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  1. Zeet

    Remember how hyped were we for this movie.

  2. Zeet

    I still can't believe that they put hulk in the trailer but not in the movie. It's like those fake thumbnails on ESsels videos to attract people 😄😄.

  3. Julio Cesar


  4. beast slayer123

    Why does the big thing at the end look like a giant version of captain america

  5. OjaruFan

    Gwenpool’s voice sounds lovely. :)

  6. Deadpool Chimichangas

    Hmmmmm interesting

  7. Paul T Sjordal

    Kamala is one of the hottest new characters at Marvel. If you haven't read her book, definitely check it out. She's even more adorkable than Barry Allen.

  8. Kayne Tesoro

    My theory is that the enemy she face in this trialer is not an enemy. Its hawkeye

  9. Ayush Srivastava

    In 2050, Dad who are the avengers? Me:- there was an idea....

  10. PasadenaPeace

    ''causing him to forget his job and his wife'' ...and it all makes sense now🤔

  11. JurassicAvengerG14

    2 years later, still an awesome trailer and infinity war one of the best superhero movies ever made. Love this trailer 3000

  12. oopsie its henka

    I guess you really don’t mess around with Jim......


    *HI THERE GORGEOUS😍😍😍 **0:47*

  14. Henrique Viola

    I wanted to see Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch!!

  15. I AM GREAT Always GREAT

    1:04 Hawkeye aim.

  16. Mayo Choi

    0:33 i love this

  17. fathomflaw

    Netflix should have pick up the Marvel's Most Wanted as a television pilot and air it and have Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) and Lance Hunter would also appearing on The Defenders miniseries, joining with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist forming the team call The Defenders.

  18. Elvin Garcia

    From The Studio That Brought You Guardians Of The Galaxy™ Ant-Man® And Spider-Man: Homecoming™


      @Elvin Garcia I AM THE STUDIOS

    2. Elvin Garcia

      Scarlett Johnson Is Marvel Studios Black Widow Coming To Theaters April 30th 2020 In Reald 3D Dolby Cinema™ And IMAX® ©2020 MARVEL

  19. Princess Shannon

    chaotic good XD you can tell they're having fun haha

  20. Hungry People

    Even after black widdow tariler this gives me thrills

  21. Elvin Garcia

    From The Studio That Brought You Iron Man The Incredible Hulk And Thor

  22. Elvin Garcia

    From The Studio That Brought You Iron Man And The Incredible Hulk

  23. Darth revan

    Some people stop watching this trailer.... but not us.....not us

  24. Rafael Felipe Costa

    We're in 2020, and still is the best super hero movie trailer ever made.

  25. Darth revan

    I remember I was refreshing the marvel page to see if anything was out yet and this popped up and said “15 seconds ago” now it’s 2 years.......


    Teacher: u can't live if u copy others baby taskmaster: hold ur choke

  27. Gabriel Pino

    so does this take place after Civil War but before Infinity War?

  28. Mah81

    The GOAT of Trailers.

  29. Spider 91

    This is Amazing

  30. Sampson Ray Simon


  31. God Child

    I hope the game play is worth it for $67.00. That's my cell phone bill once a month. 1

  32. Khushi Patel

    I want to see "pepper pots" own movie

  33. Human Being

    I thought the movie was gonna take place before the first Avengers.


      I thought I was your dad

  34. digitaldirtnap1

    Zoe is so friggin hot 🥵

  35. elaipark

    Berk berk IS THE DOG STILL ALIVE?? Bwahahahahah

  36. Dan Robinson

    I have the original comics from 1982. Got them when I was 15 then.

  37. Hunter Cohen

    Is the enemy of this movie Task Master?? If so I’m so down for that!! 👍👍👍

  38. Ira Ford

    Can't wait to see taskmaster in black widow and the avengers game later this year.

  39. FunShaman Society

    I Am TaskMaster&BlackWidow~ThAnkFul~SmilingAsAboVeSoBelowAsé⛥♦️)0(/G\🐝🐬💯❤️

  40. Sonic10spider


  41. AndrewAU

    Man, I'd love some Daredevil vs. Taskmaster fights.

