Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks | December 1 2019

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    Luka Doncic tallied 27 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists for the Mavericks as they snapped the Lakers 10-game win streak with a 114-100 victory in Los Angeles. Anthony Davis recorded 27 points and 10 rebounds for the Lakers, while LeBron James added 25 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 13-6 on the season, while the Lakers fall to 17-3.

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    1. Carla Ferreira

      Luka MVP

    2. Ultimate Asshole

      Its like the '11 Mavs sweeping the Lakers

    3. arman pidlaoan

      hirap ang LA sa mavs

    4. Al Holbert Lim

      There you go!

    5. Jonathan ibrahim

      Luka mvp 2019 2020


      Luka, keep going on a MVP pace!

    7. JOBAHable

      What change for Mavs in one year.

    8. Rudjardvex Surban

      Wag kayo magtangatangahan lakers is the champion this years Dallas idiot

    9. Rudjardvex Surban

      You know the mavz is not a champion lakers come back winning of nuggets you know that is chamba lang pagkakapanalo ng Dallas

    10. Rudjardvex Surban

      It's ok f there loss

    11. Jomer taberara

      Dallas mavericks the great team all the time

    12. Brian

      Great game by the Mav. But that jersey thou

    13. Hrvz Ogale

      Highlights dunks no need if you cant win the game.thats luka doncic mentality. Good job dallas Win streak stopper

    14. Michael Asoque

      LBJ all the way

    15. Mako Mako

      Jaja lol! 2-0 na! Wai Kaya kol!

    16. Eiron Agtas

      Nagkamali daw c luca na sinabi nya na idol nya c lebron..eh mas magaling nman pla xa..hahaha...wala ito...

      1. Thinker Mindanao

        Makapanalo lang ng isa magaling na agad

    17. Ali Altun

      Imagine Mavs get Blake griffin they would be unstable please trade

      1. Виктория Катаева

        unstoppable u mean?

    18. Precious Hernandez


    19. Chakam Rodeira

      I want to have girlfriends, friends, and practice sex

    20. Equinox79

      Yeesss finally dalas wins! Woo hooo 😅👍

    21. Spright

      Davis is just a hype after all

    22. Mr

      LEBRON LEBRON MY A$$.. lebron will NEVER be the superman y'all trying to sell to the world.. no cap

    23. Roney Hill

      I am so angry tht they lost

    24. Tanzanian Prince

      That’s kinda sad the commentator said the bald mamba

    25. Emily LaGentille

      NOOOOOOOOOOO lakers

    26. DENIS

      Today will be another reality check vs Nuggets I am afraid...

      1. DENIS

        @Mark Lewis witty, got me! Get some sleep bro, still a long way to go...

      2. Mark Lewis

        Still waiting on that reality check. Should I hold my breath or?

    27. vignesh kumar

      Now I know who’s Luka Doncic

    28. Marx Outdoor


    29. 林郑月娥

      I waited 3 years for next Dirk,he has come......#77

    30. Jericho Bautista

      Regular season shhhhh quiet plsssss

    31. Jericho Bautista

      Tribute to dirk nowitzki

    32. Бен Ник

      За игрой Луки приятно наблюдать, новая суперзвезда подрастает, скоро будет все рекорды Леброна бить. ))

      1. ajvhan

        من الجيد مشاهدة لعبة Luke ، النجم الجديد يكبر ، وسيتم قريباً كسر جميع سجلات LeBron.

    33. TLR

      Gosh who's luka lol 😂

    34. Qpid 242

      dude step back in bron face and came in his house to stop the streak...yupppp doncic the mvp

    35. me and my Irish warrior

      Hahahaha go Mavs...

    36. Marlon Velasco

      Lesson to lean

    37. Charlie Lan

      I love how the Mavs have been playing. But please don't wear those jerseys again. In fact, burn them and let's never speak of them again.

      1. Krieger des Lichts

        I like the colours but the logo is a no no

    38. Neri Matrixx

      Lakers beat Mavs...(Mavs is not good). Mavs beat Lakers...(Lakers need to beat good team). Daaame Lakers really got yall so worried this early in the season. LAKERS went from #1 standing to #1 standing.

    39. Ferdinand Rauh

      Don Luka

    40. Wrangler Cycling

      LeBron looking gassed out already... Lakers too slow as a team...too much age...

      1. Roney Hill

        Shut the fuck up ur hater

      2. Manuel Idio

        Just Like the 2004 Lakers superteam