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Olivia Jade

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    1. Dr. vs Mrs.

      Hi Olivia Jade. I honestly did not watch you before everything happened with your parents, but I wanted to say keep your head up. This can't be easy what you must be going through. Remember there's always a bigger reason for everything!

    2. Odessa Patton

      You are young and hit rock bottom in your life so far. What's done is done now. I believe you have a great opportunity for the rest of your life ahead of you. This won't go down smoothly, but it will go down. Hopefully this changes the unfairness of the system as a whole. Cancel your old way and start anew. Best wishes.


      Olivia; 1.) Your parents meant well and screwed up 2.) Yes, you MAY have been an innocent victim 3.) You are now the poster child for wanton excess and self centered-ness tho you will never understand as a child of privilege. 4.) You all will pay a high price and life will never be the same. 5.) Grow up, figure it out, and become of value to society in ways that really benefit. THIS.... is not the way.. Good Luck, you are gonna need it.

    4. Telma Frege

      Hopefully, with the number of dislikes and the type of comments this video is receiving, this girl will get some self-awareness (is that something you can get? or is she hopelessly lost?). Olivia Jade: 1) stop with the ESselsr thing, it's over. 2) get an education. It doesn't have to be at a big University, start with some online courses or go to your local library. 3) try to land on this planet and make something of yourself. Mommy's money got you to a dead end. You have an entire life ahead of you. Better to have a trade job and put 40 hrs/week than keeping the production of these shallow videos. Seriously, do something useful for yourself.

    5. srishti chaube

      Let's buy her way out of youtube too.

    6. Awdcvb Bbhnm,k

      Don’t come back we don’t want you here!

    7. Amelia Lelievre

      She’ll probably talk about it when she’s allowed to everyone needs to chill out this is probably really hard for her just because she doesn’t look a mess doesn’t mean she isn’t going through hell damn

    8. A M C

      no. go away.

    9. dd d

      literally dont post another video. we dont want you here. go away! we are tired of seeing BS people who havent worked a day in their life always getting shit. its annoying and youtube is full of it and frankly we the people are over it.

    10. dd d

      lmao u gonna tell me she didnt know her parents were doing that.... yeah she should be in jail too... this white fragility and pampering has got to stop

    11. Gabriel Morales

      This bitch out here trynna be on ESsels instead of holding it down for her mom Like this post if you think her youtube account should be. deleted

    12. Karlshorst

      A liar and a con artist.

    13. Christian Martinez

      I just find it funny how butt hurt everyone is like we get it y’all hate your lives but fuck no need to take it out on someone else

    14. Heather Duncan

      Omg no girl... give it up... not gonna happen

    15. Gabrielle Fields

      I’m so excited your back Liv!!!!

    16. Michael Matus

      Buh bye Lori

    17. Bonny S

      First time visitor, first-time commenter: sweetheart, you are a selfish, shallow child. Your mother made huge sacrifices for you. She and your dad are facing jail because they saw you didn't have the work ethic to earn a spot in college. I would be ashamed to say you were my daughter after seeing this attempt to test the water. I would never use any product or service that you use, recommend or talk about. Same goes with advertising here.

    18. Vina

      No one asked for you to come back tho...goodbye

    19. Cesilia

      Forgive but don’t forget.

    20. Elena Suzanne

      She's not an articulate one is she? 😂 She needs that college more than anyone! She's boring af and so are her videos. I don't think anybody misses her. 😂🤦‍♀️

    21. Christopher Hill

      Love you, don't let people get to you obviously, you didnt do anything, you didnt even want to attend college. I don't blame you & a lot of others dont either, don't let angry women bully you. I would be interested in your content once in a while.

    22. Hailey Janson

      My baby its okay❤❤

    23. Colombian Muscle Papi

      How can someone talk this much & yet say nothing but blabber for 2 minutes straight?! What was the point of this video??!!! SAY IT WITH ME: *"I'm sorry."*

      1. biggyunit

        Colombian Muscle Papi She is testing her brand again to see if she can get sponsors again. Only reason I see her doing this

    24. Dce 95

      Girl nobody waited 9 months for you to come back. You need to get off ESsels privileged little girl and own up to your shit. You said so much in this video without saying anything at all. It’s so disappointing there’s people who are struggling in life but getting by when there’s people like this with the money doing NOTHING owning up to NOTHING. They just sorry they got caught.

    25. Colombian Muscle Papi

      Your spoiled White privilege isn’t getting you out of this one, hussie.

    26. Colombian Muscle Papi

      Garbage family. Garbage content. You're like addicted to trying to be youtube famous. Sick in the brain.

    27. Carlos Cruz

      Olivia are you going to put money on your mom's books when she goes to prison

    28. I'm that Bitch

      Did your parent's pay your way into elementary school too? If so what a waste of money you are still stupid💅

    29. Strxberri_millk

      Bye again

    30. Yahs

      Great seeing special needs kids on ESsels.

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    34. mrx3214

      How do rich peeps avoid prison?

    35. Ayden Green

      Am I the only one who doesn’t give a shit.

    36. Bethany Deuel

      Anyone know where her top is from lol

    37. Krishna Mishra

      Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I got in for free btw :)

    38. Kailie Dean

      Your videos are just you being a spoiled brat and NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT! Get a hint Olivia... And you think a bunch of people are asking you to come back.... there are a way higher percentage that doesn’t! So you can cry about it in your mansion or on your many vacations. So sad bc you can’t film vlogs... yDo you not see how clueless you are!? Wow girl! Wow!

    39. Kailie Dean

      Don’t make any more videos... you are selfish and you don’t deserve a channel... I will boycott if you do and a lot of ppl will follow! I’m serious I’m done with over privileged, rich ppl getting away with things we regular ppl wouldn’t. I have no sympathy and you have no remorse. Go ahead and keep this channel up and going and watch what happens.

    40. Paula w

      NAH NAH NAH. We gotta cancel this girl before she becomes relevant to the beauty community. What we boutta NOT do is forget that she exemplifies WHITE PRIVILEGE that is still PREVALENT EVERYWHERE. ESPECIALLY THE U.S. Sis better cut the innocent apologetic act and learn how to overline her lips right.