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  1. The Fan Of Tomorrow

    Reversing time? Reverse the title & you still get Tenet. Split the word in half & you could get Ten-et or Te-net. Reverse Te-net & you get Ten-et. I wonder if the number 10’s associated with this movie? Ten hours, ten weeks, or perhaps ten seconds to stop an event so cataclysmic.

  2. The Fan Of Tomorrow

    Reversing time? Reverse the title & you still get Tenet. Split the word in half & you could get Ten-et or Te-net. Reverse Te-net & you get Ten-et. I wonder if the number 10’s associated with this movie? Ten hours, ten weeks, or perhaps ten seconds to stop an event so cataclysmic.

  3. Raju Nair

    They just had to mention.. From the makers of Inception... That would have been more than enough... BTW, did the Totum stop spinning .. Still figuring it out... And here comes with Tenet..

  4. Joy Noble

    "you have to start looking at the word in a new way. don't try to understand it. feel it" - me to myself, every time i watched a Christopher Nolan film

  5. Chrystel Abrajano

    For the very first time, the only action film I tried watching over and over and will not get tired of watching as I get old. This film really left me amazed like effin hell. Just wow ❤️

  6. årmÿ bts

    I’m want Joker 2 movie I love this character so much tbh

  7. Luke Azar

    Love how everyone is coming back to watch THIS trailer, never left my mind and thankful for this community that stuck through it all. And Zack, we all have our opinions about his movies but he’s a solid guy who’s handled this situation as graciously as possible and that’s why he’s a favorite of mine. Simply a class act and couldn’t be more deserving of this.

  8. Double0 Duvalle

    Should have done "Coming to theaters" backwards at the end.

  9. Robotics Xrex

    No body should watch it after what they poled

  10. Alejandro moya montoya

    thanks for Release the Snyder Cut

  11. ApertureClockwork

    “Crashing a plane.” *Bane has entered the chat

  12. Bleak Antiquity

    This movie has an 8 on IMdb .... what? Did anyone that rated this film see the Shining?

  13. numb7r

    This trailer was alright. The first one was much exciting and dramatic.

  14. Lalit Patil

    Coming to theatres... Error 404

  15. Richi Angel

    Noone might actually like it but, Steve must've got stuck in ice.

  16. shaik ashu ashu

    Nolans movie trailers didnt do justice what actually the whole movie shown...

  17. Maximiliano Espinola

    This is basically the trailer for the Snyder cut

  18. Amir Hossien Norouzi

    fuck you bitches

  19. maximuskg210

    INTERSTELLAR is included in the french version

  20. Marcus GARCIA

    interviewer: so, mr. nolan, you don't actually have any special time-altering powers right? like you can't slow time down or speed it up or reverse its flow like in tenet? christopher nolan: yes

  21. maria xtz

    Only angelina jolie

  22. Cuzzy Muscle

    Tbh I felt bad for the cop 😭😂

  23. HP Edits

    When I was younger, i didn't think of Harry Potter as how i do now. If you know what I mean 😂

  24. Anonymous Lifestyle

    For the sequel have it set just after the Joker, centered around a depressed Bruce Wayne gorging himself on food and alcohol with trips to kinky sex dungeons and doing drug, since that's the kinda trash ideas ppl like to see in DC movies🤣

  25. Angry Man

    Best Movie All Time

  26. MrGilRoland

    There is one good thing with Christopher Nolan: trailers just can’t spoil the plot. I mean I already know that I’ll probably have to watch the movie 5 times just to learn the basics. At that point I can start thinking about the plot.

  27. Apurba Deka

    I came back again to see the plane crash as Nolan said they bought a real plane to do the crashing..!!

  28. Anime-arabe online

    Holy shit they say it was a fucking reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal plane not a cg!

  29. SpencerStumbler

    Eat. Sleep. Repeat

  30. Kishore kumar

    I watched 100 times more best trailer ever ❤️

  31. Daniel Owen

    What a good film love it

  32. Portatil

    vr is so expensive people need their whole wealth just to buy it

  33. Chakravarthy C

    I go U go. .

  34. legofordman


  35. Olorin Grey

    Ten net. Okay

  36. legofordman


  37. Marsels


  38. Enit047

    Nolan: Yes WB: So you want to make a movie about time reversal?

  39. Ethan Davis

    This is gonna ruin Wonderwomen

  40. A Youtube channel

    I don't care what critics say, this movie is truly beautiful and shows us how bad society can be to less fortunate people like Arthur Fleck (who later became the Joker).

  41. Juan Herrera

    There's an old Mexican saying when things make now sense at all "al reves volteado". Basically means backwards and flipped upside down.

  42. Sheki Sheki

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  43. Faye Milton

    I. Love. Tou

  44. Angel Amaral

    Watching this trailer again with the recent “TENET is about preventing 9/11” theory going around is actually pretty crazy.

