Best of Simon Cowell Against Mental People

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    1. Christine Esmeralda Lisa Penelope Nielsen

      The guy Ian has such a annoying voice he sounds like sid from ice age

    2. itss ariiie

      qualing 😭😂💀

    3. Zaven Ouzounian

      Here we go with the youtube experts and Dr.Google's. "First guy was misunderstood," "first guy was probably autisitc," how tf do any of you have an even close to accurate idea about his 'potential' condition(s)? He seemed impatient and a little arrogant to me. My own experiences with those diagnosed with autism or aspergers has rarely been either of those qualities.

    4. Jayden Feagaiga

      I don't like that lady

    5. Can we get 696969 subscribers????!!!!!!

      These judges are actually such ass holes. Literally all they do is crush people’s dreams and giggle about it. If you don’t like someone’s performance have the decency to just say I did not like it.

    6. Dylan Hammock

      the first guy sucked lmao

    7. Dean Massrer

      First guy is probably son of a school teacher and an officer

    8. FKboi

      Everyone who still has to diagnose the first fucker, no. You realize you sound like a “im not like those others” type of person. As far as my dumb as knows, not having people skills and being famous don’t mix well. And even if he possibly had something, He knew the basic questions of the show. And also he talked the judges down for example “You guys know this song? (Enter sum dumb emoji or some shit)” he sounded very condescending.

    9. Debargha Ghosh

      1st guy was actually superman

    10. Patrick Slattery

      Simon is known for roasting so many idiots, but he gives an autistic man a yes. Impressive!

    11. F R E S H

      *Simon Cowell is like the Gordon Ramsey of Judges*

    12. Hype The Roblox Guy

      I came here just to dislike

    13. jeffdebono

      The first dude is what happens if Walter White's son snorted blue meth laced with uranium and gasoline

    14. Lexi Grimbrooke

      Goodness, that Ian guy, lol.

    15. Mani Kais

      Some of these have to be dares or actors.

    16. roxanna mavakanian

      The first guy really was not bad at all ya he had a bit of an attitude and kinda weird but honestly i think he had some weird type of autism Asperger hypersensitive issue going on its kinda sad he had some potential if he cleaned up the act and attitude

    17. Pretty Girl Lancaster

      Even if the first guy doesn't have a form of autism, I think he felt attacked. I have a feeling he is one of those people who doesn't like a lot of questions about his life. Ryan Seacrest shouldn't have asked him if he was married or had kids.

    18. Bren Guerra

      I still haven't heard of Ian Bernardo. I think he escaped from a mental institution

    19. Bren Guerra

      The first guy was awful. Just as awful as his attitude

    20. Karen Lovett

      Victoria Beckham is one of the most unattractive people I've ever seen.

    21. Jaka Pratama

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> -Tell me what happened ? -The first guy give honest answer - and she's like %*#☆@#*,~ Crazy btch

    22. Basil Prabhakar

      I meant GUTS ....not guys. Poor fellow. I feel for this guy....he had guts just trying to do what he was not cut out for. Well done lad....

    23. EXEJON

      Carrie Underwear

    24. It’s not me It’s me

      With a little training the first guy could actually become something

    25. H_uskyy

      First guy was a dick but he wasn’t bad

    26. H_uskyy

      Simon cowell is the pest control of these speds

    27. Tovarisch Urrraaa

      First guy.Aspergers.


      Welcome to American idol smackdown.😆

    29. Robin Lamia

      I actually really liked the first guys singing a lot

    30. Choe Win

      Simon: why are you here Someone: for american idol Job interviewer: why are you here Me: for a job

    31. keanlockes memes

      Taylor who? Kelly Underwhere? Fantasia When? LMAO.

    32. Psycho_Girl xox

      Lmao Simon with the first guy was hilarious

    33. expired banana

      First guy could really sing for god's sake! The judges misunderstood him

    34. Sarri Sorr

      Guys what about the second one making dem wierd noises

    35. RonA

      The first guy has a problem with going in the wrong direction. Literally.

    36. Desiree Satterfield

      She said I do not like u at all 😆

    37. Emilia Rosenbaum

      That first guy. It’s nice to know that the annoying guy in pre/middleschool, whom we all know, is finally getting some smack

    38. Thomas Barnhouse

      It was good

    39. Nick Glass

      First guy 100% could sing.

    40. Greg rulzz Ok ?

      If you're not good enough then you're not good enough!! Take lessons means you can do better! Means you can get further!

