Jack Vidgen RETURNS To Singing After Taking Extensive Break! - America's Got Talent: The Champions

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    The winner of Season 5 of Australia's Got Talent returns to the big stage after taking an extended break from singing. Watch Jack perform a stunning rendition of "You Stay" by Lauren Daigle.
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    "America’s Got Talent: The Champions" brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of "AGT" and the other "Got Talent" franchises, spanning 194 territories.
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    Last winter’s #1 most-watched alternative series, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” returns for a second season. The series will feature a star-studded panel of judges, including executive producer Simon Cowell, global superstar Heidi Klum, “AGT’s” longest-running judge Howie Mandel and the newest addition - singer, songwriter and author Alesha Dixon, who joins “Champions” from the smash hit “Britain’s Got Talent.” Terry Crews, star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and People magazine’s “Sexiest TV Host,” returns as host. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and from the other “Got Talent” franchises around the globe.
    Jack Vidgen RETURNS To Singing After Taking Extensive Break! - America's Got Talent: The Champions
    America's Got Talent

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    1. carljoshua diaz

      im just amazed how brave he is. imagine he stop singing in the span of 5 yrs. and made comeback this 2019. im so proud of u. u did very well, ur strong enough to face those difficulties.


      I’ve been begging him to sing that song for a year now on the comments of all of his videos and I’m disappointed because he did not put a lot of energy behind it nor hold his notes out. He had the potential to do so much more with that song but he was holding back for whatever reason.

    3. Sara 18

      Jack just preformed at Australia Decides for the Eurovision Song Contest with his song I Am King I Am Queen. Heres his preformance: essels.info/video/video/mGq-qoBsm7yT1ok.html

    4. Guarlaon

      "After Taking Extensive Break" he was singing in the voice australia like 6 month ago.... LOL

    5. SrBrenoF status


    6. Farras Aldi

      what is the tittle of that song????

      1. Farras Aldi

        Ahmad Cheema thxxx✨

      2. Ahmad Cheema

        You Say By Lauren Daigle

    7. dikonelo connie moabi

      Why heidi stand up and clap hands for him but she couldn't save him

    8. ily. steph

      I loved it!

    9. Logan Koch

      so good

    10. NutCracker TV

      omg! He will represent Australia in ESC 2020 in Rotterdam ! I didn't know if he is the winner in Australia's got talent !

    11. Tako Bhjung

      Amazing man n voice

    12. akimsong

      The description to this video says the name of the song is “You Stay”🙄...

    13. Lana Sam

      Very emotional and so different We want a singer with a different voice Jack is one of that!

    14. Brandon

      pretty dog poop tbh

    15. Elizabeth Gomez

      Where is Angelina Jordon's performance?

    16. CW CUTS

      Omg I’m soooo happy

    17. triplepalletjack

      He wasn't that great..and kinda creeps me out to look at Now angelina jordan..theres a star. Probably should put up her video...or this whole 'contest' should be put into question

    18. Jayce Zucc


    19. SilentKnight1000

      They removed Angelina Jordan's Bohemian Rhapsody video. Why? Something's not right.

    20. Hamster Philippines

      Hes cool

    21. Amaan Fawzul haq

      I really hope Jack gets through

    22. chloejohanna31

      I really liked it his voice is soothing

    23. Lone Note

      He has a beautiful voice

    24. Scott

      I've been amazed at this Jack's voice and stage presence since he was 14. Glad to see he is on another show. Yes, I know he was on Australia's Got Talent and The Voice. He hasn't given up. Great job kid.

    25. TuKrishna

      Like oppa korean lol..

    26. Mrslove4

      Love his voice

    27. francis arnaud

      He has to let to sing romanty music and beging for singing pop music is the right way just remember the opening in the voice Australia was perfect

    28. Gamer Gurl10

      He...he...he got the lyrics mest up

    29. Jastri Sijabat

      The champion is back. Proud of you jack, you have beautiful soul and heart

    30. baniamin dadrs

      That song broke my heart

    31. rodney middleton

      I cant say i have ever seen any Aussies advance too far with Simon Cowell at the helm whether in America or the U.K versions of this show.

    32. Cole OLS

      It’s kind of funny how he’s gay and he’s singing a Christian song🤔

    33. Vic Sy

      Nothing special

    34. Bri Schneider

      I’ve never heard him before but I love him

    35. 파테메

      I love you Jack❤ I love your voice:)

    36. CyrilTheGamer8

      I love his voice!!!

    37. John Andrew Official

      lauren daigel song...

    38. Chakrit Assbilly

      “I didn’t like it that much”

    39. Candi's love

      Does anyone know the song?

    40. SirQL8

      sorry bro, your lip implants look unnatural and ill-advised but deep down, i think you already know that.

    41. Shayne Kcp

      Is this the best he has sung? No he has so much potential ❤️

    42. Enya

      Was this guy on Shameless? lol

    43. Sarah Lola

      After his “extensive break” he actually went on The Voice in 2019, so now him being on AGT isn’t much of a break 😝

    44. Борислав Карагюлев

      Jack is backkkk

    45. Jhunified With Love

      Wow! They brought him back to the US stage... made me smile... 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    46. William Kim

      I don’t think singing should be a talent. Talents is a talent that no has done. Everyone sings. Some song really good

    47. Gerald Schön


    48. john dala

      Omg love the performance i would buy the single . Didn’t get much air time Compared to some of the other singers

    49. Joseph Tran

      I can’t tell if he got plastic surgery and/or face lift

      1. Alizstar

        Lip fillers nose job

    50. Paul Kolone

      His voice is so beautiful

    51. Denny Michael

      He’s amazing!! He reminds me of Ronan Parke

    52. Marie Eiram

      Thank you AGT for letting me find another diamond! Will surf the internet to find his songs or albums.

    53. Fifi Cebolo

      Not just a beautiful voice he is so humble ever since.

    54. Jasmine Ebony

      If you thought this was good, watch his Voice Australia audition. He has such an incredible voice and I really hope he will be able to overcome all that has happened in the past 10 years and really embrace his talent

    55. YM S

      He could have done better. check out his audition for the voice, he killed it.

    56. Marquito

      I thought it was too short and too safe.Simon's right.

    57. Dr_ Gonzz0

      well he sure got shafted on champions

    58. AngelHundo2016

      Hated it

    59. Ray Serrantes

      Yay NO MORE MEL B Lols

    60. david luu

      Those kid skill is nothing compare to those... gorillas..... essels.info/video/video/joPZ33uYvLKosac.html