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  1. Willow H

    Danny was 14 in Baxter whittenburg omg how? Like how? I thought he was 8 or 10 HE WAS 14

  2. tmgoshi

    I'm o-fish-ally a mermaid now

  3. Kaylin Cozzens

    I've rewatched this video so many times and I just noticed that the artwork in the background between 7:53 and 8:03 is an abstract rat in a sexy pose with a WHOLE TITTY.

  4. natalie :3

    drew gooden is such a good singer :0

  5. Frankenstein34 Hello

    If they were actually being caused by a serial killer they would call the fucking cops because you can see the friend on his phone

  6. Emily Ramos

    I'm finally Greg!!!

  7. MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers

    that’s why i stopped watching tgf

  8. emily

    ugh youtubers and their dam clickbait 🙄

  9. Sugarmint12

    I accidentally started this on x2 playback from my previous video. Almost had a stroke at the beginning

  10. Donut Kill Me

    watch descendants

  11. G Man’s Jewels

    Is it just me or is Mickey a girl with a fake beard?🤔

  12. PopXXan 00


  13. Yang Long

    I’m a gamer bitch

  14. My life studio

    T H E J A N I T O R H A S A S T A N D

  15. Psuedo Science

    Ngl when she was doing the interview I was getting major schlatt vibes where she’s just constantly in a bit

  16. Pearlyy B.

    Oh no I'm gonna barf

  17. kitty cat gaming

    i’m truly GREG

    1. kitty cat gaming


  18. hi im chai the trash can

    I like to think caroline was not responding to them because she saw they saw how much of a coward they are

  19. Gage Baldy

    Ohio Crispy-Boiling Poultry

  20. Asa Nero

    red bam ba bam bam

  21. Jdog

    3:32 newsome

  22. Jerey Houston

    So, why do characters in movies always have really soapy bath water. I just noticed that in a lot of movies.

  23. windmillface

    im sad because my family doesnt really buy watermelons much and its my favorite food. to see people throwing perfectly good watermelons off the edge of a lift is sad.

  24. Blue Moon 🦋 ASMR

    *I started singing this under my breath during dinner and my dad started looking at me lol*

  25. micks is dumb

    9:08 I'M DYING

  26. golden gate

    omg watch lemonade mouth

  27. Amanul Islam

    No, i'm HOWTOBASIC !

  28. vlassis politis

    Danny:And it's time to start poppin' out dragon eggs. Me and intelectual:You first need to kill the ender dragon.

  29. Manny

    I also made a parody about bst on my channel and they blocked it to cuz of the song I what I did was just change the pitch if the song and now it's up and I'll even get the revenue from it when I get approved lool

  30. Emily Hicks

    I love this even when it's not xmas

  31. justakidontheweb

    Wooooooah it exploded even bigger

  32. Megan Rohn

    We’re just going to ignore the fact that one of the Wiggies is black even though both of her parents are white? Like we’ve seen the parents and all of the sisters and they’re all white

  33. Manny


  34. This person is cool

    did he say his crew was creg? I thought cregs were our mortal enemies or was it craig

  35. cuddle cave gacha

    Here's a video idea dory f off

  36. Roblox Rat

    Who else stayed for the Melanie Martinez play date add I love Mel last IM RAIDIO REBLE

  37. Christine Stott

    Her 'shy walk' is so exaggerated that she looks like a hunchback

  38. Miraculous: Tales of Obliviousness

    Warning ⚠️: do not watch while eating, danger of laughing with food in ur mouth and choking

  39. Kaley Hunter

    teen beach or lemonade mouth.

  40. Byleft Main

    i never even noticed all the stuff happening in the background before lmaoo

  41. Silas Merry

    Normal flex but ok

  42. Kxrma

    This was uploaded on my birthday :)

  43. Erin Hill

    Danny please watch starstruck, Disney movie with sterling knight, it’s top tier

  44. Kxrma

    you look nothing like your dad

  45. GroupCelestialbody Minor

    Bro zayden has more followers in a week? then i have in a year

  46. captnpan07

    i want a sequel to this movie just about the janitor

    1. captnpan07

      Like no one else but the janitor

  47. Boats135

    Ηi Like if you agree

  48. A Human

    Me a greg is comin from future 2020

  49. Evangeline Tinker

    I'm happy that there is a very slight chance that someone watched this without watching the source.

