Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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    The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. ThatOneGacha Tuber

      Oh carp, didn’t mean to click on this video, well seal ya later! ((Jk I meant to tap on this))

    2. SleepingDragons

      0:05 Literally the last video I saw said the Minecraft earth is round. Which is it

    3. Malcolm Alexander

      I doubt the drowned built it it looks so different from underwater ruins and the same goes for gaurdians so who was advanced enough not them hey even we cant make that small a robot in minecraft there is a race of advanced engeneers somewhere in our past who made them also they were made under water they have fins and no legs. Case closed.

    4. Ice Tea 2020

      May be that guardians are just fishes inside a rock covered suit

    5. franklyn hernandez

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    6. Tyler Aguilar

      23 is Magically because Jordan made it magical

    7. Rende

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    8. Xavscorpion

      Good theory also to add to it elder guardians cause you to have mining fatigue and so you can’t break blocks. That could be to prevent us from going and destroying the cube and monument

    9. Mr. Incognito

      Matpat:”talks about how important 23 is.” Me:”birthday date 23.” Also me:”battery 23%.” Also also me:”age 23.” Also also also me:”time 23:23.” Also also also also me:”Iraqi Muslim.” Also also also also also me:”realised this took 23 minutes to write.”

    10. Oofers Joofers The Grammar Nerd

      6:14 “If you drop a cow...”

    11. Breez Swordfights - Roblox

      MatPat: Pyramids. *obamaprism*

    12. Enforcer Quickfire

      DEFENESTRATION!!!!!! I bet that I am the only one who knows that that means 'to literally throw someone through a window.'

    13. Ibrahim M'hiri

      im about to smack u in the face in islam we don't care about the number 23

    14. J Griffis

      Aw frick, dead Guardians get there eyes closed, spikes removed, and tails removed to make ocean moments

    15. Lynkin Ruder

      I am watching this and I am only 12!

    16. Antonio Salinas

      That voice at the beginning made me think of one thing and one thing only: Welcome to "Thought For Your Thoughts". I'm Derry Murbles.

    17. Zero The Hero

      hey look cool merch! me with no money: *sad sigh*

    18. Tanmay Shinde

      o b a m i u m

    19. Totally Tubular

      4:46.knew they wouldn’t use a dolphin . If so they are monsters

    20. Christopher Crow

      He called it cubeoidle

    21. Kat Rodriguez

      Someone finally said it... we care too much about space..

    22. Chtholly Nota Seniorious

      So, when trying to learn something about a game, i also get a free history lesson... Perfect

      1. BlueMoon Nest

        I guess all of those hours of learning at school werent useless at the end of the day. They were all supposed to help us solve Minecraft

    23. Alrighty

      What if the Guardians were a test to prepare if they can make life for the Wither?

    24. Peely_Electro

      my b day is on the 23rd of march 0_0

    25. Titan gaming456

      Alright quick clear up on the Islamic parts. 23 doesn't really hold any significance in Islam and the Kabba is called the house of Allah because its a place of worship, not some special place where the earth is connected to heaven. That's why we also call mosques the houses of Allah because that's where we worship him. Spot on with everything else tho impressed with how much you researched.

    26. Youtuberenegade

      Minecraft: Wow Matpat you are really good at finding our lore!! Also Minecraft: *write that down, Write it down!*

    27. David Breeden

      My birthday is this month on the 23rd

    28. WyomingPTT

      So what you're saying is Minecraft supports ISIS?

      1. im babey

        WyomingPTT no you’re just racist

    29. alex faulkner

      Wait mat if guardians and elder guardians are man made machines like iron golems what about the blazes are they man made security systems like iron golems or guardians for nether fortresses

    30. Evelyn Walker

      Coppa is super duper evil

    31. Zackary W

      How many other 23 year olds are watching this?

    32. XaviarTheBoss

      Are you putting them in chain stores (Walmart, Costco, chain clothing stores etc)?

    33. creeper boy

      I didnt know guardians are muslims

    34. dragon tamer ,

      Not that I'm religious

    35. Amedin EPİK Dünyası

      The Quran started to be revealed in the 27th of Ramadan and it’s mandatory if you can when it comes to pilgrimage. Other than that gud vido

    36. Soham Vij

      Nice SpongeBob intro

    37. deshaun spahe

      Whatzup I am I big fan

    38. Mini supra Bpu 12

      Guardians are just prismarine golems

    39. Ian G

      I think this could tie in with the previous builders, as they are better at crafting than steve and could easily craft a robot. Gold is probably a big part of their civilization, as Gold spawns more often in Mesa Biomes and mineshafts spawn more often in Mesa Biomes as well.

