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  1. ForrealForreal

    You can have punching power but you still have to hit him lol

  2. Jamael Marble

    Stephen A The Goat🐐 Smith with the accuracy👌💯

  3. ForrealForreal

    Would this video even get clicks if Tim has said broner?

  4. Sir Ssio167


  5. anima099

    Who tf is laughing in the bg?

  6. Julian Crumes

    Stephen A Smith, he should loose his job. Just like Jimmy the "Greek" He being Tim Ryan

  7. Quentin Sosa

    Crawford 💯💯 Omaha Nebraska

  8. ProPain

    looks like a pug

  9. Toimie Sturdivant

    Hope Rex coaches the Panthers.

  10. Ben Flynn

    Rex is racist cuz he got Anthony Lynn a HC job but not Dennis Thurman smh

  11. Brady Chuck

    there was nothing racist about Tim Ryan comment color contrast don't lie he was telling the truth Dark skin Dark jersey and Dark brown football blends in well together

  12. V6ix

    Well dam

  13. Oscar Robinson

    Shephen A Smith ..WHY " .. I'm Black too .. excuse me I can't think of the guy name right now . I watched the Game as well .. it was Raining during parts for the game .the Ravens does has Dark uniforms. The game is so fast ..I think the announcer done his Job perfectly.. NOW" the QUESTION" is to me ..why are you guys looking for this type of stuff. This man SHOULDN'T be suspended for doing his Job .. sounds like to me.. somebody want BACK IN ..

  14. flanker22

    Wow even the score was close

  15. Connie B

    Its early. Let’s just watch. Let’s hope no injuries.

  16. Don Mamon

    I pray Maher gets an extension 🙏

  17. Abdirahman Abdiwahab

    LeBron James and cristiano Ronaldo have alot of things in common

  18. Ernest Ramirez

    Racist comment, but it's still appropriate for a team's name to be "Washington Redskins". I guess it's fine to pick and choose racism.

  19. Mazzy Black

    The guy screaming is very wrong. He is talking about a culture he clearly doesn't know. In Michigan and the Michigan fan base absolutely cares about winning the Big 10 championship.

  20. Michelle Koo

    2:01 Look up to God for help Look down at Satan for death

  21. DJTNYCE919

    i put my money on prime floyd this mf get paid to ride crawford nuts

  22. jmiogo

    Thanks for the definition of incompetent Derek. There’s a special irony there. You a soo smarrt.

  23. special delivery

    Yooo he looked like he died 🤣🤣 I cant stop laughing

  24. Michael Dailey

    Of course he's " lost control " of them , there all entitled millennials !!!

    1. S. Mesut

      And PRIVILEGED too ! Must not forget ... give me, give me, just give me !

  25. jonnygreco

    Guys guys guys... You play all season long to go to the finals and you lose a game because the refs did not count a basket like Harden's... And you say what? That's life? No mate, it's clear that the refs favoured one team over the other

  26. AJ

    Eli Manning is a hall of famer. 100%. Not even worth debating. FACTS

  27. JSF Stephens

    The Cowboys are done. They won't win another game the rest of the season. Their $90 million running back once again didn't get the ball enough times and the defense would make my 90 year old granny who uses a walker look like an all pro quarterback.

  28. Dominic Campbell

    Not only a travel, but a double dribble too.

  29. Anthony Freeman

    Shut up Bradley! Put him in the ring with Canelo!!!! No way he can beat Canelo!!!! Or Prime Pacquiao!!!

  30. Aaron Lightfoot

    Look up AI football highlights in high school as qb definitely one of the best out of the 7CITIES

  31. Zac Peasley

    Blake Griffin had his best season ever last season and is irrelevant??

  32. love jones

    Dwight Howard should be in the starting lineup

  33. Zorack

    NFC East is the only division where every team has won at least 1 Superbowl.

  34. Carlito Brigante

    just pictured Rachel nichols in that snow white outfit🤪🤪🤪

  35. Kunal Nadkarni

    But that's the thing. LeBron has been the best player in the world for so long now, and the one season - literally the one season he got injured y'all crowned Kawhi and Giannis. LeBron is not the 2nd or 3rd best on the planet - or at the very least he's not used to being. So he's out to show y'all that he never really left the throne, he's still the King of the NBA.

  36. Jaylon Jones

    Thank for your respect on the mavs Perkins

  37. Danny Mcgauley

    Idiot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Weezy

    It wasn’t racist It was a point and it wasn’t just about skin color.

  39. john santiago

    WindHORSE can’t defend against his own cholesterol- shut up

  40. J J

    It's so easy to disrespect Floyd once he's retired...

  41. Tsiamo Nkatane

    You ain't slick DaBaby. I see the straps of your beard. Out here sounding like verse 2 of Bop.

  42. Chris Addison Jr.

    Dang Perkins makes Brian look small.

  43. freddygol99


  44. TeacherLegendary

    Tim Bradley has brain damage

  45. Carlito Brigante

    why ppl still entertaining the idea that someone besides don luka will win most improved common

  46. Donald Leider

    Just pointing out an obvious fact, what’s the big deal, have we become that wimpy???

  47. Killunova


  48. Z Rod

    Trash video

  49. James Martin

    They denied him a legal challenge twice. The rules were misapplied.

  50. TheTrue KingQ

    Y’all need to give Max “I was invented to the cookout” kellerman a break. He could’ve just said he was being racist

  51. crayzie chris Williams

    Bunch of flopping

  52. fax tellerman

    It would be a great fight ...... 😎

  53. GJL Creative Studios

    Windhorst is like " FML Can we get some people who can intelligently discuss sports instead of chicks and pseudo intellectual former players" ESPN is a joke

  54. S. Mesut

    SEAHAWKS ( Pacific NorthWest ! ) ... North-by-NorthWest !

