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  1. tara dry

    medusa is not a god

  2. Embrace The Weeaboo

    Wait I forgot! Who won??

  3. DoctorWho_Boy 2013

    That last boss would be pretty creepy

  4. Ethan Kearney

    Bruh Courtney wrote this sketch, like..... uhhhh was she the one who wrote her and Shayne making out??????

  5. MELLY Love

    # who is in Qorienenteen

  6. Pigeon child

    The blood pressure machine showed me i had blood pressure

  7. Creative Animations

    Emma seems more like a boomer than a millennial

  8. Wolfdude245 Fernandez

    1:26 *a over protected mom in a nutshell*

  9. Lestie Bell

    Thank love goodness goodness amen

  10. Lestie Bell

    Thank you for your all beautiful day love beautiful

  11. Lestie Bell

    Hope you you enjoy all

  12. Lestie Bell

    Hope you your

  13. Estrella -.-

    2:41 Anthony and Ian’s reflection “sigh” I miss the old days I want Anthony back😭😭

  14. jaybee

    Olivia is so cute in every video ever🥺

  15. Brianna Wade

    Loved that episode of the pod

  16. Tanuja Sooroojdeen

    Honestly thought this was awesome when i was a kid. Still thinks its awesome at 18.

    1. Aiman Syukri

      Oh really?Will you change your mind for watching this video on speed 1.25.This is just a recommend.

  17. Begzz

    See you in another 5 years when it gets recommended again

  18. Jasmine Kyaw

    I miss old smosh

  19. Tamara Wenning

    I fell that pain I lost my pet

  20. Jay Boujee

    I counted to 65

  21. Tamara Wenning


  22. Gobes 7


  23. Da Boop

    This one was good but we can all agree the first is the best.

  24. OddlySilent

    Isn't this a parody of tiny house nation?

  25. Seancraft_91


  26. Lestie Bell

    I hope you your all love

  27. suicidal thoughts

    When I want the sauce i don't get it and when I don't i get it??? 🤦‍♂️ tf

  28. Creative 8D

    Ian prank productionz is a real channel SUBSCRIBE TO ME OR YOULL BE IN THE FART ARMY

  29. Lestie Bell

    I hope love hope you you

  30. Tamara Wenning

    When I was in elementary school there was a bomb in a neighborhood close to my school

  31. mack

    “Don’t lie who is a fan” Pewdiepie commented on my latest video btw... jokes

  32. TTV ARED

    they do be stretching the video to ten minutes tho

  33. Creative 8D

    Did you know In the 1920s only the educated could go to the library , because they would sue the library because they don’t understand, so only people who could read were ALOWED in Same thing for the theater , the moving pictures had not sounds so if you couldn’t read , you can’t go in Same for pictures Only the educated and the rich could smile in pictures So education is everything in the 20s But now in the 20s , I mean 2020s , you can get to just get everything online for 0.99 $ cents

  34. suicidal thoughts

    Yeah this is every Domino's ever 🤦‍♂️ but the habanero sandwich is a favorite in my area

  35. Henry Hosking

    biethc means bitch

  36. King_Kurd

    7 years later and this is still my favourite song

    1. Aiman Syukri

      Yea but did you already put this music video speed 1.25? Its now to be a rap video

  37. Tamara Wenning


  38. Lesly Santos

    This is more like every making me hungry in quarantine ever

  39. Why are You here

    I actually laughed so hard at Shayne in the background 3:37

  40. I’m a Bot

    Who was cringing so hard whatching this????

  41. YT GAMER

    Anthony @ 0:50

  42. Jing Lin

    3:50 captions (omg) (what is going on) (I'm scared) LOL

  43. Sylwia Borysiewicz

    2005 frist veido 2006 werid 2007 Little bit crazy 2008 crezy 2009 super crazy 2010super werid 2011got a pet 2012 friendes 2013 food challenge 2014play werid games 2015 playes a pet 2016 last game of food challenge 2017 Best GUYS ever 2018have a baby 2019 funny🤣🤣🤣🤣 2020 wired stuff 2021????????coming soon??????????????? 2022???????? lettiet bit coming soon??????? 2023???????? very long coming soon???????

