Joyner Lucas - Bank Account (Remix)

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas

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    1. Sabria Best

      He did better then the original 😭😭 no cap

    2. WookDizz18

      My sons 6th grade english teacher played this song for his students, wish my teachers were that cool when I was a kid.

    3. Ciaran Munoz

      But it’s not on Spotify

    4. Tone 45

      we need him to remix GOOBA

    5. Dorian Lowden

      The 21k who dislike don't know what its like to live on the struggle.

    6. 7EVYNSEYZ

    7. Yan.Magnorum

      When a Remix is better than the original...

    8. mauricio vega

      Menos originalidad

    9. Румен Стоев

      ONE OF THE GRATEST! Joyner, you will be a legend my guy!

    10. Trent Hill

      Put this one Apple Music ALREADY

    11. Christopher Jackson

      My bad I thought I was listening to Eminem for a bit

    12. DongJun Park

      Who wants to hear godzilla remix??

    13. DongJun Park

      Joyner hacked 21's bank account lol

    14. Trung Kien Bui Doan

      If Joyner and Eminem colab we’re gonna have a new flash movie

    15. NACHOCHEESE 221

      This is Jeff bezos bank account

    16. mindless memer

      When you put time and effort into your song then Joyner swoops in like batman and steals all your bars

    17. Bittu Dutta


    18. Demon boy mobile


    19. Seilasak Rotanak

      I accidentally click it but it turn out pretty good to be honest.

    20. Landon Murphy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> =speed

    21. yoozixcx

      Finally the views is 69 mil NICE

    22. Aggelos Argy

      Bruh this is fire. Rap wise better than the original. But for me 21 a Lil better just because to me his deep voice suits the beat better. I don't know I might be weird

    23. I just Want to say

      This remix just like *When Asian kids are doing their talent*

      1. M4 A1


    24. Leonardo

      Definitely one of the best rappers nowdays

    25. NoVa_GG OK

      Witch is better? Joyner lucas: LIke Joyner Lucas: Comment Joyner Lucas: Ignore comment 21 Savage: die in 5 mins

    26. Vusimuzi Ngwenya

      Somebody tell Joyner to remix 2020 please ✍🏽

    27. D'Shon Dingwell

      Fam you made it I don’t know where I’ve been but you at 4.4 mill ✊🏾. I remember when you didn’teven have 500 k. I was wondering why you wasn’t boomin when you dropped this track right here but I guess like all great things it takes time.

    28. Frazzle

      You know you would make great choruses that I think would work nicely with Joyner... Swae Lee and I ain't even sorry

    29. Frazzle

      Best come up I've seen. Steal the best beats and murder them better than the originals... You've gotta respect the work put in knowing he can't make money directly from those tracks

    30. Saleem Abdel Raziq

      i prefer the original one but both are amazing

    31. DOC SNBR

      Русские поставьте лайк Стану популярным


      3 years later, still In my playlist Amazing.

    33. BEE KIM


    34. DOC SNBR

      Found this in quarantine

    35. GameAndMario

      Please murder “The Box”.... that song needs to be ended.

      1. Jackson Allen

        I love that song,all he can do js make it better

      2. Sharon Gonzaga

        Just listen the Indian version...

      3. brumendz keepit100

        Merkules did it 👌👌

    36. The Infamous Tim

      Rapper: has a song with a dope beat that goes viral Joyner Lucas: that’s a nice song you got there😏 id be a shame if somebody did it better😏

    37. ModaFN

      69 million views...NICE

    38. fricking gamer


    39. Raymond Stephen

      Me too bro mad respect for you ♥️🙏🙏🙏

    40. Raymond Stephen

      Here with you in Edmonton

    41. choo choo

      like if u still alive and survived corona

    42. Kavian Talimatasi

      Anyone see 69M veiws hahahaha😂😂

    43. Treni query

      U think rappers are skilled till they blasphem ,i cant be accustom to

    44. lil thunderking king

      He looks like lil dicky

    45. Mark Teves

      Waaaaaaay better than the original.


