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  1. Max Herrell

    25:00 it’s funny cause it kinda looks like the Chromatica album cover

  2. Melissa Kalberg

    Mine is some kind of girl, (mk look) also i rlly like ur vids, i watch them when i do my maths homework

  3. Marlène Zoet

    It's a look!

  4. Jasmeet Unicorn

    Anyone in 2020 ?🤘🏻

  5. littlesnowflalkeblue 9

    i know how you feel my paw paw pasted away dur to cancer

  6. Allisson Canela Martinez

    Yassssss queen 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈

  7. Mary Samara Elise Santiago

    i love you Nikkie 😘 please support my channel. Thank you so much! 😍

  8. littlesnowflalkeblue 9

    your so pretty and you be you girl i love you even more

  9. Stephanie Grant

    Great 🎨 and Great Timing. In my opinion. Go Jeffree.

  10. Charles Keener

    Nikkei i made first stair today to get training from a goddess and i know that it is going to be scare but i happy that I did this Nikkei and I know that it is going to be scare Nikkei and i feel the same way as you do

  11. Respect chaesoo

    Stan jisoo from blackpink

  12. K V

    So did Nikkie buy this with her own money? Or did she say she got as a PR?

  13. Sienna Becker

    You go girl

  14. gacha bloody jade / jake

    I saw her video first

  15. Tyler C.

    Hi Nikkie! My Zodiac is Rising - Taurus Ascendant - Taurus Descendant - Scorpio Moon - Pisces Also, fun fact. You are 2 months and 4 days older that me 😄

  16. Bored Potato

    Today I just came out to my parents and it feels so good to let it off my shoulders and I feel so proud. But my parents are terrible and so disappointed and weirded out.

  17. MMBV makes makeup

    11 55 when are you going to set me huh

  18. imani pillow

    what are Nikki's pronouns/ I dont want to offend

  19. rebecca sutton

    I just didn’t like the palette at first because death and cremation is a sensitive topic to me. BUT THATS JUST ME

  20. Isabella Smith

    Damn I bought the maybelline one for 8$ only

  21. Allison Vurgaropulos

    Sailor moon is amazing and this is cool

  22. Absolutely Flawlash

    What was the highlighter she used? I adore it!

  23. Olivia Harrington

    MMMM GIRL!!! Her voice can I have a voice like that!

  24. StephanieIRL


  25. Bradley Hanson

    If you’ve made it to my comment, I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous comments and replies from Graham Butler. Use my comment to rant about it, and report as many of those as you can. This isn’t a ploy to get likes. It’s drawing attention away from the troll. Have a lovely day. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  26. Bianca Leah Makeup

    I don't normally gravitate to the grey tones, however this palette could make some really beautiful looks! loved the lighter toned eye look! keen to see you create more looks with this palette.

  27. Billy Nicole

    I'm sorry it is private to you, but to UNDERSTAND. are YOU both- physically and psychically male and female? I'm sorry for being so intrusive, but it is educational to me. Thank you.

  28. Smiley T!

    ok but since he’s been working on this for A LONG TIME HE DID NOT KNOW THAT ANY OF THIS WAS GONNA BE HAPPENING

  29. cody jaramillo

    I wouldn't say I crease under my eyes but more separation of my makeup. Any tips or tricks?

  30. Billy Nicole

    I didn't look through the comments...but are you a hermaphrodite? Hermes+ Aphrodite. I'm not sure at all. I am pretty ignorant to this, but I am fascinated by the androgenis and just human um, I'm not even sure how to say it. I went to the High school for the performing and visual arts. I am a visual artist. So, Identity, Beauty and individuality- mainly personal EXPRESSION, is interesting. I watch Jeffery Starr, James Charles and now You. I get to learn a lot. Thank you for sharing this. Education is important and to actually experience this Live, is so happy. Thank you

  31. Lillith The Troll

    5:09 “Eyebrows“ “ᑎOᴏᵒ“

  32. AdrianNicole._.

    it’s 2020 and i still come back to watch this video.

  33. Linda Rei

    look like you had filter on... omg i love this makeup and your base

  34. Lisa Cahill

    Man im really feelin that hot red shade❤

  35. Ra X


  36. Felicia Gibson

    matchbox 20

  37. Shasi Limbu

    I love HudaBeauty Foundation.. brought TWO 😍

  38. Rawan Moalla

    It is cinda like irish Ilive in Ireland🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  39. Ravneet Kaur

    Hello Nikki plz reply I have quetsion to ask!!! Which primer did u use when you said it’s the only one thing that you can put and go outside without makeup?? Giving u smooth and radiant finish !!! PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL MEEE PLZ 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  40. Elizabeth Bowman

    She sounds a little like sia, but a little better

  41. ghostly petals

    I’m trans mtf to 🥺🌈💖

  42. Felicia Morgan

    Her voice is so beautiful

  43. Nico Frouws

    Ahhhhh so cool that you are a Funko Pop collector! Loooooove