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  1. María Fernanda Rey Gómez

    am i the only one who thinks he looks just like Alex Warren? pls tell me im not

  2. um Um

    Who is this amazing human that is oozing talent😳

  3. Angeline Bena

    Why did they get the I knew you were trouble for know? It’s just the freaking past tense. Yuqi looks so confused lmao

  4. Bad bitch Peppa pig


  5. AmaRa Neter

    What💖 dream life💖 Its beautiful 🥰😍 You gotta go hard for that type of lifestyle ❣

  6. underwood Ziv

    both were high as a kite for sure

  7. Bad bitch Peppa pig

    In the “tu’” part I starter singing tutu and they did also

  8. Info Daniela

    Hi, I highly recommend this amazing fashion coloring book www.etsy.com/shop/Uncafeavecvogue?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=787579691 if you are into art and illustrations! I am in love with it!

  9. Maricel Lynnette Castro

    Their high heel shoes are really their problem

  10. Antonia

    Me, a halsey stan, screaming when yuqi mentioned you should be sad by halsey 🤧💕

  11. Pranavi Chhikniwala

    WHY do we push women in fashion to the point that they are okay with hurting themselves like this? If an experienced woman like a model falls in those heels, they're CLEARLY not made to be worn. Why the false beauty standards?

  12. #mayar life

    Word big = big plans

  13. The Winningest Duo

    Kiana is beautiful essels.info/video/video/cbKtsmWxlLiqmps.html

  14. Jahvar Mclean


  15. Andikan Dan

    the way she sang Gone Away was nicee

  16. CR SHIN

    So sad........

  17. Jess Bob

    if he fine one more time , come sing to me boy

  18. Andikan Dan

    gosh she kinda looks likes Billie no kidding she's like a combination of Billie Eilish and Liza koshy

  19. Beautiful Bird

    They practically starve themselves to be in the industry & their ankles are probably weak from hunger! 😆

  20. Andikan Dan

    her dimples 😔👑💕💕

  21. daniella nikolaou


  22. Paulo Pérez

    its "tu foto", not "tú foto" 👀

  23. Samantha Faye Malones

    Bruhhh the down word she hit the worddd

  24. Anastasia Rozina


  25. Andikan Dan

    the intro 😂💀💀

  26. Angelica Bello

    billie s voise is that of an angel

  27. Juliana Vasquez

    8 minutes in and Ian is more than drunk 😂😂

  28. House of Laurent

    Was I the only one singing with them when they were singing "Tan Facil", "Hey Dj", and "Reggaeton Lento"? Haha

  29. Jahshona Goddard

    awww the honey finale songggggg!!!!

  30. Beni Esc

    He has an amazing voice, he is charismatic, and he is beautiful. Why isn't he famous?

  31. Bunny Girl

    Her voice was very unique I mean when I first heard her song I'm just like "OMG I heard an gorgeous angel singing in my ear " bravoo

  32. anti

    he lowkey looks like ski

  33. chloe Hsu

    Soojin was so CUTE

  34. Everything is Daijobu

    1:47...welcome to the bias wrecking train shuhua

  35. Lydia Njitoh

    I love getting braids and i know now people at my school love them because its a sign of a great culture but as I get older people will start calling me ghetto, ratchet, etc. But I know its beautiful anyways

  36. Felix Davila Leon

    She’s one of my favorite artist. Te quedo bonito Rosalia!

  37. dahyun is brighter than my future

    they just called TWICE without Sunbaenim hahahaha

  38. Test Testing

    No one : Shuhua : u make me special !~

  39. gacha lil muffin boi

    The first one got some hypnotic legs

  40. Anjali Kheratkar

    The girl in white handled it so cutely...others were struggling

  41. gigi elizabeth

    she's so cute when she curses tbh

  42. D's Collections

    omg minnie yuqi and shuhua is so looouddd 🤣😍

  43. Austin T

    so the nex artist ive been listening too is billie's brother, wild

  44. Austin T

    i totally recommend revisiting her older music too, 9th of october is literally the best song of this decade, shivering gold is also really good

  45. TheFamilyFun

    I feel bad for them 😭 what in the world you make shoes that you can’t even walk on? This could injured all the models. I’m not laughing at them, I feel them pains

  46. Fluffy Fox

    I was dying when he did that one voice 😂😂😂

  47. Tanya Mittal

    This is torture hats off to them 👏🎩

  48. ailem 2707

    2:23 is actually Jewelry’s One More Time (old kpop), not the Britney Spears song 😂😂😂

  49. Kymberly Love Delfin

    Shuhua 😅

  50. Athira pm

    Hi Elle, my name is Athira .from UAE ,am watching your video in 1st time... it suggest one of ma fav youtuber ... and can you please help me,

  51. Uhhneeduhh

    Shoutout to Mac

  52. Abby Walker

    Rumple minze is disgusting lmao

  53. Amenah Ahmed

    We need song association with bts or txt

  54. Mimi Purples

    shuhua is so cute❤👀

  55. grandae ً

    i like their music taste. we stan 🤠

  56. Amenah Ahmed

    I never heard his voice till now wowowowoowow

  57. Hila Atmar

    A literal angel?!


