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  1. Madison Kostoff

    What is that song called you are the love of

  2. Robert Anders

    My birthday is july 11th

  3. Toucher of Autism

    every boomer ever?

  4. megan hinson

    I would really like to see the charity they donated to, I don’t know if I’m the only one. Like at least in the description box so I can donate too.

  5. sippin’ on straight chlorine

    *monotone* kobe

  6. Cassie Vaughan

    Ya'll need to come to MN for this tour. I wanna laugh!

  7. Cyn Perez


  8. Dedenne Pudding

    Hi roni and nessa

  9. Stephen Doherty


  10. NOAH Martinez

    Are we jot gonna talk about the birds are with the bourgeoisie written on the board

  11. DragonBlade황전호

    Love this!

  12. Jace Games

    AlgeDUH you missed the chance to put AlgeBRUH

  13. Hayden Lingenfelter

    Mr.Grubb sayin COCAINE

  14. MadameRainbowUnicorn

    Are you and Anthony still

  15. Schmupsi And Half a Heart

    Every bank ever every trend ever every tic tok

  16. 635hydreigon

    Mr. Grub reminds me of my study hall teacher

  17. Jan Andrei Cuaton


  18. Leslie Stevenson

    okay the us

  19. Leslie Stevenson

    the justin

  20. Niko Beat

    00:5 when I try impressing my crush in front of the hole class.

  21. Leslie Stevenson

    just funny

  22. gracie crawford

    bro, olivia said "2018" but it is 2016

  23. gachameow cats

    i love when he maade fruit and vegatble jokes

  24. ツGUTIE1976

    Do every skater ever

  25. mini ghost 2018 don't forget it


  26. wyatt chaffins


  27. general property

    whos brianna boho based on oh nvm its tana

  28. MEMEL0RD

    smeap dep beprperjf

  29. Dudesitsjude

    I saw Shane Topp at the airport

  30. texting Account

    0:51 is it just me or did they make a reference to the polar express?

  31. BestNailSpa NG

    *00:49** WTF is going on?!*

  32. SupremeTimeLord57

    I remember watching this a year ago and now I have a cold sore

  33. Okalani5000

    I want more versions of this! 😀

  34. Skeletron 41

    3:21 ILUMINATI

  35. Blade The Slayer

    Old good times~

  36. Gmcg2299

    “I don’t think you’re ready for these jellies” The way he said that so fast and w such a straight face had me crying

  37. I love Dogs

    Just beat him up it 2 people v 1

  38. JakeyBoy170

    I miss Anthony

  39. Shelby B

    I think countney died-

  40. Kylen McKee

    When Kim has a bulge

  41. Calista Wong


  42. grump

    18:53 Steven's "Well, if you watch Binging With Babish..." is a MOOD

  43. ガチャKawaiiMyntz


  44. Ryan Kocher

    I love Smosh so much

  45. Chat- pristi

    XD ?-2010 lol

  46. NotiStormzy

    Finally, after searching the internet I found something actually good.

  47. PillowDillow Animations

    I feel bad for the special kid

  48. N H

    I grew up with all this people when I was a Teen.

  49. TryHard Timmy

    He sounded like he was speaking Simolian

  50. Flurry

    Woulda been cool if they just had his name as Mr. Carson but he said "But you can CallMeCarson"

  51. cheater 59


  52. Caleb Runnels

    WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED TODAY? That all French people are gay.

  53. RHI RHI

    Tb to when smosh was good

  54. Trent The Narwhal

    Frick my name is Trent but I'm not buff...I'm a kid in fact.

  55. total duckling

    why aren't they batman's helpers?

  56. Khadija Khan

    In 2017 OH MY GOD! in 2019 BORING!

  57. Alissa Flores

    Literally every teacher ever the bell doesn’t dismiss you I do

  58. _ Zelo _

    Ok Boomer

  59. Michelle V

    Didn’t know Chelsea was divorcing Ian for Keith. Wow.

  60. Jeff Corn

    6:18 did anybody realize the whiteboard

  61. jerry/ItsYerDefaulty

    Smosh just lost 100,000 subscribers what the f***?

  62. Adam.A Gaming and Tutorials

    Hey... Does someone realise that there's a hot girl with a sexy breast recording their's vid at 3.45

  63. Alyssa Serrano

    I’m a dude I’m 8 I was this year

    1. Alyssa Serrano

      I was born this year

  64. Jocelyn Cayupil

    0:39 I didn't realize the bike falls on the kid jksdfd

  65. Kayla Gamer and vlogger and toys

    Anthony say yes

  66. Ashley Stiles


  67. I don’t know What to name myself

    I don’t care what anyone says, there is no such thing as a good Netflix original...

  68. Ashley Stiles


  69. DarkStar


  70. Aidan Plut

    anyone else notice the marrel twins?

  71. Robert Courville

    Hello almost 2020

  72. Peak Playz

    6:45 best 4th wall break on this channel

  73. Joshua Jacob Martinez

    First I like the Freddy plush

  74. Joshua Jacob Martinez

    I was not scared

  75. Cher Lee


  76. Noah Sprung

    Almost at 25mil!!!

  77. egs1505

    *iPhone explodes* Samsung users: “We’ve had that feature for years!”

  78. jezz vulpeis

    truly comedy thanks for the nice childhood guys

  79. Laila Robert

    We had a teacher keep saying sat down he hated us

  80. Laila Robert

    You forgot the one who tells you all about their life and you just keep listening and asking question so you don't do work then blame it on them

  81. janitorsupreme

    Oh god it’s been 8 years

  82. TheTurnTube

    I finally found the song

  83. Jacob Combs

    What kind of video is this

  84. Liam Kelly

    the only fight damien has had is with food packaging

  85. Jacob Woodcock

    Yes it is

  86. Luc LaPorte


  87. Itzel Sanchez

    4:01 when your teacher looks at you discussing homework

  88. Meadow and Anastasia

    Is anyone else confused on who Brianna Boho is???¿¿¿

  89. Itzel Sanchez


  90. Itzel Sanchez


  91. Gabriel Chaaya

    I was born on September 21 2005 so this video is as old as me

  92. Wacky Lps

    The first one: Jefferies is my last name..

  93. Kashyap Brahmbhatt

    Look at 3:39

  94. Awesomelonebomber 69

    2:38 I'm your teacher mr.BeepBeepChillisburp.

  95. bofooit gojo

    Smosh: makes a 13 minute every blank ever video Me: Wait that's illegal

  96. Yoshigirl527

    Please make a documentary on Courtney Freakin Millers life and PLEASE make Damien the dad

  97. D Cubing

    You guy should do Ever Boomer every

    1. bofooit gojo

      0:22 hold up Carson is my name

  98. Memes for Life

    Can you do every Panera ever