      1. Diego Quezada Zavala

        this definitely ties in with the ancient builders

    40. Racingcar 3

      I was watching the 23 part and then it was 7:23

    41. Toi Eagol

      Is it just me or is minecraft getting increasingly fucked up after each update?

    42. Electroo_ A

      He did research well enough

    43. Isaac Plumbo

      10:12 Obamid

    44. Chara :]

      Theory about the Minecraft backstory: I think that the timelines are -> 1. Minecraft story mode 2. Minecraft Dungeons 3. Minecraft Now this is my opinion, but I think the Minecraft backstory happened in Minecraft story mode. The world was like normal earth, all happy and stuff. One day a mob apocalypse happened and the people had to escape. Then the wither storm was spawned. (You can guess the rest if you’ve played MCSM) Then all the monsters killed the whole entire Minecraft earth, except Steve and the characters in Minecraft Dungeons. The heroes tried to fight off the mobs, but failed. Then Steve saw the apocalypse, and was knocked out by the mobs. When Steve woke up, he was in the middle of nowhere (where you spawn in a Minecraft world) and tried his best to survive, that’s why in the game you try to survive. The ender dragon had summoned the mobs to destroy earth, and nearly succeeded. The dragon waits for Steve to come, as Steve comes to fight the dragon. The dragon dies, as it lays an egg. Inside the egg is the wither storm, I guess it’s just a loop or a bunch a timelines have been messed up and crashed by the ender dragon. Now that’s just a theory.. a GAME theory.

    45. Asriel Dreemurr

      so you are telling me that Notch is islamic?

    46. MSM Gamer

      If you drop a cow it drops cow flesh??


      and the monuments might have been flooded because if you look at the tutorial the old map is under ice under water when it never used to so maybe in minecrafts lore that has something to do with it because mat pat doesnt mension the tutorials but honestly it might have something to do with that becuase the look abandoned but look like the onece had importance towers broken and the tutorials are getting bigger so are they showing a story of what happened and why yo only see minor things in minecraft and not many things showing past and what if when mincraft updated the colonies or what ever had built them if there was colonies discovered new things and so they make their empire bigger allong with the stuggle of them being flooded and how there are creatures made of stone around the world in tutorial maybe to show what they discovered and how there was an old miners house where you start off well who ar what was it for maybe thats showing that there was reasons to mine and the wither may have destroyed villages so they went to the end to find a new place to build because there old homes were getting destroyed with only minor building left because if it was too big it would attract the wither

    48. MatiNuva ENG

      Can We get a F in the comments for all the fish that were hurt during the production of this video?

    49. Jue Cheng

      6:15 if you drop a cow it drops cow flesh.....

    50. 5cupsofBleach

      It isn’t a laser it’s “magic” as it is referred to in the code!

      1. BlueMoon Nest

        your magical and beautiful

    51. Mohsen Darwish

      I live in syria and i am muslim....... *feel the beam modafuckas!*

    52. Harley Perez

      Matpatt just wanted to point out they most likely do not use thermal as that would be highly inefficient in the water. Anything in water is roughly the same temperature or tries to be because of the nature of water molecules. A sense like a shark or platypus is more likely as they work based off of the electrons given off by living beings.

    53. Jack

      10:23, Can't really relate to you on that one as I was raised listening to They Might Be Giants.

    54. gab gh

      At 7:45, who thinks that the “flesh” looks like a command block? P.s how do we know Steve isn’t a god of sorts that just killed all the other humans or mutated them for his pleasure? Cuz, In easy to hard mode (not going to hardcore mode heck nah) you can respawn, like be revived, and what of creative mode?

    55. roddy axolotl

      “Guardians are the only sea creatures that can live indefinitely on the land” Sea turtles: *am I a joke to you?*

    56. griffin martin

      there a programmed command block

    57. Mohammad Albaghdadi

      i can imagine markus persson be like WOW i didn't know that

    58. MrFuzzYT

      ALIEN AREA 51!!!!!!!!!

    59. Brad Stevenson

      Anyone talked about mc story mode 2

    60. jorge garcia

      or maybe the guardians are mammals or reptiles