Proof America's Got Talent Is Fake! Simon Cowell Reaction Edited During Marcelito AGT Champions Act

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    I noticed how Simon's reaction during the finals caused déjà vu... I seen this before! And now I have proof of it. There's been a pattern of viewer manipulation this year on AGT Champions that is unprecedented. Not to mention how the performers are suffering from it, on top of numerous other issues like getting their performances taken down from ESsels. Let's dig into this because this needs to be fixed!
    Full reaction to Marcelito Beauty And The Beast
    Was Marcelito happy with his final song choice?
    Why Marcelito didn't get the Golden Buzzer
    How Marcelito can conquer the world after AGT
    Marcelito Time To Say Goodbye reaction
    Marcelito The Prayer reaction
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    1. Jallen Subilan

      Whats the point of being a judge if you cant even judge thats just called acting

    2. Felix Pam

      I have a great admiration for AGT but now I am loosing interest. How could Simon cowell do that...Simon, everyone looks up to you ..this can ruin your image as a judge in both AGT and BGT. Too bad 😢

    3. David Aston

      Simon always reads a script

    4. Gamers4Joy

      Thx for your work, now I know this is just a show. I was mad that MP didn't win but after watching more others reaction and calming down here is my take. As we know now that the show is pre recorded and the winner is chosen according to the profitability. Why did he decide to add repeat comment about MP future? I think they want to calm the fans the MP fans down. Because if MP doesnt win, they will get massive uproar disappointment and backlash so They tried to asure that even we didn't pick MP as a winner he still get massive career infront of him. Now he got massive exposure to the world. Win or not will not affect him. So that's my opinion. Even though, I still mad that he was treated unfairly on the show.

    5. noel baris

      First performance of Marcelito is enough to determine the winner 🤦🏾‍♀️

    6. Francesca Ledesma

      oh my God i did not expect this you are smart you should tell lot of people

    7. Akho Swuro

      What a useless video...a man can't wear the same clothe.....

    8. Keenrick Banaña

      Call shane dawson

    9. DBR00

      I know someone who was a contestant on the show and she told me that the entire show is fixed.

    10. Gabriella Bogmenko

      Alright simon could of just wanted to wear the grey shirt man , simple . I hate to say this but your kinda creating drama

    11. Harry Halvstiv

      And where did you find that 'doll' beside you? Oooo....yeeee.....aaaahhhh...wooow... myyyy.. Oooooh... Good looking but brain like a mouse? Perfec.... :-)

    12. Harry Halvstiv

      Simon is an A****le, we all agree to that. But i think you're tho ones that fakes......

    13. Harry Halvstiv

      Maybe it's you that fakes clips....

      1. React To The World

        We're ESselsrs. Nothing we do is real!

    14. renz Ken

      Is it me? Or Simon planning to lose Marcilito in agt competition?

    15. Christy Bingham

      If you look at the side by side clips the audience is EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!

    16. Heng Lao

      Yes, especially the "VOTE" from the audiences! That was bullshit!

    17. Nnie yen Omao

      Tang ina mo simon

    18. Nnie yen Omao

      Its really trye fake bruh. .. Simon is kupal😅

    19. odeth deita


    20. Water Mirror

      TV manipulation is nothing new. Perhaps what's new is that the manipulation involves this superfamous dual singer... But more importantly, that's what happens when an org is overly centralized

    21. For Your Entertainment

      You are right about Simon picking the song for him. Marcelito made a live video about it and immediately took it down when netizens reacted negatively against Simon and he later asked the audience not to react that way, this is a competition, everything is fair, we just have to deal with it and keep our head up and pray etc etc. Such a Filipino way of dealing with things (meaning, the culture, so be it, oh well, we don't argue, we don't like confrontation, let's pray and hope for the best)

    22. Jose Morales

      Marcelito is not the only one whose had have issues with American networks, another great example was with Dimash Kudaibergen in the world's best competition which prompted him to leave the show.

      1. Anonymous gaming

        Yup and it sucks dude😩😩😩

    23. Cosco Nomax

      If Simon can manipulate on this scale and he is just famous imagine what your government can do..... Stop believing everything you hear and see this whole world is a scam. Thats why there are still tribes on islands with warnings not to visit them because they refused to conform and are labeled "Dangerous" and they ARE because they know the real history past down and are never going to join this fuked up society🙌💯

    24. Noli Asinas

      AGT is better off if simon is out!

