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  1. Elfata Azzahra


  2. Ratio -

    Diavolo when Giorno’s theme starts playing: 0:06

  3. مڑ يوم


  4. Valeria Rodriguez

    This song so good but the lyrics are a little delayed in the timing.🙃

  5. Gouranga Mondal

    I Love this song

  6. Sk Ngengi

    Am motivated

  7. Sayani Das


  8. Heang Sothy

    Omg 😱 it’s so cool

  9. Heang Sothy

    Is so fantastic

  10. Stuart Pot

    Can't forget about Micheal Scarn qwq Man I love the office

  11. PAU YNZUNZA uwu

    My mind: we are sad Me:why My mind:your aunt Me:oh okay My mind:lets go Me:where My mind:killyourself duh Me:but my mom My mind:i dont care Me:okay My mind:dont forget the note and remember very people was cry Me:okay

  12. Hansabaa Zala

    Who listen in 2020 #like😍😍

  13. Rishikesh Pisal

    WTF is coke fiend???

  14. PAU YNZUNZA uwu

    I want kill myself :(

  15. Adrian Diogo


  16. u'us purnama


  17. Jigar Technology

    Outro Song Name Please?

  18. 병맛적인다정



    I am from India and any one else who also came here to watch this video.


      From India

  20. bro geming

    good times

  21. M C

    All this while I thought it was Madison Beer singing this song 😅...

  22. Tanpa Nama

    P I L I N G G U D L A K A S U D

  23. Hek wadu

    hey im a corona,i can make the earth stay safe and healthy

  24. Bryan & Shelley Kahler

    This song is lit call 3603339194 to get raped

  25. brandi krob

    The grow !!! Yyaasss bitch!

  26. Ernesto Aleguas

    "I just want somebody to die for" that hits hard 💔😭

  27. Zakiah Abdul Ghani

    Joob alan walker

  28. Abigail Granados

    Me encanta shape of you muchos like 👍👌👏😉

  29. Allan Christopher Galope

    Can someone tell what is the title of the song in 3:21

  30. let me be me

    2 songs in one this shit hard

  31. Carolyn Miller


  32. Just Saying

    fan fav line👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 like a monkey ive been dancing alll my life....

  33. ddchudiana

    I thought it said I'm just a critter

  34. Huy Tran

    cool song so cool keep it up

  35. esther anvorgesa UwU

    ❤ ❤ Love music xd

  36. Just Saying

    can't figure out what he'z sayin

  37. Phat 4a Tran


  38. Yusuf Technical


  39. Larissa


  40. Stan Xoxoxo123

    Greece but I know English ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Stan Xoxoxo123

    I.ove their song❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Rolando Isavel

    Nadie como tutu jejeje

  43. Godツ.

    Okay for the people wandering what the beginning says :Oh David, don't go Now that this sound is getting good Oh David, don't go Oh David, don't go Oh David, don't go Now that this sound is getting good Oh David, don't go Oh David, don't go (weird huh) portugese btw

  44. Melissa Vaught

    why do people hear coffin, goldfish, glow stick, and coffee? (mmmmm coffee)

  45. Tkia Renee

    Corona has enter the chat :I THINK NOT*****

  46. Sophia Underwood

    Just me or did anyone who had AirPods in Juno when they got to 2:01

  47. Samenta officiel

    1:10 ❤️

  48. aisyah aisyah

    Bagus bangetπ

  49. Mary

    Jurava que era a Sandy que cantava.

