What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. Ted Bear


  2. Hey look i’m a cat

    I didn’t get scared with jumpscare

  3. sraM GD

    Is your mom based on toriel from undertale? 6:01

  4. Unicorn Squad

    Did anybody hear at the end like that smash button

  5. 100k subs with no videos?


  6. TehNewbieBoi

    Instead of redrawing the character every frame you could just use a separate layer.

  7. The Iron Rubber duck

    Jaiden is your sister

  8. Emmalene Hewitt

    At first I thought this was a markipliyer XD

  9. ye no

    Okay everyone only cares about how their comments are getting likes but like adam are you okay? This song is so sad

  10. Monica Almazan

    If u r cool check out PUNWARD

  11. Mackenzie McCann


  12. mario spaghetti

    "anyways don't forget to uh Like that Smash button" Lol ( not a hate comment )

  13. Help the Enkrypt

    A Vadous called Fameous is Lameous By Amous Or Fames is Lames by Aid- OH GOD

  14. Jayden Lalihatu

    Adam i hope you get better So you can make more vids

  15. theodd gamer5

    I just noticed that this video was 1 day after my birthday

  16. Benjamin Bucks

    I’m girl and I ate papers

  17. Zane Hofmann

    4:13 that jump scare doh

  18. Treff Smith

    Free March

  19. Senpai Si

    Make a movie please

  20. Nadeto wolf

    Whenever this happens I end up having a mental break down because of how frustrating it is

  21. Azul Zarco

    Why da jump scar srry to lazy tocspell

  22. Arsene

    Why do you dream this?

  23. Bizar gacha

    Werd thing I did was ride gots bc I live on a farm and I dresed up the gots in ribins and my moms fabric

  24. The_invisibleguy

    Food advice, just look up a recipe you can find a easily repeatable recipe that you can by bulk crap of and eat it for a week

  25. Lava _Brain735

    Bruh. I thought I was watching a Markiplier vid

  26. Ulises Aguilar Orizaga

    Duddddeee no homo but your are hot AF (I’m actually gay so whatever) greetings from Guadalajara Mexico

  27. Carlos R Gonzalez

    You know what, I will personally buy Adam a whole pack of chocy milk

  28. Dark Unicorns

    James: *screams like a girl * James: NO MEANS NO ADAM Me: and wake up time means wake up time

  29. New under Craft

    Untitled goose game

  30. Blue_DaCrazyAnimator

    Jaiden: *Makes a random thought video* theodd1sout/ SomeThingElseYT: oh... I don't think so! ...Three can play at that game >:3

  31. randi ripley

    hey adam let's play i got 2 legendarys and a whole deck let's battle

  32. Lewis Diggle

    Who else thought Adam was waring glasses

  33. NickBlox

    "SUPER IMPORTANTE!!!!!!!!" is super important in Mexican... Don't you mean Spanish?

  34. Lewis Diggle

    Chocky milk merch pls

  35. sakura heartfilia

    SAAAMMEE!! And you know what's worse? They all come asking me for help when it's about subjects they don't understand so I'm really shocked, do they think I'm stupid and lazy or do they think I'm smart and quick witted ? I really can't get them, so I always do those projects by myself and I ALWAYS have the best grades in the whole classroom even though they are FIVE working on said project and I'm ALONE! Yeah I'm still mad...I'M ANGRY!! Like come on, and you know what's worse? Even if I do work everyone else who are absolutely not working with us, they all dare to assume that I'm the one doing nothing, just because I'm new to that school and they know those other kids better, like what sh*tshow is this, what's worse is that they even lie to the teachers AND THOSE F*CKERS ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM!! So yeah, now I never listen in class, I don't care what they say, I don't work and I still get better grades, F*CK YOU ALL LOSERS !! ...Sorry it just reminded me of some unpleasant memories AND I'M NOT SORRY AT ALL THEY DESERVE SO MUCH WORSE THEN ONLY ME TYPING BIG IN MY EFFING COMPUTER BY MYSELF ON MY BED! But I still have to be patient because only cowardly people actually use hands to fight it out when you can do it intellectually, ah but if they ever dare and attach you, you're allowed to break their bones, I personally always did my best to provoke them so that if they ever start fighting I'd get away with it since its only self defense, and I think they understood what was on my mind cause every time they said they'd fight they never actually did, and afterwards I'm so sad cause I didn't get to slam their faces on the walls and tables.... Ah so sad~~ If only they weren't so afraid of me, even though they keep on talking sh*t behind my back, they can't afford to do it on my face, and just me staring at them always scare them away, I guess they still have a bit of brains after all, so sad~ 😔

  36. The Greatest Meowstic

    Adam kinda does sound like markiplier

  37. emily the hitman

    I didn't know grapes like choclate milk.

  38. The hoodie team

    Girl play too!

  39. Noah Fluegel

    Lol that animation tho😂

  40. Bescetor 90

    In the begining i actually thougth it was mark

  41. a.a.s 1345 renner

    Your school has an a and b day to ? I thought only my school was on drugs because I have the same thing

  42. Luna Munoz

    SomethingelseYT: ''who drank the last CHOCY MALK'' *me just casually drinking chocy malk while watching this vid.UvU*

  43. JD Messer

    Adam coom?

