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    Game Theorists, I thought of a idea for Fnaf VR. What if you finish the game without collecting the tapes?

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    I will say this from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for this research you made!!! Thank you for making a point that was backed up!!!!

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    Hey Austin, i got something for you to figure out. As i can remember, someone did the math about, how much weight Steave from Minecraft is able to carry around. Now the question. How much force (and destuction) could we possibly do, if we hit a wall or ground with the maximal amount of speed. I'm looking forward to it. I apolegies for misstakes inside the Text.

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    Thumbnail and title is about the Drowned, the only mention of which is in the intro and at the end as a "by the way"

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    In the original fnaf book wasn’t golden Freddy a guy and I know that they aren’t in the original timeline but we can all tell that the timelines are slowly overlapping

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    fortnite does not own most of there emotes like the t pose that is the thing that if you have a 3D model the full tilt and half tilt is naruto creator's etc.

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    On disc 13 a person might be eating but on disc 11 he might have realized and STARTED RUNNING

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    (Please leave a like for the channel owner to see👍) Just one question about part two, the theory of why the monument is underwater following this line of religious reasoning, will involve the flood? The rain that covered the whole earth in the history of Noah's ark.Because if yes,i think i already know more or less what the second part of the theory is going to be about. (What I'm going to talk about now can be considered almost like a summary kick.) Practically long ago there was a very old people who poked at the gods or their god, so much so that they had a monument that they believed inside lived the entities or entity they poke at, that is, what you said in that part of the theory, but one day they did or were doing something so bad or horrible that made the gods or their god upset, causing them to take the action of sending the flood to the earth as a punishment, but before they did so, he revealed it to humans, so the news spread fast dividing the people.One part decided to follow Noah (or whatever his name was in the history of the game) and to follow his plan to build an ark to survive. While the other part decided to make the monument taller, sponge-covered and stand there at the top of the monument to protect themselves from the rain. Well, I think you already know which of these two plans worked, but that's not the end. Not satisfied with that, the entities or entity they poked decided to curse the people who died in the rain (Or maybe the game water itself, which explains why every time a zombie stays in the game water for a long time it becomes a drowning),thus emerging the drowned.I wait i've been able to write this well,because i used the Google translator and some of my amateur English knowledge to write this.

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    is it me or will MatPat probably not see this theory. so my theory is that the Nether is the core of the Earth and i have a few reasons to back it up. 1.The clock. If you owned a clock in minecraft and brought it with you into the nether, you see it act weird and randomly turn, cause the core of the earth is the center of the magnetic field so if that clock is in the center of the magnetic field, of course it act up. 2.The lava, we all know that the Core of the earth is absolute fire, so with all of that lava, the heat must be coming from the Nether, which would be the core, lastly 3.Bedrock ceiling and floor. If you would to mine down on earth, you get bedrock, and if you were to mine up and/or down in the nether, you get bedrock. so if the nether has a bedrock ceiling and floor, it must be a kinda core, a core of the earth so yeah, thats my theory. And MatPat, if you are reading this, go ahead and do a theory on this if you like

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    I only have a problem with the super marioland (gameboy) era, and the missing first jumpman/mariogame where he just hop on turtles in one single screen with pipes. (PC game) In my opinion thats him as an plumber and after that comes marioland, and than super mario bros and the rest. Makes the Games release days way closer to the timeline and explayns why he is still with peach.

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    A theory for the villagers is that they worked for the ancient builders. In spruce villages there is iron armor. and villagers can't wear that. This would also explain why they have houses even though they can't build

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