    25. Brook Davidson

      This girl has nothing interesting to say... she's looking at him like she doesn't understand two words he's saying. Getting mail delivered to her mailbox is a mystery to this woman every day she checks it.

      1. Jurian F. Kaunang

        Brook Davidson Maybe bc she’s Filipina. So people can perceived she’s just ranting/conflict of interest if she defended Marcelito.

    26. michelle Aaland

      Hello. I'm Michelle Aaland from Norway I have got proof on The exact same ting as you guys But on 2 different videos than you . If you look at DIMASH sinful passion .and look at all the judges.spesial Simon and aften, you look at Josh Daniel signing JEALOUS. Then you'll see that not only have they copied the comments, but the whole reaction from all 3 judges. Good luck. Love from Norway

    27. Momshie Del’s

      Simon your so unfair what happen W/ marcelito pumoy he is spouse to be wenning !!

    28. Glucky Strong

      So probably Simon said something different in the semi-final that he needs to change it with his previous clip. And he thinks nobody will notice it? There should be somebody who will tell the truth about this, a whistleblower

    29. Mark Salvador

      ...and because of this genius video, you got another subscriber mr. Wally Bayola!✌😄....peace man!

      1. Anonymous gaming

        Yes Wally bayola

    30. Mind Me

      Woah, this is amaziiiinggg!! I mean, it really deserves million of subscribers!

    31. jayem jay

      No to all Simon's projects

    32. Imaginative Play

      Im subscribed and i dont plan to unsubscribe

      1. Imaginative Play

        @Anonymous gaming nope not convincing

      2. Anonymous gaming

        Unsubscribe now it just a manipulation show dude dig deeper and search there is so many evidence about how Simon manipulate the show darling

    33. Imaginative Play

      Simon would never do anything like that!!!

    34. SWAK P10 LANG

      *AGT is a fucking manipulation shit show* Twosetviolins: we already knew that years ago, bruh. - After watching several videos of twoset, I learned that all variety shows are manipulation shows. Because they're just for entertainments. They do this, do that, say this, say that, react this, react that JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. JS.

    35. Calviinn Hizzz

      Just like sacred riana😑

    36. Spy Shadow

    37. marissa

      Can you rewind why Adam Lambert didn't win in AGT?

    38. Ken Reamico

      What the hell

    39. Ma. Elecione Ditchon

      The 3 judges are da beauties and cowell is da beast!

    40. Xietri Micoto

      They will never let Marcelito win the contest it's because they can't accept the fact or they can't admit to there selves that Filipino is more good at them

    41. Bong Go

      WTF simon is fake the guy is a computer image lol.

    42. Hiro Kai

      people are surprised TV programs are rigged? You'll be more surprised if people look into how News Programs and their stories and cover ups are much more Fake and staged :)

    43. Angeles Tuares

      can you feature the funny side of marcelito? please find funny clips of him. he has a sense of humor like most filipinos do and its cute watching those.

    44. 0theos

      Feels like The World's Best with Dimash all over again, where they tried to pin Dimash as the bad guy for quitting the show because they lied to him!

    45. MyriaTaz

      also may i add if you notice the judges comments after marcelito sings beauty and the beast, they are all saying that "song choice is perfect" other judges says similar thing about his song choice, isnt it weird like all 4 of them judges comments similar about he's song of choice as if it was marcelito's who picked the song in the finals,(it was simon who picked the song) i think the judges knew all along what was happening, i mean notice when simon says that it was "less predictable" alesha replied fast with "how was it predictable?" they put a little drama to it, where in fact in the end they all agree weird right? feel sorry for marcelito, agt made him lied, please watch his youtube interview about it..

    46. Luis Carlo Guzman

      Simon is fake lol. MAKE A PETITION TO REMOVE SIMON LOL. he is also bias in boogie storm lol

    47. Kevin richard Buhangin

      Marcelito will have a massive career But simon will have a drowning career😂

    48. ram morada

      Thank you Master Lee.....😁😁

    49. jaycen santos

      Simon is the one choosing what marcelito can sing....and keep saying he is always in his comfort zone.....he doesnt want a filipino winning an american show.....