      Who's here because of nick diaz?

    47. Charles Rayou

      How much oxygen do you need ? Joyner: yes

    48. Debargho Saha

      Lucas khankir chele

    49. Nirosha Hapuarachchi


    50. Neil H

      I've done a joyner mashup! its on my soundcloud, would appreciate some feedback,

    51. V.12. Star

      Man when he did that count down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5........🏆🏆🏆

    52. selim geldi

      türk yok mu

    53. Sanjay Ragavendra

      Chorus] I'm willing to die for this shit I'm ready to flip it and end up in prison the rest of my life for this shit So my momma ain't want me, she got an abortion I end up surviving this shit And if I wanted somethin', I ain't got the money I'd probably be robbing and shit Don't know how much I cry for this shit Said I am willing to ride for this shit You know murder's my hobby, inside of my closet's a bunch of dead bodies and shit Niggas say that I'm cursed 'cause I go to church and stare at the Bible and shit Shawty say I'm the worst cause I do my dirt, and I don't be hiding this shit [Verse] Bitch, I'm a savage I spit at you bastards, I wonder what you gonna do to me, ho I need to hear some more rapping I'm just not impressed by your cash or your jewelry, ho All you my soldiers and I'm a lieutenant Goddammit, you should be saluting me, ho I hope you know I ain't going nowhere All you rappers just better get used to me, ho Nigga, I'm Mr. Blue with my jeans, bought me a Jeep, 'cause I wasn't riding as much My bank account looking weak, don't look at me, I ain't got time for no fun Starting to feel like Tyrese, I'm 'bout to trip, and maybe start crying or som' I might just hit up the Smith's, throw me a fit and wait for my wire to come Ain't nobody give or show me love when I was coming up, I had to double up and tell these niggas buckle up before they ride And they don't really wanna knuckle up, I hit 'em with the uppercut, I had these motherfuckers running for they life Unidentified craft when I'm flying past, I'm an alien sailin' and if you look up in the sky Blow your mind back, put your eyes back to your iPad, I'm an Iraqi in suicide When the bombs are loaded and your mind explode in the wind And you gon' sit down, repent I was raised in the sewer; me and the 𝘐𝘵 clown are friends Red balloons for your kids, sink my tooth in ya bitch I lost too many friends, I don't do good with kids What you know about riding dirty in the evening? What you know about Ramen Noodles, and a pack of sazon seasoning What you know about leaving the oven door open when there's no heat again And the rent is due and your landlord try and throw you out on the streets again Nigga, I was always dreaming of a Bentley and a fucking Lamborghini when I win 'em, I'ma finally get a break If I didn't get it way before, I guarantee that if I talk to God, then I can say I got it when I prayed She don't really want me to get petty, turn her dime into a penny, but she know I got a lot of shit to say I can turn some water into henny, drink it up and let the semi shoot, I'll pop you niggas all up in the face Blood all up in the lake, I Wanna see your wake die They don't wanna wave bye Creep when I came by, teeth like a canine Bleed through your Levi, we from the East Side Eat when the beat's hot, tea from the teapot Aim for the tree top, beg till your knees pop Skrrt in a Nissan, swerve into three cars You just a bird in a beehive, you just a cold in a room full of germs Nigga, I said all of my idols and favorite rappers ain't been rhyming a lot What the fuck happened to Jay Electronica? I wonder if he still got it or not Whatever happened to Elzhi? Whatever happened to Meth? What happened to Beans? Whatever happened to Lauryn? What happened to Banks? Tell me what happened to Bleek? What the fuck happened to Mos? What happened to Missy? Nigga, what happened to Ghost? Whatever happened to Cube? What up with Common? What the fuck, where did they go? Tell me what happened to Budden's, what about Luda? I hope they ain't losing it now Hope they get back to the music 'cause I need some new shit I'm sick of these new niggas out, I'm that new nigga now [Bridge] I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Nine niggas wanna war, 10 niggas on the floor, 11 niggas on the porch 12 killers wanna war, 13 carnivores, 14 Labradors, 15 dinosaurs, 16 Avatars 17 bombs or grenades at your rental car, 18 ways you can die when you have it all I got I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Nine bitches wanna fuck, 10 niggas wanna rush, 11 hitters on a bus 12 think they one of us, 13 other guns, 14 runners-up, 15 rubber gloves, 16 double pumps 17 shots in your face till you cuddle up, 18 ways you can die tryna fuck with us [Chorus] I'm willing to die for this shit Said I'm ready to flip it and end up in prison the rest of my life for this shit And my momma ain't want me, she got an abortion I end up surviving this shit Shit if I wanted somethin', I ain't got the money I'll probably be robbing this shit Don't know how much I cry for this shit Said I am willing to die for this shit You know murder's my hobby, inside of my closet's a bunch of dead bodies and shit Niggas say that I'm cursed 'cause I go to church and stare at the Bible and shit Shawty say I'm the worst cause I do my dirt, and I don't be hiding this shit Joyner, wooh!