  42. Evan Smith

    Why do people care that this movie takes place before endgame? I dont get it.

  43. AlienNug

    If you put Nolan North and Troy Baker in a game together you know the dialogues gonna be good

  44. Kro Kid

    i wish he still did marvel tl dr

  45. wynter cantu

    okay but the guys at 4:17 and especially the one in red are hot asf tho 👀

  46. Saad Alenany

    2020 anyone!!

  47. HugoS

    He should be a long term underground villain in the MCU.

  48. Marco Marc

    Kills 2018 Thanos Thanos (2014): on your left!


    Bring me the Ghost Rider

  50. Hamidul Haque

    Kinda like spiderman ps4

  51. Jean

    Taskmaster has always been super cool. His modern look is amazing in the trailer. I wonder if his helmet opens up like Iron Man's?

  52. Brevin Floyd Catinsag

    Please, don't kill Taskmaster. He's my favorite Marvel villain.

  53. Saad Alenany

    2020 anyone !!

  54. EllaC

    I love the mystery of ''who's behind the mask?''. Another reason I'm totally hype for Black Widow. I can't wait!

  55. Konsta ntinos

    ''A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts''. I'll say this trailer aged well...

  56. RAYAN 007

    ITS BEEN a GODDAMN year, man I can't believe it

  57. RAYAN 007

    Some people forget the trailer But not us..

  58. RAYAN 007

    I can't believe that it's been a year omg ...

  59. Laura Rossi


  60. Sweaty fletchYT

    Hela is a better female character than captain marvel

  61. cabeza de huevo

    el mejor trailer de la historia

  62. Boondock

    Hes no Greg Davies.

  63. Arez

    Rahhh 2 years

  64. Asgard Ninja

    Taskmaster nerfed yet again

  65. Asgard Ninja

    Nat isn't THAT good is she?

  66. The_Lady _Loki

    Love this character SO MUCH !!! it's my phone's wallpaper since 1y and half now 😭😭😂

  67. Rocket Raccoon

    Me : Devastated about the fact that MCU didn't respect him enough in the Big Screens so that Black Widow and her Russian buddies can look better. MARVEL STUDIOS : Opens the zipper and pees on my wounds with a Taskmaster 101 video. Me: Slowly suffers in depression.

    1. Rocket Raccoon

      @Jean I'm not saying I'm a DC fan. I respect all the time, money and effort both MARVEL and DC put into their movies. I just wish DC characters can be Professional, mature and badass like MARVEL. I don't have any problem with Black Widow and her pals looking awesome and badass. I just want them to do it right. They're degrading a Supervillain who's CHARISMATIC AND RESOURCEFUL enough to go toe to toe with their ENTIRE AVENGERS by himself. The comics proved that as a true fact. MARVEL STUDIOS purposely made Taskmaster lame so Black Widow can enjoy the spotlight at the expense of him. They are making a huge mistake. Last time they did this was on Iron Man 3, Thor the Dark World and Age of Ultron. History showed time and time again how that turned out. I'm not asking MARVEL STUDIOS to put TASKMASTER on a pedestal. I, a random fan, is humbly asking them to give him enough respect to protect his self worth. I am asking them to use him not as a punching bag but as a worthy, badass opponent. All these fancy trailers and he didn't even have a line for himself yet. People never change. 😞

    2. Jean

      LOL You remind me of the dc fanboys who pretend to be Marvel fans to attack from the inside. p.s Black Widow looks freaking awesome !!!

  68. Asgard Ninja

    Love how Bruce and Hulk look

  69. jv America

    See you in a minute 😀

  70. Tom Fitzpatrick

    well this is new for hulk

  71. Miffin the gaming pikachu ._.

    I recommen this to all Lego and marvel fans (about everyone)


    The next big hit

  73. Marshawn Sims

    You killed your creator of the animation now I hate you for that I'm never watching you again Deadpool

  74. Eduard Medina

    Better than Avengers Endgame movie

  75. terry noonan

    I didn’t want to watch this but.......oh my,even the music gives me goosebumps.......