  55. Carlito Brigante

    Kendrick perkins is one cool dude man

  56. Trey Lorinza

    Fly eagles fly 🤣😆😂😁😀

  57. Ronnie Robbins

    I'm tired of hearing about Dolan it's the players and coaches when melo was there Knicks were in the playoffs three times the players they had we're good players to make the playoffs Knicks now the players aren't good and Jefferson is a hater he always was a hater on the Knicks of course he gonna hate he a nets boys

  58. Da Sh

    Nikola's weakness: needs to know when to focus on getting several buckets and scoring in general. Nuggets' weakness: read above.

  59. that_boy _ox

    Max wanted to say something but I bet they told him not too! Max it’s ok 👌🏿

  60. Gary Gagnon

    When did 24-4 become better the 25-5 or 22-2......guess I didn`t get that memo.

  61. Ronald Young

    He heard you Steven A!! Bear down!!

  62. Justin Hicks

    Lol my boy called it

  63. Clamps

    Peanut head has no clue

  64. theboxin fan

    Terence fought nobody yet

  65. Jack Hynes

    this is it chief

  66. Teofimo Stan Account

    Is tc even on cotto’s level? Terrance hasn’t beat anyone and I’m a fan of his. We can see the skill is there from watching film,but it’s like b- competition. His best win is an out of prime Amir khan for god sakes

  67. Noah de la Rosa

    D Book not going to the playoffs

  68. Joel Chicas

    Being a citizen is such a big deal. The citizen of America the democrats are not even proud to be Americans. This guy is a boxer had yo pay all his papers to legalized and others just want to let others cone in here for free. It may not be fair because some Americans always want to help others (funny how they cant even help their own poor) from other countries but it is not fair for people that did it legally, who spent thousands of dollars and years. They should exchange the ungrateful Americans to the people that willing to work hard spend money and be proud to bean American, at least through citizenship.

  69. love jones

    Dwight Howard should be in the starting lineup

  70. Brandon Moskos

    How is it not a front office problem? You signed Morris and Randle. That was your free agent signings. Haha. 😂

  71. Luis Gomez

    The Lakers are the best team in the west, but to win the west would be tough. Denver, Dallas, Houston and Clippers are really good teams, I still would put my money on Lebron & AD

  72. Kaamil arshad

    But keep in mind...the 8-8 Giants srunk all season long..then the last three games of the season, pulled it together and won the superbowl

  73. Robert G.

    Brian Windhorst is soo out of shape to even be a critic. Only athletes should be allowed to critique athletes. Burger King looking MF (ha ha ha, that's me criticizing his fat a**)

  74. Danny Marrero

    Stay off the drugs. Money May will wash Crawfish 🦞

  75. Elvis Damjanovic

    Rex stop bro. You looking silly

  76. Lil Essej

    kendrick perkins crazy lol

  77. Kaamil arshad

    The Cowboys are my team Since 77. But they are not a good team!! They are very bad...

    1. S. Mesut

      Same pattern also applies to Raiders fans. Can't understand why when both teams have been in a slump for what seems like ages now.

  78. Scott

    Can't wait for morning to see his reaction. Bears!!!!

  79. PA T

    Slick Rick reference - immense

  80. Alexie Cierra

    Hopefully they can play well in the Playoffs. Get enough rest before the Playoffs are important

  81. Elaine Donaway

    The suspension was necessary...he knew what he was like the White co worker asking can you wear a tattoo? You are so dark.

  82. Kenyata Jones

    Jason never has control but Jerry does and Dallas want grow and improve until Jerry passes away.

    1. S. Mesut

      Jerry has been the problem all along. But since he has the money, the coach and others need to become the fall guys. Same old story same old story. BROKEN RECORD !

  83. Hibiscus

    Stephen A called it.

  84. nongthip

    Only games which matter this Sunday: [email protected] (Saints!) [email protected] (Bills!) [email protected] (Chiefs!) [email protected] (HAWKS!)

  85. Terrance White

    Gotta love those garbage time numbers by Dak. When they called that offense the #1 offense at 6 and 5. How are you number 1. When someone scored more than you 5 times. Garbage time numbers

  86. Silas Villaestiva

    Ref must be fined $5000 for flopping😂😂👇👇👇👇

  87. ps3portal adminas

    raptors will beat sixers

  88. Russ Doggg

    When are they going to come to there senses and make the ball clear.

  89. J B

    ESPN never highlights how owners ruin franchises James Haslam, Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, John Mara/Steve Tisch

  90. Bad Blake

    amerucans overeacting again. if your on the field with the sun hitting your face doing a slant route , looking @ darker skin vs whiter skin receiver, which one do you think you could see better?

  91. rafi sanders

    Hey if the wilpons are selling the Mets. Then maybe James Dolan will sell the Knicks. I can only dream

  92. Katakuri

    His speaking has really improved


    He felt this way before he made the comment. PERIOD

  94. Alex

    Can’t wait to get my 2019 NFC East Champions t-shirt when we finish 7-9 😎

  95. Manny More

    Jerry just be the coach then

  96. Jordan Lewis

    The way they ignore molly is honestly hilarious.

  97. PA T

    Giannis gave the 76ers the business last season = looking forward to that match up in post season. Watch him go right at Simmons and see how good his defense is then.

  98. Dennis Green

    Ron Rivera

    1. S. Mesut

      You must be joking ?

  99. Dennis Green

    Mike White or Cooper Rush

  100. Derek Perry Sr

    Cooney at its finest on major platform from snowball. The radio announcer should be fired...!