A NEW WORLD - How To Minecraft #1 (Season 6)



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    How To Minecraft Season 6. An SMP series. Enjoy!
    Series Playlist: essels.info/longPL9O6nOlKeOld6FXnzvTBAVWpdOisSJfBb.html
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    Welcome to How To Minecraft S6! A brand new 1.14 SMP. This is going to be a private Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server made just for us to play on and enjoy the brand new Minecraft in it’s most simplistic form with custom plugins and more!
    SMP is a great way to create stories, plots, enemies, friends, and interactions.
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    1. Ahmed Hami

      how do you join a how to mincraft server?

    2. Savage Animations

      How am i just now finding this?

    3. Zygimantas Adomavicius

      I've never played Minecraft before, but even I feel nostalgic watching this. I am the MMO type of guy, but it is awesome that Minecraft is not dead!

    4. Roberto Sierra

      Could I get f in the chat my ps4 broke

    5. Ghost Clan

      i have been watching for 6 years

    6. Ryan Cooper


    7. Enderscythe i

      F's for lachy

    8. Fronk Oshen

      Vikk 'JustTheTip' Star123

    9. Papyrus Undertale

      46:57 LOOK ITS BALD. (Jk jk jk) Ok, yes, I watch a lot of skeppy.... Ok still, great work vikk.

    10. JoeyGames HD

      anyone know what head set hes using?

    11. Jackomaticvii 123

      With chest you have to place them looking the same way next to each other.

    12. Double O

      Shouldve got Syndicate on the Server but hey

    13. Kzwolf

      No one: Literally no one: Vikk: FOR THE CULTURE!!!!!!!!!

    14. ItsDez98

      Ayyyyyy, the salty lagoon!!

    15. Mikey

      Thinking back to watching this just makes me happy :)

    16. Brandon Mcqueenie'Wells

      #H6M GOD

    17. Prince Ralsei

      Season one: The original. 7/10 Season two: The best. 10/10 Season three: We don’t speak of it. 3/10 Season four: Back to shape. 8/10 Season five: Eh... 6/10 Season six. *It’s back.*

    18. Prince Ralsei

      I’ll be honest. Around when you stopped doing minecraft videos, I stopped watching. I haven’t watched you since then. Now, I have finally found this. The nostalgia, mixed with excitement, it’s amazing. Thank you for coming back.

    19. Jayden Seaton

      lol the grren screan in the glasses

    20. Preston Pierce

      #durp 33:00

    21. risxd07 _

      I am from season 2 lol btw anyone remember vikk’s castle from season 1-2

    22. MOOKIE 0602

      Tbnr kenworth lol you look like a ice cream cone

    23. sshock

      Check out my Minecraft lets play essels.info/video/video/rKWwkp2ImrG_sIk.html

    24. Ticking Timebomb


    25. aaron flack

      True legends have been here since crazy craft with Noahcraftftw

    26. shortie

      yooooo its been years since ive come across ur channel again im so happy how to minecraft is still going. i still remember all those videos with pete and all the other youtubers, maybe i’ll go back to watching your vids 😊

      1. James Evans

        Ahahah t ended yesterday

    27. Ishaan M

      I wanna say something but does not work in 2019 26 october

    28. Muumis

      Hey dude i know this will be buried under all the comments but the power of believe that you will see this is strong. When i didint have pc i watched you alot to keep things short i came back finally found your channel and videos since i got pc of my own and oh boy how i have missed your voice and videos. Just do what you love and have fun and thank you so much for everything

    29. Trifecta Peace

      God you know what I miss? CrazyCraft.... God, the good ol days... 3.0 is still the best Crazy Craft

    30. SmallBoiH !!

      You gotta be a Virgin if you watch any of Viks videos .

    31. Cathie Barnes

      Sing the revenge song

    32. Meow Landish

      Someone: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover. Me, an intellectual:

    33. Bridger Knee

      “It has curse of binding..” “My dad used cursed of Vanishing of when I was 12” (Around 46:00)

    34. Dr Potato

      Who is rewatching

    35. Steven Jason Grijalva

      hey vikkstar123

    36. Blitzslinger _YT

      did anyone notice that he placed the chest facing different ways?

    37. InvKobbyt

      At 1:27:10 vikk broke the crafting at the same time as the admin did something to the anvil

    38. InvKobbyt

      At 1:27:04 Vikk placed the crafting table at the same as the admin places an anvil and it sounded like when vikk placed the crafting table it sounded like the anvil

    39. truetentic

      Wow: He just got an iron pikaxe by only talking!

    40. Dwork Plays

      Tell me you did VikkTowers

    41. Dwork Plays

      Damn the memories are coming back

    42. SierraDelta71 -02

      Vikk plz play with all the old minecraft bois I hate to ask for likes but plz so Vikk can see

    43. Lyndie Jewitt

      Chests can still join

    44. William Ash



      Its D2DANTHEMAN2


      Good job love your ESsels channel I subbed and hit the bell keep up the good work and could you shout out my ESsels channel

    47. Matheus de Melo Morais

      Hello I m Speak english to Minecraft, new like! Subscrito.

    48. Korey Doss

      OMG I have been waiting for this for ever

    49. Ella gwyneth Hufana

      This is worth crying for. Fortnite separated them apart, but minecraft brought them back 😭😭

      1. Gabriell TheGamer

        Wdym they cant play minecraft 10 years straight give them a break

    50. YEET LORD

      you just see alexace spawn while hes talking.

    51. QOTN

      YAAASSS. I’ve honestly missed this series sooo much

    52. Raid_Z_LO

      What does vikk stream on(never knew he had this channel for mc)

    53. Green Sand

      his face cam is too high up

    54. Fade Disrupt

      i remember the times when they doubted even a season 3 would come and how they joked about even nearly getting to 6, the nostalgia is unreal. like if you have been around since the beginning

    55. Green Sand

      his face cam and voice recording are out of sync

    56. Fangirl Sara

      Me, coming back here after rewatching h1m: cries in nostalgia

    57. Hara


    58. Emma Motze

      Vikk, the friendly neighborhood minecrafter

    59. King Julien

      Play pixelmon with lachlan

    60. Lem Rin

      Reopen the vikkcraft server 😤