Most Popular TV Series 1986 - 2019

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    Timeline history of the most viewed TV series from 1986 to 2019. Ranking is based on the following factors: prime-time first 24 hours audience reports, one week of reported statistics for downloaded copies (pirated), one week of streaming services viewership. Numbers are worldwide with significant bias towards US market up until 2002, afterwards it's balanced by p2p distribution across the globe.
    I actually have the data starting 1960s. Let me know if you'd like extended version of this video.
    I am a first year PhD student, data geek and I love visualizations.
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    Data source: prime-time TV viewership, streaming services reports, DHT traffic analysis


    1. Acidic Draws

      How tf was the Office US not on there at all, it was a big hit and in America it’s one of the most streamed shows on Netflix

    2. Brian Brian

      The Simpsons was a top 5 show for at least a decade. what gives?

    3. dragon knight

      Big boss

    4. A B

      Surprised that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ never made it to that list

    5. Ze Lamp

      Vikings didn't even make it in the list.smh

    6. Sarat Pradhan

      I thought office was one of the most watched show

    7. Naty Lim

      Data is beautiful!

    8. Miryam Carrillo

      Why "La rosa de guadalupe" didn't even appear on the list? >:v

    9. Micheal J

      I'm a simple man, I saw The Walking Dead, and I clicked.

    10. Ryan Duke

      Where’s American Idol? It broke Cosby and All in The Family record for most consecutive seasons at number 1

    11. Kid_Ace721


    12. Keith

      The fact that some absolute trash garbage like Big Bang Theory was so popular is a testament to the rock bottom level of public stupidity. It's a sitcom with a fucking laugh track for christ sake. There is nothing more gross than some comedy shit that feels the need to literally tell you where the jokes are. Because they know damn well nothing on that show would ever get a laugh if they didnt tell people to.

    13. Jeffer Aponte

      La casa de papel está pintada o que

    14. Michael Turco

      Roseanne got took down for a while because the main character said a racist thing on Twitter

    15. 3pICTheAnimal

      The average person’s taste in entertainment disgust me. How do people think most of those shows are good at all?

    16. Baykè emrie

      L O S T the best story ever see how it topped the list 2005! if you didnt watch this u didnt watch TV series at all>>>definition of mystery.

    17. Kim Minji Blink

      Disney in 2019 had the mandalorian thankfully, baby yoda saved 2019 bc GOT end was really disappointed.

    18. TinyT

      Game of thrones😂😂😂😂

    19. Banana Joe

      Hell yeah Stranger Things

    20. chico del kebab

      Since 2013 with big cringe theory and game of cringe on rhe lead The entire world speaks by itself... Trash trash trash

    21. Dimos Dadilas

      I just watched it for FRIENDS

    22. zayosplash

      Sooo spongebob?

    23. Yasin Koca

      Where is How I Met Your Mother?

    24. Brent

      I totally expected the Simpsons to dominate the 90s... man i was wrong

    25. Marcus Notolip

      Can't believe prison break never make on the list even once.

    26. Bleeding Sword

      Popular does not mean good. The wire was not even in there :D

    27. Yavar Vikhas

      La casa de papel is gonna rule for next few years


      never watched a single person watching Greys anatomy. I think its one of the longest running series that made it to the list.

    29. Nick Wynn

      Time for Kingdom!!!

    30. TRAPi

      aaand where is lucifer? :dd

    31. Tech Myworld

      When I saw lost at the top,i was very happy

    32. GameTube HD

      Where is la casa de papel and sherlock

    33. Ziam shehzad

      U forgot to put chernobyl in 2019 :}

    34. Elée

      Ok I'm french but what is ER?

    35. Free ThinkingWoman

      Breaking Bad and Roseanne. My two personal favorites ❤️

    36. JaimeeBeech

      Breaking Bad deserves to be first,and big bang theory shouldnt even be in the list

    37. Shivam


    38. Bob Mob

      NBC used to dominate and then CBS dominates

    39. Bob Mob

      The Cosby Show its spinoff at 1 and 2 in 1988

    40. Ezio Audtore

      is this really what people like incest, cops and fantasy? They don't like breaking bad, sopranos, Cheronbyl or band of brothers

    41. RainbowHeda

      I'm really surprised Buffy isn't in this

    42. Eric Mattingly

      I was so disappointed in the end of "Lost". So many unanswered questions.🤦‍♂️

    43. Juan Diego Gallego

      GOT wasn't streaming in 2018.

    44. Finn Schneider

      Nice soundtrack

    45. zied ram

      Music name plz

    46. Yazdan Ali

      Where is Gopi Bahu?

    47. AJ Hammer


    48. Daniel Pedraza Pachón

      What a hell is that? Where is How I meet your mother? I came here just to see the way that my favorite program put in the first, but well...the video was interested. And I think that there isn't a best thing in the world.

    49. h5n6q

      For all the talk about the networks are dead, they dominated until just the last few months according to this.

    50. Underrated Minor

      Me looking for the office.

    51. Yuri Fox

      Twin peaks?

    52. Gagominecraft 12gaming2020

      Is A SOURCE

    53. Evangeline Chen

      i really want to know the name of background music

    54. Stella V.

      It’s sad that Supernatural never made it on the list, I think.

    55. Abdullah Sultani

      The office?

    56. Yash Jain

      Why isn't Bates motel popular? The case and Writting is just excellent

    57. Rashazart

      I already miss OITNB

    58. RED JOHN

      What is that? Where's suits? Where's smallville? Where's witcher?

    59. CapnRequiemツ

      This triggers me(a weeb), I saw no anime up there

    60. Brad New's


    61. Madassar Munawwar

      Breaking Bad has set the standard so high that you compare every drama series with it....

    62. Cyril - Boukra

      où est MR ROBOT ??????????????????????????!!!

    63. javier espin granizo

      And Vikings??

    64. Muhannad Salha

      Breaking Bad is the best

    65. Curious Me

      I have made a similar video on CoronaVirus. If you guys have time please do watch. Inspiration data is beautiful


      Wheres the Office?


      Where the fuck is Peaky Fookin' Blinders! By Order Of The Peaky Blinders!

    68. Daniel Tomy

      Am I the only peaky blinders fan here? 🙋‍♂️🙂

    69. Juan aviles

      The office?

    70. Suraj Chaudhary

      Game of thrones taught us that noone remains on the throne forever.. But this video still hurts 😥

    71. Tiny Travels NZ

      Yo can anyone help me create a video like this?

    72. NewREX

      Song name pls

    73. Albert Muindi

      Two and a half men being there for a longer period than Friends speaks volume.

    74. COC wale baba

      Stranger things boom

    75. COC wale baba

      Constantly looking for friends 😂😌

    76. bling Kong

      Wow, Cosby show had 60 million viewers in 1986? Closest 2nd 57 million, that's incredible.

    77. untillthat

      When you play the game of shows, you’re either a hit or you’re cancelled.

    78. RJ Binning

      The Witcher and mandolorian definitely hyped big right now

    79. ANASTASIA !

      It would be nice to see a video on most popular clothing stores

    80. Darth Foreskin

      the mentalist is so good