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  1. albertson zhao

    uss nimits luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Austin Skinner

    i thought you said the mikes were fake

  3. Brittney Hine

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that's what the song was called

  4. alex piccinato

    Human controller lol

  5. Zachary Richards

    1:47 DANNGGGG

  6. Keira Ross

    Poor Garrett He Didn't Get A Hand Shake

  7. Arrow UwU

    In my opinion, if I were coby, I would have burst into tears crying if I saw that I couldn’t drive any of those exotic cars and my friends could

  8. SportTipsFor Beginners

    I don’t know why but pause it at 5:49 and you will se a car

  9. Lachlan Lamborn

    Sydney Australia it’s a great place

  10. Avocado

    This is how many people liked my comment | | | V

  11. Sathick Basha

    When the other spoon hits something not intended 😂😂 3:02

  12. Vijay atluri

    Dp editor's in games!! Will be dope!

  13. Debbie Wier

    Twinkle twinkle little star

  14. Asian Food and Drink


  15. Keira Ross

    I Feel Bad For Cody When He Started Throwing Up On The Jet But I Would Of Too

  16. james

    Breaking news Iran invades America by sneaking right past aircraft carrier

  17. RPGdog

    He Took that flight like it was nothing

  18. james

    Her: he’s probably cheating on me right now Me and the boys:

  19. Jose Castano

    The Grand Canyon

  20. roosterz4dayz Gaming

    Dude Perfect: *hits crazy shot* LETS FRICKING GO Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Amateurs

  21. Camargo Family Vlogs

    Who’s watching in2020

  22. boss boy

    that fish is officially the worlds most famous fish

  23. Hxnor cp

    I love dude perfect for so long (pls get this to 5 likes)

  24. Pirate Parley

    Who is the guy sitting next to ty in the beginning

  25. Mandy Henderson

    Where’s my ten bucks?

  26. Nicole Vinal Harvie

    Plane sterotips

  27. gaming freak

    DID YOU KNOW? you can jump from an airplane a million feet from the ground but only once

  28. Mady Davis-Troller

    bud there aren’t penguins in the arctic

  29. Kaycee Irby


  30. Eduardo Gamer

    3:18 best part

  31. Atok Pakaya


  32. Michael Devries

    Go to the Final Four

  33. Campfire campfire

    Military bucket list.

  34. Jessica Stroven

    Cody looks like a skinnier version of terry bradshaw

  35. Mr. Collins

    Trust shot Cody didn't trust his dad as much as he thought as he flinched.

  36. Madhav Subramaniyam

    bruh why is this video like a documentary

  37. gataumo


  38. Tyler Cornish

    Where’s my 10 bucks🤔

  39. Jenn Turner

    I live in Canada can you please come to Canada and and come to my house British Columbia

  40. Colton Myers


  41. Siti Mariani


  42. Hajer Alkholaki

    Who”s still watching in 3500

  43. Simon B

    Ty was tryna smash

  44. Theoris t

    I can throw a card just barely behind Rick Smith Junior


    Ninja is a professional gamer

  46. Random Guy with A Roblox Pic

    oh i wish i had friends like those

  47. Daniel Icaza

    Love the video

  48. Waffle Draws

    You know what number is one away from 68? *67*

  49. Jan Reinier Cruz

    No round four ans on pingpongsinsong but in the other one the ans is 15

  50. Ehaan Khawaja

    No endgame?! Tyler you buy bling bling ice but you don’t watch endgame you are a disgrace to all Americans. Also you can do the biggest and loudest bell flop.

  51. Jonathan Barton

    you should do a bucket list on a submarine.

  52. Brendan 2020

    2:53 Look dead center and tell me if the pins fell perfectly in sync.

  53. Poop Stain

    Cory definitely should of won that

  54. Juan miguel Felix nogalea

    Soy de Hermosillo y los adoro siempre veo sus videos

  55. Sabertahj

    in your country are you aloud to shoot blue wings? In Australia your not aloud to

  56. Ethan Adams

    Hi I just subscribed with post notifications on

  57. Kennedy Wilson

    When we getting part 6

  58. Jan Reinier Cruz

    I got nothing on round 2 so my answer to No.3 is twinkle twinkle little star

  59. Toxic Fox

    Mr.beast bucketlist... buy a aircraft carrier

  60. Elijah Vandever

    Go ou

  61. Jada Walker

    I do not think milking a cow into your mouth is safe because the milk isn’t pasteurized and has unhealthy enzymes for humans....:.: These men are killing themselves for us.

  62. Manny

    They really go all out with these sponsors.

  63. Reet Ghattaura

    rip TV (2017-2017)

  64. BB Bernas

    I'm sorry

  65. Eduardo Gamer


  66. tristan ssemaganda

    say my name

  67. Hilmy Fauzi

    Thats my wish.but I'm sure that will never come true

  68. Graham Stonaker

    hmm subtle? soobtle? sumbtle? I am not familiar with this word

  69. tristan ssemaganda


  70. Jan Reinier Cruz

    Mario bros

  71. BB Bernas

    What do you mean by when there's one there's usually two

  72. Joker

    Imagine that they are building a basketball team then they would be undeatable

  73. Gamer The Noah

    all of us are gonna tell our kids about the 5 old men in the 2010s and their gonna laugh at this video

  74. Reece Boden

    Dude perfect is going to world war lll

  75. Kamel Exantus

    yes you do not get your phone and your life is not available to you do not forget your name and your email address and your account name is dead and I can send you my card information

  76. Madeline E Curtis

    Who can tell the twins apart. I can. Comment how you can.

  77. Joe C

    we knew the diamond would dent the anvil

  78. Overpriced Pasta tape

    Df Pretty sure it’s my meme don’t steal

  79. Theodore Young

    17 bounces

  80. Capped Pluto

    my question is why did the guy with the propeller face it in the wrong direction

  81. Ai man Dtcc


  82. April Shoulders

    Can you do more overtime

  83. XxDog malxX

    2:38 Fake

  84. Ali Chaudhary

    Perth australia

  85. Jacklynn Hildebrand

    My mom:superstitious fan My dad:superstitious fan Me:superstitious fan My sister:that girl

  86. Sambhav Jain

    Still a kid at heart👍

  87. Owen McDermott

    Do hockey stereotypes next please

  88. Fahmi Bellavonte

    i like your vidio

  89. Shira Tabaroki

    Coby is going to win

  90. Rose1 Gaming

    on a private jet

  91. Angelo Toshiro

    Cool bro