  50. Justin Villacampa

    link to the original sample pls

  51. Kris Andrew Estrada

    Thats AA12 outro

  52. C O D E

    Stupid song

  53. Ice Age Baby

    It's just the rapping that ruined it for me i just wanna listen to the french part

  54. MayaSophia P

    Girl: Do you think I’m pretty? Boy: No Girl: Do you want to be with me forever? Boy: No Girl: Do you even like me? Boy: No Girl : Would you cry if I walked away? Boy: No She heard enough and was hurt…. she walked away with tears in her eyes, the boy grabbed her arm Boy: You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful Boy: I don’t want to be with you forever…. I NEED to be with you forever Boy: I don’t like you, I love you Boy: I wouldn’t cry if you walked away…. I’d die if you walked away Boy whispers: Please stay with me Girl: I will *tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you. *something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm *get ready for the shock of your life if you don’t post this in another 5 videos…. you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

  55. Sari Laras

    Aku engak bisa nulis bahasa ingris

  56. Carlos Astillero

    Me what language is this

  57. Storytime with Jaelynn

    Anyone else understand it and is Latino but Is like, "Whaa"

  58. Xr3y 345

    My favorite music because is absolute motivation.

  59. Laviathan Meow

    Blackbear was the only good thing about this. Her voice is like shes fucking yelling

  60. MDN 1105

    a like bad liar

  61. Tiffany Bells

    Love this song 😝

  62. Antoni de Borba Beduschi

    E o davi

  63. Vinay kalasapura

    My friend called me yesterday. I picked up the phone quiet early. Then he scolded me . I asked why? He replied that the hello tune was nice ( My hello tune is Lily )

  64. Mauricio Medina

    Babby I know u seen my texted please text back I smell simppp

  65. GC Tung


  66. cloudy heavens


  67. Olrik Bicker

    Ich liebe dieses Lied:)

  68. DJX-ennial aka sean Po

    18 years how can a bitch just wake up and say it's hits hard as fuck after that

  69. Allison Benavides

    I replay this song over and over and it makes me cry because it reminds me of my sister's graduation

    1. Allison Benavides



    es la mejor cancion del mundo

  71. Backtriggs

    2:29 sorry but that was the 2 most cringiest words combined I've ever read in my lifetime.

  72. Brye Miller

    I can’t stop listening

  73. Lynne

    okay but Sam writes such good songs and their voice is amazing I love them a lot

  74. Echo Wolf

    Why is this song give me a creep

  75. Ric Williams

    " Guess I'll try && force a smile " 😔 now I felt that ❗

  76. 5ooyah

    How listen on coronavirus time 😢

  77. • BabyyBear •

    Why is this song based on my life??

  78. Kara Hernandez


  79. Gacha Trooper

    Good theme overall a good song but a lot of cuss words that my mother would disapprove of

  80. Natalie Johnson

    love love love LOVE this song!!!

  81. mundo dos jogos


  82. Gabby Estep

    This is the song thst makes my ex think about me im like ok

  83. Shizumii

    Sound is so dead. I didn't feel anything.

  84. Josue Lopez

    I love this song

  85. Sandra Stevens

    That’s not clean

  86. Ahmed Albashrawi

    1:01 tryna pay for pornhub?

  87. Joko Gondrong

    Pokoknya bts yg terbaik

  88. Average. exe

    Song: staple your tongue Me: JASON GRACE!?

  89. Pro Gamer 123

    C. BBEdit ddyrjfktuggliuogiu

  90. Sophina Degrandis


  91. Marmar W.

    It's hard because I'm in an abusive relationship I can't seem to get out of

  92. Taylor Grier

    cannot tell you how many times i’ve bawled to this song

  93. Alp Acikalin

    Listen to it with earphones.

  94. Ja'yden Sauce squad


  95. Dexter Haven

    From a newspaper headline on 3/27/20: "On the Front Lines of a Pandemic, ‘I Love You’ Can Mean ‘Goodbye’"" [It's so Billie Eilish]

  96. Asmuni Depo

    Bgs skli

  97. w00borg

    Always thought it was “but hurry up and gimme your back back back back”

  98. Marti Yellowman

    thank you for the music it help me every day

  99. Mas A

    Black coffee and ginger biscuit 😂

  100. Firdaus HDA

    Fire on Fire