    41. General Dritz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a>if Clark Kent didn’t have powers.

    42. Dorien GREEN

      First guy.... why do some people think rudeness and being cocky is a sign of intelligence.... he was being a jerk because he had to wait.... like he is special!! Not!! and he's not autistic just a jerk!!


      Poor Clark Kent

    44. Brandon Kirk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> completely unnecessary. Its ok to state your mad at his attitude, but to add 'who i dont like at all!' is complete bullshit. Her vote should automatically not count due to personal feelings.

    45. • Kenzie •

      the 3rd girl...OmL...;-;

    46. Ectobisket

      Ah, defense mechanism. Hardcore, extremely complex, defense mechanisms.

    47. Julie Noah Daniels

      He knows how to handle mental people well

    48. Tyler Hennessy

      Gimme your love gimme your love Simon: no we aren’t going to give you love

    49. Tyler Hennessy

      The guy’s last name now is probably felon. Looks like a child molester.

    50. sakilook

      *IT'S TAMIKA!* 😠😠

    51. RT Type Beats

      you single? you married? have kids? ehh no

    52. Florencia Pistritto

      The first guy is Clark Kent

    53. Eliza Hicks

      “you don’t know nothing about music” even though he’s literally a music producer with a bunch of people who are successful. i’m not saying this because i like simon but i feel that this video is just to hate on simon because tbh in some of these he isn’t even being rude and a majority of these people aren’t even mental... so that is technically offensive to almost every contestant shown in this video. this isn’t meant to be a hate comment and yes, simon can be an asshole but he’s also a good person but people just don’t want to show his good side... ever!

    54. cornhub dotcom

      Why was that one girl like.... moaning? And like making random noises?

    55. cornhub dotcom

      The first guy (Andrew) was misunderstood

    56. Mad Max3

      My friend has Aspergers and he acts the same exact way the first guy acted I feel really bad the first guy they didn’t even try and realize he might have a mental disorder

    57. gether2to1

      The dude singing Gloria I want to put him through a table.

    58. josephine

      the first guy sounds a tiny bit flat, but he's okay

    59. Brisia??

      When the video ended and said thank you for watching I thought my phone died

    60. BabyLugi

      Honestly idk what is going on with you guys, that first guy really wasn’t good.


      *The first guy has actually have a good voice*

    62. Adam Harwell

      First guy wasn't even that bad

    63. Amelia Luluk Linarsih

      The first guy tells us by his song the background if his mental problem and bad attitude. Normally, everybody should responsible for her/himself. Responsible for mental health, behavior, and emotion. But.., some people just don't know and confuse by himself and peoples around him. Some peoples have abnormal thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behavior, and relationships with others. Hope..., God bless those people with a mental problem. I hope that those people will get a better life soon.

    64. Dipesh Maisuriya

      The first guy wasn’t bad he just mis read the situation

    65. Salty Salty

      Gordan Ramsay and Simon Cowell are literally like twins.

    66. Bonkasneeze

      The first person has some serial killer vibes.

    67. ikke_sant ?

      what was up with the first guy lmao

    68. Khan FC

      He looks like scarecrow from batman begins

    69. R. Hasan

      first guy ...if jeffery dahmar and ted bundy had a son ..lmao...but he is a decent singer

    70. Emma J.

      guy: singing very well and has talent judge: are you angry??

    71. Colton Szelestey

      the third "one", cant call her a girl, wow, very very terrible, i'm gonna get sick. Damn deep voicer. (new term for girls that have disgustingly deep voices)

    72. Jeremy Diez-Luckie

      What I like about Simon is he doesn't judge the attitude. He judges the talent.

    73. X-Stream Sports

      The first guys definitely is on the spectrum and he wasn’t angry or showing attitude he just was confused

    74. ayc1206

      "Go to an audition when the judges lie to you" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    75. George Papadakis

      Why did they hit on the first guy he didnt do smthing

    76. super chickeny

      Imagine being black

      1. super chickeny

        Damn I wish I was black

    77. Jason Taheeba

      The first guy is actually good

    78. Quel Tipo Sul Tubo

      The first guy was not as good as you think he is, he wasn't bad, he's voice needs a lot of training, because right now he's just above average

    79. I know you want to laugh

      The First Guy was actually Pretty good, it was obvious he had Autism and he was Anxious to awnser the question-

    80. Cam Borup

      We gotta find the first guy and throw him a party or smn, he's actually pretty good