DaBaby - Find My Way (Official Music Video)



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    Director - Reel Goats
    Producer - Spicy Rico
    Co Producer - Gemini
    Production Manager - Shaq Gonzoe
    Production Coordinator - Elizabeth Gomez
    DP - Logan Meis
    Steadicam - Aser Santos
    1st AC - Philip Hoang
    2nd - Zariah Daily
    Gaffer -Daniel Kagle
    Key Grip - STU
    Sound Mixer - Timothy Vannette
    Boom OP - Mehmet Adlil
    1st Ad - Jakon Robledo
    2nd Ad- Amber Bowton
    MUA - Stacy Gonzalez
    Hair - Tilomai Hill
    Wardrope - Taisha Suero
    Stunt - Jesse Johnson
    Art Director - Giovanna
    PD - Eloise Ayala


    1. Austin Adams

      The Seal Reveal Shall Snare The Ill Will Filled

    2. Akeria Rivers

      This song is amazing 😊.

    3. Victoria Medrano

      It's funny cause this song is stolen ☻

    4. Ryan

      Yo girl is uglllllly my guy big L

    5. Money Miles

      Reel Goats let me come under your wing to get some experience

    6. TsangCo

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    7. Ryan Sanchez

      I didn’t realize that I needed da baby to be an actor / narrator but I would absolutely watch all of it.

    8. Ryan Rai

      Wen is that T. Lanez Ft comin? 🤔

    9. A Huss

      This was fire 🔥

    10. peter griffin 2

      Who here before best short film of the year award

    11. Im Waviii

      does that guitar in the back not sound like Breakin bad with sleepy hallow and Sheff g or am i trippin

    12. raiyandi 8115

      DaBaby should have been in Fast And Furious

    13. Xo1889202

      B simoneeee made it

    14. Skokia

      Seem like a second version of the movie Queen & Slim lol

    15. Jojo kj19

      Omfg this song is amazing. Not the biggest dababy fan but now i think im becoming a stan now!❤ bsimone did a great job too!

    16. Henry Vega

      That diner scene reminded me of Pulp Fiction

    17. Musical Chaos

      *Listen good music in my channel, welcome!*

    18. XxhardgxdxX

      The beat sounds like Friends by marshmello

    19. Mc gargann

      Can put the subtiles pls 🙏french and other

    20. Breckin Sauer

      Yea da baby is an actual good actor

    21. iTakeDubs FTW

      First song he sounds different in

    22. knowledge with entertainment


    23. Ludvig46

      So you're telling me this producer really didn't change his tag since "Intro"

    24. digital thought

      thumbnail lookin like he bouta drop the hardest R&B single out there

    25. Ottoniel R Fernandez

      Changed his flow but still like the song

    26. • BIG OnlyGrind

      This is legendary

    27. blesswill w

      A convenient store may have a few hundred dollars on hand because of idoits like this. Trash

    28. The Only Heffley #diary of a real nigga

      Fast and furious front has entered

    29. Julian Ettinger-Finley

      Why is this the best to “friends” by marshmallow

    30. Christian Medina

      Yo i forgot i was watching a music video

    31. Omar Kbiri

      "I made my videoclip my Hollywood audition tape" - dude is so f*cking clever

    32. Sherry Flavour

      Old schoool feeelinnggg

    33. Divine Scopeszz

      FUCKING BANGER!!!!!!

    34. Manuel Gonzalez

      ong he should make movies

    35. Maurice on 30 fps

      That shit goes

    36. Krisha Her

      The beginning of the video felt like I was about to start watching a movie composed by Thomas Newman 😂😂

    37. Kamryn Rouse

      This beat sounds like friends by marshmallow NGL😟😳 but still 🔥

    38. Jason Espinoza

      why he sound like vin diesel?

    39. Wan Gwan

      For all the people who said dababy sounds the same

    40. btsfavgirl

      Here for my girl B.❤️

    41. Ariel Jimenez

      Dababy should make movies

    42. rzongler

      It would be a great movie.

    43. Waylon Brown

      Let’s gooooooo

    44. Djay. Kloutt

      Make a movie

    45. Jason Espinoza

      why he sound like vin diesel doe?

    46. Flixz

      Ong this the best music video 😂💯

    47. Aaliyana Williams

      Watched this shit bout 4 times 🥺🥺

    48. Melodi Muzik

      the Lyrics hard essels.info/video/video/qX_ayXSKka_cxoU.html

    49. Lisa Smith


    50. FLAMING G36

      This shit a banger 💰💲💲💸💸💳💳💥🔫

    51. Yxng IVY

      Do you know what this means? You could be the next fucking Will Smith

    52. niita1

      Make this a movie 🤦🏾‍♀️ i want to see more

    53. CREPS INC

      Songs sounds familiar 🤔🧐

    54. Guðjón Dunbar Diaquoi

      Am I the only one that forgot they were watching a music video?

    55. Carissa McGibbon

      Okay don’t come @ me but, am I the only one who’s wondering how this is trending.. not the worse song at all but idk.. the video is the best part

    56. Jenyshia Bell

      I need a part 2

    57. Se'Jay Talkz

      Apart from the song, thats one damn good movie

    58. Lamborghini Rosa

      I bet this was the best day of B.simone life lol😂😂😂

    59. Dorian


    60. OG Gang music

      Es una película 📺📡 Netflix

    61. Kameron Beasley

      This shit is fire like if also think it is 👇🏾

    62. TheNorthern Frontier

      Subscribe to General CodyHD

    63. Sashi Icon

      He surprised everyone like dababy you Popin brah😩♥️💯‼️

    64. MonGip18

      Check out this reaction video essels.info/video/video/ap6R1aluqJTUsKM.html

    65. Adrie

      this shoulda been a movie 😂‼️

    66. Candor Films

      I forgot about the whole song

    67. Cousin St. Louis

      Thought this was a trailer to a movie

    68. Yung Money Drey

      If this man don’t get started on a acting career😂

    69. ENDERJKIDRS 100

      Make this a movie

    70. Sameer Rahman

      This nigga da baby a movie star no cap

    71. #The Universe

      essels.info/video/video/hIGo1F2KxdbbuXk.html Check out this

    72. Lil Creto

      If he made a movie I’m watching it even when there new episodes

    73. Monique Mcnair

      Never listen to dababy music before but this right here just changed my mind good job B Simone and dababy

    74. Jillian Anusencion

      The music sounds the same as Friends by Anne Marie and marshmello

    75. Amy the tryhard

      This song is fucking awsome.

    76. Zuzxo


    77. Iceberg Lady

      Da baby my favorite new skool rapper

    78. Ykn3

      When you gon switch the flow I thought you never ask

    79. Kyle Johnson

      You are on to something great my guy! Keep slapping us these Bangazz! 🎥 🍿💯❤️

    80. Classy Tv

      Best song so far