1. Dominika Drąg

    Harry speaking of 1D days fills me with hope. Hearing he actually enjoyed it, and that he isn't hating it, that he actually just like it.

  2. Jessie o

    You know you're fangirling over his hands don't deny it :)

  3. Rocio Jorquera

    Corona really said not today satan

  4. AcousticCircle

    Can we have more of these, please? :)

  5. Flavia Silva


  6. nicole bohlmann

    zane lowe is my favorite interviewer

  7. Weronika Vlogs101

    This video is better than therapy. It was so honest and just so relaxing to watch. I’ve also never seen harry speak as much as he did in this

  8. Aubrie Gut

    the interviewer deserves like 50 gold medals. he is so respectful and genuinely wants to learn about the music. Its just such a good interview

  9. گلسا مرتضوی


  10. rattyrat


  11. Dominika Drąg

    i just started crying. i love him so freaking much. it is only 10 minutes into the interview

  12. Christian Almaquer

    We love you Harry

  13. schaima elbachir

    This is my favorite interview ever, it doesn't even feel like an interview, this is so relaxing , lovely

  14. Olive Shupe

    His calorie shirt tho

  15. Kirsty

    His accent is becoming quite American in some ways. Unless he always talked like that.

  16. Dinna Pajares

    Iloveyou harry❤😘

  17. Caitlin

    Am I the only one crying or ......?

  18. Julia Garcia

    i am having a anxiety attack right now because of this video aaaa

  19. Aoife Keiran

    "the first photo of us was taken by one of our mums" shush you and i both now that louis' mum took the photo

  20. alana narcissi

    he lives on the beach that wmyb was filmed on :')


    "Real friendship is built on vulnerability" This made me realise why I was always forcing myself to be happy and never really was happy being around my friends. I wasn't emotionally close with them and felt like I couldn't be myself and had to watch what I said. I also felt like I couldn't have a serious conversation with them or go to them if I needed help. But once I was vulnerable and open with them I immediately felt closer to them and I found myself being genuinely happy and being myself. So whenever I meet someone that I want any kind of relationship with I always try to remember that.

  22. Lara Amaral

    This is probably the second or third time I've watched this interview while studying. Gotta say, never have I ever been this productive while listening to something... His voice is so calming and soothing, I feel so relaxed listening to it.


    6:00 his face when hes talking about one direction is what u call pure happiness ;U;

  24. Macy Chahill

    Add a like if you are in asia

  25. Eleftheria Mdou

    Imagine being Harry's therapist..

  26. Lucy McClymont

    I cried during this whole interview.

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  28. Katie Lowe

    fumin cause i checked like 4 months ago there’s no tickets left and i really want to go 😭😭

  29. Maria de Jesús Pablo Barron

    I really like to see these kinds of interviews because Harry is my favorite singer, it is very interesting for me to know more about him and this interview in a way of doing it.

  30. Jian Hurshe Bernil

    Someone’s mom was taking it *the first picture*: IT WAS JAY (Lou’s Mom) WHO TOOK IT🥰

  31. Helen Murphree

    Lovely interview

  32. Emilia Iradi

    thank you Zane, just thank you very much.

  33. Paloma albino

    Delicia de clipe😍

  34. Rona Garchitorena

    I was smiling the whole time while watching this😍😍 harry styles my love❤️


    Harry has changed so much now he starts wearing polish black nail polish is Wyatt better for him btw I don't like pink nail polish but I still love you Harry always will no matter how you look

  36. Audpern

    This interview feels more like a conversation with Harry than an interview.

  37. Audpern

    I love going through these comments and seeing new ones knowing that people are watching it during quarantine! This is and i think may always be my favorite interview of Harry! :)

  38. Millie X

    ESsels - recommends me this at 3am even though I’ve watched it 3 times already Me - 30 minutes in I’m crying. Wtf. I don’t remember this making me cry the other 3 times. Quarantine got me so emosh I’m crying over Harry’s voice

  39. Anna Roberts

    Lol I thought my phone is in silence mod ;) I tried to open it but- it was already at the full voice. That was dramatic. Love ya harry.

  40. Makbule Sultan Can

    Whenever I can't sleep audio of this video helps me a lot. Thank you for everything Harry. Love youu so much. I hope you're having an amazing day and staying safe x.

  41. Anvi Bhatia

    The dramatic hand slide in the end. Lmao😂😂

  42. Mora Vazquez

    if i were in the group of womens feeding harry i will dye of love. (LITERALLY) its a joke haha, Harry keep on working like this you are fabulous! My Congrats!

  43. Audrey Hsieh

    It might be that im watching this at 4:45 am but i am crying at how genuine he is with his answers.