    Yuqi sing Jackson Wang‘a 100ways 🥺Thanks 1:09

  59. Nick Jones

    Love a clean woman! Bath at night shower in the morning gotta love it

  60. N K

    Gracefully ?!?!?! 😂

  61. kimberly dg

    Yuqi looks like Irene here

  62. Pineapple AP

    How does dove wake up looken like a angel But theres me looken like a Patata (Potato in case you don’t under stand)


    ....... nice earrings🌝

  64. Dario Carmona

    Ole ole ole

  65. C. E.

    This seriously gives me chills, nobody is perfect🙏🏼

  66. Holmonブランドン

    Because y'all are nasty ok?

  67. Pavan Musb

    Not really falling, it's all because of the shoes!

  68. Vaidehi Ramani

    I loveee themmm they’re so chaoticcc

  69. cassidy gdn_

    Honestly Gaga for President

  70. Maurice Mcgary

    i hope she smart enough to stay away from the ill

  71. jasminetara

    i'm sorry- their ankles breaking are the FUNNIEST thing i've ever seen.

  72. K GOSSIP

    Do shoes that clunky really exist?

  73. Grace Shyllon

    Lol Elle captioning baby one more time by Britney Spears when G-idle mean One more time by Jewelry

  74. Corrupted Colors

    When I was a kid, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and my parents let me get my hair partly braided in cornrows to where the beads looked like a headband. I didn't associate it with anything at the time, I just thought it looked really cool!

  75. Veganos Cabreados

    Quien no conoce a ROSALIA a cualquier BILLIE le reza. Why dont knows ROSALIA a wherever BILLIE pray

  76. Khouloud happy

    Foreign Line so damn loud 😂 I Love them 😍🥰😍🥰

  77. LiSa cAiN

    LIAM JAMES PAYNE........did you forget you were in 1D?and that all those words were in at least one of those songs?....I'm calm....no judgement (hehe see what I did there?)...

  78. Happy Stanner


  79. Qistina Harry

    They’ve same vibe as BTS

  80. kpop x blvckmetvl

    What a ball of energy Shuhua is 😄 i laughed at her feel special so kiyooo 💙

  81. Аделя ARMY

    0:49 I was waiting for that guy to help her,that would be OwO 😖💗

  82. Benjamin Sherman

    1:01 woooooow rude haha

  83. kopsoileme -

    It's the first time I've ever heard him speak.

  84. Ilgın Y

    Into the Alooooooonee

  85. Army4_ Life

    Why is it look like they're using some kind of robotic leg- No nvm dont mind me im just jealous of tall ppl '-'

  86. siimplysunlight

    I cant watch any more its the way their ankles move ewwww

  87. Isaac Huerta

    Con es voz no uses nunca más autotune!

  88. zuha hasnaat

    AJ: can't remember uptown funk for 'up' Also him: 4:00

  89. queso frito

    Who are these beautiful and talented women tho???? 🥰

  90. Alexxg gxx

    Ok but like Shuhua (i think it's her name) is so cute!! Her voice is like a little baby I am talking about the girl in green :)

  91. h g

    just WATCHING this was so hurtful omg

  92. Jill Villanueva

    Yuqi in this vid and Choi Yena (izone) look alike? Is it just me?


    The true essence of fashion is comfort before style....

  94. Wolf girl

    Harry: he cant sing as well as beyonce Mikey chang from glee: psych

  95. kpoplyf18


  96. Ailee Zankana

    Why did the“Know“ not count 😂They still had time .They have 15/15

  97. Roc Nation

    How is ESsels recommending this to me rn? She's cancelled. I don't wanna see her or listen to her songs.

  98. LiSa cAiN

    0:26 No one: Not a single soul: Not ever Roadtrip (R.I.P I will forever miss you): Corbyn: I won the 5th grade spelling bee

  99. Olie Dasher

    They seem like nice girls but can there really sing🤔😑

    1. xx xx

      These are few song covered by them in a variety show, for more video just search their name essels.info/video/video/npPTqHefq6-b0Z8.html - miyeon essels.info/video/video/q42XuqGJqLaf1KM.html - minnie and yuqi essels.info/video/video/k6W0r6dpkcjHl3A.html - minnie