him. I can see why production felt like they needed to push the issue. She really needed to be clear about her personal decision to save herself for marriage. That gives her words about the fantasy suites more weight.

    19. Coco channel

      Am i the only one who can't stand how Hannah Ann kisses....🤔

    20. Ingrid Johansson

      Lauren, you and your team never disappoint with your #communication of your #madness !!😊🌈💜💯

    21. Ingrid Johansson

      Lauren Zima at her best! The gift that keeps on giving! Madison say words!

    22. sarah kelly

      Is the Show for him to find love or is the show to find a hoe. Why did they mess up Peter and Madi love story? Just why?

    23. Ingrid Johansson

      The girls look like they’re in high school!

    24. surprise me

      Madison are you really not familiar with the show? You should not have signed up for this if you knew what this show was about!

    25. Maea Riego

      I like Lauren Zima. But Lauren, why do you hate Madison so much??

    26. T S

      Someone, please give madison a reality pill. 'Ya dumb gurl.

    27. norma creation

      I dont think she is funny only because she is trying hard to be funny without substance, its all singing or talking in weird voices. Not really funny, just goofy

    28. Amanda Smith

      Two minutes in, is Victoria giving her rose a hand job?

    29. LittleLester7

      Everyone keeps.saying the Bachelor FS are basically a screw me room but it hasn't always been. Colton didnt, Sean didnt. They are both happily in a relationship. Nick didnt. It's absolutely ridiculous this concept that it's all about Peter. Bachelor or not, at the end it is about both people. And when has Madi had the time to tell Pete? He has been living for the drama, not the productive conversation leading to a relationship. And WHY DOES IT MATTER? She told him before FS I will have a hard time moving forward if you did this. That is a very easy statement to understand even for an idiot. Have your opinions on if Peter had a right to have sex with the others, which he absolutely did, but Madi had a right to come on this show and still expect someone who loves her to not have sex with other people. Lauren is being a mouthpiece for Chris Harrison right now

    30. Aly

      Even if Peter took her request at the airplane hanger seriously and DIDN'T sleep with the other women, he still didn't know at that point that Madison is saving herself for marriage, meaning they won't have sex for 1-2 years during the engagement/dating period. Would Peter have been okay with that?

    31. Beyoncé Pad Thai

      It doesn’t matter how others bachelor/bachelorettes choose how many they sleep with in the overnights cause this is Peter’s journey!!! Madison is too young to be on the show therefore she hasn’t watched this show long enough. It’s always been the same set suite then proposal, Hannah Ann gets it so why is Madison so naive. Madison is not ready for this show based on how she handles her virginity and relationship on reality tv.

    32. Breana Miles


    33. MmeFrankenstein

      Ive watched this three times, it is hilarious. Please never stop. Ever.

    34. Emma Ferguson

      This show is so effed up.

    35. Slpsa Slpsa

      Where is the limo show? I miss that girl.

    36. Josie Winchell

      YOU ARE HILARIOUS! Thank you for the laughs

    37. KarlaElaine100

      I just hope the next season is compromised of “mostly grown ups.” This season has been a disaster. It feels like a teenage dating show.

    38. Sarah Keling

      You can’t expect your partner to give up something for you, if you’re unwilling to be vulnerable or return the same. I don’t like Madison because she issued that ultimatum without assuring him that she was also falling in love with him. I also get the vibe from her that she thinks she’s better than everyone else, including Peter, even though *she* signed up for the show. The only way that their relationship would work in the real life is if she changed him for what she thinks is the better, which is coming from an arrogant position. If you’re going to have standards like this, that’s great, but please don’t sign up for the Bachelor where the lead is known for banging in a windmill.

    39. ally burnett

      Yall are so cute!!

    40. Wod Girl

      Reality Steve is already posting who the next Bachelorette is- it would be nice if he’s wrong for a great curve ball! Come on @laurenzima talk to Chris ♥️

    41. Ogo Loog

      Lauren please can you review Love is blind reality on netflix?

    42. Fit shiky

      Zima seems so mad at Maddie

    43. Victoria Adams

      You guys need to sell the roses and rose wine glasses!!

    44. DeeRo Holla

      It’s a #chemicalromance Peter dumpling. It’s called oxytocin. You’re brain is high. That’s all. K byeeeee

    45. Cindy Gies

      I liked Chris Harrison at the end. It is good that he answered a few plug on the beverages!

    46. danielle cyrene

      Madison can't express herself but can only speaks for the father, the father is not there, but a potential husband, she is really not mature enough and ready, poor girl...too much religion...

    47. Bonnie Bouche

      What happened to Tyler CAMERON'S mom?

    48. Marie Pierre

      When you are timide words not easy to remember.Many ideas in her mind rend her crazy.Why producers put them together to excite the burst of jealousy between the 3 women.

    49. Stephanie Fields

      Lauren is way too bothered by the fact that Madi wouldn’t feel comfortable with Peter sleeping with other women. You don’t HAVE to sleep with other women and I think Madi was hoping Peter wouldn’t. Colton didn’t.

      1. Coco channel


    50. Victoria

      Don't forget Madison auditioned for Colton's season - a virgin

    51. scarlett g

      Peter is not even hot. These women deserve a better man. Glad I watch this show and not waste my time with the actual show. Lauren youre the best, so funny!

    52. SL Pride

      Usually I really enjoy this segment ET does with Lauren but this week I thoroughly didn’t. Mainly because of Lauren’s discrimination towards Madi, she keeps trashing Madi’s principles. Absolutely sad LZ. You just lost a fan

    53. SL Pride

      A bit harsh on Madi there LZ..🙁

    54. Wonderxandra

      I’m also confused if peter knows the correct pronunciation of women

    55. Theothardus x

      Madison looks like a brunette Blake Lively.

