Former NASA engineer. Current ESselsr and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

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  1. Tracy Flowers

    Whats sad is the cops wont do anything to the theives..

  2. Depressed Grape

    Santa Cruz beach walk

  3. L0z1xs

    Never thought I would go vegetarian

  4. HungryKiwi 37

    His company makes Minecraft better

  5. Stranger Jo

    When he said the next big disease...............CORANAVIRUS

  6. Nektarios Tsigkras

    I prefer eat meat 😂

  7. jackson tharin

    Dank meme vids be like

  8. Retro Gaming - Clash Of Clans

    9.2k dislikes from people who don't get the facts :)

  9. Shado Xtrony556

    Yelling at a game is like a baby talking, unheard of. Air horn wake a baby from its crib

  10. Xavier Windsor

    How dare he mention Lewis Hamilton and not Sebastian Vettel. Just kidding. No hate just saying.

  11. N-I-C

    15:29 - really? They got the banner of a german 2nd league soccer club on their wall??? :-D

  12. Tumeg

    This dude just watched game changers and didn't know half of it has been challenged heavily.

  13. Leonrdo Uesu Pesco

    this race is so satysfying

  14. stayseekrazylife

    I wish I paid more attention in science class. You made me appreciate science more than ever. :) Thank you.

  15. Diana Hamann

    1:48-2:00 be looking like Minecraft farms

  16. sh4doow_boi

    2:01 best part yet...

  17. SheepBow

    My God you had to make that ending You literally made me remember the second ever ESsels creator again Let me cry

  18. Kiersten Bereska

    This video is necessary. Mark you did this in suck an amazing way that has gotten to a LOT of people. You hit a bullseye. Good job. Also the fact that we can feed more than an million people if we change out diets. Good job.

  19. Hazmi Hazmi

    This is the most satisfying things I have ever seen 👍👍👍


    I figured out the magic trick, as he fans the deck, he flips the card that the person picked

  21. Ballistic Blooper14

    That bowling ball is how dude perfect got their bowling trick shots off

  22. maya kluzinski

    Like if it’s 2020

  23. TheGermanFritz

    8:25 you're right mate

  24. Random Sombrero

    do they have plant chicken?

  25. NEO669930

    Mark is going to change the world

  26. SheepBow

    When you swim an accidently gulp some pool in Flex tape Hmmmm

  27. Naruto

    I'm convinced about the stuff. But what about stakes and similar, is ther a option as well.

  28. Lenni

    They‘re destroying Corona Bottles. They should have done it with the virus! 🦠

  29. yash sharma

    1:31 Today I learnt something new that is that a rainbow can also be made by sand not just by water

  30. SydMint

    It might look clean but also likely to contain bad bacteria :(

  31. ツKool ̄

    6:59 Found a terminator

  32. Johnny

    He quit *N A S A* to troll people, what a warrior

  33. TO TO O O


  34. Adam the penguin

    did anybody else watch this and thought dang that's gonna take a while to clean up

  35. KimJongin's Wife

    And the price of this meat?

  36. Daesarul Plays

    Short gears = fast acceleration but low speed. Long gears = slow acceleration but high speed. Right?

  37. NEO669930

    Fun fact: You aren’t watching this in full screen

  38. RolandPlays

    I never knew you used to work at nasa wth

  39. GamerKnowledge

    I need to quote incredibles here..... *MEAT IS MEAT*

  40. BC647FIFA

    The end though, "You tricked me Mawk Rovva!"

  41. Ryan safar

    A Former nasa engineer his work is moving around on mars right now and his most popular video is of him cutting a watermellon

  42. Abel Terrible

    Your nieces and nephews are the luckiest in the world

  43. PandaHeroCommunity

    Now test it on Great White Sharks.

  44. radlpedda

    What is this thing behind his right ear?

  45. Floral Autrium

    Mom: Ur on Ur phone again... Me : I'm learning science mom look Mom : o this guy ok

  46. Fresh Coconut

    Coronavirus Kobe Bryant’s death US and Iran Natural Disasters Bill Gates: *eats pizza rolls*

  47. Nacho bro

    1:17 who else was trippin?

  48. Puja Mishra

    Ushe darbhanga me dera de ke skip kijiye digghi pe

  49. Tad Geier

    Never swimming again

  50. Baba Tsukato

    Try the same in china.

  51. Shane Purnell

    You do you know Jeff Bezos is the richest person right, like you’re a scientist you should know that. No hate just saying

  52. Puja Mishra

    Documents cancel karwaye galat

  53. jay_615

    hey bill can you adopt me?