    50. Morris Perico

      you are so smart! i hope soon you'll be one of AGT judges

    51. Tiktokers Philippines

      Marcelito sings We Are The World in multiple voices

    52. AiCDragon

      He was great every time but his Beauty and the Beast performance was a step down from his first 2 weeks. Quit whining cuz he didnt do better. Its standard to expect the performer to raise their level of performance. He didnt. Conspiracy theorists are ridiculous. Ya cant just say theres a conspiracy... WHY are they conspiring. Unless you have a reason why, then theres no basis.

      1. Anonymous gaming

        Hey dude your wrong he didn't even choose that song it's Simon and marcelito doesn't like it because it wasn't good for competion which a mediocre type of music. Research don't just comment ok

    53. Mamerto Jr. Obungen

      Obviously theyre focus to sabotage Marcelito Pomoy.

    54. ej_ soul_jah

      Thats a de javu bullshite!

    55. Mr Tommy

      I hate agt now

    56. Briee R0502

      Wow, this is incredible!!! How come no one from the crowd exposed them yet. Crazy!!

    57. Jercal VLogs

      Wtf AGT!!

    58. daryel lariosa

      Bias is real..

    59. Duncan.

      Did you see the irony of Angelia Jordan's 2nd song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I won't sign up to you, you can't plant me in your penthouse, I'm not a present for your friends to open. She sang this verse twice !. She got her world stage spot and nailed it, and sang her goodbye song in the 2nd round, and nailed that too. Good on her. She beat their system.

    60. Lexus majesty Negrillo


    61. Tony capricon

      Ur vlog is fake

    62. [ Kennpachi ]

      Thank you for exposing the Cooking show

    63. R Lim

      The so-called superfans is actually one person - Simon Cowell

    64. Joey Austria

      Wow am i watching a magic show (AGT) and how to reveal the magic trick of the magician (Simmon) lol.

    65. JEF Lead

      AGT IS A RACIST!!!!!!

    66. marteena Esmero

      Salamat po sa suporta at tiwala Sa kababayan ko😇..... Godbless..... #bastahappylang.....

    67. VOID CLOUD

      Soo that's why, 2nd and down winners in some shows that I've watched is more popular than the grand winner after the show


      To Salty Filipino's saying dancing is not a talent. Where were you guys when Filipino dance group won Asia's got talent.

      1. Anonymous gaming

        It's a talent who said that dancing wasn't a talent I kick there ass Btw I'm a Filipino 😁😁

    69. Marvin Chan


    70. JC S

      Try to watch tara simon reacting to her xfactor audition guys, she revealed so much about that show and that is run by simon too.

    71. mrnnky trcn

      i agree about the contestants' videos being taken down like sometimes i look up for old agt auditions and up until their finals im not able to find it anymore

    72. The Temporosa Kitchen Journey

      Lets ask Marcelito??

    73. ivy gwapa

      Boycott AGT it is a manipulator. Simon only needs money for his self interest only. Just using the popularity of a person. User!!!!!!!!!! We dont trust you. Hey wake up we all go to 6 feet below the groj d. Are you not sztisfied with your wealth right now. Be good coz God will judge you someday.

    74. secret yea

      The title of the show should not be "America's Got Talent!" ❌ But can be "Simon's got no Talent!" 💯 Or "Simon's Favorite!" 😂

      1. Glen G

        How about, "Simon Cowell Frauductions"

      2. Peachy Do

        I think " Simon's Cooking Show" is much better

    75. Ronnie David

      PLEASE watch and REACT to this... Interview with Marcelito Pomoy... How could the "SUPER FANS" vote if the SEMI-FINAL was RECORDED and done in the AFTERNOON and the FINALS in the EVENING? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> CCN Philippines interview with MARCELITO POMOY

    76. Joanne Nicole Lontoc-Pascua

      Good day po sa ating lahat, Paanyaya po sa pakikinig ng mga Salita ng Diyos na nakasulat sa Biblia, EVM online Watch it here on ESsels! Thank you po!

    77. Itsamehmaria 1

      He’s not the only one... 😢😥😢

    78. Jstn Mcky

      Bro, I think the reason why they let marcelito to lost because they want to marcelito to join again in AGT, because Marcelito can sing any song they wany so they want to milk him more. Marcelito said he might join again in AGT he said it in an interview in CNN Philippines.

    79. ksoo trash

      I just want to hug Marcelito rn.. Filipino here! 🙋‍♀️😔

    80. Mr. Wafu

      From the moon landing to this, America is indeed the land of the fakes not China.