China's fight with the NBA, explained


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    It all started with a single tweet.
    To learn more, listen to this episode of Today Explained, a daily podcast from Vox:
    In October 2019, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey posted a tweet supporting pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. In reaction, the Chinese government censored NBA broadcasts in China, and Chinese companies suspended business deals with the world's premiere basketball league. As the controversy spun out of control, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, Houston Rockets star James Harden, and NBA All-Star LeBron James were all asked for their opinion on the growing crisis. In this video, we dive deep into the relevant history that led to this critical moment.
    For decades, the NBA has been pushing a business strategy to attract fans in China, where basketball is more popular than in the United States. At the same time, the government of the United States has been pursuing a trade policy with China intended to generate profit for American businesses while simultaneously exposing Chinese consumers and businesses to ideas of democracy and free speech through the transactional dynamics of globalization. Originally, the hope of US leaders like President Bill Clinton was that this trade would lead to the democratization of China. What China's fight with the NBA shows is that the opposite seems to be occurring.
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    1. Vox

      Want to learn more about the NBA's troubles in China? Make sure to listen to this episode of Today Explained, a daily podcast from Vox:

      1. XFB

        Clinton worst president.

      2. Tong Su

        ZFG Jerky protector? For what? For the massacre of native American? For the black salve trade? For people can't abortion? Westerner are demons, u are the destrator, u are the people who invade other countries, not Chinese

      3. metro lights

        @groupRider British doesn't have too but then China can always nuke London

      4. O. Ade

        I LOVE this episode.

      5. groupRider

        @metro lights Then why did the British have to give it back?

    2. Sammy

      business is business 🤷🏼‍♂️

    3. Michael Red Sox

      If you want to support HK then don't buy anything made in China. Then you will understand what's at stake for the NBA. Its easy to support HK protesters if your wallet is not affected directly.

    4. JaAm

      USA just need to overtake China in terms of population.

    5. Hom Aisen

      When you want to talk about China, get to know about China first through academic study rather than some tabloids

    6. Last train To Vegas

      0:25 Among purposes they have been sent for you forget to mention MONEY-MAKING

    7. Nickolas Emerson

      Lebron just uses social justice to sell shoes. He's just as bad as the people he condemns.

    8. TheUKNutter

      China needs pure BRITISH sports.

    9. Aaron Barber

      Bill Clinton was wrong

    10. Seale Chung

      Hongkong issues actually are internal affairs. In many American media reports, it is hard to see complete coverage that is not influenced by "political correctness".

    11. Jiwa Chhetri

      this is no different to the USA putting multiple sanctions on countries when they are not happy with them.

      1. for the boys

        Yes it is. The US pits sanctions on countries for suppressing other people and committing atrocities. The US doesn’t put sanctions on countries for having a different opinion. This statement is just idiotic.

    12. Jakob De Alba

      Always wanted to go to China, but now this is happening.

      1. Jakob De Alba

        When did I say I don’t wanna come?

      2. hi hi

        then dont come if u dont want to come,get lost

    13. Cody Shi

      That’s why just shut up and stay neutral.

    14. Neon

      Why is the world like that ? Can't just people stand up for justice but not fight for money?😪

    15. Fat Pigeon

      Basically China can't handle others opinions.

    16. gorogo banab

      yikes all these comments are so toxic; if you want to know why China is still China look at India

      1. gorogo banab

        @Albert Einstein meh no one gets it

      2. Albert Einstein

        I didn't get ya bro?

    17. James Ho

      OMG. Just have them come to the US and watch the game

    18. John Krambele

      Vox employee: I've made a list for what we should post on Veterans day: -Video honoring veterans -Something interesting about WW1 -The social impacts of WW1 Vox: how about chinas fight with the nba.

    19. Benjamin Hausmann

      alweys remember think before posting

    20. The All Seeing Eye

      The NBA sure loves North Korea too.


      thats why our president dutertedog (Philippine president) wants China to be our ally.

    22. Alon Jak

      Amazing video!

    23. Celebrity Times

      Usa: ban Huawei China:ban NBA (Karma is a bitc*)

    24. Vanguard

      Vox, you used Japanese Yen instead of Chinese RMB at 2:40's graph

    25. David Guerrero

      3:25 They said 19th century but show 1950's and 60's lol That's the 20th century

    26. Franta Weyland

      So that's the reason why trump pushing a trade war against china ?

    27. Raymond Law

      The NBA, and America itself is literally limiting it's freedom just to earn a few more much so for the land of the free....

    28. Peach White

      Trade is a basketball game.