  54. JungleINSECt Spikewall

    You gotta feed people that dont know its not real meat and then see if they notice anything

  55. Pootaned Manorungruengrat

    Can i use it for fish

  56. Abdulla Ahmed


  57. Puja Mishra

    Koi galat documents banwaya hai to wawalat churwa dungi

  58. Revenant 666

    Well why is there no such "plant"-based meat in stores yet, if it's so much more efficient and cheaper, genius? I'm all up for the idea, but i bet it would cost at least five times the regular meat price, not to mention how long would it take to spread idea across every major continent AND to make the old factories start producing the new thing when they already making fortune on real meat.

  59. Razak Idris

    1:52 so *CUTE* & *SATISFIED* ☺✌

  60. Gabriel Barbosa


  61. Debu

    I've finally realised why ive been ignored everywhere. Ahem..

  62. Hogged Hegge


  63. Drift Blaze

    Ha he predicted corona virus. (Eighty people died in one day

  64. Pro Gamer MKD Lel

    Plot twist he is eating real meat

  65. Dat Weerd Kidd

    Put egg in water bottle, freeze

  66. Keith Gomez

    Eat your cereal

  67. CashMachine 2

    And to think she is still alive and safe on the red planet almost 8 years after touchdown

  68. Starceaus TheRagingStarlien

    At around I was 6 or 7 years old, I got jackpot once in this game and after remembering it just now feels like it happened once in a lifetime.

  69. CoolMcGamer123

    Omg this is the only time i want him to stop talking xD I want to eat that meat so baddddd it looks so delicous

  70. Abiel pangga

    You should really rent or buy a danley sound labs j5 caleb...

  71. Trick Fantastic

    Actually Jeff bezose is richer

  72. Fred Kun

    3:45 "machines that are abused..........." Human kind won't last long.

  73. arnold ernestine

    My diet has always been like this, brown bread and water/milk for breakfast, baked potatoes and ketchup for lunch, and a burger or fries for supper. It's been saving me a lot of money so far

  74. Jonne Esari

    Lewis hamilton isnt a athlete.

  75. Luke Wiseman

    Hi 👋🏼 Can you build a magicwand which effects your environment?

  76. Nick-why_fortniteGOD 122

    global warming isn’t real

  77. JustZen

    Rip Bird just Drowned

  78. Garrett Earnest

    My favorite video on ESsels

  79. Malte Hansen

    Lader Clint is ez

  80. 1000 subs with videos

    Need to feed bill gates? Just give him a gold plated veggie burger


    It all makes perfect sense. Just don't lobby and support politicians to force behavior change. Allow competition, innovation and free markets to ring.... The price of (beef) meat will go up and the price of plant based food will drop if the truth is being told. The Gov should be completely out of your decision and out of subsidizing the production of any food. I have a great idea.....If you want to help the environment just eat less, period. God Speed

  82. ChippO ChickeN

    You’ve seen potatoes and lettuce, but have you seen glitter?

  83. Willi billy

    How to measure pee in orbeez Ya thats wat i thought

  84. Shiny Graphix

    Anyone notice how some of them didn’t notice the fart spray? Either it malfunctioned or their place smells so bad already, wasn’t a change

  85. houwlingwoolf

    I would get a receiver but not the ball the confuse the heck out of other people

  86. Ani malzz

    Mark actually got Bill Gates on his video. What a guy!

  87. LAW

    It’s probably really good, but I don’t think you can make a rib/chop/fillet/steak... yet...

  88. auFMusic

    i dont eat meat since january 2020 very good decision so far. I saved at least 2 chickens :D

  89. Elena Ternova

    till you learn theres only 7 B people in the world

  90. Edmund Bajenting

    i hate science and math... so much .. but because of these staff.. i started to love it <3 _ <3

  91. Wrightcember

    If I were those kids finding out there was no meat in their burgers, instead of being shocked, I probably would’ve been amazed and started asking questions haha

  92. Sanchir Golf

    Kill the cows and don't let them reproduce

  93. genius in making


  94. Matt.W

    Think of how sticky the jelly would make you! 😖

  95. Science with Abid

    this guy actually has a good idea

  96. Ghost Zslash

    Yea .. bill gates the owner of Microsoft has time to meet a youtuber and eat a freaking plant made burger and my teacher doesnt have time to grade my tests

  97. Joshua Charlery

    Pretty obvious

  98. Ricky Herschel

    Mr. Rober, I salute you.