MUTANT MAYHEM! | Marvel’s Pull List

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    Pull List’s Ryan and Tucker recap all the Mutant Mayhem happening! Jean Grey & Emma Frost combine their mental powers in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN: JEAN GREY & EMMA FROST #1, the Crucible is here in X-MEN #7, and Domino & Colossus team up in X-FORCE #8 !
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    1. Adamatronamus

      Why are all mutants pure evil now? Why do you write them as unlikeable, unsympathic bigots? I used to love the x-men but know I can't even recognise them.

    2. youri vreman

      Why is drax in this video?

    3. Shelly uwu


    4. marcelo2169

      What happened to Evan aka Genesis?

    5. mgl mgl

      Next guardians of the galaxy groot world

    6. jacob harris

      Franklin's Richards is 'Not ' one of the powerful on Earth, He is 'The ' powerful mutants in the universe!

    7. SteelFossil

      Make Mine Marvel


      X MEN Epic Comics! 👍

    9. Hackeando LaNASA

      I love Avengers :v

    10. Winther


    11. Firered Gamer

      When are you going bring Galactus in screens??

    12. HindsightPOV

      Anyone translate the Krakoan text?

    13. Outlaw By Nature

      Finally gave Jean a better costume, let's hope she keeps it.

      1. Outlaw By Nature

        @Black Dragon Lol, okay yeah, sure.

      2. Black Dragon

        @Outlaw By Nature I doubt that storm is by far is marvel number one sexiest female character of all time all the other female ain't on her level

      3. Outlaw By Nature

        @Black Dragon Emma is sexier than both of them.

      4. Black Dragon

        I wish they would make storm outfit way more sexier storm is way better than jean

    14. Maramis Aprilia

      Masia ahhh

    15. Jashley Lacanlale

      Kurt: night crawler fans here he is my favourite mutant hero

    16. Ira Ford

      Another great pull list.

    17. Stormsnake101

      Thumbnail looks like Alphonse

    18. Alain Smith

      Can someone explain if Giant Sized X Men just a redone of the old comics or something new? I don’t remember Emma and Jean combining their powers in Giant sized x men in 70s?

      1. Master9x3r4n_

        Something new

    19. محمد ضياء الدين ٢٠٢٠

      I Love video👍 good 💖💞💞💞💞💖

    20. Sans the Skeleton


    21. Anggara Kun

      Cant wait for jean grey and emma team up

      1. Black Dragon

        Storm and black Panther forever are the best couple ever

    22. Juan rios

      love forever. mutants the best

    23. Danny D's World

      Gotta be honest, I'm still not digging the new X-Men stuff. Was hoping time might change that but... eh.

    24. trishaconnect

      Yay more nightcrawler

    25. Robert Simon

      What about Blue Marvel?

    26. Sammy Westenberger

      Disney Moon 🌝 Girl 👧 & Devil 😈 Dinosaur 🦕

    27. Randy White


    28. MrRaimundozero

      it says silence psychic rescue in progress

      1. Black Phoenix

        This is a homage to the silent New X-Men issue where Jean and Emma went inside Cassandra Nova's mind to rescue Professor X.

    29. Jessica Sim


    30. IchigoTheNumberOne

      X men the best marvel team EVER!!! They are very amazing and awesome and incredible!!! ✊️✊️

      1. Outlaw By Nature

        And marvel stopped shitting on them since they got the rights back.

      2. nacho baselli

        @Ira Ford nah avengers suck, their powers are too simple and stupid, come on, what special power does CAPTAIN SHITMERICA HAVE???!!! dont answer me super strenght because I will hit you -.-

      3. Ira Ford

        I still like avengers better but xmen are my second favorite team in all of marvel and comics in general.

      4. Brotha Beige

        I have to absolutely agree, that the X-Men is indeed Comic Books most amazing team. They cover such a huge landscape and there's so much that can be done with them to the point that they can simply be given their very own *universe* of storytelling. They are my favorite Comic Book team, pound for pound!