    54. Lofty ッ

      Did you guys know that this is a remix of 21 Savage’s song called “Bank Account”?

      1. Lofty ッ

        Mafia Max well now you know

      2. Mafia Max

        No I didn't

    55. I'm in a lot of pain

      69 m views, epic

    56. bouncing wit that gameing towns

      He can take someone song or beat and make it sound better even nbayoung boy sometimes

    57. BbRA Cordingley

      Looking back .... Thinking about our phone call.... When I was a kid.... Do you remember our conversation.... JOYNER? I listen to and Logic.Do you still feel the same way you did back then??

      1. jk Sureiya


    58. A B

      COUNT D's HoeZ DOWN!

    59. DJ Robinson

      That’s tight

    60. Kelly Teripoai

      Enough said 💯🔥🔥🔥

    61. Ess Rae

      Harrrddddd 👏🏽

    62. Mr Potaato

      This sounds like a whole new song.

      1. YR NDD


    63. Heaven Manga

      100 % doper than the original lol

    64. Tharun Kumar

      El Profesor - Money Heist Brooklyn 99 - Halloween Heist Joyner Lucas - Bank Heist

      1. Naruto Saskue

        Lol facts

    65. Jtedwards1 Bbbb

      21 savage made a parody of this

    66. Aarav Middha

      if this had an ad at the end of the song id watch it

    67. TrapGaming TGTV


    68. Isaiah Sea

      This dude has the sickest flow I have ever seen

    69. Quiet Time Gaming

      Thumbnail looks like an ad to me, lol.

    70. Bernard Colaso

      crow : cawwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    71. Necron Gaming

      Joyner Lucas Did Gold From Shit.d

    72. Star Wars Battlefront 2

      This guy dissed 21 savage hard

      1. Ricky911

        @Mafia Max mate, it's fairly obvious. If you look at the original you'll see 21 Savage repeating his lines over and over again whereas Joyner doesn't. He was clearly trying to embarrass him lol. You're making it look like I just murdered someone 😂😂

      2. Mafia Max

        @Ricky911 do you have any concrete evidence?

      3. Ricky911

        @Mafia Max this whole remix was made to diss 21 Savage by proving he can take 21 Savage's song and make it way better than the original

      4. Mafia Max

        What part of the song was a dis against 21 savage? Edit: other than 2:19 kind of

    73. Faisal Alangari

      Damn homie! I wish you do a remix to every trash hit song

    74. MEDICINE

      21 savage robbed a atm Joyner Lucas robbed a bank

    75. N3XY

      This the whole casino heist right here

    76. einar 49er ghyt


    77. Cold-BloodedSins

      Subscribe to my channel if you know about ramen noodles and a pack of Sasun seasonin 😂🤙🙏

    78. Claus

      He renovated 21 savage's trash looking house

    79. John Scott

      🔥 Listening 24/7 🔥