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  1. Michael Yang

    Love you Leeds , MOT !!!

  2. Stephen Wilson

    Leeds will always be my English team. Glasgow Rangers fan 🇬🇧

  3. Chris B

    Best fullback in the league, no question, a proper leeds player aswell

  4. George Macpherson

    Borough fans need subtitles whenever they speak. Middlesbrough belong to Durham since they speak with a Geordie accent.

  5. George Macpherson

    Kian is just a muppet who doesn’t know anything.

  6. Varghese Porthur

    Loved the way he yawned at the seeds fans... absolutely luved it !!!

  7. Roger Allan


  8. Roger Allan

    Lampard a prick

  9. Raven

    Great video, be good to have Leeds back in the prem..

  10. sterobwilk leeedsu


  11. function1811

    Love this. Good on you Lewis, fitting tribute. 👍

  12. David Wormell

    Very good and remarkably unbiased considering the author's obvious allegiance

  13. Stephen Curran


  14. David Wormell

    That Bayern final was a crime

  15. Jack Broome

    First went Yorkshire inbreds away 1973 was 13 what a giggle

  16. Beau Burton

    Leeds Leeds Leeds 💙💛💙💛💙

  17. Mark Wareham

    Love all you Leeds xxxx

  18. alex robisnon

    ste its blalke vs b pc

  19. alex robisnon

    c bi this s and next ogs wll t no r for ct

  20. Sam Smalley

    Would love to here this at elland road. Goosebumps

  21. Amirul Hamzah

    I reckon this rivalry will slowly become the best one when Leeds return hopefully as their atmosphere is better than most of the Prem clubs and eventually challenge for the Prem soon and RIP Norman Hunter. Man Utd fan

    1. Amirul Hamzah

      @LUFC Lewis it's very impressive when you're everyone's cup final by being their most sell out games home and away

    2. LUFC Lewis

      We've got the best home atmosphere in English football, nobody comes close, respect👊🏻


    Sing loud for the unsung hero - Ageing athlete turned arthritic. Never forget a soldier-turned-veteran. Cheer legends at their final whistle ... Lift each one high and guide them through. It’s 12 yards wide and beckoning now - The goal in the glistening sky.

  23. The Ultimate Wanderer

    That pre-season friendly against Leeds was no less a friendly but an assessment of a potential threat each side possess against each other in the premier league. Come 20/21

  24. Ben

    Where's Leeds?

  25. martin corderoy

    Krebs thinks the badge should have a fish on it

  26. Martin Arenales Del Campo


  27. a true patriot unbanned account

    Wondering if the footbsll league could find an excuse to fine Leeds at the very least for having the best fans in the world

  28. a true patriot unbanned account

    It's one hell of a buzz when your part of something like that

  29. a true patriot unbanned account

    Hope someone's not spying 😜

  30. a true patriot unbanned account

    Nar never heard of him didn't even know Derby had a football team

  31. a true patriot unbanned account

    There taking the piss with everything mate but just another season at Leeds

  32. Andy Hodgson

    Tune, nice one Micky, MOT

  33. David Brown

    Outstanding this video,up the leeds

  34. Tony H

    Your fine video is an inspiration I have penned a few words about those days in the early 70s ... PASSION STATION - LS11 Back-to-back meets shoulder-to-shoulder, The tribal working class; Butchers, bakers, candlestick miners, Factory comrades, escaping to victory In a 3 day week. Pilgrims seeking the ‘Side before Self’; The lucky core - a steadfast corps, One Club - One unholy creed of faith. Soot-laden black chimneys rise, Yet lily white fills hopeful veins. Avenge the red sky and the moonshine blue, Today - all Leeds are we. Lights flood; High pylons upon Low Fields Before Strikers shine in the darkness. Juxtapose ‘Glam’ against a Broken Britain, The ‘heritage’ of red brick squalor - Re-generation cheek Vs de-generation jowl. As tobacco burns an acrid brown, Bright silk scarves dapple cobble stones. Bleak concrete shadow, how it creeps Toward the bastion with the emerald green altar. Once in 1972, oh ‘the gladness of the May’ Don the sheepskin of superstition. As Wembley brings Centenary joy - Of the First (and very Last) kind. “Clarke”. “One nil”. Is engraved on hearts and minds You can read all about it - in their eyes. Sing loud for the unsung hero - Ageing athlete turned arthritic. Never forget a soldier-turned-veteran. Cheer legends at their final whistle, Lift each one high and guide them through, It’s 12 yards wide and beckoning now - The goal in the glistening sky. Loiner Lion - all the years have passed, As surely as Bremner to Giles, Hunter - gatherers; drink freely from the Silver cup. Marching - through life ... On - our side, Together - in time. United. Forever. Best wishes Tony Harte x

  35. john smith

    Been rooting for you guy's for the last five years.....get back to where you belong and stay there.