      5. nacho baselli

        yes they are way better than the shitvengers and than the shitice league

    31. Sebastian Dark

      X MEN are better than avengers

      1. Kobi Brown

        @SteelFossil imo DC have better heroes and villains no offence

      2. Adamatronamus

        I don't see how the x-men are heroes after the house of x...

      3. SteelFossil

        MARVEL has the best heroes, villains, teams and universe

      4. Ira Ford

        I still like avengers better but xmen is my second favorite team in all of marvel.

    32. Adriano Rodriguez

      looks like Elsa y Ana from Frozen XDDDDDDDDDDDD

    33. AG Magic

      youtube: released 7 minutes ago me: yay I'm early youtube: 600 views me: oh...

    34. Ok Boomer

      Trash. All of it

      1. Ok Boomer

        MattSm00th lol are you triggered?

    35. serenityq26

      "just think about the crucible" that means nothing...............

      1. saahir18

        @Black Phoenix I like your shoe laces

      2. Black Phoenix

        He's probably talking about the play The Crucible. It's set during the Salem witch trials.

    36. Tjs gold

      I love marvel from India

    37. game th

      What your name

    38. Sivagurunathan Kumaran

      First dislike I am...

      1. Sivagurunathan Kumaran

        @Black Phoenix ,🤭😁😁

      2. Black Phoenix

        Congratulations 🎉

      3. Sivagurunathan Kumaran

        @Harris Murphy innum thoongalaiya da nee....poi toongu da dei,🤦🏼‍♂️🤣😂

      4. Sivagurunathan Kumaran

        @MattSm00th poda dei

      5. Sivagurunathan Kumaran

        @Harris Murphy poda dei

    39. Taylor Swift

      DC is better change my mind

      1. Ok Boomer

        SHENRON REAPER Spider-Man, Iron-Man. Where are you trying to get to hm? And only real heroes wear underwear over their pants

      2. Ok Boomer

        RJCHOICE yep, and if they shutdown, Diane will do the same thing with Marvel. So yeah if you want marvel to survive, DC can’t be shut down

      3. Black Phoenix

        Maybe some people like both ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯


        Nah DC is cool though but not better almost all their heroes where underwear over their pants and have man at the end of their name and that's corny.

      5. Reece McAra

        They are totally different in terms of tone. I enjoy both, never really got the rivalry. Just enjoy reading what you like and support it, but that being said I started with Marvel, but find myself gravitating towards DC since the black label stuff came out and have really been enjoying the short runs of really great stories and amazing artwork in there too. The black label stuff is soo high quality.

    40. daniel eduardo figueroa contreras

      I love mutants

      1. nacho baselli

        totally!!! so sad they ruined them now!! with all the krokoa thing!! it's MORE ABOUT STUPID PLANTS than epic mutants :/ the last comics are absurds, but the ones before 2019 were amazing!!

      2. game th

        Yes i love

    41. LeedsCity

      Fury 2-0 🇬🇧👊

      1. Thing Oneshots

        The Islamic Republic of England has great heavy weight boxers.

      2. LeedsCity

        @SteelFossil lol

      3. SteelFossil

        Wilder is not a good fighter and still beat Fury lol . If Wilder gets in shape and actually dedicates himself he will beat Fury again.

      4. LeedsCity

        @Smokin Jay Cutler 😂😂 out of 19 rounds wilder won 2 all in the first fight. 10 fury - 2 wilder = fury won on rounds Then u saw what the second fight was like when fury had been back for a while. Wilder has no chance ad never did lol

      5. Smokin Jay Cutler


    42. 33 K


    43. capela 755

      I the 7 to watch this and like this video like your video

    44. Monsterouz Panda


      1. Monsterouz Panda

        Jeez what did I do all I wanted to say is first cuz I’ve never been first