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    1. Cdn American

      Thank you for these intel reports! I need the reassurance. Can you tell us what's going on with the chemtrails? I still see them occasionally??

    2. Ben Vineyard

      Why is DiCaprio Burning down the rainforest we get a third of our oxygen from there right people keep this up the ocean will be forced to make volcanoes to create oxygen

      1. Samantha Doe

        Saw somewhere that a major volcano is forming under New England

    3. Ben Vineyard

      Somethings need to be improved like there is medical waste in my tapwater but the worst part is the chlorine you can drink bottled water but you have to shower in the chlorine water

    4. Ben Vineyard

      And all they have to do to clean it up is quit doing what they’ve been doing mainly

    5. Ben Vineyard

      They just don’t want to admit that everything that’s wrong with the earth is man-made

    6. Ben Vineyard

      No that can’t be how can that be does ice grow when it gets hotter

    7. Ben Vineyard

      I think I like looking like her mouth sewn up the best

    8. Ben Vineyard

      That looks good on Pelosi doesn’t do much for Schumer though he just looks like a chocolate mess little baby Schumer

    9. Ben Vineyard

      I think we need the military police standing by when Horowitz turns in his report just in case his report is sugarcoated

    10. Ben Vineyard

      Got the eye sewn up like a voodoo doll or a shrunken head and the tongue sticks out like an Italian necktie

    11. Ben Vineyard

      A dead black cat looks like it belong to a witch so no more familiar

    12. Martha Gillespie

      He knows where the bodies are buried. He has top Q clearance. Who is Q? I know, don't you?

    13. Golden Spilo

      Thank you Angel Phoenix...I appreciate all the Intel that you serve to all patriots worldwide!!! "GOD BLESS!!!" 😃👍

    14. Rolf Watness

      Watch Mike Morales channel Above Ground News every night. Worldwide chem trail ship tracks and other mayhem

    15. AlphaOmega Code: MRO-026


    16. Teresa B

      Conjecture is that the deal with China will be no deal.

      1. PIR

        Nope...will be a deal! It is in the stars!

    17. BlueEmber

      Zionists control both China and USA so the trade deal could be just theatre. I hope you're right PIR.

    18. Kathleen Parr


    19. edgeofeternity101

      Taking a break, that's almost funny, if it were not so serious.

    20. Michael Haugen

      Thank you Phoenix, does anyone think Pelosi will be arrested for Treason as soon as she lands or shortly after?? I can only be patient and hope so as well as all the others involved...........

    21. Debby Utz

      Indict them all, dirty RATZ ThanQ GOD for DONALD J TRUMP-

    22. Rowan Archer

      Thank you!

    23. mari brenner

      He did leave but there's a catch!! Have to wait till the date they set which is in the future, no date given!!

    24. mari brenner

      Dec. 2- TRUMP LEGAL ADVISOR: RIPS 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL' IMPEACHMENT!! FoxNews!! essels.info/video/video/nZva0HJ70MXd1IE.html

    25. Marisa Gonzalez

      So basically", we the righteous Trump supporters are sitting ducks to these evil demorats", and their goons",, wow" Lord have mercy" :(

      1. PIR

        Nope...we are safe!

    26. Jeff Smith

      What is Pelosi trying to hide?

      1. PIR

        Her own pay to play crimes in Ukraine!

    27. Isaac Tobar

      Sky watch and starlaruim show Jupiter entering Sagittarius and what I've been shown is that Jupiter will send forth the arrow of Sagittarius and the scorpions sting will be sent out to torment evil for 6 months they will cry out for death but it will not come. Venus is headed for Capricorn represents God's beloved will rise and rejoice evil will be brought to their knees and fall. I also see that Mars will enter Libra on the 11 of December. Then in December of 2020 Jupiter will eclipse Saturn and spin Saturn around which represents time and evil this is when we will have 20 20 vision. Then Jupiter moves on to Capricorn and even more significant will move into Aquarius which will bring us into the age of Aquarius the pouring out.

      1. Isaac Tobar

        @PIR thank you gratitude and blessings to you. It is quite fun to watch the signs in the heavens praise God ALMIGHTY.

      2. PIR

        Correct. As the siderial placements differ from tropical astrology...I always look at both as both are correct!

    28. Awakenings & New Beginnings

      Let's Praise & Thank Jesus, our Savior Forever!!!

    29. Roberto Ortega

      Just going to say that no news, but I say positive.

    30. misty heyen

      Thank yo God bless you president Trump.

    31. tacmed69

      ESsels dropped your broadcast off my subscription list. It is'nt the first time. Pelosi is stupid. She should save the taxpayer's during phase 3.THX Phx/Lake.Always Forward

    32. Leonie Arries

      Correction 2000 - 2016 billions of dollars gone

      1. Julia K

        Leonie Arries I would imagine trillions.

    33. J Church

      Thanks much for another great "tip of the day". Non stick spray is now on my grocery list. Namaste

    34. Gira Fang

      I see in Trump's smile, a hint of Christ Mind. He's in the "know"... 💚💚💚HUGZ💚💚💚

    35. Leonie Arries

      Between 2000-6 the US sponsored Africa with billions of dollars ....a 6.2 billion to South Africa.....next time they downplay facts...ask them where did the money go to that could have gone to the US Vets .....or better still ask them for an audit....and even better....look who is indicted....Qmap.pub

      1. GrammaG1863 Henry

        Didn't Obama call a National Emergency for Africa? Traitors should hang.

    36. Ben Vineyard

      Page was the mastermind colluding with Hillary Horowitz is part of the Adam shit show

    37. Leonie Arries

      Cabal S A much.....

