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  1. Mateo S

    sorry but this is the best song in HSM1


    1:49 shack your zombie tail yeah the zombie tail but they don’t have a tail they are zombies 😐

  3. Olivia Arredondo

    I love you hair

  4. _king of bees _

    I love this new series I can't get that part out of my head "so anytime i feel some type of way don't understand the human race" It is very good❤️👑

  5. CURIOSIDADES!!! com a Cam Candy

    Addison is a parody with the real world, she loves to go to parties, where she falls in love! Well, at least it gives that impression!

  6. Sarah artstyle

    Bucky- "Dude you eat brains" Zed- "If I did you don't have one, so you'd be safe" Everyone- reck it

  7. MaryEllen Matthews

    IZ israel kamakawiwo'ole. Isn't he Beautiful. essels.info/video/video/j2rGq6Jrt7m2lYE.html

  8. Michal Golpur

    את מלכה אני לא יודעת מאיפה הגיע הקול היפה הזה

  9. Gaby Mariana


  10. John Smith Cuares

    Idk but I'm always expecting her to sing frozen OSTs in the right key like in the movie. 👍

  11. Keistline

    If can I ask, why isn't this on Spotify?

  12. Chloe Fielding

    Comment if your with wolfs or like for zombies

  13. brincando Com Natiê

    A mo zombies

  14. lanie

    i still weep

  15. Kiren_Lataquin

    Kid: *gets dragged to a family reunion by the parents* Also kid: *INTO THE UNKNOWN!!!*

  16. diana maldonado

    Wyatt is my favorite werewolf

  17. Wilson Phung


  18. Isela García González

    Soy la única que es de Mexico :v o habla español 😂😂😂

  19. Tri Maulidya

    Aurora version is prefer then this 🤔

  20. ayelen cardozo

    Lo amo

  21. No Yes

    Ailen Addison

  22. Carmen Robeson

    A balcony is required for Elsa to sing

  23. Sarena Champ21

    Holy saran day Had Holy saran Baby sarena prcecse Gdf sarare

    1. Sarena Champ21

      Holy saran be Sig me Gdf Rnb you

  24. No Yes

    It’s a alien for zombies 3

  25. diana maldonado

    I watch this movie every day

  26. Sarena Champ21

    Holy saran Baby sarena Rn Holy saran Baby sarena prcecse

  27. Crusty Narwhal

    The kids that sang let it go and annoyed there parents are now trying to go oH oHhHhH and breaking their parents ear drums

  28. loraine57 love

    Your Zombies 2 is so good I love it soul so much I I am watching one of your songs from zombies 2😄😅🤗😍😋😊😆😉😁🤣😂

  29. Graham Harness

    Great I love it

  30. ffflikesmarvel

    Whose idea was it to not put the foreign language singers names in oder of performance

  31. Axel Rodríguez

    Thomas dertery as geralt and Natalie Dormer as Ciri the ashen one the witcher Netflix series

    1. Axel Rodríguez

      Lady Madison beer Trish ROSALÍA Dante Shawn Mendes

    2. Axel Rodríguez

      Devil may cry live action Chris Pine Dante tirsh Margot Robbie Lady Gemma Chan vs Rex dangervest Shawn Mendes

  32. Arianna Bernard

    I watch the movie and it’s the most move in is the most best movie ever it brings a change

  33. me_ ana

    I'm a 4th grader but I'm never to old to be young -me_ ana 2020

  34. Ольга Мокеева


  35. Jahir Islam

    We own the night, The call to the wild, and Flesh and bone are like the best songs ever. The made it into my 'Favorite Song List'😎!

