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  1. Belen Selva

    "Girlboss" excellent TV show

  2. cbubble07

    everyone saying "how does she have that many clothes?" or "i only have 30-40 items of clothing." yes it may seem excessive, but you have to understand that it's literally her job to show people clothes. that's literally how she pays her bills and stuff, so we can't hate on her for it.

  3. Livi Rose

    this is great for teenagers to be more educated thank you for using your platform for this!

  4. SleepyZofia

    2:36 harry styles is quacking

  5. Trevor Bird

    pretty sure someone has said this, but like you could totally do a video with the other footage from the apartments you didn't show !! I would love that!!

  6. tece

    Hei I'm hving the same talent like david, i mean the 90 deg tumb

  7. Saby Creatives

    its over now here in Australia horay, hope its almost over around the world.

  8. thewicked_way

    is there any posibility that the "cold" was COVID? naaaahhh!!! ._.

  9. Michela BUDRIS DE NEGRI

    You are so raw. I love you :)

  10. Nele_b

    I remember "Tabula Rasa" being huge in Belgium (Flanders) when it came out, with everyone -including myself- clinging to the edge of their seats for 9 episodes, to step by step see the main character(Mie) heal from memory loss and see the pieces of a police investigation come together. available on Netflix Other 'world famous in Belgium' shows, genre comedy: > 'F.C. De Kampioenen' - stories about members of a soccer club, though not football-themed, where every episode centers around some kind of miscommunication. Ran 1990-2011, has had reruns on Saturdays and every day in summer up until present day and 4 movies about the characters > 'De Kotmadam' - you see the life of different students that rent a room in the house of Jeanne, who owns a candy store. Started in 1991 and will have 25 seasons. also, lots of reruns > 'W817' - another show about students living together, but for a children's network. 1999-2003, again reruns, reruns, reruns. In March of this year the actors announced the possibility of a movie if 50000 people would buy a ticket in advance within a month's time. They did. Unfortunately, I don't know if you can find these to watch in America, but if so, they are enjoyable, light, silly shows where you still laugh, even if it's aired for the 15th time.

  11. Eleni

    I loved Big little lies!!! One of my favorites!!!!!

  12. CCStars

    I’m actually opening an Etsy for knitwear but this is really helpful for lighting tips and stuff so thx ash :)

  13. Maeve K

    if you love Phoebe WB you should watch Killing Eve!!! it's amazing, and is written and created by her. it's the best female-led action/crime/thriller show i've seen, maybe ever!

  14. Katelyn del Toro

    We NEEED more Cooking with Ashley.

  15. chloe x

    my recs (this includes a couple of ashley’s too): - anne with an e - one day at a time - brooklyn nine-nine - the good place - fleabag (!!!) - killing eve - hannibal - new girl - normal people

  16. Mysecond email

    Can Ashley please teach sex-Ed, this is a way better coverage of this topic than we ever got

  17. Jet Black

    highly recommend Please Like Me (hulu) and The End of the Fxxxing World (netflix). They made me feel emotions I didn't know I had.

  18. Daniela Galvez

    I can't wait to watch fleabag after finals aaah!!

  19. ann !

    I really liked Alias Grace, it's a netflix limited series. it follows this young woman grace, who is imprisoned for the murders of 2 people. the episodes are flashbacks that she is narrating to a doctor thats goal is to see if she really did it or if she is mentally ill. it has beautiful landscapes, and great actors. i highly recommend it :)

  20. Sofía Paz

    Honestly the hundred percent cotton is the best tip, I got good shorts at Primark for like 15 euros so don’t worry about the prices here but the tips!

  21. Loren Lapat

    I'm not one to normally comment on a youtube video but watching this made me so happy because this is really the kind of life I want when I'm older. This had such an indie coming of age main character vibe and I'm totally here for it :)

  22. Star Tylers

    I had a bad time with my style (still have no clue what I like) but when I wore jeans and T-shirt like normal to hang out with friends (who are mostly dudes ) people say that me and my female friends are trying to get guys to like us, or that we are trying to be uNiQuE. But if we wore dresses, people would calls us sl*ts. It's so annoying. Thanks for this video though!

  23. crying for viv subs

    i think thrifting is something everyone should be allowed to do no matter the reason. In my area, all the thrift stores usually mark up trendy items anyway so people who are doing it for trendy clothes aren't taking from people in need. Either way, I think everyone should donate to thrift stores and foundations that give the clothes to families and people in shelters.

  24. selma bf

    Istg if i got the starburst package it would all be gone in literally like 3 months. How do i not have diabetes yet.

