Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's PHYSICAL Fight in 'KUWTK' Trailer

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    Kim and Kourtney come out swinging, and 'buttons have been pushed,' in the new teaser for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.'


    1. Paula Lashes!

      What a bunch of tools

    2. J___A____ x20

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> lmaoooooo Kim’s face got me dying

    3. power plugg

      Has Ryan Seacrest come out of closer yet?

    4. _ xxRILEYxx _

      There the two water bottles I threw away in the trash trying to leave

    5. Grace

      So Kourtney got a brother too? Some chocolate 🍫 yummy

    6. Hernandez Hernandez

      I feel it was gonna be fake and then it got real

    7. nelly hernandez

      Kourtney is lazy! She wants to get paid but doesn't want to work. It's been like that forever. If she doesn't want to do the show, PERFECT. Quit and don't get paid. Simple.

    8. Daya


    9. Oskar Wierzbicki

      The people that liking it are pretending to like it while people that dislike it are the people that fucking love it 🤪🤪

    10. Suzanne Middleton

      😂 that was the fakest shit I've seen in my life!

    11. Novel Dixon

      Just leave already if you had enough 🙄🙄🙄

    12. Asel Kajibekova

      Русские помогите, я не понимаю , переведите

    13. Nessa Playz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> Kim k evil eyes are giving me an anxiety she is so fake 🐍

    14. charles bruce

      Such a bad example for their childen.....

    15. t dagbo

      The drama seems real but the fight seems fake

    16. Godly

      Khloe is looking a lot like Kris. Old.

    17. ss miz

      The direction this show is taking is not like good even to look at I feel bad for Kourtney Kim should try to understand and respect her she is the oldest sister also if her mom hit her she would have slapped her back ,what is this what are their children going to learn from this the show is no longer like good to watch it's sad very sad

    18. argelia reyes

      Kim, khloe and kendall are all hypocrites. kendal surprised me with his mocking laugh in a situation so uncomfortable for kourn what a shame ...

    19. Sebastian Guardia Suarez


    20. Breana Olsen

      See but that’s the thing that gets Kim mad, if kourt wants out Kim’s fine with that, she just wants to know for sure yes or no. She literally said I’m taking a step back, but I’ll still be on, like ugh make up your mind

    21. flanneryshaneedward

      They're always gonna have riches. But it's the fame they crave. No show no fame no relevance. Thats what they fear most.

    22. xirios landon


    23. Ain Jaafar

      Kim always showed her huge temper. She reallly love to start a fight with literally anyone 😂

    24. Madisom Kandler

      God forbid she puts her kids first

    25. Sitidiahismy 24

      Aku ga ngerti bahasanya

    26. 1998sims

      Ryans comment "the cameras can go away *for a little bit* as long as they can come back" and then "they've done this for so long, i dont know how they do it, I could never do it" perfectly sums up the entertainment industry. Kourtney committed to this show during a completely different time in her life and it has now gone on longer than any other reality show of its kind, and everyone can acknowledge how tough that must be on her, but bottom line is that they don't actually care about her mental health, just her ability to bring in ratings. The fight might have been staged as hell but the attitude that Ryan, the executive producer of the show, has is 100% real. Another thing is Khloe's comment that "people come and go all the time in this *family*" just fully admits that they only see your value in the family if you're bringing something to their show. This attitude that their genetic bond isn't as deep as the camera spotlight. And isn't it interesting that every family member who has left the show has almost immediately become a media mess, Caitlyn, Rob, even Kourtney now - when was the last time you heard anything good about them in the media? This family values the show so highly that they're willing to drag their family through the dirt of the media if the dare leave it. No wonder Kourtney has reached this point. I didn't use to mind this family, thought they got a lot of heat for nothing, but how they've handled the situation is a real eye opener. In this "family" you are considered no longer part of it if you're not on the show, and the favourite sibling is who ever is making the most money.


      I hate Kim’s voice. And good for Kourtney wanting to live a normal life with her kids. She’s been on tv for so many years, I’d want some normalcy too.

    28. PhoenixBG

      Kim and Khloe - get a life! Kortney - run honey, run!

    29. Ashley Hall

      This is a fight? 😂😂😂🤦🏽 lame

    30. Mk L

      Gross, all of these idiots are absolute hideous, unproductive wastes. And, we are now seeing that Bruce Jenner was the normal one!! Yes, let that one sink in. Please take this off the air, syndication also. The fact that some of these people are parents, chills me to the bone.

    31. firealive1

      Zzzzzzzzzz i wanted to see a real fight not bad WWE fake fight

    32. Betina Guerreira

      Alguém aqui entende Português, por favor? Qual foi o Motivo da treta e agressão das Kardashians?

    33. 包文青

      lol I want to fight with kim 😋😋😋I will not use my elbow.