    56. Kaitlyn Jolly

      Love Chris

    57. s2macdon

      Peter's in love with three women - Madison, Hannah Ann, and the Producer Lady.

    58. s2macdon

      What's the reference to Peter making a "747"?

    59. Tatum Van Horn

      Does anyone know where I watch old seasons of the Bachelor? That is not Amazon because they want you to pay almost 2$ an episode.

    60. hdw

      Chris Harrison and Ryan Seacrest are secretly the same person i think

    61. Muskan Arora

      i dont think madison expects anything too far fetched from peter. she voiced her opinions and stood by her beliefs, hoping that if peter loves her enough he'll respect that. while i do agree that she should've brought this up sooner, it in no way resembles to the whole luke p situation. luke was ignorant, disrespectful, too high up in his own head while madi is just putting down her thoughts in the most clear and respectful manner ever without disregarding peter or any of the other two girls. also, getting to spend the night with someone isnt the point of this show!!! its about falling in love and building a connection, and if peter had found that in madison, he easily could've made a decision.

      1. lifewithjenn

        I feel like this topic of virginity needs to be expressed more. The Bachelor opened up a lot of talks already, but I mean outside of social media. Like, it also is my choice to stay abstinent. I am not doing it for my religion, but doing it just for myself. I have a friend who is a "realist" and thinks that it most likely cannot happen to stay like that up until marriage because there are ways to get around that and things can get heated from 0-100 real fast. She would always, and I say this positively, bring me down. But, I do know it can get heated, but if it is the choice I make for myself and only myself, I feel like my partner will accept that decision and will wait. and that just takes the right person to value that of someone and want to wait with them until they are ready. Plus, I listen to her advice on how it is not "realistic" but ultimately it is my life and I get to do what I want with it. you know?

    62. Keilani ❣️

      But ask urself this: would you be okay if you had a possible engagement to someone that you knew fucked other people a few days prior? Reality tv or not, I mean it would kind of hurt and be difficult.

    63. Keilani ❣️

      How about the Non-ultimatum ultimatum of the year!!!!

    64. Joanne Jaworski

      Oh kids, kids, kids! Getting hot and high on someone when you can't even have a conversation, is not love. It's lust and fun but not love. I feel like I'm watching 15 yr. olds that have to grow up for several more years! Such disappointing TV that I couldn't even watch the entire episode!

    65. Catherine Carkulis

      Whether cool and crazy like Victoria or Hot and bothered like Hannah Ann or cold and sparkly like Madison, remember it is Peter's pick of pickled peppers during the last episode of The Bachelor!!!! I am looking forward to the show. Hang in there Peter, suspense man!! Love is -up- in the Lol.

    66. Grace M

      Notice how Peter said he was in love with 3 women to the camera * cough *cough to throw us off, yet he has only told Hannah and Madison he loves them to their faces! 🧐

    67. Ma Jolie

      Chris is such a delight

    68. Betty Jackson

      he needs Hannah b

    69. Amanda Bourgeois

      Gah I just love you Lauren zima!!! I always love watching your recaps! Keep it up girl! You’re hilarious

    70. Loula

      Madison is 💯 right

    71. Iris

      What was absolutely irritating is that when Madison was talking to Peter about her “standards” she doesn’t make it clear that it is, in fact, an ultimatum. She didn’t specifically tell him she will leave if he sleeps with other women. Then when he does, everyone is like oh PETER is the bad guy?!? What?!??????

    72. Sylvers Orasco

      Lmao she’s such a savage

    73. Miranda Charles

      It’s messed up that she’s questioning Madison’s intentions cause out of the three she’s the only one that has shown that she’s there for the right reasons. She’s so judgmental bachelors/bachelorettes don’t have to be followers to previous ones.

    74. Ann Helen Haukenes

      So bad season, soooooo bad..... And as I see it he will end up with none of the remaning girls. Hanna Ann is to young, the second one ( I dont even remember her name) are plain stupid and act like a toddler. Madison will not sleep with him beforemthey marry, and Peter is too sexual to wait until then (remember he have condoms in his car) The drama will be that Hannah B will show up wanting him. He will go home, alone, and his mum want him to bring Hannah B to them. Thats how lovestories are made of, but Peter dont want her, so te clip where he are so, so sorry is him saying sorry, but Hannah B.... She wants everyone from Jed. Tyler to Peter so....... Thats the best from this season, that he tell Hannah B no..... Then, if he end up with a girlfriend, it will be the girl in the production

    75. Reagan Mac

      weird thought but i’d be curious to hear Hannah Godwins take on them all staying together. i remember her saying that she didn’t even know who went on dates that week when colton went to her room to break things off after cassie. i just wonder if she would have preferred they all stayed together or if that truly was torture (specifically for madison) :/

    76. mary harvey

      by the you and Chris together...perfect match!!

    77. Vanessa

      I think this may be the first time I don’t agree with Lauren on a take for a contestant. I feel like Madison was totally in her right to say what she said, and she was (in my opinion) quite clear but I feel like Peter played dumb because he simply wanted to sleep with other girls.

    78. mary harvey

      Madison was obviously testing him to see if he really loved her, the thing is he is not committed to her only so he can do whatever he needs to do, compatibility in the bedroom is really important too!!

    79. mary harvey

      actually Peter didn't treat Madison like Hannah B treated Luke P, found her to be kinda cruel, too stern and too full of herself!!Peter is being very sweet about the whole thing

    80. Nadia Maris

      Besides everything else, this woman is literally hilarious. I love her so much. The only thing making my day today 😂😂❤️