  44. Quinny W

    Smosh is so unfunny now

  45. BeARS 69

    Remember when smosh was good

  46. Alexander Jarvis

    Google Glass To Do List Get chicken nuggets Take a pitcher of manure to Jeff’s son’s skeet

  47. Controversial Plot Device

    I just realized ians shirt showed the female reproductive system

  48. Vilma Hartono



    2:41 when you realise there not even playing anything

  50. Nash. S

    old smosh is better than now

  51. CartDark


  52. ElectricYoshiHD

    10,000th comment

  53. Conner Hunt

    Never in my life did I think I wanted to see Courtney kick Gerard the completionist in the nuts but this video changed my mind

  54. Mrs Isabella

    Put it in 2x speed and it sounds do freaking round

  55. CraziestSheep

    I miss the old smosh

  56. Gagagga 123

    You guys predicted the police to black people

  57. Elijah Miles


  58. Landon Feldman

    2020 anyone

  59. Julio uriel Fernández Villegas

    Cool, espero ver su versión al español. Un saludo desde México.

  60. Lilly Berry

    M. chip:3

  61. Da Boop

    *cough cough* can't catch all gen 1 pokemon with one cartridge and gameboy *cough cough*

  62. Nastya Zemlyanskaya

    When the teacher becomes a pickle IM PICKLE RICK

  63. _ livvi _

    okay let’s give it a try first i Hat u haha u r gay i hat gurls bish lol

  64. Meyer 9253

    how they train cops in 2020

  65. Nate Morris


  66. RoBlOx AeStHeThIc GiRl

    At 4:53 Vanessa and Veronica Merle are just Vibing in the back

  67. Annie’s gacha World :3

    Teacher or principal or something I don’t know: What is the most uncomfortable thing ever Me: Legos

  68. Da Boop

    Isn't this just the thing haha?

  69. Sylwia Borysiewicz

    2005 crezy 2007 Best legend 2010 wired 2015 cool 2020 super cool

  70. Animation Nerd

    2:22 who can tell me the song If you can you will win a trophy

  71. Reza Jawad

    Damn quarantine taking us places

  72. Denny D

    Anyone here because they forgot about smosh nowadays

  73. gary smith

    3:07 me when I lose fortnite

  74. Lauren W.

    *how did Ian discover my method for looking skinnier? XD*

  75. betlehydro 36

    These are the golden age

  76. Sarah Williams

    I'd love to see "every pyramid scheme/mlm ever." The possibilities are ENDLESS

  77. Alyson Norris

    me during this time posted: whos michela khare? me now: GO GIRL

  78. Da Boop


  79. Colby Spiers

    I want old smos

  80. Game City Savior

    Shane.... um , Sam Rogers?

  81. Katie Nelson

    Validation I crave: I’m proud you made it to the end of the video

  82. Aaron B

    This is not emo

  83. Ms. Scary Spaghetti

    0:20 WHAT. SONG. IS. THIS!!!!!

  84. Colby Spiers

    I love old Amos ♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💞💞

  85. Da Boop

    Oh..... My.... God......

  86. W Arthur

    I love how he has wine Behind him when he’s in school so he’s basically 12 and drinking

  87. とおさかりん


  88. David V

    Can you please do High School 7/17/27/37/47/57 Years Later Video Set Of 6 such as in 1969 vs 2026, 1979 vs 2026, 1989 vs 2026, 1999 vs 2026, 2009 vs 2026 and 2019 vs 2026, please soon?

  89. Fountain Dawg

    ESsels always hits hard with the nostalgia

  90. Fexley


  91. 2neilas

    Mail people?

  92. Paige Welden

    Damiens cat is super cute! ❤️

  93. Syped


  94. RIPTIC !!!

    The dances look likes a kid tv show

  95. The Roblox Siblings

    CUPCAAAAAAKES Me: they are cavemen.

  96. Sami Maleki

    As a dominos worker i approve with every single one of these

  97. Fexley


  98. Evan Tingzon

    Is this normal?!

  99. Exc4seils

    The one of the virus was so halarious

  100. The Roblox Siblings

    “NO SENA” 🤣