  44. Bella Torres

    He should be hand model he is so cute🤣❤️❤️

  45. emma

    44:39 “because ultimately it will be okay” saving this for a bad day

  46. G R

    he's such a beautiful human being. i'm afraid of how much i love him.

  47. dcoog anml

    ok who else did this drive crazy

  48. Cami Legaspi

    40:22 LoNdOn´S.... qUiTe BiG

  49. cassidy tower

    21:11 44:01

  50. Emma Aleman

    harry talking is my drugs. it makes me feel free

  51. Meha Fatima

    35:25 till 38:00 was the best and saddest part n we all know it's about zayn

  52. Maria Fabrikarakis

    This is my favorite interview with Harry because it seems so real and relaxed :)

  53. Marina

    о нифига чо

    1. bcvbb hyui

      this feels like some jumpscare video

  54. Kasey Fitzgerald

    ya know schools a lot more fun when you are doing a research project and you just have to get graded on taking notes about this interview

  55. hannie

    The comment with the timestamp should be top, it's hard to find

  56. nanna mae

    At the end when he said "nect year is going to be exiting" and then the world is like "or izz it"😂

  57. Nicole allain

    El iba a venir a Perú 🇵🇪 en Octubre pero el coronavirus la cago 😒

  58. Sofia Mendez

    43:00 and 17:00

  59. J Beans

    harry: when i’m really upset with people. my brain: iM rEaLlY uPsEt 😩😂

  60. J Beans

    ok but like i can’t describe how it feels just to listen to his voice....not in a weird way tho

  61. J Beans

    favorite memories: LARRY STYLINSON

  62. Maja Catchpole

    Does Harry reply to his comments like on twitter when u ask him how was ur day? HI HARRY HOW WAS UR DAY!?

    1. dcoog anml

      this feels like some jumpscare video

  63. Annalia Griese

    I don't need therapy, I just need to hear this man's voice.

  64. Ruby Cornelius

    40:24 londons quite big 😂

  65. Floortje Broere

    Love how at the end everything seems a greenscreen except Harry’s zoom

  66. Schxdi 0102

    harrys words make him more attractive. i love him so much

  67. dynk dyk

    The places is Rande Gerber house

  68. 1D noodle !

    You know what. It kinda breaks my heart to see that not even half of us 1D family subscribe to THE 1D members. But I guess you don't necessarily have to subscribe... As long as you show them respect and love. That's all that matters. ❤️

  69. Marcela Larissa

    why I can't stop laughing ?????

  70. Alba V

    when he’s talking about loosing a friend i lowkey think that he’s talking about fizzy

  71. Lois Amy

    HiS aCcenT iS a LiTtle AmeriCaN nOw🥺

  72. Jaylynn Winafeld

    This is what we needed during the pandemic

    1. bcvbb hyui

      Looking forward ❤️❤️💕💕

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  74. Sara Gomez

    He is perfect for me 😍✨🌈🍉♥️💃

  75. Helena Seelos

    If this interview was liams it would be 15 minutes

  76. One Direction-5SOS fan

    I literally have daydreams of me getting adopted by Harry and go on his tour and hang and see his amazing personality in person. Of course I daydream I am the one to announce one direction getting back together and seeing the process. Luv him.

  77. Esther Putri

    I kinda want Harry's shirt

  78. _teath _

    ok who else did this drive crazy

  79. BS xx

    Harry for the first time addressed about Zayn leaving. Can Clearly tell he was hurt Love you harry.❤❤

  80. aj basc

    i love this interview! very respectful and so interesting! i'm only started listening to harry after this album and i'm so glad i got some more insight on it, makes it more special. he's such a genuine guy🥺 i totally see the hype now lol

  81. Alexa Jenkins


  82. Madison Piotter

    the way he slides his hands looks like me trying to slide my hands across the counter trying to grab a snack

  83. John King

    I wish I had Harry as a brother. He would be a perfect brother to have, kind, warm, generous, gentle, compassionate, not every one has a brother like that.

  84. Payment Nxhehek

    This might seem mean but I hope he cancels the tour and reschedules so I can buy tickets because when they went on sale i was in school and didn’t have a chance to buy some😔

  85. charlies planet

    I appreciate this interview so much because they aren't talking to the camera or asking social media question, they are actually having a conversation and talking to each other.

  86. Christelle Andreucci

    J'adore ma Lucie💓💓💓💓💓.Bravo Harry Styles👍😘

  87. juana magali garcia

    when you realize that you are not going to be able to any concert of Harry because it is expensive :(

  88. Dolo

    juro que a veces solo pongo esta entrevista para que se escuche de fondo porque es lo mas lindo que hay

  89. Alina Steiner

    I love Zane's Interviews, they sound so much like podcasts