  36. Joshua Birkin

    Frank Lampard got 9ne less point than Derby did the season before. So how does that make him better than Bielsa

  37. Chris B

    Haha love how much you can tell it's their biggest game of the season, their reactions are priceless, I didnt even know this was a rivalry until I watched this video, but its mad how many clubs do that, where they think of leeds as their biggest game and leeds fans dont even know who they are

  38. Stuart Corbett

    Our colours don't run , And we certainly aren't running from this virus we are fighting it head on and we will be victorious so we can take our rightful place in the premiership and make all the past and present legends proud 💙💛 ALAW

  39. Martin Seagrave

    Im a forest fan, dispite the fact you lot like to be disliked ,i love your passion & i really admired that team of Bremner Giles Charlton etc etc , oh my daughters partner is a Leeds fan he's a decent lad 👍

  40. sde


  41. James F Morton

    Respect from The Glasgow Rangers. G.S.T.Q.

  42. Wayne Higham

    Wat a lovely touching video

  43. 66Viscount

    Whilst not having any feelings for either of these clubs I thought this was an excellently produced documentary of this fixture and will remain a permanent record in English football history.Superb.

  44. Garry Scargill

    Great video mot

  45. Ethan Wild

    Very good video ❤️🤍

  46. tim Golding

    Lovely from a Chelsea fan

  47. Glopziz Playz


  48. Chris Wood

    Best one you've done so far. Love it. Keep the faith micky. MOT👏👏👏👏

  49. Yorkie Elliot

    Great video. It choked me at the end with the quote from Norman though! 🙋🏽‍♂️😥👏

  50. Martin Buchan

    I am an Arsenal season ticket holder, but I thought this was a great tribute, especially to the 2 Leeds fans who were murdered in Turkey. What made those murders worse was the little or no remorse shown by Galatasary fans, who in the final against Arsenal were still baying for English blood. No one should ever go to a football match and not come back RIP Lads !!

    1. alan bullman

      well said mate MOT

    2. johno 0108

      Well said mate M.O.T

  51. Paul Gray

    top video lewis lad be a fitting tribute to Norman and Trevor if we go up this season. on the pitch or points per game. had some great figures in our great club keep marching on together 💛💙

  52. UBG

    Can't stop crying.... One last push.... Let's do it for hunter MOT 💙💛💙💛

  53. john barker

    Lovely tribute LUFC Lewis. Well done Chap. Shared to Facebook.

  54. John Stacey

    just watched this video and brought to tears we lost some true footballing legends, lets hope we we get back in the premier league a fitting tribute to those true legends MOT ALAW

  55. Bielsa Ball

    MOT 💙⚽️💛

  56. HM 1818181828

    Simply the Best M⚽T

  57. Ben Maddocks

    A touch of class there mate , forever in our hearts MOT ⚪️🔵

  58. Katie Broadhead

    Gave me goosebumps this Lew, loved it

  59. Andy Dowling

    Absolutely brilliant stuff fella, loved it.

  60. Ali Al-Smith

    What a nice tribute. #MOT

  61. Sandra Donnelly

    That is such a beautiful tribute. You should be so proud of this. MOT

  62. lana scott

    very fitting, excellent ........

  63. Frank Machin

    You’re an artist son...👌

    1. LUFC Lewis

      That means a lot thank you💙💛

  64. Charlotte Taylor

    Bloody hell, this choked me up. Missing the wedge 💙💛

  65. johno 0108

    Lewis you total legend cheers mate M.O.T, ALAW.

    1. LUFC Lewis

      Appreciate that mate, you're welcome👊🏻

  66. Tommy Bartle

    For Norman 💙💛

  67. pinkfloyd870

    Love your work Lewis.. consider me a fan of Leeds United, and LUFC Lewis. If you ever come to Australia (Perth) I will look after you, and would love to show you and your family this amazing country.

