Randomly CRYING Prank On Fiance! *Cute Reaction*

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Jatie Vlogs

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    Crying all day to see how Josh reacts.. If you see this comment "cute reaction." We love you guys!
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    1. Adrien Acosta

      everybody go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> and look at joshes cake though 😊😂😍

    2. Tatum Ahrendt

      I luv how he calls her silly it's so adorable!!

    3. Mohammed Younis

      jatie vlogs makes me feel way to single why am I still watching?

    4. Kevin Peck

      Is it just me or can u peeps not count how many they mentioned Jatie beauty

    5. Cadence Grieb

      When he came outside and told everyone to comment that she was beauitful! ❤

    6. Ashley Abigail Guerrero

      Aww Josh is such a sweet boyfriend to Katie love your videos and channel.

    7. Maddie S

      Josh: You got something you want to tell me. Josh: Is it that time of the month. Josh: Do you got the Mones. Katie: I don't got the Mones. lol My Favorite Part

    8. Sherine Binoy

      ooof, there was 4k comment now im goona make it 4001. also let josh get a dirtbike. Ik i really late but I've just been rewatching your videos.


      Someone give her a grammy


      no one: Katie: *crying* me: don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry

    11. Sebastian Munoz

      Let josh get a dirt bike

    12. l4lasya

      Katie you are so pretty

    13. Lola Micklewright

      You are so pretty so stop saying you are ugly

    14. Lostliam 208

      Let josh.b get a bike haha I know he has one but I love watching the vids over haha love you both so much

    15. Kerri A Moniz

      Josh is so nice and Katie is very lucky

    16. chameli deruiter

      josh is the perfect boyfriend, katie u are lucky

    17. Olehy Kids

      Quarantine anyone?😐 I’m literally going through all Jaties’ old videos lol

    18. Maddie_ Slays

      Katie is soooo cute but not like a love way it’s like a girl way

    19. Sana El Khattabi

      Can i say katie is sooo a beautiful woman and wit or wthout make up love yaaaaallll sooo much P.s.#team josh you should do the swearing prank on katie 💟💝💞💙

    20. Jason Looney

      I’m such an emotional person that I cried a tear just watching people cry cuz I’m so emotional 😭

    21. Jason Looney

      The number of Calories burned sign is how many years they will be together

    22. Kelly Wilding

      Can you please do a try not to cry challenge

    23. Alex's Channel

      Katie b is great

    24. Sahara Martin

      I know this was a prank but when u said no one gonna buy jatie beauty I thought I saving up so much to buy all the makeup products and the jatie fit 😂🤍

    25. SienaY

      oh my god. if I don't find a guy as nice as josh, I don't want it

    26. Isabelle Davy

      I just wanna say everyone is beautiful

    27. Camille Bacon

      Let josh get a dirt bike I’m also watching this when he does

    28. Joslyn Phillips

      Josh’s kindness just makes my heart melt😊😊 And Katie, even though I know this was a prank, you are so Beautiful and you are perfect just the way your are!

    29. Johnwitz Sisters

      Katie you are beautiful! Josh you are handsome! Jatie you are AMAZING!!!!

    30. You will eat pasta

      Cute reaction 🥰🥰❤️❤️

    31. Gerica Freeman

      Your so beautiful

    32. It’s Max Rudolph

      She good looking you got the. she-best girlfriend ever you know

      1. It’s Max Rudolph

        The best AND I MEAN IT!!! GUYS

    33. Margaret Erdmann

      KATIE YOUR SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! also i need a josh for myself lol

    34. Izzie Creedon


    35. Floor van Liempt

      Katie B is so cool and beatiful

    36. electriicmars

      Katie, your so beautiful. Don't ever say that 'bout yourself! I love you both. >3

    37. Cassie Valenzuela

      Please don’t cryKatie you’re a big girl now😊😊😊😁😁😄😄😃😃😀😀

    38. jeslynn&faith gunts

      Ur are sooo beautiful kaite a love u and Josh

    39. Jennifer Schnipke

      Omg I need a Josh in my life like oh what you doing on the floor silly is soooo cute.

    40. Isaiah Samson


    41. Isaiah Samson

      There so cut together

    42. crioa bride x

      this was made on my birthday ik nobody asked but it’s ok

    43. William Funnell

      Josh is a great Fiancé. Btw, Katie, I love those leggings on you.

    44. Baluga Wayles

      Katie Betzing you are literally so beautiful

    45. Mariah Jorgensen

      The 206 people who dislike this or so dumb

    46. Maia Kennedy- Heldt

      You need cuddles No response Coffee No response Maybe a doughnut Katie☺️

    47. Maia Kennedy- Heldt

      Katie shields her face Josh continues to film 😂

    48. Elizabeth and Ravens channel love

      Let josh get the dirt bike

    49. Elizabeth and Ravens channel love

      Cute reaction

    50. Tara Thorpe

      Katie you are sooooo pretty

    51. Gabby C.

      Katie is honestly so pretty. I wish I looked like her.

    52. Kerri A Moniz

      She is so pretty and so fit

    53. Riley Zsigo

      Katie you are so pretty and josh you are so supportive you guys are the best And so good for each other with each day passing you get closer and closer to getting married!!!!! I am sooooooo happy for you guys and glad that you are able to make people happy with your vlogs, workouts, and MERCH!!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing, Love your BIGGEST fan Riley!!!!!

      1. Riley Zsigo

        Love yall

    54. Ayvah Beckles


    55. Conner Odle

      Shes so cute

    56. Paiton Williams

      Your so pretty,I wish I was you😍

    57. Addison Rosenburg

      where can i find a josh someone tell me pleaseeeee lol

    58. Quiet Allure

      Ending song?

    59. Abby Russ

      this is literally the being insecure prank again haha

    60. Mel Owen

      You so pretty Katie B

    61. Janet Farrell

      U are so cute katie B and u are so good at pranks stay strong and you joshy B xxx:-)

    62. Elaina’s Adventures

      You are beautiful no matter what nobody says katie

    63. Divine 5

      Katie is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and Josh knows that for a fact

    64. CraftyClaireBear

      Me:single Pringle Them: kissing every ten seconds! Me again: WTF IS MY LIFE NOW

    65. Clare Covert

      I’m surprised he didn’t ask if it was the mones... wait no he asked if it was the mones right after I posted.....

    66. Julia Todd

      let josh get a dirtbike.

    67. Joy Neville


    68. Alyssa Kovach

      Katie. B you are so pretty

    69. Sienna Marshall

      Team josh or team Katie #team Katie yall

    70. Lisa Butler

      I saw it so Let Josh Get A Dirt Bike 🏍

    71. Bryn M

      I love how he calls he silly 😜

    72. Bryn M

      Dang I didn’t know josh could do a backflip.

    73. zoe overley

      Let Josh get the dirt bike

    74. Madeline Garcia Paulino

      Aww that’s so sweet how josh told us to send love to Katie but he didn’t know that it was a prank💕

    75. Elizabeth Evie

      #Team Katie. Prank idea, try to act sick all day then when he is least expecting it pass out. It is so funny I did it to my friend!

      1. Elizabeth Evie


    76. Haylee & Ariel

      Does anyone know the name of this intro

    77. Art fun and tick tock

      I am your bigist fan

    78. Julia Dean

      Your very pretty Katie

    79. Marvin Bowling

      Let josh get a dirt bike!!!!

    80. Doug Odom

      Katie you are soooooo beautiful and no one can tell u different!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️