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Last winter’s #1 most-watched alternative series, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” returns for a second season. The series will feature a star-studded panel of judges, including executive producer Simon Cowell, global superstar Heidi Klum, “AGT’s” longest-running judge Howie Mandel and the newest addition - singer, songwriter and author Alesha Dixon, who joins “Champions” from the smash hit “Britain’s Got Talent.” Terry Crews, star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and People magazine’s “Sexiest TV Host,” returns as host. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and from the other “Got Talent” franchises around the globe.
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  1. Fhebrael Elentorio


  2. USFanlovesjiwoo

    Excellent hard core cheerleaders.

  3. Gigantic Wang

    I think half of these views came from me.

  4. Prabhjot Singh cheema

    What we Expecting...They fools choose D.Trump,Indian group deserves minimum 2 position.

  5. Aomine Daiki

    5:01 u can fell the song that was amazing !!

  6. daytripdude

    What is the emotional classical music at the beginning of this amazing lady’s story.????

  7. Danny Boy

    That was a 3rd degree burn. Damn

  8. Luz de Luna


  9. Tx Gal

    Cannot stand that black guy, Terry Crews.

  10. Nicole Holmberg

    Gay Marilyn Manson

  11. Geof Lopez

    Simon was transfixed and dumbfounded, he was still sitting even after the performance was over! Eventually he realized it was over and thats the time he stood up 😅😙😗😉

  12. Squidy Plays

    The sound of Mel.B *Proceeds to slap belly with red buzzer*

  13. purshottam purushi


  14. xean jo chan

    They don't deserve the golden buzzer, they don't deserve also champion

  15. Shah Nizam

    Seriously??this is so unfairly judge..

  16. Mark Borres

    Thank you #Superfans for believing in Marcelito and hailing him the #1 in votes

  17. Tith Roza

    TBH tell me how to scared?? I don't even scared a little bit -,-

  18. Phyu Phyu Mon

    Wow how can even can you do that

  19. Luca Dol

    Is that the kid who miming Ned ?

  20. Precious Grace


  21. madii b

    “that cured my tourette’s.”

  22. Elmer Pabillo

    Wow 18m views... plenty of people support your talent..

  23. Alyanna Kate

    Is it just me or I wasn’t just that impressed? Maybe I just expected too much hehe but he’s really good tho.

  24. Rhea's Video

    Ano ba yan trending #5 na 😭😭

  25. Aminah Thaha

    Kereeennnnn boss Q.....

  26. Julhos Putaço

    10 anos pra fazer isso

  27. bunagan renato

    18M views already...and still counting!!..he’s really a Phenomenal singer w/ an incredible voice...

  28. Renzo Colameo


  29. z9944x -

    Good scenario

  30. Patience whiteford

    the first girlll omg my heart 🥺💞

    1. james thomas

      Have you listened to her last album just the beginning and her new album letters vol I. Grace won this season of agt ( 2016) singing 4 original songs look her up and subscribe to her channel and enjoy she is amazing grace just turned 16 and you can watch her in her acting debut March 13th she has the lead role in the Disney + movie star girl

  31. Vintriloquism

    Idea: Pewdiepie should go on agt and put together all yt comments ever made

  32. Olivia Blumke

    No hate but when Grace sang: I dOnT kNoW mY nAmE

    1. james thomas

      No hate but three years later grace is a world famous singer songwriter actress and model making millions of dollars and selling albums and selling out concerts and winning music awards. you should look her up she is 16 and amazing dont let tiktok influence you grace is amazing

  33. kenz

    Your uniform blend in with the background. Can't see much of your acts.

  34. roy royani

    OMG,, is the best sacred riana

  35. Just Thatalitas

    Love it

  36. Vintriloquism

    I got third place. *raises hand* i see what u did there.

  37. Editor Ryan

    *I can't tell if they're acting or being serious*

  38. Toyan Hall

    Why do people dislike this😪😥😭

  39. z9944x -


  40. z9944x -


  41. z9944x -


  42. z9944x -


  43. Kenji Schuster

    So cool

  44. Miroslav Tomasek

    WOW, this guy is AMAZING! MIND BLOWING performance! Does anybody know the beautiful music from 3:00?

  45. Basch Reddington

    The kiss mark disappeared at the end. Great trick.

  46. D F

    Win or lose this guy is as good as it gets.. Fantastic voice. Unreal!!!

  47. Marlena Rinkevich

    Me watching her do a 1 handed handstand on his face and I cant even do a normal handstand on the ground

  48. Nasser Mesina

    Hit like if he deserves the golden buzzer

  49. Edsel Amores


  50. Hect Thorno

    Stick and magic 😄😄😄😄. Still greatly performed

  51. Miroslav Tomasek

    Does anybody know the beautiful song at the beginning?