    34. MrShelbyGTman

      Cancel this garbage. They are the most reprehensible people on the planet. They need to live in a dumpster. Kim was stupid enough to marry the biggest idiot in the nation Kanye West.

    35. kousukeseyelashes

      the reason we don't see khloe fight is because she's gonna whoop their asses like they all can't fucking fight

    36. Rene Brown

      Useless family

    37. Serena Landolina

      Just sisters life

    38. jade iss

      everything is scripted be not blind after 10 seasons

    39. Maryah Rodriguez

      This fight was more fake than Kim's boobs.

    40. jon snow93

      Imagine being so pathetic to fake a fight, when you have so much money already and are in your 40ths.

    41. Money Angel Cash

      They ALL R so FAKE

    42. errol tricks

      Its obvious KOURTNEY is the only real person on that show, kim is a narcissist...a terrible human. kloe let them fight..bullying. TEAM KOURTNEY.

    43. JonnyBoii

      One natural women and 2 fake women made of plastic I understand why she wants to leave

    44. Kaitlyn 990

      Lol Kourtney shouldn't wonder why her kids are such violent little shits. I see where they learned that behaviour

    45. knightdriven 420

      Don't ever come at me like that is gonna be my new catchphrase

    46. Libby Pearson

      ‘I’m quitting the show’. You can tell they have no story line when she has to carry on mentioning that she’s quitting the show, but never does lol.

    47. Eyüp Öztürk

      This is fake and everyone knows that but no one cares about it because doesn't matter

    48. Leslie Talavera

      U ppl are grown ass women, fighting like damn 10 yr olds. Who ever watches this stupid show has no life 🙄

    49. MrStonecold69

      We all know they are FAKE but even those Fight scenes look staged They have NO TALENT They cant even make a Fight scene look realistic

    50. Jacqueline DAVILA

      Why kourtney and her moms boyfriend look like they are a couple with the same Shirt

    51. _e1ita


    52. Gabby’s World

      Fake shit

    53. Glitter Babe

      DEAR GOD...take the show off the air!!!

    54. Cocomoney The Billion Dollar Rapper


    55. fairlanewhip79

      Hopefully Coronavirus will finish these plebs off

    56. Rob Lox

      The attitude complaints & the arguments & the fights reminds how me & my sister fight all the timeee😂😂😂🙃😫😫😫😫

    57. Person hello

      Kim got her moves from her husband😂

    58. hady kiong

      it would be awesome if they having bikini fight.

    59. katherine RoseMore

      HATE kourtney!!!

    60. Sarah Burkett

      I have to ask if this show is really scripted is it up to the producers what they say and do?

    61. Yenifer Vazquez

      All FAKE, just more DRAMA for the show!

    62. Johnny Tobee

      I'd get them all pregnant

    63. Etirah Williams

      Can’t NONE of them bitches fight! Not even khloe she just looks like she can 💯💯💯🤷🏽‍♀️

    64. Emilia Keri

      I don't know but this kinda feels like bait for people to just watch season 18, they literally have nothing interesting for the season finale, they should have saved the tristan and jordyn scandal 😂

    65. Candy Brown

      OMG Courtney but like to blow up balloons sitting inside her tights. Smh white people do so much harm to their body and it's not glamour for plastic surgery. That's a low self-esteem issue

    66. Carl Johnson

      This show is dead.

    67. Destiny Marie Swallow

      They can't fight LMFAOO

    68. Omesha

      Kourtney kick they ass. They always bully her. She should have slapped kim.

      1. The Flesh

        Sandor "The Hound" Clegane Kourtney also slapped the piss out of Kim so

      2. Sandor

        Kim slapped the piss outta her and Khloe manhandled both of them plenty of times.

    69. Chloressa Wren


    70. Kay Tee

      "Beat her down!"

    71. Cherry Rosas

      That punch was epic,but we are going through a BAD time in America why do people care about them?


      Damn if this was real, wldnt you go in for the jugguler.. Fake ass fight

    73. Alexis Aguilar

      I come here for laugh of this

    74. SkyPaul

      Kim is mad at Kourtney for being with a white guy in the past.

      1. qqrrd zitfvjj

        omg 😁no They all had white guy's before and long time ago what a BS

    75. One minute man Fonk daddy

      Come on no one believes this fight we all no it’s staged because this SHOw HAS BEN ON FOR 100yrs🤣😂🤦‍♂️

    76. Jazzy Cafe

      It does not matter how unnaturally blonde Klohe dyes her hair, all we see is Orenthal J. Simpson in that face, it just cannot be denied...

    77. Tessy Rm

      Khloe even can not laugh in a normal way because of the botox in her face! Same has happened many times to kim that can not even cry in a normal way because of botox! Fake family!

    78. Kenneth Peters


    79. Diys Y

      Is this for the newest season ? I wanna watch this party only lol

    80. Chris Mccall

      They all look so gross now, so much work done they look like aliens.