    38. Leonie Arries

      Not record breaking heat ?..up North in Gauteng /Johannesburg people were complaining....down South in the South Coast was extremely hot and cold the next day.. .but south is normally lot of seasons per day....so no...whomever is saying the opposite is downplaying it......extremely hot and no rain up North and farmers are having a bad time....and let it be....more heat waves are coming. Like it or not......watch....

    39. L. S. Whitney

      Love the Glinda meme! Thanks for the positive view and the LOL Phoenix.😂😂😂

    40. Anna Zandvliet

      Thank you so much. Love you all. Warm love from Suriname.

    41. Adam Gabrail

      Where did you get the meme about Democrats voting for new Isis Leader?

      1. PIR

        Picked that one up over at GAB

    42. Q Sentme

      Awesome as always! God blesses us all Patriots around the world and here in America!

    43. Marlena Friend Farago

      Ask yourself...who's the author of FEAR? That would be SATAN!!! You CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS...Look UP into the LIGHT AND FEEL THE WARMTH AND LOVE of your HEAVENLY FATHER....HE IS THE WAY...THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AMEN AND AMEN WWG1WGA 🇺🇸❤🙋‍♀️ LET'S ALL PRAY 🙇‍♀️💜🇺🇸

    44. Terra Moody

      Get ready for the reset!

      1. Golden Spilo

        I'll be very excited when Trump gives the Feds/IRS his glorious and self-proclaimed boot them all the way out to Mercury! 😂

    45. Terra Moody

      God bless POTUS

    46. Abe Heuer

      The temperatures in my area of Johannesburg, South Africa is totally normal and has been the same as for the last 30 years that I have living in this particular area of JHB. . . however we are experiencing drought in some inland farming areas but this is not unusual either as it is a periodic thing for South Africa.

      1. Julie Pamment

        I lived in Johannesburg 40 years ago - what a beautiful country, I still miss it.

    47. girl homosapien

      tip for ice on windshields....... use a bottle of alcohol....it melts the ice real fast...also.... if u know snow is coming... and u dont have a garage to park ur car in,... put ur wipers in the up position , off of the windshield....so the snow doesnt become packed on the rubber of the blades.. and its easier to clean off ur vehicle....also.. for those with SUV'S..... if u dont have a snow brush with an extended handle to get those areas u cant reach.....just use a broom.....it works well also...and think of the excercise you get ....ive done it.... its excercise..

    48. Julie Piemonte

      JC has been pretty Quiet lately. Huh. Habby Tuesday!!! 😺🌽

    49. GrammaG1863 Henry

      Snow is peaceful, cold, but quiet and comforting. You can think and solve problems as you walk and Pray or as you shovel. I often keep shoveling and forget to rest.

    50. Vincent Unique

      ❤🇺🇸 LOVE AND LIGHT ❤🇺🇸👍👍

    51. Aaron Knosp

      What happened to Rolex...?

    52. Trish Ellingson


    53. pitbullwinkle

      IF the snow is piled up around the car; depending if it's light and fluffy, maybe a little heavy, take your shovel and use it like an OAR and "SWEEP" it aside to clear a path , That will save you some lifting. I use to shovel like that when I was in a house, and younger, and in order to compensate for the height and muscle that a man has. Cause I'm a female of 5 ft 5in. That's a tip for any women who are alone. That technique really doesn't work well if the snow is hard and crusty.

      1. Samantha Doe

        @pitbullwinkle Definitely not knocking the way you do it. I actually do the same for deep snow and when I get it down enough I use the shovel as a plow. Helps that I have five boys who all shoveled beside me......but, my daughter did too and she is shorter......lol. I'm in Maine, so I get ya!

      2. pitbullwinkle

        @Samantha Doe Great but if the snow is deep around the car; My way works for me, but to each his/her own. I'm in Lake Erie snow belt.

      3. Samantha Doe

        I just use a push broom when it's light and fluffy. Female, 5'3" and live in high snowfall area. The "Oar" does work with wet snow. Just don't try to clear it all in one sweep.

    54. DJT 2Q2Q


    55. Susan Smith


    56. Ron Hayward

      One major change in cryptocurrency is the LIFE token has gone up over 400%. As it continues to rise, nonprofits around the world who have invested in the LIFE token are cheering for continued growth. Support this token and you are supporting small and effective charities. -- Captain Ron Hayward, Opiate Awareness Institute.

    57. Sibyl7 1

      Stay positive everyone, much has been accomplished already . The globalists I believe are loosing thier narrative. Kissinger was speaking yesterday ,he is a funny old man who thinks we will listen and do as he says . Kick these motherfuckers while they are down . Let them know now there is no coming back with a dark horse and gaining traction at the last minute , that is what they think will save them . They need to be exposed,humiliated then implimenting pain will be most gratifying. Thanks for keeping us updated , most appreciated. ❤

    58. Frank Kleij

      Weather narratives only for fearmongering ALL FAKE narratives. Many reports hinting at disasterous events while they are the same as previous years.

    59. dean haugen

      Good morning Patriots and thank you Phoenix for all you do 👍👍👍👌

    60. Charlotte Grove

      # FREE FIELD MCCONNELL illegally jailed for exposing child trafficking in Broward Co Florida. Child trafficking from FL to N.Y and D.C to the Ukraine. Field was jailed without bail or bond. Restricted him from attending his own hearing In Wisconsin yesterday. 70 year old Marine, pilot jailed now for 30 days. See The Field Report videos. Deep State wants him dead.