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  1. Eboni _TV

    Am I the only one who started thinking about the movie "13 Going on 30" when the song "Vienna" came on? lol

  2. Subscribers from Commenting on videos

    People getting mad because this isn’t a jcole song but I’m mad because the vid only has 2 and a half million views

  3. MrJamesdryable

    Can't even see the ring!

  4. Felipe 7

    Damn Cole

  5. JuJu

    Back when people when actually bought cd’s

  6. Enrique Alfonso

  7. CallmeDre3000

    After 5mins. Me: ah, i get it. I see what you did there Mr. Cole, or should I say PUMA. Well done.

  8. AngelBox

    my dream is to become a successful youtuber



  10. price

    Don’t grow up youngin

  11. akhil jose

    Beat drops " Imagine all the people ...

  12. PriLA Vlogs

    *wtf legend got 4million sub mumbel baby ill shit got millions sub* 🤔

  13. Glo Boi

    Hello me in the future

  14. LeBron James

    1:18 when they said “hold ball, hold ball..” I felt that growing up.

  15. Steve Solo

    Even if you never rap another verse again, on the culture, don’t ever stop creating...✌🏽

  16. Matthew Davis

    J.cole, this was absolutely amazing. Heart felt. It takes alot to enjoy this video the way i did. Most people are blind these days.

  17. Charles Utsey

    A commercial?

  18. Joel Silva

    Is this a song or a Ripoff Nike/Jordan commercial

  19. StuffNotOnIG

    Sample is “my song” and/or “I wonder” by Kanye

  20. SS1 Production

    I watch this like a music always playing

  21. Tactical_ Ace17

    This from superbowl

  22. Mr Cheesehead


  23. East_ Lule

    Africa ......we love J cole♥️♥️best ever 🙏💪

  24. Lili Bjork

    Did anybody else cry while watching this😂


    mans made a 5 min video of him trynna redeem himself

  26. Gabriel Olivier

    J Cole born sinner album changed my life ..for the better. Spoke life into me. I was walking dead..never gonna be happy with my infinity..that all changed after born sinner. Thanks for putting your heart into Cole 💪😎 coleWorld

  27. sammy davidson

    I clicked so fast


    Vienna is my favourite Billy Joel Song

  29. Moses

    hey there just going public with my sounds check em out feel free to drop a comment much love Peace

  30. Mykaila Reynen

    Broken dreams :(

  31. The Fortnite Gamer

    Hey this has my teachers son in this video I’m Harlow


    That good old Billy Joel

  33. Johnny Royce Richardson III

    You gotta have a dream

  34. Carlos Solano

    Crazy how J.Cole would talk shit about Kanye, yet uses his music 🤷🏻‍♂️

  35. Cambert313

    THE BEST of this generation! COLE THE #1

  36. Maxim Lachap

    at first i thought they would transistion into i wonder by kanye

  37. Toastybuns

    Took me till the end to realize this was an ad.

  38. crea the chi boi

    Went through the comments to realize this is a Pumas ad, I’ll see you all later

  39. Ugly Cuzzin

  40. dee essex

    That was tight.

  41. Kevin G

    I got so excited when Vienna played I thought cole was abouta rap on a billy Joel song😞🥶

  42. Pulchritude Modjadji

    And then I had a young flashback of the old Kanye when the vocals came in😱😱

  43. Kariem Bronson


  44. marke Osman

    Like If this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. derien jamie


  46. Lynda Mks

    I love you❤️

  47. Lynda Mks

    I love you❤️

  48. Edgar Flores

    Honestly before seeing this video I had no will to continue.. Everything was becoming dark, I did not see a future for myself. I thank Jermaine Cole for everything he has done to impact my life and continues to do, without him I would be a spec of dirt in this endless universe.

    1. Oscar Sanchez

      You sound like a big pussy

    2. Alvaro Polanco

      stay strong buddy

    3. famousspotter

      Edgar Flores fr lmfao

    4. Edgar Flores

      stfu pussy

  49. Shawn Pryor


  50. rasdasa

    Goddamn Billy Joel had a great voice.

