Michael Grimm Returns With "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James - America's Got Talent: The Champions

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    After winning season 5 of America's Got Talent, Michael Grimm is here to give it his best shot! Michael performs an impassioned rendition of "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James.
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    "America’s Got Talent: The Champions" brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of "AGT" and the other "Got Talent" franchises, spanning 194 territories.
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    Last winter’s #1 most-watched alternative series, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” returns for a second season. The series will feature a star-studded panel of judges, including executive producer Simon Cowell, global superstar Heidi Klum, “AGT’s” longest-running judge Howie Mandel and the newest addition - singer, songwriter and author Alesha Dixon, who joins “Champions” from the smash hit “Britain’s Got Talent.” Terry Crews, star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and People magazine’s “Sexiest TV Host,” returns as host. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and from the other “Got Talent” franchises around the globe.
    Michael Grimm Returns With "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent

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    1. Isaac Gonzalez

      Bro that crowd needs to shut up!!! 😡😡😡😡

    2. Elise Chartrand

      This guy can sign with soul. I would buy his album.

    3. Alex Blast

      So why exactly did he come back after winning? I know he said he kind of gave up on his music career but couldn't he have just picked up where he left off or was it a matter of funding? Awesome performance though, I love Cadillac Records and really enjoyed his rendition of the song.

    4. Butter 2926

      He would do well with any Joe Crocker song!!!!

    5. lee lee

      sad sad he did not go through pathetic AGT needs to get a clue...Simmon safe song? not just anyone can sing this song then to have a raspy soulful voice!!!!

    6. Jenna Stevens

      Amazing voice.

    7. nino0057

      I can't even watch this with the audience clapping every 3 seconds. STFU.

    8. Ed McCullough

      I’ve watched this 100 times so far. I love everything about this guy.😊

    9. Puipui bee Slaven

      oh my God, 👍👍👍

    10. pau albino

      the voice of a star

    11. brenda atkins

      Naturally gifted, sings from deep within his heart n soul, definitely is deserving, love listening to him sing, God bless*

    12. #Scorpion 90

      What a beast voice 👌🔥🔥

    13. Leeyaah Peeyaah


    14. Cham Pun

      I don’t think he had bought house for his grandparents.....he did it to get sympathy

    15. ajc bng

      He tore that all the way up.

    16. Hexter Zerda

      His styles are like John Mayer. And I love it

    17. Nuno Soares


    18. M Ralte

      I will always remember his first audition and hearing his voice singing 'you gave your hand to me' and thinking, yep he is good... And he won, and he kinda fade but always remember though

    19. Cy Rick

      Too bad the vjj’s ruined the song by yelling.

    20. Colleen benDan

      Such a soulful voice... and a wonderfully good human being, too.

    21. Brian Mitchell

      I need to know who is voting cuz ain’t no way the dude talking about sum let’s make America glitter again made it before this dude 🤔

    22. Estephanie


    23. Cody Hyde

      3:00 is when the song starts

    24. Macr Thur

      I love his Voice!!! 😍

    25. Wendy Galich

      Wow this guy so soulful should be a superstar!

    26. Riley-Reads-Books

      I forgot all about him because he literally faded back after he won, I'm so glad he's picking it up again because his voice is amazing. I just downloaded all his albums on itunes, hopefully more support him now and he keeps making music.

    27. Crystal Waters

      Now that’s a golden buzzer

    28. Joe Turner

      He's amazing. He hasn't aged much at all since 2010. I remember watching that live and I thought Jackie was going to win too.

    29. Rolland Frederick

      Yeah, man. Fricken, amazing. Blesses n respect brother.

    30. mary fessler

      Awesome song and singer xx

    31. Snake Doc

      Grimm is so incredible

    32. Hayden Marshall Eccles

      Still one of the best voices I’ve ever heard...even a decade later.

    33. Hope Uepa


    34. EGH Video Production

      Oh sha!!! Makes me miss home (from New Orleans)!!! He’s got such real passion and sole!!!

    35. Dani Vasco

      I had the biggest crush on him back when he first went on agt


      I wish that just for once the audience can shut the hell up! For talent like that it’s meant for respected silence and listen.


      Right when I heard his voice it took me by surprise and amazed me

    38. Janice Rex

      Pure talent. I loved this new arrangement. Perfect for his voice. Wish he could've gone further.

    39. Jeannie Mainzer

      I wished the audience would STFU. He's trying to perform, and they just kill the mood. Shut UP, people! Let him play.

    40. One Two


    41. David

      WOW WOW WOW. Even better than 10 years ago. Loved it. GREAT!!!

    42. Lyn F

      I so adored him the first time and it's good to see he still got it!!!

    43. Cateyes406

      Eliminating him from the show was the dumbest move possible by the judges. Simon is supposed to know talent....what was he thinking?!?🤬

    44. Cynthia Bishop

      Loved his performance

    45. Ron Jaime

      Chills, goosebumps, lump in my throat, tears in my eyes. Truly touched by the hand of God

    46. Mustafa Mehraab

      Why he sang only for 2 minutes

    47. carinaejag

      10 years since he won? He looks 20 years older. What the heck happened?


      MICHAEL!!! So glad to see you actively performing again and following your heart Signature Hat??? That "hat" is "Michael Grimm"!!!

    49. Drake Moore

      He’s got better since 2010

    50. el


    51. Antonia P.

      He’s like good good. Not even next level good but last level of Mario Bros good

      1. Nik Zero

        Antonia P. Wtf😂😂😂

    52. merry christmas

      putangina ingay ng audience

    53. Ronald Anderson

      Omg seriously Michael you sound so good. I hope and pray you will be apart of this show and win. You still got it bro!!😍😍

    54. NIKO SINGS

      I came here for ETTA.

    55. Karen Gilliland

      Michael Grimm had IT ten years ago, and he still has IT, and he is even better now.

    56. Bruce G.

      I haven't seen him once since he won. Jackie Evancho really got all the and attention and notoriety. I'm glad he didn't disappear and I'm glad he found some degree of success.

    57. Wilma Mariaca

      Micheal grimm , marcilino pumoy, jordan anjelina is the best

    58. gavelion

      Omg can someone tell the crowd to stfu during a flawless performance like this

    59. SpiritzHoly

      WOW WOW WOW ! This performance was to the Universe n beyond ! He will win again !

    60. Rollin Fiber

      Omg they clap and scream every 4 seconds wtf