  52. Armade Depart

    I can’t believe Simon stop her

  53. Ryu and Brothers Yang

    OUCH my ears. My volume was on full why u have to yell Judge

  54. Nicalyn Lauzon

    Go!! pilipinas go!!

  55. Kaye Sanchez

    Amanda kinda look like a mix of gal gadot and julia baretto

  56. Ava Weigold

    Grace:I don’t know my nAMe Me two years later:did she really not know her name!?!?

    1. james thomas

      Are you joking or did the meaning of the song go over your head lol

    2. Crimson God

      Unoriginality 74962&82693962855258638639639639638652852855285529636962

  57. Miguel  Frica

    If Angelina wants to win that competition, she must sing "Only you "by the Platters.

  58. Kadidja Tall

    I am from Mali, but I am so proud of my South Africa brothers and sisters for their outstanding performance. To me they we’re already a winners.

  59. X RATED

    Is simon is gay?

  60. Marvin Torrejas

    Sir Marcelito Pomoy, be part of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. 😍😍 #Madz 😊😊

  61. Siobhan Bok


  62. The Dotter Man

    Damm Italians

  63. olivia York

    He's only six he is so cute he look like he's 4 years [email protected]!

  64. Natan Ferreira

    toca muito

  65. Mayra Barrios


  66. Amina Mohamud

    I liked how Howie was surprised...😱😱 😱 is that his voice ??

  67. Kim Eng

    I don’t thing she scary

  68. Kenneth Rabadon

    Imagine if one of the judges press the golden buzzer ryt after he sang It And then just walkout without nothing to say. Maybe it wud gain more views

  69. Addy Dance lover

    I’m a dancer too

  70. Karson Tafoya

    I can fly Judges❌❌❌❌ I can turn invisible Judges❌❌❌❌ 12-year-old girl can sing a song on the ukulele Judges👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽💯💯💯💯

    1. chmtop forever

      12 yr old girl makes grown men cry with 1 wait 4 original songs , no wait he was right 40 songs , wait 60 + with covers.

    2. Crimson God

      Or can you write your OWN song and perform it on a big stage??? Probably not.

    3. james thomas

      She wrote and performed 4 amazing songs on agt that helped her win. And she has had two albums in the top 25 just recently released her third album she has won over 5 music awards including billboards rising star award. She is a fender signature artist for the ukelele they made two ukuleles in her name. She has accomplished so much more and proves every day that she deserved to win. You should really look her up and subscribe to her channel she is amazing

    4. Crimson God

      12-year-old girl can sing her OWN song on the ukulele

  71. SENPAI A

    RIP the replay button!

  72. neth gomez

    Now it's 18M views😯. Marcelino Pomoy is right he is famous!😍

  73. Xielle O.

    The game is, officially, over.

  74. Mark andrew posadas

    agt using Marcelito only for viewing. they connot let marcelito to be the agt champion.

  75. Drew Saluk

    I’m just saying, he did *not* need to take his shirt off

  76. Rob SMULER

    Now its 18M. Everyday still counting by millions views.. Go idol

  77. J Fulton

    is that chris stapleton cousing lol

  78. reuben nicholson

    You can always get a job when a man will dress and act like a women SMH

  79. advent hatsan Beware

  80. Potato Lover

    Such a waste! Other performance deserve that golden buzzer!

  81. Ruth Aispuro

    Mi melodía favorita 😍

  82. Arturo Blaze

    So rigged . True talent never wins

  83. Rolando Renderos

    Well, the 3 year old black american is way better that this boy...the one i saw in ellen show and steve harvey show before....sorry...there are still so many younger boys that can do better than this is not new to me...

  84. Izzy Flores

    Kevin a good dude.

  85. Stacy Bai

    I reade that as the sexist auditions

  86. Miki Ki

    who is this wannabe nickleback poser who buzzed?

  87. hali doglover


  88. Amjad SL

    All fake .

  89. Sergio Sarsonas

    How many views you have?

  90. Rindu Kartika

    Tuh anak yang duduk di kursi atas, santuy banget cuy🤣🤣🤣

  91. bobnburgos

    Wheres the talent on those morons? So dissappointing

  92. jose morales

    There is not words to describe.😭😭 she is a Angel. Love her....❤❤

  93. Devid Pro

    What song

  94. Eva Orlovská

    This makes me kinda uncomfortable

  95. Abhishek Mahato

    Chutiya sala.

  96. Martin Reynoza

    He should be a wild card

  97. Ash Boreham

    he makes more punchy bass then some songs

  98. Binaya _midb

    What will happen if anyone get the golden buzzer?

  99. Gish Love

    That's a level of trust I will never have with another human being.

  100. Ester Azevedo

    Apresentação perfeita