  76. Igol.D.Luguno

    he wont beat my boys moon knight

  77. Toxic


  78. Mauro Collado

    Daredevil's life is always a tragedy

  79. Borosin Yas

    I wish him to be strong around ufo

  80. Toxic

    I forgot tony stark is going to be in this movie and NOW IM MORE HYPED FOT THIS MOVIE

  81. shakti Singh

    i am doctor strange [ snap ]

  82. Victor Mkhetsane

    At exactly 1:05, gives away. The Task Master in Black Widow has gone up against Steve and Hawkeye

  83. Norvik Boghosian

    Loved it,nice music, suite moves like iron man was nice.

  84. DDazzle


  85. Ridhima Pandey

    Is that Daniel Souza who gets shot????

  86. Omar 3fn

    Is season 4 coming

  87. rks


  88. Mourad MEBARKI

    *SPOILER ALERT* Natasha finds out her family wants to kill her, taskmaster is hawkeye (he wants to save her from her family) Her parents dies and her sister goes to jail and at the end they go to nigeria to plan the mission, it takes place 1 week before civil war and at the post credits, we see doctor doom. You welcome i just saved your 2 hours and 21 min.

  89. Endangered Mexican

    Still here

  90. Buck Morris

    Who composed this song??

  91. Channel 14

    "I've lived alot of time I was a Japanese cyborg"

  92. Christopher Harold Newman Domain

    If Kym Whitley had a long gold metallic glove, she could be MISTY KNIGHT.

  93. cikif

    Some people will stop watching these after seeing the movie. But not us. Not us...

  94. B.Rye.N

    ...just here waiting for Phase 4😳

  95. Loren z o

    I will learn how to drive a motorcycle just so I can use the Taskmaster helmet.

  96. Amam Dalal

    Thanks Marvel. We needed this.

  97. Abhishek Singh

    I really liked infinity war better than endgame..

  98. adam bump

    I love the Taskmaster's missions in Spider-Man PS4 can't wait to see Him in Black Widow.

  99. Fundevin 12

    I can watch it all day

  100. Varun Saindane

    ये ट्रेलर जब आया था मैं पूरे दिन कई बार इसे देखता था। बहुत साल से mcu के बारे में बहुत सवाल थे, ट्रेलर देख के ही अजीब सिहरन होने लगी। फिर आया दूसरा ट्रेलर, एक्सितमेंट और ज्यादा ही गयी क्योंकि वो ट्रेलर भी जबरदस्त था। फिर इनफिनिटी वार।देखा, हॉल में कई लोग अपसेट लगे क्योंकि उन्होंने पहले की काफी मूवी देखी नही थी। सबमे सिर्फ मैं ही सँतुष्ट प्राणी था, क्योंकि जानता था इतने सालों की मेहनत एक फ़िल्म में समाई नहीं जा सकती और इनफिनिटी वार फिर भी अपने आप मे परफेक्ट मूवी थी। पूरा एक साल अगली मूवी (इंडगेम) के इंतेज़ार में बिताया। फिर आयी इंडगेम मूवी, मेरे 10-12 साल के सब्र की हर जवाब देती मूवी। लगभग सारे सवाल का जवाब दे गई ये मूवी। लेकिन कई नए सवाल छोड़ गई, लेकिंन इंडगेम आने से पहले mcu की हर मूवी मैं अनजाने सवाल की खोज में बार बार देखा करता था। लेकिन जब से इंडगेम देखा मुझे संतुष्टि हो गयी। अब मैं पुरानी मूवी नहीँ देखता बार बार क्योंकि सबके जवाब मिल गए। उममीद है कैप्टन जब सारे स्टोन वापस रखेगा तो हर स्टोन रखने की चुनोतियाँ दिखाने वाली कोई वेब सीरीज़ या मूवी भविष्य में जरूर आएगी।