  44. Ronica Poe

    When I saw the Legos I already knew what I was in for 😂😂😂

  45. Po Fish

    I remember like when I was younger my babysitter would make me and my brother have “nap time” at like 4 pm and I watched a bunch of my little pony and I just replayed everything that happened in my little pony in slo-mo with extra drama and then my babysitter would come in and yell at me because I wasnt napping

  46. beefy draws

    Billy :(destroys Adam's ds) Adam : u wot m9 👊 >:)

  47. JD Messer

    Bruh why

  48. Magic Muffin Cat

    cough cough MEGALODONSS

  49. Laini the puppy lover

    Adam/Something Else YT is... Amazing ESselsr Amazing rapper Amazing animator Amazing singer Amazing beat boxer Amazingly cool guy

  50. MeMe StEaLeR !

    To be honest,...I @$#/!?-+ ALSO LOVED BANANAS AS A KID

  51. Raichous

    Sounds like a great concept for a horror movie tbh

  52. dark steve

    i already eat paper ur such a lier

  53. Nate The Great


  54. •cinnabun cakes•

    2:07 something angel dust would do

  55. carmen corona


  56. gemma Shield

    I don't dream or have nightmares

  57. Charla Kahler

    "Mama seaks" seaks? *IT'S SEEKS*

  58. S.S Artificial

    Man U changed

  59. Mr Raptor

    Im Batman

  60. TxgerLxlly

    "Okay bye love you-" my *hEaRt*

  61. Gray Kay

    Adam when the audience says awwwwwwww: NO NO DO NOT DO THAT Adam when the Audience cheers: * sounds of excitement*

  62. Rex the dog

    ChipFlake: Well, I will just say, YOU STOLE MY CONTENT!

  63. Conor Colclough

    I did it just because it sorta worked but I stabed it and it oof

  64. Jessica Elgie

    Good song

  65. Mr AceUniverse

    Main Question: What Inside the box??!!!

  66. Mega Ascension

    It’s not too late. I had no money to get any cards and I was never allowed to have a DS to play the games because it would take away from “family time”. I started collecting the cards when I was fifteen in an attempt to live my childhood before I went off to college. I now have watched about 200 episodes of the tv show, played several of the video games, seen six of the movies, and have about 5,000 cards. If you want to play Pokémon, do it. Half of the people at my local card tournaments are older than me and I’m a senior in high school.

  67. Gray Kay

    Creators of dsi : REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  68. TTV_Youtube-skull brea

    Adam:I like her Shoe: I like her Adam:I like her Shoe: I like her Adam: @*$#&* You

  69. Jgaming Cod mobile

    The poop part was hilarious 💩

  70. Jaidan Brashier

    3:59 sounds like nasal JaidenAnimations.

  71. Seth Folickman

    I have the common sense shirt

  72. Lorna Davis


  73. Mike

    I can already see someone out there being like "OH WAIT I REMEMBER $MANGO$! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" I hope there is someone at least

  74. TTV_Youtube-skull brea

    Adam: I like her

  75. Mark St. John Erickson

    Play luigis mansion hears noise hopes it’s not a ghost but then out of closet odd1sout says bills are coming

  76. Rex Torres

    Was waiting for the probing part. Disappointed!!! Unsubscribe!!! JK. I love your stories man.

  77. Janelle Bressler

    After 8:13 the style changes? Is it just me??

  78. JokeTest50


  79. Karson Andrew

    That banana one tho

  80. RKM Squad

    I also had my jaw grow out slowly

  81. MyRobloxNameIs- GodOfGames1100


  82. neelbeach218

    Hey Adam u should of just said tomato soup is poop

  83. T -800

    Great song Adam, #SomthingElesYT and #theodd1sout are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE

  84. Christian Kinglee

    I feel u

  85. JokeTest50

    SoandSo = Markiplier just so ya know guys... :/

  86. Jayden Lalihatu

    Duck tomato soup It suck Adam:i Love tomato soup Me:reee!!

  87. Joshua_DATGUY

    This is so true

  88. gacha life lol

    Adam: *sees chocolate milk* Me:*drinks it* Adam: NANI!? THAT WAS THE LAST OF THE GOD DARN CHOKIE MILK! *Im not allowed to swear in comments dont judge me >:(*

  89. Jack Lachman


  90. avocado god God

    I almost got arrested once for prank calling

  91. Josh Morales

    It happened four days ago

  92. Blue_DaCrazyAnimator

    Adam: HAHA! Stahp it...they're watchingg ME: AAAGH WHO?!!! Oh Wait..... *face palm*

  93. SuffrrPVP

    if im gonna be myself im gonna be kicked out of my school

  94. Josh Morales

    But the creepy thing is I didnt watch your channel till three days ago and this just scared me to death when I found out I couldn't speak

  95. JokeTest50

    I thought you were terrified of demonetisation. Or not.

  96. Josh Morales

    Somethingelse you remember mama seeks I had a dream of it and my brother couldnt see and then I threw a towel then she ran and killed me

  97. Maximo Hernandez


  98. Jack Bowen

    You son of a bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu

  99. Lucas Long

    I like Naruto too

  100. Lucas Long

    My imagination is wild too.