  36. Hugh Guerrero

    Heck YEAH LET'S GO

  37. Erika Jurado

    Zombies:Zombies were the problem end of the movie got accepted Zombies 2: Werewolves are the problem then there were cool

  38. Camilavictoria Navarrete

    Nena de la película en marzo para esto me encanta ver nuevas cosas en la película de zombies 2 vamos a ver qué pasa en la pelea contra

  39. slime time Ayubi

    Can't wait till it comes out

  40. Fari Rahmadani

    A cause me🙏... Where's indonesian language...😟

  41. Sarena Champ21

    Holy saran Baby sarena Gdff sarena prcecse Gdf 169 Com Husu

  42. planty editz

    Russian so beautiful 😍

  43. Sadkid Gab

    I am found

  44. Sarena Champ21

    Holy saran Baby sarena sarena prcecse baby JAN

  45. Demetria Shockley

    Good song👍😻

  46. Sarah Suarez

    ZOMBIES 2😍🐺🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  47. Sarena Champ21

    Holy saran Baby sarena baby

  48. Letícia Rabelo

    i get goosebumps everytime i hear this song

  49. Dowee Ranto

    Wait.... No Indonesian language??? Why Disney??? 🤨🤨

  50. Isaac Barranco Omaña

    Va a haber. Zombies 3 y 4

  51. Miss. Chicken

    Why is no one talking about how baby Ariel is one of the Main wolfs

  52. Z. A

    Ew. No.

  53. X.DaniMalloy 30

    idina was a bit out of time but it was very good

  54. kalisa Thompson

    I am a 🐺 wolf

  55. David Rosas

    I’m getting immortal vibes right now like if you are having them right now

  56. tyrell nieves

    I love this movie the best

  57. Charlotte Deane

    This is glitchy

  58. Faduma Farah


  59. Gaming with the crazy girl Xoxo

    Who thinks zed is handsome

  60. Faduma Farah

    This is trash descendants are way much better than this fake stuff

  61. Gaming with the crazy girl Xoxo

    Who thinks zee is handsome

  62. Mai_Davis

    0:52 Now look up and tell me what you see, A bunch of Strat Wolves or a Family?” Damn, Those lyrics hit me...

  63. Murni Irnawati

    So sweeet I cried😭

  64. Kelsi

    LOVE your songs

  65. Marasca Ku

    I love how he’s singing about romantic stuff and suddenly ‘disaster’s in the airrrrr’

  66. Manikandan Damodaran

    When we're asking show yourself everyday Disney- Iam sorry secret siren but Iam blocking at your calls

  67. Emmanuel Dongo

    that is it girrrrrrl i mean Mal

  68. riri theslime

    Am I the only one who can relate to this song

  69. Sweet_ Cookie Gacha

    I’m singing it now lol

  70. kattelina Ranew

    I love you olaf!❤😍😊

  71. Bailey Loveless

    My dream is to be in zombies or meat the people who are in zombies 🧟‍♀️🤩

  72. Justin Magochy

    I like how there adding zombies humans and wolves together

  73. Goofy Goober

    I can... relate to this song.

  74. Patricia Galue


  75. x boy

    2:12 Best part🔥

  76. Sweet_ Cookie Gacha

    I’m singing it

  77. Enzo Vinnicíus

    Ai do Brasil ficou perfeito no final

  78. Sweet_ Cookie Gacha

    I’m doing this song right now like I’m copying her doing this song Disney

  79. HH M

    I always keep thinking that the werewolves are vampires after my mom didn’t know for sure and she said “they’re vampires” and then I figured out they were werewolves but I keep saying vampires lol

  80. Anesu Bumhira

    bucky is trying to block zed but zed is taller

  81. Leles210 TV

    Evie Sofia Carson+Carlos Cameron Boyce=LOVE♥️

  82. Sharon Lasaracina

    Damm girl that hand can sure go anywere!!!!

  83. Martina. ABIGAIL Castro Bordon


  84. DonSan

    Goddess of Broadway. Elsa-Levy more Elsa, than Elsa-Menzel.

  85. Anesu Bumhira

    im winning all of these

  86. Adyson Payne

    I’m surprised the security Guard didn’t wake up from her singing so loud.

  87. GOLD

    I just realized this basically bamm all over again

  88. Kar Juf


  89. Martina. ABIGAIL Castro Bordon


  90. Ashley's world


  91. kalisa Thompson

    I only own the night

  92. Karen P

    3:22 and onwards.... ❤️

  93. Murni Irnawati

    I love this so much awesome

  94. Adieren Arias

    I mean 3

  95. Malak Salem


  96. Sofía Ocampo


  97. Adieren Arias

    I mean 2

  98. Juan Diego Monzon Vollmann


  99. Adieren Arias

    I think zombies 2 are gonna be aliens