  45. Ale m Arias

    No manches como ese noes normal😱😱😱

  46. Joale Jupiter

    Lol everyone seems to be excited over the director but I’m honestly just here because of John David 🧡🧡 But the movie does look very promising can’t wait to see it

  47. Gabriela Hernández

    this is honestly a masterpiece: the music, the story, the trailer, the dancing, EVERYTHING. I literally come back to watch this trailer every couple of weeks because it's just SO INSPIRING <3

  48. Carmem ribeiro Ribeiro

    muito bom

  49. Nandia eka sari

    365 Days (2020) Film-Complete 12asywatch-stream.blogspot.com/ ============================================= ''All Subtitles'' Stiúrthóirí: Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes Scríbhneoirí: Barbara Bialowas (comhlach scripte), Tomasz Klimala (gabháil scáileáin), Blanka Lipinska (bunaithe ar úrscéal le), Blanka Lipinska (comhlach scáileáin), Tomasz Mandes (comhlach scáileáin) Is Massimo ina bhall den teaghlach Sicileach Mafia agus is Laura ina stiúrthóir díolacháin. Níl sí ag súil go ar thuras go dtí an tSicil ag iarraidh a shábháil ar a gcaidreamh, beidh Massimo kidnap léi agus a thabhairt di 365 lá a titim i ngrá leis.

  50. wabi sabi

    Strats with the ending.

  51. Salim Zighe

    During this quarantine season am in a harry potter marathon

  52. Andy Abdullah

    I really think that Steve is going to realky coming back, like alive again, not some illusion or some kind. Maybe it's because a magical items that Maxwell Lord has in this film? Who knows. But, in the end of this film, Steve or Diana will sacrifice themselves and Steve will disappear or gone for good this time.

  53. Star Savas

    This movie is soooooo good

  54. Kyle Doan

    i thought that guy was dead

  55. Joshi Saurav

    It's not about how you are alike, it's how you're not - Albus Dumbledore

  56. iezaymy yahya


  57. Silver Sword

    We are finally gonna be able to hear this amazing soundtrack in the Snyder Cut

  58. Elijah Sexton

    Good pancake

  59. Chris Holth

    From Christopher Nolan Director of The Dark Knight Trilogy Dunkirk Interstellar Inception The Prestige Insomnia Memento I mean.. come on... that’s just not fair... AND... he doesn’t even have a single Oscar for any of them. How!?

  60. سیدمحمود حمیدحسینی

    Your heroes are the same as the wrestlers

  61. Retarded 88

    I came here for simon cowell

  62. Brecht Bonnet

    Why said the trailer :lin Manuel and then Anthony appeared in the screen?

  63. Christian Schmitz

    I somehow can´t take Nolan serious anymore and i think his movies won´t age well, i find him to be a parody of himself, when i saw the gun scene at 1:04 i cringed so hard...

  64. سیدمحمود حمیدحسینی

    Country is built on the foundation of the house of Indians and blacks. Humanity is proud of your history🇮🇷🤝🇺🇸

  65. Jaw Braker

    what is going on


    How sad you don’t even let people in the uk watch this.

    1. Brandon Nguyen

      Someone gone pirating to see it.

  67. Vijay Srujith

    Wuhan: 1:59 The year 2020: 2:02

  68. Yiğit 3460

    Harry poter love 1+

  69. Vijay Srujith

    Nobody: Every government ever: Stay safe at home Tenet trailer: * coming to theatres * Everybody: Take my money and punch me a ticket!

  70. Nova Goose

    This movie is a test to see if you have epilepsy

  71. Mohammed S.Attalah

    A simple man :Finally I understood inception. Nolan : drops TENET trailer . A simple man :am I a joke to you?

  72. Rajeevraj1995

    1:35 World need You.. Yeah..But Does it need You? Remember BvS.

  73. Novallinus Alfredo

    So this is inception but time

  74. asb___24


  75. Dissolved

    Coming to theatres is a mistake

  76. Caleb Wilson

    Nolan is an absolute genius like he is on a level above everyone else

  77. Pravin Dave

    This trailer came after reshoots....the first two are the ones by Snyder's

  78. MercuryAge98

    Is anyone else here because they are excited about the Zack Snyder's Justice League?

  79. Eyz Zamora

    essels.info/video/video/oaia0IOr29HSuI0.html here is a copy of that movie

  80. Eyz Zamora

    essels.info/video/video/oaia0IOr29HSuI0.html here is a copy of that movie

  81. Alex Syke

    Am i the only one who sees Millie bobby brown's nose bleeding any time I see her

  82. Salok Singh

    From "I'm real when it's useful" to "Oh my God, he IS tall". Now we get the badass Batfleck back ❤️😭🔥

  83. Atul Michael

    I need to install an updated version of my brain before I watch this.

  84. Sahib Preet Singh

    Is tenet a kind of superhero ,cause I can only see Batman

  85. H Schenck


  86. Mstafa Yalmas


  87. Cobra Cinema

    I don’t know the plot of this movie

  88. Krzys Wojdak


  89. maq1990 gg

    I'm just going to watch the trailer every day several times until the movie releases.. then I'll watch the move every day till it is there in the theatres.

  90. Malik Umair

    My fvrt car 😎

  91. Nah, I’m just a white Guy

    Aye yo Hol up, you sayin we can fly and shit?

  92. InvisibleWin3

    Bro Interstellar > Dunkirk, how could it not be mentioned lol

  93. Tonie Cubbage

    I just got free spins and coins !!! visit *COIN. GameRs. WS* (remove the spaces) for my son, it's Marvelous.

  94. mr.nobody

    We won. We are Justice League. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  95. Miguel Medina

    SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS It’s about being in the present or the middle of the future foreseen by the prophets,the prophecies of the end are unraveling before are very eyes.

  96. Jonas Bauer

    does memento not exist??

  97. M rival Putra a


  98. Joe Federico

    My God its full of stars

  99. Roxanne RT

    Cute father-daughter moment at the end. Zeus is giving his daughter a lift to work haha

  100. violinvvv