I traveled back to SEASON 4 of HTM - How To Minecraft S6 #35


59 mil vistas33

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    Publicado el Hace 4 meses


    1. IGNOREPheonixOnMobile

      I just noticed he is on creative at 5:23

    2. Ice Phoenix

      Damn that was some good money wars Pete

    3. Samy Camaron

      What happened to H5M?

    4. NTsports

      What’s the texture pack he uses

    5. Alex McCartney

      It was on vikks, he was mining and he ran into it

    6. CityOfIce2

      Vikk found it in his vid

    7. n o


    8. Mack Taylor

      where did you get that wallpaper, thats pretty dope

    9. Official Donnelly Derp

      Vikk saw the vip area when he was mining

    10. John R.


    11. TylerTheMartian

      Every time this man says "okay google" or "hey google" my google home goes off

    12. Jaden Aitchison

      He just activated my Google home 😂😂

    13. IClickButtons

      Hey here is a casino idea- 3 players necessary-> you (to run the game), and 2 bet makers They each get a note block The game is trivia based, both players must agree on a bet for double or nothing You ask a question (preferably MC based) First person to buzz/hit note block answers and if correct they get the money (probs should be most correct answers out of 5)

    14. eric stoltz

      Brandon what’s your health life like, I don’t want you ded 👍

    15. Billy Dayton

      Pete why dont you use chocos Pigman grinder

    16. Phfredde

      Since the cc are iron nuggets, you should try bringing some to the corrupted world and then dropping them and picking them up. It may give u free cc

    17. Nicole_Hoops

      I’m so behind in H6M

    18. Kevin Rocco

      We call em kiddie cocktails!

    19. Ian Carlson

      Add more games in the basement of the casino

    20. NotAsianBoii 69

      38:34 : When you're playing Minecraft in 5 AM.

    21. Nesta M

      Why don't you just open it

      1. Nesta M

        You might aswell

    22. Andrew O'Keefe

      Mad props Pete, great job man

    23. Snowman_show

      U could make players gamble theyr godsets or other good items in for example the russisn roulette

    24. NoahPlayz13

      I nEeD SomE MeAt iN mY MoUTh

    25. FlyingDutchMan225

      'Spawn my thic mob' Saw this earlier on Josh's stream, glad I'm not the only to mix that up

    26. ZephyrEagle

      What could you need looting 3 for anyway? Wither skeletons don't spawn properly in the nether and the drop chances in the corrupted world from the wither skeletons are boosted to looting 3 levels.

    27. luke logan

      Pete is actually a god lol! The casino is amazing!

    28. RedDReaper

      Vik saw it while mining like if you mine under the wool you can see a mine

    29. Matthew Kea

      Vikk saw the VIP area by accident while mining

    30. Thaine Philp

      jou are stupit

    31. nirmal thakkar

      Where are other videos he skipped 28 29 and now. Skipped 32-34 and directly 35

    32. Thaine Philp

      thats soo ugly !!! STOP IT !!!

    33. Thaine Philp

      why don't jou uploud them then???

    34. Avalon Gaming Channel

      Pete, Josh (phantom) has the free anvil skill ask him to help?

    35. Connor Williams

      Anyone know how to get the wallpaper?

    36. 10,000 subscribers No videos

      Vikk posted about it on accident lmao

    37. Tyler Phipps

      Pete says the color game *the flash backs*

    38. Edward Roman

      You are slacking pete you used to be a good ESselsr.

      1. Thaine Philp

        but nou is SHIT

      2. Thaine Philp

        jip he was good youtoeber

    39. TheFancyUmbreon

      For the Ro-Sham-Bo game, you should position the droppers so that they shoot straight up or down rather than to the side. Could have them shoot into some fancy looking glass tube. Also for that whole lower area, since it's supposed to be a self-sufficient zone, then you should have some signs or a chest with a signed book that details the How to Play. That way, anyone can come in and easily see how to play, and don't have to try and wait for you to hop on and explain it all.

    40. maisaeki

      Brandon is a redstone genius!! :0

    41. iiDev

      make tic tac toe!!

    42. Hardik Borana

      Vikk mined diamonds directly under your this and broke a wool and saw this

    43. iiXYLOii

      I'm about to switch to another youtuber for this series I'm missing too much stuff

    44. BecomingCorn69

      The nostalgia that u just brought me has made my night

    45. Jek225 YT

      U should go to zombie pigman farm

    46. emojer57

      anyone has a good rule/payout/ratio for the rock paper scissors game please go to pete's discord and submit your suggestion

    47. Mattchew Gaming

      What sad is all he had to do is ask choco for smite 5 book from villager lol

    48. Noobmaster69

      33:44 Wow thats a lot of bone bars thats gonna sell for a lot

    49. Matty Allen

      I thought id let you know, I turned my ad block off for u. i know you need money for your work :)

    50. LionCharger 37

      You should either cover the hopperchain with furnaces long explanation but decreases lag or just use a water stream

    51. Daniel Hanna

      Vik accidentally mined into the bottom room of the casino

    52. Krispy King

      Which golem iron or snow

    53. TheJannik1992

      U should make a auto furnace exp farm.

    54. Justin L

      Brandon! Why not set up an automated xp grinder. Doesn’t use too many resources, and can get a lot of lvls from it. It’s almost entirely afk.

    55. Gamer Prodigy10

      If you need levels offer to someone for you to trade with their villagers mad exp.

    56. Youngin

      Omg you need to find a way to dye slime black for like v.i.p

    57. Ryan Teiri

      Challenge Idea: Leap of faith (Press a button jump and it randomly swaps between a slime block or a solid block for players to die or live. Hopper for recollecting items)

    58. Daniel Hirshfeld

      vikk accidentally mined through the floor of the black and pink room

    59. Tunny Rekt

      4:20 vik ran into it while mining

    60. Novo

      Pete if you ever want to get armor from a zombie, you can put water above them to turn them into a drowned. All the pieces of armor will drop.