Phat Chants - That's Entertainment (Leeds) Official Music Video ft. Micky P Kerr

LUFC Lewis

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    Welcome back to another 2019/20 video!
    Leeds United song:
    Phat Chants - That's Entertainment (Leeds) official music video ft. Micky P Kerr
    A parody of 'That's Entertainment' by The Jam
    Written and performed by Micky P Kerr
    Produced by Andy Hawkins
    Directed, filmed and edited by LUFC Lewis
    @RobChew (Guest actor)
    Designed by Loomstride
    A glaring miss and a screaming Leeds fan
    And Alioski's flagged by the linesman
    Seven coaches are pointing at the touchline
    And Bielsa is sitting on a bucket
    And that's entertainment
    That's entertainment
    A touch of class from the Yorkshire Pirlo
    The England manager, watching in the West Stand
    Paint-splatted walls, the Burley Banksy
    Losing in the play-offs what a kick in the balls
    I said that's entertainment
    That's entertainment
    Days of Speed and Strachan and Batty
    Revie, Bremner, Viduka and Radabe
    Flying high with a Champions League run
    And then you're down in the mire of League One
    That's entertainment
    That's entertainment
    Dominate the game and miss loads of chances
    And now we've lost 'cos we can't defend a set piece
    Caught on the break, we even lost to Wigan
    Fifty-eight crosses and they only had ten men
    That's entertainment
    That's entertainment
    Wake up from a nightmare thinking of Hockaday
    And now Bielsa is a god-like messiah
    Elland Road, is packed to the rafters
    We're beautiful to watch but we're messing up the final ball
    That's entertainment
    That's entertainment
    Every away day we travel in numbers
    We always fill out our ticket allocation
    Another bent ref, another bad decision
    We're Leeds United it's us against the world
    And that's entertainment
    That's entertainment
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    1. LUFC Lewis

      Like and share if you enjoyed, subscribe for more, thank you!🙌🏻

    2. steve wilson

      just hope we dont get robbed of our season!cant bare thinking bout it!#MOT

      1. LennonH

        I feel sick every time I think about it. I think I'd actually cry!

    3. Rick Hartley

      sums up Leeds United I love this club

    4. foxyjay1

      We’re Leeds United it’s us against the world how true is that 💪💛💙

    5. Big Badger

      To be honest, I think this is the best one you have done. And I love the others!!

    6. Andre Clarkson

      Pure genius lyrics and production. Sums up Leeds 10/10.

    7. Yorkie Geoff

      Forza Leeds ! 👍

    8. Rachael Passmore

      I have this song on repeat everyday

    9. MrBrysie

      Absafuckinglutely brilliant! ALAW. MOT.

    10. Test Test

      "Oh Leeds United it's us against the world and...." thx

    11. Test Test

      This is art and I thank you so much. I love and live Leeds United and saw The Jam when I was fourteen. This club with Marcelo are a magical thing. We need to enjoy these times.

    12. steve wilson

      MOT..Just love this!Lets get the job done!!

    13. Ian Grundy

      Absolute quality!! Hairs on neck shit! 💙💛MOT

    14. chr1st0ph1106


    15. Cillian Mcdonagh


    16. James Cole

      Best one yet love it every emotion on show! 🤞 this is the year! Alaw

    17. B 2 B

      At the end of the vid it should have noel whelan screaming GGGGGEEEEETTTT IIIIINNNNNN!!!!!

    18. Gross -

      Need it on Spotify

    19. Gross -

      Best one yet boys. Love it.

    20. philipjohnhartley

      Absolutely brilliant, even if you did use my favourite song, should have had big Noel shouting get in

    21. only1utdanditsleeds

      What do you want - Jam on it?

    22. only1utdanditsleeds

      Only ever be one team for me. Fuck all the glory hunting London mancs and scousers. Follow a team with real passion you plastic predictable ponces. ALAW

    23. Bremner's Ghost

      Class. MOT

    24. Kjell Esperås

      Leeds united for life. Great song lads. MOT ALAW NORWAY

    25. Christopher Dennett

      That was great

    26. Mike T

      This is utterly brilliant. It's almost (but not quite) as good as Newport State of Mind.

    27. Matthew Bell

      Cracking song - lets have an album! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts. MOT

      1. Matthew Bell

        @LUFC Lewis Thanks mate, I'd get writing if I were you, I honestly think we're on our way now, didn't feel like this this time last year. MOT to Hull ⚽️⚽️👍👍

      2. LUFC Lewis

        Thank you🙌🏻 If and when we go up, an album you shall have!

    28. Alfie Millar

      Should be before game song

    29. Christopher Breen

      Come on United. Leeds Leeds Leeds

    30. SirRichtea

      Love it! çç

    31. B 2 B

      could we describe being a leeds fan better

    32. stephen todd

      Fookin Love it, The Best Yet, Marching on Together

    33. Mick Mcgowan

      Love this from a wolves jam fan

    34. LuluChu K

      The jam and Leeds that's entertainment.