  68. Darren Walker

    Touched my heart this mate . Honestly. Made me think of my childhood growing up in Leeds . Them special times back we David o Leary and the magical 1992 champion title . I seen some great memories. Not many fans see that. I miss football . I miss seeing leeds play . Come on . Let's kick start and finish the job off for hunter and the boys . Nothing is bigger than leeds to me . Its everything. Mot (:

    1. Bielsa Ball

      Loved the David O’Leary years 👊🏽 We had the best of England players galore… Robinson, Martyn, Mills, Woodgate, Rio, Bowyer, Smith, Lennon, Milner. But some knob Ridsdale in charge! 😢 MOT

  69. Darren Walker

    Made me cry . Love leeds . God bless the lost . Always be in are hearts. You layed down the foundations for this great club . A giant ready to strike again . Let's do it for hunter . Come on lads xxxx lufc

  70. Jubbsta Lufc

    This videos perfect 👌🏻😢

  71. only1utdanditsleeds

    More than just a club

  72. Roger Allan


  73. Brad bb

    Lofty and Kevin. Never Forget.

  74. Daz ALAW


  75. Derek Williams

    We are Leeds and proud. Always been a family... That video just showed who we are? What we are? And the class we had... Let's not forget Mr utility himself Paul Madeley..... Leeds name will be mentioned in the Premier league next year, keep smiling and hoping... We & the Premier league will meet again... MOT.

  76. MartinLS11

    God bless them all!..Awesome..MOT!

  77. Gill Shields

    Wow that had me in tears and gave me goosebumps, lovely video thank you xxx MOT ALAW xxxx

  78. Omicron 06

    Greatest club you will ever see MOT ALAW see you in the prem

  79. Jake Brayshaw

    Tell me who tf disliked this video

    1. George Macpherson

      Millwall and Huddersfield fans

  80. Dermot Culliton

    Oh What a recap. Ya nailed it. It's been emotional. 💛💙

  81. Andy Rayner

    Fabulous video, very poignant and incredibly moving, take a bow that man.

  82. Donny Shaw

    We are Leeds Brother 🤍💙💛

  83. Andy Comben

    💙🤍💛💙🤍💛💙🤍💛💙🤍💛 MOT

  84. Andrew Ward

    Love it. RIP to all those we have lost! MOT!!!!

  85. Its Sam YT - LUFC

    There is light at the end of tunnel. Very fitting tribute to those who have passed In recent times.

  86. Martyn /CRS

    CLASS VIDEO....Lets do it for all our lost friends..MOT

  87. George Mitchell

    Such a powerful vid Lewis and there is a light at the end 💙💛 I rate so much as a ESselsr and well done ! 🙌🏻

    1. LUFC Lewis

      Thank you!🙏💙💛

  88. Robbo 98

    Marching on together is so much better and I’m not a fan of either club ynwa isn’t even a song related to Liverpool

  89. andrew o'connor

    Brilliant. You made a lot of Leeds fans even prouder with this. Thanks.

    1. Mark Bryan

      Greatest club fantastic fans prem here we come you have been warned marching on together l u f c

  90. Irene Dedic

    Proud of you Leeds allways white allways


    This club will always have a special place in my heart😢💙💛

  92. Liam Flavell

    Those dislikes sicken me 🙏🙏

  93. Neil Laycock

    Fortunately I was blessed as a child to be a Leeds fan!!!! You could never understand what it's like if your not one. 💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙🧡

    1. Bielsa Ball


    2. Andy Rayner

      Absolutely correct, there is something incredibly special about about being a Leeds fan, something that other fans just dont get.

  94. Kjell Esperås

    ALAW MOT NORWAY supersong 💙💛

  95. Kjell Esperås

    MOT all over the world. PROUD TO BE LEEDS UNITED NORWAY. Rip LEEDS giants 💙💛

  96. Matthew Bell

    Great work, really lifted me that and yes, a few tears as well. MOT

  97. Jamie Is Here

    Rest in Peace everyone 🙏🙏

  98. Aidan Fearn

    Respect mate

  99. Gary Green

    Brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻💙💛

  100. Daleee J

    This video brought me tears, and it made me proud to bleed white, yellow and blue, a lovely tribute bud, Thank You! ALAW MOT!

    1. Michael Walton

      @Darren Walker are u serious u been locked away 2 long son...or not long enough

    2. Darren Walker

      No one bigger than us and I mean that . We could be the champions of the world . We have the power . Just the finishing line which has been are problem . But fortunes do change and i reckon there s so many special times ahead . Liverpool, man city , scum. Were coming. You better believe. We dont do 2nd . We do no 1 . We expect nothing less . Lufc

    3. LUFC Lewis

      You're welcome💙💛