  50. Ha ha Ha

    Funny tho...init

  51. yes sir

    every time danny does that little wave in the beginning, it adds one year to my life

  52. Glitchey Trapey

    Danny: Do not mess with Robert the doll!! 2 seconds later: #@$& Robert! Me: Danny Robert is an actual haunted doll that can curse people so I wouldn't say that.

  53. ghoststalker98

    I’m not having a good day

  54. Laura Grbanović

    When I was little i had a CD with ratatoing it was caled ju hu hu in Croatian and i watched it and i had nigihtmares but i could not remember how was it caled and then i saw your video and i pooped my pants

    1. Laura Grbanović

      Soo yeah i watched that when i was 4........i still have nigihtmares

  55. Me Myself

    Why are the women the messed-up ones is it rude to us

  56. DuchessCandy

    But... isn’t that what Pe is like most of the time lmaooo

  57. Nathaniel O'neill

    army pants dont rip easily you can try to cut it with scissors and its fine

  58. Drew Burst

    The supposed demon in the basement is just a man dipped in black paint😂 you can see the skin spots

  59. Ryan Patton

    What the fuck is happening

  60. Marnie Crough

    the last video I watched of you was the birth of greg it almost made me cry (happy tears)

  61. Rainbowlover 721

    i used to love this movie as a kid... i love it even more now, realizing how much it s u c k s

  62. BigBrainPlays

    When you relase that grapes are raisens 🤬

  63. Camille Voyage

    When that Troy kid opened his mouth in a WAIL his mouth looks like a yawning guinea pig

  64. starsinthedarkness

    trying to turn me straight? not gonna happen buddy



  66. me me

    you are basically out there to tell people how bad they are but look at you


    Fun fact: there is an actual decapitated goofy. (Note that it’s fanmade.)

  68. Nathaniel O'neill

    you need a headlamp its better than both

  69. Zach Abraham

    I feel like Hannah's trying really hard to be like a 90's cartoon and it shows

  70. Trinity_TV

    DaDDy ChAsE mE DoWN ThE StrEeT

  71. Lee Minchi

    Tik tok ruin every good song

  72. Valeria Munoz

    wow. wow. wow. wow. CHAAADDDD

  73. Munachi


  74. Foxlover Leah


  75. zac shouka

    I did not like your hair in this video, delete your account

  76. Marnie Crough

    why did that skit generally make me feel bad for Danny lol whhy are all the kids just girls that are like 11 with sports bras on????!!!! watching vids like this= volume up volume down volume up volume do- gregs

  77. Number #5118

    S i m p

  78. hijo d La Luna

    He he hehe hehehe haha he hahah

  79. Sonic Bismo

    My sister use to watch their videos, and jeez and they scream and shout and their voices just annoy me so much.

  80. Mrs Peppermint

    7:31 That is literally my high school gym teacher hahah

  81. Lol Lol lol

    put the subtitles on. anyone else's weird?

  82. Yoshi Fruit Studios

    I'm never thought Danny Gonzalez would react to my fever dreams

  83. fartoun hassan

    there is a whole spooky family

  84. Channel

    6:54 What is with the color grading in this scene the sky is pink!

  85. Ginger

    tbh I actually liked radio rebel back then but I think I only liked it because it was similar to Hannah Montana with a secret identity and such and I missed that show so much that's probs why I ended up liking this shit show, lmao.

  86. RedStone Ninja Pro

    I am truly greg

  87. Lu Zaw

    I can’t believe that he didn’t buy the flash light for his “robbers”

  88. Aylarie Fryberg


    1. Dio Brando


  89. Ben Malone

    Bees don't go to sleep lol

  90. HipzoFox


  91. Noga Zuroff

    The girlfriend sounds like a girl version of Lemongrab from Adventure time...

  92. Shivre

    3:55 Johnny sins?

  93. Helen Lund


  94. Wolf_pup 32

    What triggered me the most is they said the human body is made up of 65% water when it’s actually about 60%. I know it’s not a huge difference, but still Sorry. I’m a science geek and I hate when people are obviously wrong

  95. SadlerSGT

    Why are there so many voice actors from yu-gi-oh & pokemon in this terrible film lol

  96. I Eat Babies

    Shake my... smh.

  97. Gacha Wolferina

    Wait..... I went to Japan only a few months before u did and feed the same monkeys on the top of the hill............well then.

  98. Lee Elizabeth


  99. king g Atakan


  100. Tippy The Macaw

    f e e t