    35. LuluChu K


    36. A maninthestreet


    37. phillip dunne


    38. Oliver John

      Summed up being a Leeds fan in just over 3 minutes. Pure gold!

    39. Mark Finazzi

      The two loves of my life. Leeds since 69. Weller since 77 You've made my day,week,month..Classic lads.Thankyou.MOT.❤

      1. Mark Finazzi

        @Hans Norrman Complete Control.❤

      2. Hans Norrman

        Mark Finazzi and We are complete with The Clash. MOT.

      3. Paul Gill

        Made the hairs on back of my neck stand up. Brilliant lads. Proud to be Leeds

    40. Big Badger

      Genius song writing, I love your work :)

    41. Matthew Smith

      When will this be released on iTunes?

      1. Daniel McGuffie

        LUFC Lewis cool i love your songs

      2. LUFC Lewis

        If and when we go up, there'll be an album at the end of the season which features this👍🏻

    42. david knee

      Where's the beard gone

    43. Dark Panther

      Is this song dropping on spotify soon?

      1. LUFC Lewis

        If and when we go up, there'll be an album at the end of the season which features this👍🏻

    44. David Pickup

      Love it!

    45. Goal hanger

      Great music video. Good production quality. Well done👍

      1. LUFC Lewis

        Thank you!

    46. Ianp1844

      Brilliant well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💛💙MOT

    47. Richy_Lufc 82

      Get in! what a tune to remake you done us proud 💙💛 MOT 👊

    48. Jordan Hall-Betteridge

      I dont support Leeds but always look forward to these

    49. Ankush Agrawal

      Goosebumps when playoffs gets mentioned! Scars are pretty much there! ♥️ From India.

      1. Ankush Agrawal

        @Varun Mani I'm in Bangalore, will see you up on fb.

      2. Varun Mani

        @Ankush Agrawal I'm in Bombay...I'm on Facebook :Varun Mani or Instagram : @bombaywhite

      3. Ankush Agrawal

        @Varun Mani would love to mate! Where are you located currently?

      4. Varun Mani

        Hey Ankush, don't know if we've connected before...fellow fan from India!

    50. Paul Gray

      Love Leeds and love The Jam perfect :)

    51. Luke Greene

      Class 💙💛

    52. Admiral General Aladeen

      amazing Lewis mate 👍

    53. Paul Jones

      Absolute quality !! MOT

    54. wayne sturley

      Bloody Ace.....Oh god I'm missing footy in Oz ..

    55. Marcelo Bielsa

      ⚽️💛💙Super Leeds United💙💛⚽️

    56. Marcelo Bielsa


    57. Paul K Sunny


    58. Ace Hardy


    59. Dino Plumley

      Genius, Genius, GENIUS! Sums up the life of a Leeds fan MOT!

    60. Victoria Jane Firth


    61. Marcos Biga

      Well this is proper art, aint it?

    62. kasen 673

      great song

    63. Christopher Wilkinson

      Brilliant 😊

    64. The Kashman

      Absolutely brilliant,well done Lewis,this is the optimum for me as I am a Leeds & a JAM fan 👏

      1. Marcelo Bielsa

        Me too🤪... ⚽️💙💛Super Leeds United💛💙⚽️

      2. LennonH

        Can't be that big of a fan. You've got the wrong badge

    65. MOTwaccoe

      Should play these in a pub in leeds on a night out

    66. rudeboycue

      One of my favourites,great tune and lyrics that say it all about our club. Brilliant.

    67. Ronald Wilkin

      Brilliant absolutely brilliant MOT

    68. Terra Nova

      Brilliant lads, absolutely brilliant. Loved that...

    69. Barry Lancett

      Awesome it

    70. BigMallly

      That's Leeds United, that's Leeds United.

    71. Aidan Fearn

      Another banger lads 👍🏻

    72. Craig Noteboom

      Class That.....Leeds That

    73. Joshua Toovey

      Another banger! When is the album coming?

      1. LUFC Lewis

        If and when we go up

    74. John E. Jay


    75. Robert Lowey

      Nice one mickey... ALAW

    76. Steve Morton

      Utter genius - absolutely captured the entire rollercoaster that has been the last 42 years up and down the M1 On On On

      1. LUFC Lewis

        Nice one, that's exactly what we were aiming for!🙌🏻

    77. Anil

      Brilliant, love it

    78. John Allenby

      Bloody love it. Leeds and proud!!

    79. Richard Bell

      Your best yet thank you. Three times I saw the Jam in their pomp as a young teen whilst arguably three seasons in forty years seeing the whites live up to their potential. But it’s coming I can feel it.

    80. Nigel Wood