[ASMR] School Nurse Annual Lice Check

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR

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    It's time for your annual lice check with school nurse Tingting in this relaxing real hair ASMR. Enjoy ear to ear whispers, lots of hair play and hair sounds, hair parting, hair brushing, a special hair treatment and detailed examination, and lots of personal attention.
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    1. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

      Itchy from dandruff?

    2. Zeynep Mert

      This is so good.

    3. Roblox Wolfy

      I wish i had a head made Out of FRICKING HARD STONE

    4. Dana Alblas


    5. Andreia Viveiros

      s̾h̾e̾ i̾s̾ C̾h̾i̾n̾e̾s̾e̾ n̾o̾t̾ a̾s̾i̾a̾n̾

    6. star wars is better than you

      I ligit looked up asmr for fun and now im addicted to her. Ahh my life. But like I used to ask my grandma to do my hair just because it felt good on my head

    7. Lupe Hernandez

      Maybe she can do asmr for the lies and make them go to sleep.

    8. Lupe Hernandez


    9. aonewomancrowd

      Tingting- Can someone volunteer to be the head in your videos?? Please respond. Asking for a friend.

    10. Lilla Szöllősi

      I can't sleep without your videos!

    11. Cordial Cactus90

      TingTing: Bow or heart Me: I'll have the heart TingTing: Okay the bow Me: No i sa- TingTing: *did i stutter*

    12. QueenAnna PandaGurl

      What are the bow and heart things called?

      1. therese bizabishaka

        Hair stickers.

    13. 씬디Cindy

      Idk why I thought she put the wigs on the microphone.....

    14. kaylee rodriguez

      Did she mean strawberry marshmallows?

    15. wargofchik

      Tingting: Which one would you like? Little bow or little heart? Me: Umm... little heart Tingting: Little bow, okay Me: or you know what, the little bow sounds good too

    16. Maddy M

      Nobody: Not a soul: Not even Tingting: My ad: HI BOYS!

    17. kenny McCormick

      Her: which Hair sticker do you want? Me:the heart Her: the bow? Ok Me:I DO NOT WANT NO GOD DAMN BOW

    18. I'ᗰ ᕼOᖇᑎY

      I know this is Just an asmr but, do you realize how stupid your nurse would be if she put hair stickers on your hair and used a nice fancy comb for a lice check. 😳😰

    19. Françoise BROSSE

      Amazing...i go to sleep...Thanks and salutations from France...

    20. Galaxypanda 0908

      Why is she checking our head but talking over it

    21. yeet_gurl 67

      Who else realizes that all of the other videos that she makes about dry scalp, I feel like the manikin already has a dry scalp because of the sound that it makes😂😂😂😂

    22. Tiny Blue

      You sure are pretty...

    23. The Giblife

      I have never watched an entire video cause I fall asleep every time.

    24. Lunacx

      "Glitter bow or glitter heart?" "Glitter hear-" "Bow? Ok." "Ah yes, that's what I wanted for sure." **regrets life choices**


      werrrrrcome guys...and I´m already tucking under my bed

    26. onemob1

      Hey! WeRcome back! :))

    27. ASMR Pillow

      Anyone else wonder how many times that comb has been used?

    28. Eva Corsinovi

      I very very very likes

    29. #cute club

      Me when I find a lice in my hair I SAY MUM MY LIfE IS RUINED When ting ting sees a lice in hair She says everything will be ok I’ll get it out as soon as possible

    30. #cute club

      Normally if I was having my hair done ummm yea I would be running as far as way as possible but if I was tings wig I would be doing it every day

    31. #cute club

      Ting ting : what would u like bow or heart Me: heart Ting ting : bow it is Me : no wait I wan....... ting ting : *puts bow in hair * Me* how disopointing :( D:

    32. Fernanda Santos

      Amei.... muitos arrepios na cabeça..... 💖💖💖

    33. Raichelle Gwyneth Ocampo

      13:40 okay guyss magic suyod yon pampuksa ng mga kuto't lisa na di maubos ubos

    34. gabriel washaha

      So do I have lice?🤷🏼‍♀️

    35. Brandice Nicolle

      Anyone else get annoyed when people thank others for likes? 🙄😂

    36. Breanna Deal

      I'm so concerned by all the comments saying their nurses didn't do thorough lice checks or just handed them ice packs. My school nurse did a check like every three months and if you had lice you were quarantined until a parent came to get you and you weren't allowed back at school until you'd been nit free for like 2 days. Also, the most disgusting treatment I've ever had for lice was legit putting mayonnaise on my hair. It works, and doesn't have all the chemicals of the lice medication...but holy hell it smelled so bad.

    37. Isaac Roberts

      Why does she look at us like we can see the top of our heads?

    38. Gail Granberry

      Found Ting Ting by reading random comments on one of Latte’s videos. Subscribed immediately! Thanks guys!

    39. Kentrez Bell

      Tingting By the way your videos are awesome !!! 💜💜💜💜

    40. Kentrez Bell

      No disrespect but why Does Tingting Manikin . Sounds like a cardboard box when rub against it with her comb .

    41. Andrew E

      Mom, I don't think she said my hair is nice I think she said I have head lice?

    42. Judy Delarosa


    43. Monkey May

      In England we don’t have lice check in school if you need medical assistance they just say put a plaster on it and send you back.

    44. joei cai

      don’t EVERRR Whisper again

    45. joei cai

      this is like so gross

    46. Jake Nadalet


    47. Natalie Kirkley

      Me: My head has a been a little itchy and i think i might have lice School Nurse: ... Me: ? School Nurse: HaVe An IcE pAcK

    48. Sara Maddison

      Time checks lol 00:01-00:10=❤️❤️❤️ 00:10-00:20=❤️❤️❤️ 00:20-01:59=😊😊😊 Lol these are to show how much I love her lol

    49. Felix Jones

      doctor: you have tree weeks to live the make a wish foundation is coming in me: (blurts out) ting tings wig

    50. Tegan Rogers

      I love how she says welcome it sounds so tingly

    51. NANOTECH Reviews

      Hair stickers ?lol 😂 🤣

    52. Omnia Kharbouch


    53. Maecy Riches

      Yay it’s 2020

    54. anne charlie

      666k views ngl kinda scared 😦

    55. •Słødka Gacha•

    56. Jamie Purvis

      Having the bow on looks like JoJo siwa

    57. Fariha Kuayum

      I don't know if I'm tired from the tingles or tired because it's 12am..

    58. うさぱンだ


    59. yakulteu

      ting ting, just snatch my wig off

    60. Bosh _

      Wercome beck