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    World class hit maker (Galantis) and worldwide popular singer (Charli XCX) collaborated to create the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ music video!
    World’s first ever SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ area opens at Universal Studios Japan this summer! #USJ #Nintendo

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    1. Vetuyasha

      If it wasn't for the mediocre song it would be the perfect trailer.

    2. duval

      XCX spotted at: 1:08 1:57 2:03 2:17

    3. Mixed gamer

      Cmon wheres my pipe

    4. duval

      Only here for my girl charli 💜

    5. sesan kazeem

      Words can't explain how awesome this is

    6. colorsica

      charli made this for the gaymers

    7. kenneth gamez

      this is a death trap, my kind of place

    8. Keiichi Tv

      Que hermoso..!!

    9. Héctor Miguel Pérez Carreño

      Nintendo fans: Did you do Super Nintendo World? Nintendo: Yes Nintendo fans: What did it cost? Nintendo: Byleth.

    10. TheSharpmarksman

      17 seconds in and there you have your "white woman and black male" couple thanks for showing your true colors [[[Nintendo]]]

    11. Vanessa Apaez

      I can't wait to play MarioCar ❤ and best of all, it will be in Japan 🇯🇵❤

    12. Frinktu


    13. Sebastian Schwaiger

      Wer kommt von Domtendo?

    14. CORODUSU


    15. kanlican


    16. all ready

      Je veux le faire 😵😵😵

    17. D Mann

      Cool, now put it in Canada

    18. David Echo

      Only here for Choli

    19. Zaubi TV

      i like this song can i hear on spotify ??

    20. Lou moon

      Charli xcx and style of eye 👏😭💕

    21. Cristian Marroquin

      Nintendo ultimamente pone personas mayores para mostrar que sus juegos no son necesariamente para niños, y creo que es lo mas correcto

    22. NABEntertainment

      So... It's going to be virtual?

    23. Break a Game GVD

      Ok you all will see me in Japan MOM I WILL MOVE TO JAPAN SEE YOU THERE

    24. FireyGames

      Daisy: cries in silence Leave a F in the comments for Daisy

    25. FinnsComedyCorner

      NeXt 3D MaRiO cOnFiRmEd

    26. Rubenelnub Douh

      Did you really think that a Gamer can run and jump like that? Nintendo: *y e s* Universal: *y e s*

    27. MrCombatgiraffe

      im surprised nobody in the comments is talking about how they didn't show anything real from the park. if it's gonna cost $100+ like disney world / land or universal studios id have been happier if they showed footage of the park and rides, for at least 20-30 seconds. i imagine they have mario kart stuff and a few other things we should have got a glimpse of besides some animated stuff.

      1. BaddieUniverse

        Because it's not build yet. You can research images on google tho. It looks amazing so far. It looks like a videogame come to life.

    28. Benjamin Hill

      1:43 did they just dab?

    29. Harry Beaver

      female mario is stupid

    30. biotiker

      When this world doesn’t have Mario Kart in Real Life im gonna cry

    31. misolou fout

      I wonder if the lyric “captured by the feeling” is a reference to mario odyssey

    32. Leshell Thomas

      I 😍 this song and video

    33. Nicolas Everaert

      So what does the place actually look like

    34. Stefan Brockelbank

      Breaking News: Hundreds of New Yorkers Missing After Reported Green Pipes Appear from Ground

      1. misolou fout

        The thumbnail looks unofficial to me

    35. v i n i c i o

      People not acknowledging the great piece of music Charli just served us

    36. SuperRedMusic

      Is it just me or did I just see Mario and everyone dabbing at 1:43 and at 2:29 If it is I love it


      I love this song

    38. Tracye Henderson

      It's sad they all lost there switch in the void

    39. Northgical

      2:00 Footage of Mario Royale (2019, Colorized and Modernized)

    40. Shaun

      When is this hitting Spotify? I need new Charli

    41. Jaydalee Cruz

      Me: sees them dab* Wow Nintendo never really had known about what is dead.

    42. Hood Lucas

      So good!

    43. XplaygamesX terry

      Wth play in real summer?! Hey um dad hold my switch! Dad: sure. Me: Where are you japan! Im commin to mario town! わほお! へれ うぇ ご!

      1. XplaygamesX terry

        Wait... this is at uk!

    44. Adam Wood

      I’m just wondering with those piranha plants, whomps, bom-boms, and cars with no seat belts.... How many people are actually still alive at this point?

    45. XplaygamesX terry

      So *realistic*

    46. MVE

      This should be a Katy Perry video!!!

    47. RoseGold Flower

      I wish this was real though !!!! Loved the universe !

      1. Smiley Salami

        THIS IS REAL since 2017 the Park had been under construction and it’s finally opapening!

    48. максамон камондор

      #WE ARE MARIO!!

    49. Space

      The thumbnail looks unofficial to me

    50. Brendan Dulay

      This song doesn't sound like proper Nintendo Music.

    51. naomi283

      Can't think of a creative comment so I'm just gonna ask... Spotify when?

    52. kevindamico91

      Gosh, I can't stop listening to this song!

    53. Felipe Ortiz

      please put it on spotify

    54. 나쁜모딩이


    55. Snowy

      Where do i get the song?

    56. Davey Joon


      1. BaddieUniverse

        Yes you are.

    57. EZE #

      Que la joda jajajaja muy buenísimo

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Nintendo, do one thing for us, acknowledge all your series. Including PIKMEN, STAR FOX, F ZERO, donkey Kong

    58. VVM2020

      Super Mario Run ad (2016): Mario running in Humans World Super Nintendo World ad (2020): Humans running in Mario's World

      1. bodoti qwiu

        CHarli xcx and nintendo? cursed timeline, but i love it

    59. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

      Nintendo VR already

    60. Solo

      11/10 Wait What???