  25. emi

    40 pieces is a few?? that's like my entire wardrobe LMAOOO

  26. Itzel De La Hoya

    Highly Recommend: 1. Breaking Bad 2. Mad Men 3. Halt and Catch Fire 4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 5. Fleabag ...Also, just started Unorthodox & it's so good!

  27. Agnes Liu

    Oh I love u Ashley. I think this is the most inspiring video about fashion I’ve ever seen, it’s freeing!

  28. natalie andriano

    Back in the kitchen where I belong 💀😂

  29. O l i v i a

    When Ashley is your only stress reliever during quarantine and you're losing your shit because she doesn't post often

  30. Rae Nichols

    im so inlove with your intellect and banter. <3

  31. lisa schroder

    The Fincher shows up more than once. :)

    1. lisa schroder

      My favourite Jesse E movie is Louder Than Bombs. Such a damned pretty film, just insanely beautiful cinematography. No one's watched it but me, haha.

  32. rosie

    i love you so much please be my friend

  33. amara kampert

    just watched fleabag and honestly hey heart is broken i wanted her to end up with the priest so badly

  34. Zoë Foures-Kurt

    I'm extremely surprised that The Handmaid's Tale isn't on there

  35. bernie-beltran munoz

    Babe !!! 😁😁

  36. sandra sabbagh

    I hope Ashley realizes that her fan base is a bunch of people wanting to be friends with her antisocial awkward self

    1. sandra sabbagh


  37. potato chip

    please someone stop ashley from killing small children

  38. Walker

    I couldn’t do it , I can buy a ranch with 400 acres of land here in Alberta for 600k with a 4 bed house meanwhile in nyc you can buy a shoebox for that

  39. Himakshi Sarma

    Phoebe Waller Bridge is a damn QUEEN!! Try out 'Killing Eve'. It's written by Phoebe too.

  40. Emilia Escalera

    i feel like david was an ungrateful little bitch

  41. Nikayla Bautista

    But... but why does he have pans?

  42. Nat L

    OMG, I feel the same. I'm just move to a different place for my studies and all the days I were like a good student, been in my room doing my homework and that kind of STUFF. And now, I'm just wondering to visit a entire world that I don't aventured.

  43. Well-Educated Lesbian

    Where my virgins at? 💅

  44. jelena popovic

    welcome to Ashley spoiling shows :)

    1. jelena popovic

      sorry, I spelled your name wrong

  45. Leslie Aguilar

    WATCH HIGH FIDELITY it's on Hulu and stars Zoe Kravits from Big Little Lies, she also breaks the 4th wall in this show and talks about her top 5 heartbreaks and how they affected her. I think you'd REALLY enjoy it!

  46. Hannah Black

    that intro didn't age well

  47. Nikayla Bautista

    "I wanted my office to look like it is owned by the type of man who would call me 'oriental'" omggggg I can't

  48. Lindsey Holt

    Tales from the Loop is also a very neat show if you like that retro futuristic vibe- it kept me guessing through the whole thing!

  49. Aakanksha Singh

    Highly recommend 'Patrick Melrose'!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Samantha Finlay

    Russian doll on Netflix

  51. lidan zhang

    Love you and love your channel ! Miss my friends too, I gonna make phone cal with them tonight. Best day!

  52. Marie Arac

    you should watch russian doll !

  53. Nikayla Bautista

    Okay your dress is SO fricken cute.

  54. Tal Comay

    dude what about the end of the fucking world

  55. yon yokai

    When you have hip dips and cant wear high waisted anything 💀

  56. Joséphine

    To everyone who hasn't watch Euphoria yet : WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?

  57. Anna Cappuccino

    Here since 1.1 mil

  58. Leah K

    PLEASE do this for movies as well!!!!! Also would you ever be down to rate movies that we recommend? I would really love to hear your insight on some of my favorite movies

  59. Creatively Jones

    "I've been living for 21 years and I live in one room" That is because you're renting. If you take a relatively common $2,500 NYC/LA monthly rent and apply it to a house in the midwest or south, you could literally OWN a $300,000 home with at LEAST a couple acres in 10-12 years. Maybe some food for thought for the future, I understand you're loving the city life and I hope it's treating you well aside from the 'rona <3

  60. luisa harumi

    how old was she here??

  61. Galaxy Mixer

    Every goodwill smells the same

  62. Fairoa

    You gotta watch the “High Fedality remake” that show is about a woman living in New York and is dealing with relationships it’s pretty funny and I feel like a lot of woman could relate to it’s plot.

  63. Shichi Upadhyay

    Pinterest is for EVERYONE... :(

  64. emilyboma

    currently binging on ashley's video because they really motivate me to be productive

  65. Ria P

    I did my hair like your wig for about 6 months, and I vote you should wear it regularly. It looks awesome to you Also great talk on the stereotyping concept, I had to make a case to my uncle because I (pretend) put foundation on his 4yr old boy

  66. napdragon

    ok so this is an anime about vikings, but it is SUCH A GOOD ANIME! it's one of the best shows i've seen and has such complicated characters and interesting storytelling! watch VINLAND SAGA if you can! (it's only in sub though hhh)

  67. hitha s.