    29. vtp

      Lol look at these comments , guys China is not at all rich compared to America , China is developed nothing new , no new technology on their own , they just manufacture American designed stuff , so once the manufacturing started getting expensive in China , they are gonna lose their star and Americans will shift the manufacturing back home or to another country like India or south East Asian countries , the only way for China to break this barrier and go on to be a developed country they need to develop some new technologies or manufacture high end stuff , that’s they are desperate to steal stuff from USA AND Germany , and it’s full of debt , so China can never beat USA in anything ,

    30. vtp

      Americans did a mistake , they should have made India richer instead of Chinese , India has all freedom and Americans Internet companies are welcome , USA can do anything in India 😂😂😂no restrictions

    31. vtp

      I thought China didn’t have Twitter, Facebook or google , OH NO wait that’s for normal citizens , the higher authorities have everything 😂😂

      1. Fat Pigeon

        Very true

    32. Y.F WU

      Try to export American value to China is actually kinda silly.

    33. Somedude 09

      Well that backfired

    34. pleonektein


    35. DOAMA

      Vox: "Duurrr, here a bunch of American basketballers who visited China, so LeBron James is in the clear... Duuurrrrrrr!!!!" Yeah, except that they didn't throw human rights and the First Amendment under the bus for money.

      1. DOAMA

        Also, how dare you conflate pro Hong Kong messages with evil. The people of Hong Kong are being massacred in the streets and all you can do is attempt to sweep it under the rug. You people are disgusting.

    36. Myron Venero

      All the walls, tariffs, guns and bombs cant protect us from foreign financial interests.

    37. David

      The problem here is the Chinese government needs to grow a set. Get over it. Ironic how the world's two biggest powers are being led by thin-skinned babies incapable of any self criticism

      1. Fat Pigeon


    38. Jay Lon

      A similar incident recently occurred involving Arsenal (one of Europe's biggest soccer clubs) over their player (Mesut Ozil) posting his condemnation at China's treatment of the Uighur community in the country's North-West region. It led to an Arsenal match being pulled from Chinese television.

    39. MrHandsomeboynow

      The last point was brilliant. Good stuff

    40. RecklesFlam1ngo

      Friendly reminder that china is buying parts of our country, Australia and buying water from it, which are both against the law.

    41. eddie chan

      Please remember Hongkong. To this day the protests are still ongoing

    42. Charlie Bond

      I'd be ashamed to be Chinese if this is how they operate

    43. BB B

      its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ makes the world go around.

    44. ZEVNAI

      To sum it up... *For money...corporations will sell your soul*

    45. 赵俊然

      free hk like free Washington DC or any states of America to chinese people.That's unacceptable and also really hurt.

    46. Selorm Animations

      What the what is a Taiwan?

      1. Tony Smith

        @Wildfire Just like the REAL AMERICAN, yep I mean the Indian, the ones who we are still thanking to, by the turkey chicken.

      2. Wildfire

        @Serge I Incorrect. Taiwan=ROC=REAL CHINA

      3. Hansen Sha


    47. Mihai Craciun

      you don't want to upset the daddy of the world. china, that is

    48. PinoyAbnoy

      lets also not forget the history of hongkong.. (opium war,british colonialism)

    49. PinoyAbnoy

      google "your lifestyle has already been designed" and then ask yourself about freedom.. is freedom an ilusion?

    50. 올라무새Hola

      China cannot be called small country cuz there are too many people, china cannot be called big country due to small minded people, so you are being called "middle country".

      1. Fat Pigeon

        Thats acc clever

      2. TheCoolCarhd


    51. Harby Mastopia

      Money triumphs over morals

    52. vian jazz napoleon

      Money can’t buy life

    53. PCgamer22

      At least Adam Silver in a way tried supporting the freedom of speech of the general manager of the Huston Rockets in a way. But in the end of they day the NBA still submitted to the Chineese government which is sad. But then again, every NBA player has their own brand deals that are still growing, and maybe the Tweet was risky, I don't know. It's so upsetting how the Chineese government treats their citizens, we need way more people in the USA to stand up for citizens in China.

    54. ralin galan

      United Nation should be attack the china because its to late it became a big virus in the world.

      1. Aggressive Cancer

        This is why we do not let random people into presidents

      2. absolutezero

        that would just start ww3.

    55. Aditya Stevano

      Us try to export democracy to china but in return they imported censorship 😉

    56. Broken Cage

      sold us out

    57. Yuba Wang

      And freedom of speech was "BLOCKED BY YAO MING!"

    58. dalphoN Israel

      MONEY IS GOD...

    59. dalphoN Israel

      The NBA has a choice either money or freedom. I think they will go with money.

    60. TheGreatChuchet 08

      NBA: fight for freedom China: are you sure bout that South park: hold my cuddle fish