  51. Iñigo Garcia-Fuertes


  52. Saribel Barrera

    The fact that he could of gone to the NBA but chose music is crazy bruh💯 He would have been a goat in any path he chose🐐

  53. Bye Naw

    “i hope you know money won’t erase the pain” i felt that..

  54. Ana P

    Everything he does is amazing! 💕 true artist!

  55. Ezio bezio

    And I wonder

  56. Cruz Pacheco

    Just so everyone knows, it’s not a song, it’s a PUMA ad.

  57. Diyari Adeem

    I love you all 💙💙💙💙💙💙🤙 TMC....

  58. Jason Nguyen


  59. Kenneth Kumesi

    When I saw the ball at the beginning I was waiting for the footage at 4:30... That day was epic .. if he had made that dunk it would have been something else.

  60. Victor Guerrero

    Kanye West - I wonder

  61. Tori Simmone

    This wasn’t even a song and jermaine put me in my feelings 🤔

  62. Israel Barge


  63. Clarita Vasquez

    my heart 🥺

  64. Luis Jaen

    Turn The World Too Your Court !!

  65. Quinten van der Perk


  66. kfc productions

    Who else was excited for a new song by j cole but then see it’s not a song

  67. Viran Music

    So hard to find real music these days #coleworld

  68. Alex Torres

    Rip Kobe

  69. just Nostalgic

    i didn't get it cuz i got it.

  70. Promised One

    My childhood all in one video

  71. Caleb Dorsey

    I thought Kanye was finna start rappin

  72. Anthony Kelley

    Continue to chase our dreams and we will eventually be able to achieve it.

  73. Raposo


  74. malo malo

    Ok he will start rapping now okkk ok hold on he will start now ... WTH

  75. Jeffery Clark

    I remember when i was a kid i used to do the same thing that kid is doing in this video. Thats pretty cool man.

  76. Já peguei sua irmã hoje

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿

  77. Keith Williams

    What I take from this commercial... Cole missed a dunk on purpose just to make a commercial and a statement....Genius

  78. Delta Zxn

    The song is called my song and this was also sampled by Kanye West in his song I Wonder in the graduation go give it a listen it slaps

  79. Tactical_ Ace17

    Love it

  80. Abdallah Alattar

    I will act like I didn't see the "puma" logo at the end.

  81. Jay MARVLIS

    Must be nice to title your videos just with one word

  82. Smouve Couve

    Why do these so called activist always need to show the community playing balls with a piano beat in the background

  83. Daan Roorda

    I just started listening to that billy joël song, i just connected to u on a different level cole <3

  84. Blue Man Scoops

    I was excited for a min

  85. Catalin Burghiu

    first heard about this in Kanye West - I wonder. love this sample forever ever ever

  86. Lingo

    Dope asf but one of the longest commercials I ever seen


    Bruh Kanye West is one of the most amazing producers in hip hop history, I remember he sampled this song.. "My Song"

  88. JustASmurf

    This would be a fukin ad

  89. Paul Cabania

    Lowkey I thought this was a video for Kobe but i guess you can dream...

  90. Geo D

    I felt some Toy Story vibes with the second song.

  91. TkM Pharox

    Thanks man you do a lot for me

  92. Fads Bjm

    I'll come back and show my boy this him (probably after 15-25 years)

  93. maclac48

    Got dammit I thought this was a new cut. 😡

  94. Pablo Lisbôa

    Fé 🤟🏽💎🍀🔥

  95. chiquillin96

    yo so the dreamville x puma shoes come out when? i need to cop a pair

  96. Mabongie Mgaga

    He may have missed the hoop a couple of times, but he stays winning the music game. Rap God forever!

  97. Justin Gilmore

    the moment i heard that first piano chord i knew thta it wasd Labi Siffre. Same guy who Kanye Sampled for I wonder. Nice .

  98. Bellamarie Parker

    Amazing Video That Made Me Smile and Cry At The Same Time. Congrats, It's a Hit 😍😍😍 P.S. I Can Relate 💪🏽

  99. Lostella

    Wonder if they faked the dunk at the end or he actually hit it 🤔

  100. Zaire Martin

    where are your parents