    I wonder if David watched this video

  68. Sam Serrano

    Can you do recreations of your animal crossing character’s outfits?

  69. Reallyhardnametosay _

    I love that you talked about comedians 👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Reallyhardnametosay _

      Yes Bo 👏🏻👏🏻 and John 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m checking out those other comedians 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  70. Nikol Šimonová

    I just love you ❤️

  71. Valerie Ayala

    Don’t be sorry for posting this, we wanna hear what you have to say whether it’s good or bad. It makes me sad that you feel that way and you’re apologizing for it. When I need a pick me up or even to feel like I’m with a friend I like watching your videos. You’re so genuine and wholesome and that’s the content people subscribed for ❤️

  72. Chloé C

    Just to share the tv shows that i love and and i'm mad about: orphan black (no one talk about it but seriously this is a master piece), dark ( that's a germany tv show whish is just incredible), skins ( i feel like every one already knows it but that's just such a good show), Versace, friends from college, the oa ( i don't even have words to talk about it to be honest). - I don't know if those tv shows exist in america, but if you're french and live in France: ils sont sur netflix donc foncez les voir, vous avez pas d'excuses en l’occurrence

  73. Shichi Upadhyay

    "Mom from the 80's" Omggggggggg that was so Apt😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. slytherin blood

    *can you please talk about post graduation depression* (i graduated from college but i feel like my degree is useless + i feel like I'm kinda Lost and Lonely .... and all my friends are in different countries Now .... + i feel like i don't have any connections to get a job with a decent salary 😔😔😔

  75. Saima Anika Razzaque

    I need a playlist of all the fabulous songs that are played in your videos. Love the music!

  76. Zaffer das Pferdi

    It's currently 9pm and i haven't done shit today..

  77. Sara Michaels

    i have never seen another person talk about daniel Sloss, and honestly he's criminally underrated I saw him live and I was pissing myself laughing the whole time

  78. Filipa Pereira

    You should try "gravity falls". It's so so good!!!

  79. Neriah Morales

    You should watch Blue Bloods it's a show about a family that's involved in law enforcement. I love it so much it's one of those shows i could watch over and over again. Great acting, great cast, and overall so interesting.

  80. JoritseL

    Hev you seen Pekay Blinders? What do you think of it? Or watch it if you haven't!

  81. Marlene Vega

    Thank you so much! We all needed this. I love big little lies. You should definitely watch Dead to Me.

  82. sydney joanna

    john mulaney and big mouth? girl you've got taste

  83. grace m

    omg where can i get that chair?! i need it in my life!

  84. Sean Lim

    sorry, ive been binge watching your videos for a week now. Imma guy too. 24 year old man and I love it!

  85. Mouse

    NO Rick and Morty?? :(:(:(

  86. Xiaoyu Hu

    Thank you for sharing this, it's just comforting to see that we all share this phase and anxieties all around. So we can really say to ourselves, in our little bubble of world, it's ok. All is well

  87. Art Science Wonder

    Love your content, the only thing that stops me from sharing it's wisdom everrrywhere is that on the topic of being too explicit for some audiences I know I can't share it for that very reason. Though I'd love (clean versions) of your videos too, maybe an idea to have twice the view time? IDK! :) Or maybe like some that are PG 13 PG 17 ect. cuz sometimes your videos could use that. XD ROFL

  88. Marcela Cesa

    i binge watched so many of your videos when i found your channel that i legit have songs that remind me of you

  89. Angelina Balisacan

    i love your makeup look 🥺💕

  90. anon no

    "track the clothes you wear." Work uniform and leggings with one nasa hoodie and sometimes a Star Trek shirt, I -

  91. strawberry cupcake

    After that dance all I could of say was tf

  92. alisuo toko

    Ashley: says 1000 words in 30 seconds Me, not anative speaker: ⏮

  93. elisahle

    love the ending!

  94. JoritseL

    Do another video where you talk about Big Mouth

  95. Emily Chen

    woah i never knew about the curves

  96. JoritseL

    Love the *coughs* and i want more of this kind of videos!! Correction: i NEED them

  97. Nia Zagar

    now i want to live in a closet

  98. Penelope Pegg

    OMG THANK YOU i was trying to figure out what love was called!!

    1. alisuo toko

      made up again so ✊ you're the best

  99. ThatTypicalGalGamer

    2020 aNyOnE?

  100. Anise Smit

    And here we are for the eight time 😂